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  • A
    I found them on Angie’s List. He showed me pictures of everything and what he took out. He showed me the work and it wasn’t like made up or anything. He took pictures before and after on the roof of the part that was rotten and after he redid it. I was happy with him. I looked afterwards and there was no complaint. They did it in a timely manner, like they said they would. There were rain delays and it wasn’t their problem. They never tried to change the price on me. They cleaned up like nails and stuff in the driveway. I checked the driveway and there weren’t any nails or anything. They did a pretty good job. They did fine and it was a good job. I did have other estimates and they were okay. They called and asked if anything was wrong, and it has been a year. They got delayed and the work got a little hurried but it was damp and they couldn’t get to it. They did everything they were going to do. They didn’t try to cover and not replace certain things to make more profit, and I see all new gutters and everything.
    - Jeff R.
  • F

    My Name is Kathryn Hamadik and I engaged Roadrunner Relocation Services ~ 5 June 2014 to move my household belongings from Columbus Ohio to Toronto, Ohio.  A distance of ~ 150 miles. 
    I initially spoke with Kevin White, who after some research I have found is the owner of the company.  Kevin Had me walk thru the house and give him an Idea of the furniture to be moved, and assured me that their truck would be able to move my house.  He told me to look at his website and I did look and saw a regular size moving truck as one would expect for moving a whole house.  He also assured me that they were experienced Piano movers. 
    I called again a few days later and asked Kevin if he could send my sister Susan a detailed invoice as she had offered to pay half of the bill of $ 2,149.00.  Kevin did do this and I do have that e-mail.  At no time was their any mention that the labor was a separate fee from the truck.  

    No mention was made to me or to my Sister that the rental of the truck was $ 2,149.00 and the labor was separate.  

    I was somewhat surprised on 12 June 2014 when a 24 foot truck arrived in my drive.  Not a home moving truck.  This was a small truck that was rented from Ryder trucking. 
    Victor, The team leader, walked thru my home and allayed my concerns as to space. Victor Had me sign 3 or 4 forms quickly and than left with all of them.  I am still waiting to receive any paperwork from Road runner except a piece of 5x8 paper torn from a notebook by Steven the team Leader.   I had about 30 boxes packed in the garage.  I asked Victor about the space issue and told him that I could move the boxes myself and that they should be packed on last.  He assured me that he could pack about 90% of my house in the truck including the boxes and proceeded to pack them first.

    Packing of the truck proceed normally except I noted that items were not tagged in any way.  additionally My mattress were not boxed or sufficiently wrapped, which is why on arrival they are snagged and dirty.  My Henredon Bed frame was not sufficiently wrapped which is why on arrival it is scratched. 
    Now to the Piano.  I initially saw Victor placing a wrap over the the lid without removing it.  I corrected that mistake and he did remove the lid.  This is when I met Nick Fedirici, The regional Manager.  They place the grand piano on her side and unfortunately, there was one screw that was stripped.  they tried but were unable to remove this screw, so the piano had to travel to Toronto with one leg on.  By this time it was ~ 1400.  Nick Fedirici and I talked in chorus with Victor about the time and it was decided that if packing took longer that 1600 Victor was to wait until the 13Jun to deliver.  
    At 1620-1630 I left my sister Carol at the House and went to the Pet store.  I received a call from her stating that Victor had hurriedly finished packing and had left for Toronto, ohio. I called Victor and asked him why he had left and it was too late fro him to go.  He would not make it to toronto until at least 2030.  Plus unloading in the dark, it would be dangerous.  (House on hill). He stated, he could make it, I said No, He said he was calling Nick.  I hurried home to call Nick Fedirici.  
    I walked into my home and was horrified to find that they had left behind the Piano legs, the Piano Lyre and the Piano music stand.  Oh, they are qualified piano movers.
    I called Nick and asked him to call back the truck and was told that it was really Victor?s call as to driving down.
    I also noted that half of my furniture remained in my house. 
    I was truly agitated and angry and had family and friends yelling at me.  
    It was at this point that Dominic from Road Runner called and talked to me about getting another truck to get all of my things down to toronto.  He quoted another ~890.00.   Bringing the total to ~ $3150.00.  It was way more that I had bargained for, but I felt that I could swing it.  I calmed down and two friends came to take me for dinner. On the way to dinner, Victor called to ask for the address to the house in Toronto.  
    At dinner I received a call from Victor directions to the house in Toronto as their GPS had run out of battery power.  They had been texting all day as they worked and rundown their phones. It was at this point that my sister in Toronto had had enough and refused to unload the truck at 2300 hrs.

