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Siding reviews in Seven Hills

  • A
    I had damage to the aluminum siding on my garage from a raccoon and some additional siding work on the house that needed done.  I called Barbera Home Improvement to get an estimate.  I spoke to the receptionist who said someone would call me back.  Within an hour John Barbera called me to say he was in the area and could stop at my house shortly.  Five minutes later John was at my door.  John fixed the damaged siding on the garage on the spot and did not charge me a thing.  I did then get an estimate for the additional siding work on the house which was very reasonable so of course I hired John to come back and take care of the siding on the house.  
    I was very impressed with the responsiveness, professionalism and quality of the work done on the garage and amazed that John would do this for free before we even discussed him doing any additional work for me.  John just wanted to help.  There should be more people like John in this world!
    - Brenda L.
  • A
    Owner is neat, skilled, polite and reliable. Over the last 18 months, our family has used Tom at 3 West side properties. Projects have included: total roof tear off and reroof, kitchen cabinet install, baseboard trim/ crown molding, front and side door install, siding repair, and step repair. He Is a carpenter first, but has proven that he is a top notch all around handyman. We have had several positive experiences and recommend him highly!
    - Lori W.
  • A
    I was very pleased with the quality of their work, and I really appreciate Dave coming out a few days after I called to give me a really good quote.  He was very upfront and honest, and in no way did I get the impression that he was trying to upsize me or pressure me into a sale.  He was very laid back, knowledgeable, and gave me a good deal on the work I wanted completed.  The only very minor issue we had is it took them some time to actually get the project started (about four weeks) after I gave them the ok... but it was their busy season and he always kept me up-to-date.  
    I have no complaints at all in regards to the quality of work.  Dave came out and we discussed a few different colors- the color he recommended was perfect and works really well.  The contractor that came out had the work completed in two days, and the attached siding was snug and fit tight against the house/roof. He also did a good job of sealing the ends of the coil.  My biggest concern was making sure the siding/coin was well attached, as I can't tell you how many times I've come across siding dangling off or coming off after a storm.  After inspecting his work, it was clear the coil was attached well and wasn't going anywhere.
    Overall, I would highly recommend Home Exteriors as they gave me a wonderful price and the workmanship was of quality.
    - Brad M.
  • A
    After working with a few other remodeling contractors, we decided to go with Joyce Factory Direct for our windows and doors project. When we had Brian come out, we were very impressed with their company's history and the fact that they make their own windows. They invited me for a factory tour, I didn't take them up on it but I might the next time I'm in the area. While they were out at my house, they also did a smaller siding and deck job for us too. The windows and doors were great. We couldn't be happier. Mark and Adam were professional, punctual and courteous. They did a great job taking special precautions and care during the installation. Afterwards, I could not believe how clean they left everything! For the siding and deck and a new crew came out and they did a great job as well. This didn't go as smoothly but it was not their fault because it continuously rained that week. The projects came out great and I would highly recommend Joyce Factory Direct.
    - Leanne S.
  • B
    Peter needs either a secretary or a cell phone.
    We gave him a cell phone number multiple times and said that it was to be the primary contact number.
    Other than the fact that we missed each other several times because he called the home number, the minor repiars went well.
    The gutters and downspouts are working better, and the siding was repaired to 'close to original' appearance.
    - Bryan A.
  • A
    Bob answered my call and walked me through the process of forwarding him a picture of the damage on my phone (I had used this function only once before and was pleased to accomplish this task!).  His repair person came at the date and time that was convenient for my neighbor, and the problem was solved by removing a piece of existing siding on the back of the house covered by a planter, using that piece (which matched) on the damaged side, and creating a new piece of aluminum siding for behind the planter in the back.  The texture and color wasn't a perfect match behind the planter, but it is not visible and will function adequately to prevent water from leaking in where the original siding was removed.  House Doctors solved the problem at a very reasonable charge, and everyone was satisfied.  Apparently, only one source in California still makes aluminum siding and it would have been impossible to match the color and texture (and weathering).  The cost of that siding would have been around $300 for a 16-foot strip and still would not have matched.  What initially seemed like a disaster, turned out well thanks to House Doctors!
    - Jon and Carol S.
  • B
    We agreed on price by phone.  Mr Hagedish came out with color samples and size samples. I paid a deposit of
    $200. We agreed that since this was such an extremely small job he would fit it in when a crew would be in this area and have the extra time  Two workmen came out one rainy moning probably in late August.  They were able to measure and cut the gutters inside my garage.As had been predicted, the weather cleared up and they were able to install the gutters and down spouts. They were very polite and professional.The job looks really good and it has solved the flooding problem I had been experiencing.  They removed all debris before they left.  Un fortunately, since it had rained so much that morning, they were unable to seal the corners of the house gutters.  it was my understanding that the gutters take a few days to dry out after a rain.  That and the fact the the remaining task is an even smaller job is what I assume is holding up completion.  I guess it is time to contact Mr Hegedish again to discuss this and final payment.,  I do want to say that whenever I lleft messages he did get back to me in a reasonable time frame.
    - MARY KAY D.
  • A
    READ ALL!!!   the job was to remove an outside door frame it had plywood for the last twenty years withsiding right up to itsoun ds simple but its not it involves taking the frame out building it solid enough to put in siding and insulation is a key factor trhat most people dont realize   jamie shows up and starts saying all of this wow was i glad   most people dont want to hear you need this and this to do it right         i sat back listened and said perfect   thats exactly what i wanted so if he tells you you need this this and this he knows these little thing and is super fair on his prices  he charges real good prices for all this   he deserves an a for his prices   and a          it will be a little higher than your chepo guys but dont waste his time when he tells yyou the other things you need     he is cheap when you realize   all the extras you get
  • D

