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Concrete Driveways reviews in Painesville

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    Municipal Services of America
    The steps slope inward and collect water, this is going to be such a slip and fall hazard in the winter. The patio itself slopes in all different directions and can't even accommodate my hot tub it's so uneven were having to have a separate stand built for it (you can see by the photo that shows the entire view of the patio, you cant see the border from one side to the other because its so uneven). the contactor knew in advance exactly where I was putting the hot tub. I asked him to run underground conduit so that the wires would be hidden, he ran the wrong kind of conduit using plumbing pvc instead of electrical with an elbow that the wire cant go through so its not even useable so I ended up paying another contractor to come run the correct type of PVC and now the PVC sits on top of my patio (what an eyesore). One of the control joints doesn't even span the length of my patio, it goes 3/4 of the way through, stops and starts again in a completely different spot. The stamps aren't lined up in some areas they look so fake. The concrete is chipping apart. And he put a piece of 2x4 in font of my basement window blocking our access, he should have made a window well and ran the concrete below the window. When I tried to discuss my dissatisfaction and how it could be fixed the owner Mike stated "satisfaction isn't guaranteed" and blamed me for not doing enough research on poured concrete. Unfortunately, he was already paid in full by my finance company.
    - Angela C.
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    3 Brothers Concrete
    Worked closely with us to choose a style of retaining wall to match our foundation, purchased a specialty design compass rose stamp to use on the patio and helped us choose the appropriate colors. Hand dug and built fire pit. Friendly, reliable and well worth every penny. Did a great job.
    - Bonnie M.
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    Tomaro Construction Co Inc
    They were outstanding. Their price was a lot better than other bids. I was more than happy with the work.  Everything turned out wonderful and they did a very professional job. It was a large job with the excavation and they were gorgeous within six days. I have had many family members and friends who have told me how beautiful and gorgeous the work is.
    - Ruth M.
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    3 Brothers Concrete
    Work was performed on schedule.
    Excellent quality on both drive and walk.
    Respectful of surrounding property and shrubs.
    Went the extra mile to do the jobto our total satisfaction.
    - Robert P.
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    3 Brothers Concrete
    In the original estimate work was supposed to start April 9th and take 5 days. Because of problems with the weather it didn't start until April 17. The original cost on the estimate was $9300. Joe brought in a demolition crew and Hauled away tons of gravel and dirt and the front and back sidewalks and landing. The crew was very professional and did an excellent job in working in limited space between our house and the house next door. He brought in stone for the turnaround and railroad ties to suround it, laid wire mesh and set the forms for the driveway and sidewalks. He added a drain which wasn't in the original estimate in front of the garage to keep water out of the garage which had been a problem. The concrete was all poured in one day, and sealed. The next day he pulled the forms and saw cut the concrete and thoroughly hosed it off. We were very happy with the result. It looks beautiful and is graded to drain correctly. The front landing is larger more of a porch. He did a good job of cleaning up after himself. Joe takes a lot of pride in his work and does everything he can to satisfy the customer. His expenses ran over his estimate and we willingly paid him the extra. We were very happy with his work.
    - Shirley C.
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    3 Brothers Concrete

    Mr Westgate was very quick to respond to my inquiry at Angie's list and came the next day to take measurements and provided me with a quote. I checked out other offers but decided to go with his company.
    A week later as weather permitted they started the work. One day the removed the old concrete and prepared the area for what's needed.
    On the next day they poured the concrete. What a great look. One day later the concrete was sealed and on the next day it was cut.
    10 days after pouring I was able to use the driveway again.
    It now looks really great - job well done.
    I casn recommend 3Brothers.

    - Jorg M.
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    Gaetano Cement Contractor LLC
    Guy DiFini provided excelent service from the moment I called for a quote until he and his crew cleaned up and left the job site.
    1. Showed up on time as promised for both the site review for the quote as well has the day the work was scheduled.
    2. All aspects of the job as explained and listed in the prosal were performed exactly.
    3. He and his crew were very professional, worked hard throughout the day, and cleaned up properly when they finished.
    4. He had enough manpower to ensure the project was completed on time.
    5. The crew were very experianced.  The final product not only looks great, but was properly sloped and finished to perfection.
    6. The pricing for the project was very fair and reasonable.

    Any concrete work - I would highly recomend Guy DiFini and Gaetana Cement Contractors. 