    My brother-in-law called Nick Fedirici and refused the load stating the time.  Nick had to call the truck back.  
    At 2105 I received a call from Victor saying that they were in Toronto and could not find the street.  I asked why they were in Toronto.  He asked why I was asking.  I asked if he had talked with Nick Fedirici and he said he had turned off his phone to save battery power.  I advised him that My sister would refuse the load due to the time and he should call Nick.
    At this time I realized I did not have the money to pay Road runner Relocation for the second truck and I called to cancel their services for the following day.  It was after hours and a message was left for Dominic Cancelling their services the following day. This ended day one.

    Day 2

    I Began calling Roadruner Relocation services on 13 Jun @ 0900 to find out the status of my belongings.  Noone answered my calls or the phone except the answering machine.  At 0930-9040 I called Angie?s List for help and MADE  THE FIRST TENTATIVE REVIEW.  ASI I WAS FINALIZING THAT REVIEW, I WAS SURPRISED TO SEE THAT A 24 FT. TRUCK WAS PULLING INTO MY YARD.  THE SAME SIZE TRUCK THAT HAD PULLED INTO MY YARD A DAY EARLIER.  THIS TIME 2 MEN EXITED, DOMINIC AND SHARMELL.  DOMINIC WAS THE MAN WHO HAD SOLD ME THE TRUCK THE DAY EARLIER.  I PLACED HIM ON AN EXTENSION WITH THE PERSON FROM ANGIE?S LIST AND HE WAS ABLE TO HEAR THE REVIEW AS IT WAS PLACED.  IT IS INTERESTING TO ME THAT HE DID NOT MENTION TO THE ANGIE?S LIST REPRESENTATIVE THAT A GAG ORDER HAD BEEN SIGNED BY ME AT THAT TIME.  In All honesty, I reallly had no idea what I had signed as they  ran the paperwork in and said sign here and here and here so we can begin.  Victor then removed all paperwork.  
    In any case, after hanging up the phone, I informed Doninic that I had cancelled the truck and he called Nick Fedirici.  Nick Feserici was called within the hour. I had Nick talking on the speaker of my cell phone and my sister on my ear bud and  we proceeded to have a conversation with himself, Dominic and Steven the Foreman from Cleveland who 
    had come to handle the service for the day.  They made it clear that they had cancelled other clients to handle my service for the day and that the 891.00 they were charging me for the second day was so reasonable that I would not find this cost anywhere else ever.  They also informed me that cancelling without 72 hrs. notice incurred a 150.00 fine,etc.  I informed them that I could not afford this.  That I only had ~ 400.00 left in my acct. Nick told me that he could carry the remaining 500.00 over to July and the company would be ok with that. NO mention was made of $3300.00.  Or that any other charges would be leveled.  All of the Supervisor?s there were very clear on the limited funds available to me. As an aside I asked Nick later on down the road where he thought the money would come from As he knew I had no other funds.  He had no answer for me, But I suspect that as I had a sisters, they expected my sisters to pay, especially as one of my sisters had alreasy paid for 1/2 of the initial bill.
    With my permission given, and documents swiftly signed and removed, Steven immediately loaded the piano pieces into his car before anything else was loaded.  The remainder of my belongs as able were loaded.  As time had run out, the loads were held over until the following. day.
    DAY 3.
    June 14,  Somewhere along the line, a return air vent became dislodged.  roadrunner avows no knowledge of this.  However, I remained in Columbus to retrieve my pet cat from the vent work in the house I was leaving.  This involved calling Critter Control to cut holes in the vents and then Favret to close up the holes.   Only mentioned because I was unable to be there for unloading.  My brother-in-law Mark O?Brien  and my sister June were there after she got off of work.  
    They arrived at Toronto at approx. Noon, and began offloading.  This went along well except that as I understand it they were not a ?fan? of the 3 rd floor so things assigned to that floor were crammed elsewhere.  Also, furniture, was placed haphazardly anywhere it would fit until the doorways were crammed and you could not fit into the room, leaving half of the room filled with furniture and 1/2 unfilled.  Glass that I had covering table tops is broken, matress? that should have been boxed or covered weren?t.  My 
    Page 5

