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Closet Design reviews in Westerville

  • F
    During the planning stage where we retained Walt to draft blueprints, he was fantastic to work with. (Separate job for a few thousand). Several years later we contacted him to do the job, and the planning stage of that and the first month of construction were fantastic except for jobsite cleanup. However, he showed up one day with a gash on his forehead, and said he had knocked over a bulldozer while doing pond work, but was fine. After that, we began arguing, and after about 4 fights, it finally dawned on me that he had serious memory problems. As stated in our contract (Spec A), we purchased an antique fireplace mantel. Walt said the fireplace vent needed to have a 90 degree elbow, but the framers built the frame to the ceiling (modern style), and the vent went strait up that frame. Walt wanted a change order because the wall "needed to be flat". After arguing for 15 minutes that the fireplace would need to be moved, I finally agreed. Guess what? The firebox had to be moved. If he had followed up with his original plans, he would have been fine. We wanted tile on the fireplace, and Walt suggested we put a metal strip around the edge of the arch to hide the cuts in the tile (great idea) He later asked the guy how thick to make it, and he said 3/4". I mentioned that our tile was extra thick, so Walt measured it and said that since it was 1/8" inch thicker than the allowance the tile give had given in his calculation, he would order 7/8". The next day he reverted back to 3/4. I tried to correct him three different days, and he just couldn't understand why I was pestering him about the tile being thick and didn't trust him. He ordered the 3/4" and was happy with it when it arrived, but then when the tile guy went to install and said it wasn't deep enough, He then said he couldn't understand why the fabricator didn't make it 7/8". Bathroom tile - we wouldn't figure out why he didn't jump on getting it done while we were waiting for the wood flooring to arrive. Turns out they didn't order the baseboard ahd chair rail tile (as stated in the original spec A), and Walt couldn't figure out why the sub showed up and left 5 times. He also had a hard time with our granite selections. He wanted us to use his preferred vendor, but I wanted different granite. He said ok, and that he would set up the account, but a month later he wanted to use his vendor. So I handed him the stack of samples and list from our supplier, and he went in and determined that yes indeed, we could go with the company we wanted. He then wanted me to pick out the slabs, and I asked if he could make the templates first. He said ok, and nothing happened for a month until I asked about progress. The old Walt would have asked if I could go with him and do it together the next day. Jobside cleanup: Seriously lacking on several levels. Walt had someone lay cardboard over the stairs to protect them, and when it wouldn't stay, he wanted my son to do it. My husband ended up doing it for free. I had to be involved in the work and getting a quote from my regular cleaning lady, he didn't articulate what was needed and I was supposed to know. So I gave her estimate, but explained I wasn't sure what to ask for and that it wasn't a firm quote. He didn't seem to have a regular cleaning crew. Walt had cleaners pick up the protective cardboard that was on the wood floor and do final cleaning before the tile was done, only to announce later that he hadn't intended it to be final cleansing. Walt was good about redoing work, and most of the work was good in the end. He expected to take 3-4 months, but it took 9 months. He had an easier time in the basement because the items were from his favorite suppliers instead of our custom products. The issues in the basement were minor things like a few of the lights had to be moved around becasuse they guessed where to install them instead of following Spec B. When Walt would ask me a question and I would want to discuss it with my husband, he would tell me not to call him. This happened numerous times. When I tried to remind him of things he was planning on doing, he would get upset that I did not trust him. Walt is an honest man and tried his best to please me even though he often had no idea what I expected because he couldn't remember our conversations.
    - Tina H.
  • D
    I called to set up an initial consultation, and the person who I spoke with was less than enthusiastic. She scheduled me for a few days later, and when that day and time came and no one showed up, I called to see if I was still on the schedule for our meeting. She said I was put in the system for the following day, which was their error not mine. She didn't apologize or even seem to care that I worked my day around this meeting. Sorry- Won't be using Closets by Design.
    - Michele B.