    I have been getting work done by a number of contractors this year and I what I expected from any of them was:

    • A fair price
    • Honest and courteous sales people and workers, and being on time for appointments or installations.
    • Getting the materials I ordered.
    • Good quality workmanship
    • Prompt resolution of any issues


    After securing several estimates for the work to be performed for my soffit and gutter work I chose Home Exteriors.  Their price was a little higher than other contractors but my sales person did a good job convincing me they were using better materials and their installers were reliable and did good work.  I felt comfortable after checking their ratings with Angie's List and the local BBB.

    The work was done in two stages, first the tear-off of the gutters and covering of soffits and gutter board.  The job done on the soffits, gutter boards, and miscellaneous trim was all satisfactory.  Clean up of materials left some to be desired though - I was finding gutter spikes, aluminum trim and pieces of cut vinyl in my shrubs, bushes & grass.  Nothing major (except for spikes in grass) but definitely could have been better - I finished the clean up myself.

    The next stage of installing the gutters, downspouts and Alcoa Leaf Relief took a little longer to start than I expected.  On a Friday I was told the work would start the next Monday (or Tuesday if it rained on Monday).  My wife stayed home all day both Monday and Tuesday (no rain) and no one showed for the installation.  The Installer finally came and installed the gutters & downspouts on a Thursday when no one was around.  My wife was gone in the morning and when she got home in the early afternoon the installer was just leaving.  Several days later and after a close examination of the job it I called my salesman with the following concerns.

    1)  The pitch of the gutters in the front of the house caused water to settle in an area over my steps where there was a corner joint.  Water leaked from this joint onto my steps long after a rain.  In the warm weather this may not be a big deal but in the winter this would have caused ice to form on my steps.

    2)  The installation of the gutters looked very unprofessional.  Leaf guard was mounted and visible from ground level (I was told it would be mounted on the inside of the gutter and not be noticeable).  Gutters and gutter boards were dark brown - the leaf guard being a silver color stood out like a sore thumb because they were not mounted below the top of the gutter.

    3)  The "U" shaped downspout guide brackets from the old installation were used for a couple of the new downspouts - this was not a problem for me but some of the brackets were not used and instead of removing them they smashed them flat against the brick with a hammer.  I was later told by the salesman that this is the way they do it and it is up to the homeowner to remove the old brackets or cut them off.  I'm thinking to myself  "Is he kidding me???" and then I realized he was serious.

    4)  After getting up on a ladder and examining the leaf guard I found that they SUBSTITUTED SOME CHEAP GENERIC BRAND of gutter screening instead of the Alcoa Leaf Relief brand that I contracted for.  Before the salesman came back out I confirmed this by sending pictures of the product that was installed to the Alcoa Leaf Relief distributor. 

    This is where the grief and aggravation starts.  On the phone my salesman has a hard time believing that his "gutter guy" that has been with him for over twenty years would do that kind of job (the gutter guy my wife saw on the day of the install looked to be about mid to late twenties).  I had to convince my salesman that just maybe I was not lying about the job and he should come out and take a look for himself one evening when I was home.  Six days later I received a call from Home Exterior's office asking how I liked the job.  I told them I was still waiting for my salesman to come out and go over my concerns with me.  They assure me he will be out soon.  The next day I get a call from my salesman and we agree to get together on a Saturday - he calls Saturday to cancel & we then agree to Monday evening.  He's a no-show for Monday evening.  Finally he shows up on a Wednesday.  It took two weeks after my initial call with my concerns to get someone to look at the job.

    After seeing the job, my salesman (and the company owner whom I spoke with on my salesman's phone) agrees to address the issues I have brought up.   I requested to be present during the re-work to be sure there were no mis-interpretations of the issues that had to be address.  My salesman agrees to let me know when the work is to be done so I can take off work and be at home.  Everything seems to be in place to get this job finished and me being a satisfied customer.   BUT, they decide to go ahead with the work the next morning, again with neither my wife or I at home.  So much for agreements to let me know when they were going to do the work!

