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    Excellent Communication, top notch Professionalism, and Quality Work. This job involved a 1948 Log Home in the Poconos which required a complete exterior basement stairwell replacement as well as the complete replacement of a basement wall that was bowing into the basement. We have had difficulty finding an honest and professional company who performs A-1 Quality Work in our area. In fact, we have had to hire companies from Phila. and NJ in the past. We are so happy that we found Gilroy Northeast located in Tannersville, PA! We will be using them again in the Spring! It is a family run business where they do their own work-no subcontractors and they handled absolutely everything from permits/inspections, engineers (required with our specific job) through job completion. Communication was excellent!!! They kept us posted via phone, email and photos every step of the way as we were unable to be at the log home during the time Gilroy was taking care of the major repairs. John and Brian began and finished on-time and on Budget. Lois not only kept us updated in a timely fashion but immediately answered any questions we had. She proved to be extremely organized, detailed and professional which we greatly appreciated! And, what a secure feeling -to have - knowing that your home has had QUALITY work. What a phenomenal experience we had working with Gilroy Northeast. As already stated, we will be using them again in the Spring (2019). Don���t hesitate to call them and set up an appointment! You will not be disappointed with their work... Thank you John, Brian and Lois!
    - Carol M.
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    SUPERB. They were in regular contact with us updating us on their progress. They spotted things that we hadn't seen that needed attention. They put hours of care into their prep work. Nail pops, stains, etc. They dealt with them all. They carefully taped all the woodwork. There are no spills or drips. They are true professionals. I would hire them again in a minute.
    - Stephanie M.
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    We have used the services of this painter many times before. We first had him in 2001. He and his wife are a team and are outstanding. He is professional and his work definitely shows it. He is also immaculate in performing cleanups after he is finished
    Not only are his work ethics above par, but he is kind, caring and does answer any questions you may have. He and his wife even helped in selecting and suggesting color choices. I may have been hesitant in my choices, but Leo was always ready and able to heip with our decisions.
    If you need any interior or exterior painting done, you will not go wrong in choosing this painter. We were never disappointed.
    By the way, although this review is for their interior painting, we have used them before for exterior work also and was very happy with their work.
    - Joseph T.
  • A
    On time, keeps his estimates as agreed to, respectful,
    honest, reliable man who does exceptionally good work.  One of the best, if not the best, contractor I
    have ever dealt with. Top quality of work and exceptional overall service.

    - Maria S.
  • F
    The person who came over arrived late. He had brought a water sprayer that didn't work and asked me if he could borrow one from me. He went over to the hardware store to buy a new one.

    We later started discussing the contract. Even though I was paying $400-$500 for work on two rooms, it only covered the wallpaper removal. The contract originally included the spackling as well. In the end, the owner said that if I wanted the walls spackled and sanded, it would cost $600. He finally agreed to a $500 amount.

    Updated May 14, 2012: ?