  • F
    I will summarize my unbelievably poor experience with Rosati Windows by letting you know that they left my family without doors for 48 days and did not repair the damage they caused to my home for 158 days. Imagine how your family and pets would live without any doors in your home for 48 days; we did not have any bathroom doors or bedroom doors. Imagine the embarrassment you would feel when your friends and family were uncomfortable visiting your home because there was no door to any of the bathrooms. Imagine the frustration you would feel when the president of the company you hired to work on your home told you it was his "number one priority" to get doors back in your home--only to have it take 48 days. Imagine the disgust you would feel when the president of the company you hired to work on your home accused you of not "liking" the paint finish/sheen. Then being told by him, "You have been ridiculous about the paint sheen," only to have him later admit, "We did it incorrectly." This is the reality my family faced because of Rosati Windows. Is this the kind of company you want to hire?
    Rosati Windows was hired to replace all of the interior doors and closets in my home. This included 15 doors and 4 closets. I indicated on my contract that the doors were to be painted with a semi gloss finish. When the doors arrived for installation, they were not painted as indicated on my contract. The doors were painted with a matte finish. In addition, my home was damaged by Rosati Windows during the installation: A hole was put in the wall at the top of the second floor stairs, a gouge was put in my new laminate flooring at the bottom of the stairs in the basement, baseboard moulding was removed and was not replaced which left exposed nails in every room with a closet and every corner of every closet was gouged and later covered with spackle that was not sanded or painted (despite paint cans being provided). Lastly, the quality of the doors was almost universally unnacceptable: Rails were split due to lock sets that were drilled in too tightly, doors were littered with paint boogers and overspray, gouges and scratches were present, one door was incorrectly measured and could not be installed, one bedroom bi fold closet had a 1.5 inch gap where the slabs met in the middle and two of the bi fold closets fell off of the track when opened because incorrect hardware was used for the weight load of the slabs. Is this the kind of company you want to hire?
    It is important for you to know that I specifically asked Mike Rosati, the president of Rosati Windows, if his company used the correct hardware for the weight load of the closet doors. He said, ?We did not.? I then asked if he was aware of the fact that two of the closets fell off of the track. He said, ?I do, because they were, they, they sent us the wrong hardware.? I followed up with the question, ?Are you accepting responsibility for using inadequate hardware?? He said, ?No, I?m not.? Mike Rosati refused to take responsiblity for the actions of his company that created a dangerous situation. Is this the kind of company you want to hire?
    I was in contact with the Vice President of Operations, John Vaccani, whom Mike Rosati referred to as his, "Six figure executive." The six figure executive was to help resolve the situation that had been created by Rosati Windows. After nearly three months of phone calls and in home visits with the six figure executive, Rosati Windows agreed to replace the damaged doors and repaint my doors with the finish I indicated on the contract. Rosati Windows originally tried to convince me that they could use a paint roller to fix the paint finish on all of my doors. I said that was not acceptable and that the doors would need to be sprayed in order to provide the factory smooth paint application for which I was to receive with my original order. This required Rosati Windows to remove all of the doors from my home. It wasn't until 48 days later that the doors were reinstalled in my home. Over the course of this time, I was told that Rosati Windows was, "Working as fast as we can" and that they, "Ran out of paint." During the 48 days that my family was without doors, I spoke with the six figure executive and requested on two separate occasions that the doors be reinstalled in my home because of the unreasonable turnaround time. Each time I was told, "No." Is this the kind of company you want to hire?
    In order for Rosati Windows to repair my damaged laminate floor, I had to provide the materials. The repairs took place 123 days after the damage had been done. I opened a new box of laminate flooring to provide the materials necessary for the repairs. Afterwards, the six figure executive told me that Rosati Windows would only be paying for the two planks it used to repair my floor. I told the six figure executive you cannot pay me for two planks because the product is sold in a box. I told him I would need to be paid for an entire box because that was what I provided for the repairs. The six figure executive argued with me and insisted Rosati Windows would only be paying me for two planks. Is this the kind of company you want to hire?
    In total, I was forced to take 6 days off of work to allow Rosati Windows to complete a job that was supposed to take 2. How would you feel if you had to waste your vacation time to have a company fix all of their mistakes? Is this the kind of company you want to hire?