    sister watched a wood table be placed on face down on a concrete floor to be reassembled.  Beds were not reassembled.  Mirrors were not hung.  My Piano needs a technician to put it back together before it can be played.  It is so poorly put together.  Screws were removed that should never have been removed.  the Lyre is in the wrong place.  I found one of the screws under a 10x12 afghan rug.  
    But the real problem started 1/2 thru the second truck.  Steven approached my brother-in-law Mark about the remaining amount due of $3300.  due.   Mark called me and I thought he meant and addition $200.00.  But in fact Steven meant $3300 and change to cover the cost of labor.  I was shocked.  No where and at no time had labor ever been covered.  
    I talked to Steven and told him that they knew I could not afford this.  That we had talked of only continuing 500.00 over until the next month.  He told me I needed to come up wit that money or they refused to unload the remainder of the 2nd truck including my piano.  
    It was at this point my sister June became involved.  She asked for an invoice and was asked to sign a gag order which she threw in their faces.  She left for her house to compose her own letter and after receiving an invoice on a sheet of notebook paper ripped out of a 5x8 spiral bound notebook. 
    She looked thru all of the paperwork and found the clauses in small printing that would have given them the right to charge such a ridiculous amount of money.  She did go back and after much argument including listening to bawdy and disgusting jokes was able to have them off load the rest of the truck except for my high end spinning wheel worth roughly the same as their idea of the bill.  With that they happily left, holding my property hostage.  
    I continue, today having periodic conversations with Nick Fedirici about the money due.  I have just moved into a new home Roadrunner Relocation wants me pay $3100 for Truck Rental plus another $3300 for labor.  I wish I could give you more accurate numbers but I have yet to receive any paperwork from them with their name on it, Anything.  I have let Mr. Fedirici know this and hopefully this oversight will be taken care of but certainly not hurriedly. 
    The other thing I really resent is that Roadrunner Relocation Services staged my belongings according to value.  My Piano and my spinning wheel shipped on 2 different trucks.  And yet, When there was an issue about the bill, there they  
    both were on the same truck.  I resent that Roadrunner not only hid the truth of the moves? cost from me and then tried to scam me out of the money but also evaluated what belongings I had that they could steal to bring the most cash for themselves.  These people sat in my kitchen after packing, showed me pictures of their kids, talked to me about their lives, drank from my ice box and essentially looked me in the eye and planned how to steal from me.  
    I am currently working with their claims department to address the multiple items damaged and destroyed during the quality relocation move.  Want to guess how that is going?  I can/t even get the person John Robertson to call or email back.  I have turned in over 50 photos and asked that he call to make arrangements for in home evaluation.  Nothing.  Who are these people?  Does Angie?s List let every Vendor in or do youLet everyone In.  
    What I am doing now is going thru everything and very slowly as I am a disabled veteran trying to enlist help to get things where they belong.  

    What I want from RoadRunner Relocation is for them to return my Property, Evaluate and pay my claim and stop asking for money for a poorly done job.
    One conversation I had with Nick Fedirici I asked him why I had things for the basement upstairs and nothing on the 3rd floor.  He said, ?well they did not think they were being paid,  Why should they do a good job.?
    My response to that is If you were honest and told people an honest cost, perhaps there would be no dispute over the bill.

    Sincerely Submitted

    Kathryn Hamadik  CCRN
    - Kathryn H.
  • D

    I waiting nearly 3 hours before I was taken back. after another 4 hours of 2 cat scans, 2 ultrasounds, and a copious amount of bloodwork, I found out my white blood count was sky high. in the 7 hours I was there I saw the doctor twice, a nurse 2 or 3 times, but, kudos to the aides for constantly checking.

    I was beat at the end of it. all I got was a script for antibiotics and send home with a high white blood count and fever.
    - brian b.
  • C
    Problems with weather and transitions of project management personal held up the start of the job, but they completed as requested.

    UPDATE: Warrenty was paid for and never recievd as of June 25, 2013. Numerous calls have been made and legal action is pending.
    - shawn I.
  • A
    I have used Homol Construction before to put additions on my house so I called him again when I needed new shingles. If I notice a problem I can count on Mike Homol to come and fix it.Very honest and professional.
    - Linda A.
  • A
    it went well
    - Bonnie R.
  • A
    Everything was punctual and done in  an exceptional amount of time!
    - nathan C.
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