    - Richard T.
  • F
    I was living on Long Island, NY and the job site was a house in the Poconos, PA, badly in need of repairs. The former owners were apparently colorblind and unable to use tools...anything they touched looked like a 2yr old had done the job. It was a rundown mess. I had received several bids on the job, Consolidated Builders was the most reasonable and at the time had all good ratings here on Angie's List. The contract was signed in May and had the following conditions included word for word: "1st Priority is flashing on 2nd floor balcony and laundry room floor. Mudroom door and steps with dog run 2nd priority. All work to be started by June 1, 2010 and completed by July 31, 2010." "We propose to have workers on site full time until job is completed except in rare situations where rain, cost effective scheduling, waiting on inspections, or small emergency work orders (from others) may occur. We will work additional hours necessary to aid in completion target dates if required." Well, work did NOT start on June 1st. A few days later one lone worker showed up to do the demolition work. I had been promised 5 workers on the job by Dave Hutchinson, the owner. I drove up from NY (300 mile round trip) at minimum 2X a week during the entire job to bring up materials I was providing per the contract, from faucets to ceiling fixtures to floor tile and to keep an eye on the progress, or in this case lack of. The job was to have taken 8 weeks-June 1st to July 31st, 2010, and it ran over by 7 weeks, that's right, FIFTEEN WEEKS ... it was finally finished on SEPTEMBER 17th. Fifteen weeks of me driving back and forth between the Poconos and Long Island the same day 2-3 times a week. Even though I wasn't living at the house I tried to make it as comfortable as possible for the workers, I had a small fridge always stocked with Gatorade, iced tea, water...I bought up 2 fans because it was hot and the house fan hadn't been installed, I even offered to set up a coffee machine for them but Dave said not to, because no work would get done if I did. They were even supplied plates, cups, TP, toweling, everything I could think of, even a full first aid kit because they came with nothing. They needed to use many of my things I had bought for the house: crowbar, extension cords, broom, vacuum, drop cloths��� I even wound up driving to Home Depot and the local hardware store several times to get supplies they forgot like a drywall sander, grout, caulking, spray insulation for around the doors and windows, etc. so they would keep working and not leave the house. The first priority per the contract to be worked on was the 2nd floor balcony flashing which had been installed by the previous owners, and had leaked badly into the living room ceiling. Well, it was the last thing done when the balcony was replaced by a small deck. Since the ceiling had been replaced first I prayed every time it rained that it wouldn't leak into the new ceiling. The laundry room tile floor was to be a first priority because the plumber needed the floor finished to install the water PH balancer and softener tanks, etc. to get drinking water into the house. The plumber actually came over to yell at Dave (who wasn't there-2 workers were) 6 WEEKS into the job because the tile floor was still not in. The dog run was finally installed at about the 8-9 week mark, using wood that split the week it was installed(see photo). I had to show Dave the sharp screw ends sticking out at dog eye height and have him remove them. I had wanted it done ASAP so that I could bring up my dogs and sleep over on weekends and put up blinds, etc. in finished rooms. Frankly, until almost the end the place was such a filthy mess you could barely walk around, and no rooms were finished before any others so there wasn���t any place for me and the dogs to sleep anyway. I'm talking nails, screws, busted up drywall, cut up pieces of wood, empty and not so empty bottles, cups, anything and everything.... wherever it landed, it stayed. Globs of spackle were scraped off onto the fireplace, steps, floors, wherever was convenient. I had to keep asking that they not smoke in the house nor use the floors as ashtrays. If you look at the photo you can see how the upstairs tub was left when they completed the job. Usually there were only 2 people working, and very rarely a full 5 day week was worked. Many times I would drive up and Dave wasn't there because he was on another job with the rest of the crew he had promised me. He has "issues", as reported by others here, with answering his business cell phone, returning calls when left messages, or replying to his emails. Many a time I would see him look at his business phone when it rang, but not bother to answer it. He constantly used the excuse that he "lost his phone" when I would tell him I'd been trying to call him. Or that he had a computer virus when he didn't answer emails. I can not stress strongly enough how aggravating it was to not be able to get in touch with him. It was so bad I finally left MY OWN cell phone and charger at the house, so I could get in touch when a problem arose. Much of the work was prepping, spackling and painting the entire interior. This is the only crew I have ever seen that works without lights. They did not use any work lights and declined to install the lighting fixtures I had waiting on site for them. They used only available window light. This is why wall after wall after wall had to be respackled and repainted because of the poor workmanship. Ceilings were painted, but not in the corners. No painter's tape was used so there was sloppy edges and splashes all over the place (see photo). One wall was actually done THREE times while I was there because it was done so poorly. He actually complained several times how much money he lost because I wanted the rooms painted separate colors, even though he had the color chart at the very beginning of the job with every room and its color listed. By mid August I had reached the end of my wits and was all cried out. I made up a ���punch list��� of things that weren't done or had to be was dozens of items ranging from fixing the blotchy 3 color grout in the downstairs bathroom(which was supposed to be the normal ONE color), to painting the exterior doors to replacing (under duress) the newly installed window they damaged. Even the new bamboo floor he installed in the main room had to be fixed because it was buckling. The new kitchen countertop had to be moved because he left a huge gap between it and the wall. FYI he had put in the contract a line for custom fabrication and installation of the countertop, I added my option to get it made myself. I had an upgraded one made by Home Depot for far less and he installed it, saving me over $450. By the end it was a checklist over 50 items long that needed fixing or doing to begin with that I had to make sure were done before I paid that final check. One weekend when the painting was supposed to be 100% completed my sister and I went over the place and put small scraps of blue tape wherever the spackle/paint had to be fixed. It looked like a blue confetti bomb had exploded in every room. Unfortunately I missed the unfinished wall and lack of molding behind the freestanding sink in the downstairs bath (that he grouted to the floor! ...see photo) and the missing molding behind the washer and dryer, which can be moved really easily on the tile floor. They even installed all the outlets upside down! I had agreed to pay for the job in 4 installments. I paid the first 3 invoices within 24 hours of receiving each of them. He received the 3rd payment the beginning of August with the 4th due upon completion of the job. Then Dave started asking for an additional partial payment up front every time I saw him or spoke to him because he wanted to "stay liquid" as he put it. I had paid him $23 of the proposed $30K for the job at the time, how much liquid did he expect before the job was finished? And he had the nerve to tell me he was worried that I wasn't going to pay him at the end of the job when he never had to wait an extra day for my payments. I just refused to give him another dime until the job was finished. Period. By the end of the job when we totaled up the charges for work done and not done, I had to tell him what was and wasn't in the contract, (which back in May he had been emailed as well as having his own signed paper copy). It was a bad experience, and I don't know why it was handled in the manner it was. Was it because I wasn���t living in the house? It just seems to be his way of operating. He was to have come back over to the job October 16th, because there had been a small leak in the roof from the 8 inches of rain a couple of weeks before and it caused a small amount of damage in the upstairs bathroom, both of which he was going to fix on the spot. I also wanted to know how much he would charge for some repairs which he had said would only take 3 days to do. I know, why would I want him back in the house?? Because his was the best price in town. GUESS WHO NEVER SHOWED UP, OR CALLED, OR EMAILED, OR RETURNED THE 2 MESSAGES I LEFT THAT DAY???? To top it off, one of the windows he installed in an upstairs bedroom leaked, so in early October he sent the worker who did the demolition to repair the leak and damage to the wall. No, Dave didn���t ever show to even check the work. Well, it���s raining today and it is leaking again (see photo). I���ll have someone else repair it this time; it���s more than worth the money to have it done right. Bottom line: if you don't care how long it takes, how filthy they are, or how sloppy the work is, or how many times it has to be redone or not getting calls or emails answered or returned, if all you care about is price, then this is the contractor for you. If anyone wants to see more photos of anything I've mentioned, email me thru the list.
    - Janis D.
  • B
    The quote wasn?t a detailed proposal, it was just a ballpark. I chose another company because he was the only one that gave me an item-by-item proposal. They were okay but he gave me a proposal without anything broken down which, unfortunately, seems to be the norm. Frankly, they didn?t impress me one way or the other and they were considerably more expensive than the company I used. Their responsiveness was okay but it was incomplete.
    - Janis D.
  • A
    Quality of work was excellent.
    - Bryan Z.
  • F
    - Bruce P.
  • A
    went well, polite and clean work
    - juan j d.
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