    Rosati Windows demonstrated disrespect, recklessness, procrastination and arrogance during the time it took them to complete the job I hired them to do. Is this the kind of company you want to hire?
    - Matt B.
  • A
    For the first repair, Hank was fantastic.  He worked professionally and efficiently and was determined to give me the full two hours that I'd paid for on the deal.  He finished the things I'd intended for him to do in less than an hour, then walked the house with me and did other minor repairs as we saw them.  Very hard worker and very competent.
    Unfortunately, when I called back for more work, I was told that Hank no longer worked for the company.  Alex came out and gave a thorough estimate and while he was here, fixed a running toilet at no cost.  The estimate for the work (listed above) was about $600, which seems very reasonable.  My only complaint is that it took a few weeks to get someone out for an estimate, and will take another 3-4 weeks to get someone else to do the repairs.  They must be very busy.  Hopefully, the new repair person will be as good as Hank was.
    Overall, I love this company and intend to hire them whenever I need home repairs done.  They do many different types of repair.
    - SUSAN C.
  • A
    They did quite a bit of the house so it was fairly expensive. We liked the products that they had and we liked the way they measured things and the way they put them in. They were punctual and on time. They were local.
    - JIM I.
  • A
    Missy didn't waste any time, she went right to work to organize these areas.  She used every bit of her time and did a very thorough job.  The linen closet was the best!  My husband loved it and was very impressed.
    - Miller F.
  • A
    I met Designer Stacy Lodico at the Columbus Home and Garden Show this year, and set an appointment for her to come out to our home to design an office within an existing Den closet.  Stacy spent a few hours at the house discussing options and drew up a plan that met all of our needs.  A few weeks later, the installation was completed in a timely, efficient manner.  The installer Craig was quiet in his work, and installed the shelves, desk top and drawers exactly as designed.  I am very happy with the results!
    - John P.
  • A
    We are very happy with Organized Home Remodeling (OHR) and with this project.  We worked with co-owner Kathy throughout the process.  Her layout/designing was great, and she was very open to our input and adjustments. Since the company constructs its own cabinets, it was simple to customize cabinet/shelving sizes to fit the spaces available. Installer Mike was very competent, including handling some tricky plumbing issues and installing the attic ladder, which the company had never done before -- we found the ladder on the Internet and OHR ordered it.  They used a subcontractor for demolition and drywall (ceiling) construction, and they were very experienced and competent. We separately contracted for flooring (tile and laminate) and OHR was most cooperative in coordinating the timing of the work.  
        There were only minor glitches that were quickly and enthusiastically resolved -- minor leak in the sink drain, some ceiling spackling, and issues with delivery of the cultured marble vanity top.
        At all times, OHR folks were friendly, punctual, and professional.  It's good to work with a true local company (not a franchisee), run by people with years of experience in both household storage and remodeling construction.  We will used them on future projects.
    - JOHN S.
  • A
    The designer came out and met with me to discuss my needs and ideas and measure the closets.  About a week later I went into their office to see the design and talk about any changes or additions.  There was a little hiccup here as the designer seemed a little unprepared and didn't have answers for some of my questions.  However, after that meeting I got a call from the owner, Kathy, and said she would be taking over my job (I also got an email from the original designer saying she had been fired, which I thought was a bit flaky--but that is no reflection on Kathy and her professionalism).  Kathy came out just to go over things and nail down the details and she was very personable and professional.  We picked a date for the install, and she stayed in touch during the time leading up to the install to make sure we were on the same page.  Two installers came the day of the install and were professional and left things clean, etc.  They did have to come back a second day to finish up a few things they didn't have time for the first day but I was able to put most of the stuff back in my closet that first night.  It is very neat and organized and everything fit back in with room to spare!  My daughter was able to consolidate much of the stuff in her room into the closet and now her room seems much bigger (and neater)!  I am very happy with the results and have asked for an estimate on some other work.
    - Linda D.
  • A
    I can honestly say that this was may be the best home improvement money I have ever spent.  The did a great job on design, and an even better job on installation. 
    I would have given them an A+, but the system doesn't allow it.
    I highly recommend Closets By Design
    - Catherine S.
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