    Unfortunately, the rework created a new issue - when they re-pitched the front gutter they only adjusted one side of the gutter run causing the gutter to be mounted below the gutter board at that end.  It looks very amateurish and I thought they could have done a better job adjusting the entire gutter run for a better alignment.  At this point I'm trying to decide if I should call my salesman again - but a day later I felt I would give Home Exteriors another opportunity to make the job right.  I called my salesman - Well it becomes pretty obvious there is a major difference of opinion between myself and my salesman.  I was told in so many words that I had a perfect installation job and that I should not try to tell professionals how to do their work - after all they don't tell me how to do mine.  At that point I decided to go on, close this one out, and chalk it up to experience.  I did not need any more aggravation.

    It was an insult to me that I should have to work so hard to get what I paid for and still not be satisfied in the end.  Unfortunately for me, Home Exteriors did poorly meeting my expectations that I indicated at the beginning of this post.  There are many good contractors to choose from.  I enjoy in giving them good recommendations when they do what they say they will do. I only wish that I could have done so with this one.

    ADDED 10/11/2011  -  The response from Home Exteriors on August 14, 2011 indicated  "It didn't say Alcoa on the contract so we used one that is almost identical"  This is not true and I'm not sure why this was a part of their response as the contract DID CLEARLY STATE "Alcoa Leaf Relief".  I have added a picture showing this portion of the contract to my report .

    - Andrew E.
  • C
    I advised the company by e-mail on 05-Jul-10 to proceed with doing all three projects. I asked them politely by e-mail on 06-Jul-10, 08-Jul-10, 15-Jul-10, and 21-Jul-10 to advise when the awning is or will be done and the work will be completed, but I received no replies until 21-Jul-10, when the company e-mailed back to confirm "the order is in" but no completion date was confirmed. I asked again on 13-Aug-10 about status, and got a reply on 17-Aug-10 saying "we are very behind with the awnings right now and your job will be completed in 2 - 2.5 weeks. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by email or phone." About this time, I tried calling on their phone line, but the first time I called, I was asked to call back later because the person who answered was in the shop and was busy. When I did reach someone, he had no idea of what jobs were open or when they would be completed. He couldn't even tell me when to call back to talk to someone who would know this information. I asked again politely, but very frustrated at this time, by e-mail on 01-Sep-10 if the work would be done the following week, as I had trouble reaching a knowledgeable person on the company's phone line. I received a reply e-mail saying the work would definitely be done the week of 05-Sep-10. As the e-mail did not indicate what day the work would be done and I wanted to be home when it was done in case there were any issues or problems, I called the office on 07-Sep-10 and spoke to a lady who said the work would defintely be done on Friday 10-Sep-10. I took a vacation day from work to be at home for the work. I called them at 9AM that day to see approximately what time I should expect them, and was told by a man that he had no idea of jobs for the day or who I could talk to in order to find that information out. I called back at 11AM and 3PM and was told the same thing. No one showed up that day. No one called or e-mailed me that day to apologize or explain what happened. As I wasted a vacation day waiting around for them, I was angry. I e-mailed them on 11-Sep-10 to tell them what had happened, that I was very unhappy, and I was giving them one last chance to do what they said they'd do. I received a reply on 13-Sep-10 apologizing but with no explanation as to what happened. The reply said: "Im very sorry about this, the gentleman working on fridays and saturdays just fills in for us and has no idea about scheduling, Again I am very sorry and this will not happen again. Reginald will definitely be out first thing Thursday morning and if you are unable to be there, that would be ok with us if it is ok with you?" I replied they could do the work without me there that day. On Thursday 16-Sep-10, my old awning was missing, but nothing else....?!?!? No new awning, no work done on the gutters or siding. No note left, no phone or email message. I emailed yet again on 18-Sep-10, at this point giving up on getting any information from them by phone. They replied back on 20-Sep-10 saying the work would be done by Friday 24-Sep-10. Guess what? It wasn't. Almost 3 months wasted with this company, and the only thing to show for it is a missing awning and headaches. I'm not an unreasonable person: I can understand a delay. But I feel deceived by this company as well as purposely ignored, time and time again. I am frustrated that they ripped my old awning off and left me with no replacement. At this point, I don't know how they can be reached. UPDATE: The day after this original report was posted (on 27-Sep-10), the company completed all the work and cut the price considerably based on the past problems I mentioned above. They also emailed to apologize and explain they were backed up. I've revised the rating to indicate that the work done was very good. The awning is in good shape and sized correctly, they left a number of extra corner siding pieces, and from what I can tell, the gutter doesn't have any nails sticking out, so I hope the hidden hangers are in place. This is definitely a mixed review, with the problems in punctuality and responsiveness countered by the good performance on quality work and price, so I gave them a C overall.
    - Jeffery A.
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