    - Robert K.
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    Gaetano Cement Contractor LLC
    We found him on Angie's list.  The guy was really good at getting back to us on every detail and the explanation.  We had to delay the project at one point, and it wasn't the problem doing that at all.  He took the initiative and dealt with the problem.  We did not have to pay anything extra.
    - Richard M.
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    mayfield cement ltd.
    SInce then, we have learned that there is no listing for the company in the Lake County phone book, and note there are complaints filed at the Better Business Bureau, which has not been successful to date in verifying Mr. Gati's advertised claims to be licensed, bonded and insured. The BBB says, "On June 14th, 2010, July 8th, 2010 and again on September 17th, 2010, the Better Business Bureau contacted the company regarding substantiation of their claim to be Licensed, Bonded and Insured. The company failed to substantiate this claim."  I have since independently ascertained that Mr. Gati renewed his liability insurance on 11/20/2010 with the an insurance agency, but have been unable to track down his advertising claim that he is licensed and bonded. After a very prompt response to my request for a free estimate, the charismatic Mr. Gati seemed sensitive to our concerns about water drainage: he said he understood our needs, wrote the contract and he agreed to coordinate his work with my fence contractor. We gave him an initial deposit of $300. Gati explained that tear out, removal and excavation would take four hours. That phase of the operation was scheduled to be followed on 10-19 with fence post installation by the fence contractor. Contracted cement job was to have included removal of old concrete and asphalt, excavation, rebuilding sub-grade base with "premium" stone, and replacing old wooden retaining structure with 10"-12" wide permanent wolmanized lumber which was to function as both forms for the cement and retaining walls for surrounding soil and shrubbery. The sidewalk was to drain onto the driveway. Wire mesh was to be used all around. Joints were to be hand cut and finish was to be Rosetta. Curing agent/sealer was to be applied. The work was to be coordinated with a fencing company's patio installation, and Gati agreed to complete the work in four/five calendar days (weather permitting) beginning on 10/18. (Note that the weather was warm and dry all week with the exception of a light, brief shower late in the day on 10/21, so weather cannot be used as an excuse for delay.) Gati arrived on 10/18 as scheduled. His work team consisted of two teenage kids, neither of which appeared to know how to swing the picks ?which Gati borrowed from me having forgotten his own. I expected jackhammers. Because of the ineptness on the job of these inexperienced teens?reduced to a one kid on day two? it took two afternoons to remove the old concrete, not four hours. Excavation to the appropriate depth to accommodate the forms and concrete was not completed in those two days, but no matter; Gati insisted on collecting an additional $1600 for having begun the job, and also insisted that we write the check to him personally rather than in the company name, Mayfield Cement, which we did. 10/20 through 10/24 We expected him to return the next morning. Instead, for the next four days, all calls to Gati and his answering service to determine when the work would be completed went unanswered. 10/25 through 10/28 A single employee?Chris? turned up on site. He excavated and leveled the surface by hand with a pick and shovel plus a "bobcat" front end loader, with which he sparsely spread crushed concrete fill for the sub-stratum, not the "premium stone" we had paid for. Chris had acquired minimal-width (2X4) wolmanized pine lumber to build the concrete forms but when we made it clear to him -- as Mr. Gati had not -- that we were supposed to have wolmanized lumber of the width we agreed upon when we contracted with Gati, Chris called Gati for verification; as a result of this call, Chris returned to Lowe's to exchange the lumber for the wider (10"-12") wolmanized materials. We paid Chris an additional $40 out of pocket to exchange the lumber even though we had agreed with Gati that wolmanized lumber of the correct dimensions would be included in the total cost, because that lumber would be left in place and not removed after the pour to retain the surrounding soil. Chris kindly allowed us to keep copies of the Lowe's receipts to document the additional payment. Having built the forms as originally specified, Chris concluded his work by snapping chalk lines on the wider retainer wood forms to indicate to the cement finishers the depth to which the concrete must be poured if our drainage problems were to be resolved. He also said that after the cement was poured, he would trim the forms so as to eliminate the sharp corners (e.g. stepping down from 12" to 10" boards) and proceeded to mark the cutting lines for these cuts with pencil lines. (This work remains undone.) 10/29 through 11/1 Hoping against previous experience we waited for work to continue. Gati failed to return our calls. No work was done. 11/2 Gati showed up after five days of silence and the cement was poured. Gati then demanded an additional $400 over and above the $1600 balance to cover the cost of additional cement which he claimed was not figured in to original contract. We were so happy to have the work done and get him out of our lives that when we gave a quick look at his new calculations it did appear that there was an error in his original calculations. We reluctantly wrote two checks, totaling $2000. We were advised not to walk on the cement for two days while it hardened, and we couldn't have been happier to see him go. 11/4 The site was left a mess. Piles of dirt covered shrubbery. Bushes were broken. Tools were left buried. Hunks of 2x4 were hidden in the shrubbery. Reinforcing wire poked out of the dirt. Chunks of concrete had been cast aside instead of carted off. Retaining forms were not trimmed to specs. In a cursory clean up which included scraping and scrubbing concrete splash off the vinyl siding and wooden retaining walls, I discovered that the service walk had not had the concrete poured up to the chalk line which Chris had snapped to insure proper depth and drainage. In fact, the surface of the entire length of the sidewalk's west side, is an inch or more below the level that the company itself had intended to pour, based on their own chalk line. Put another way, instead of pouring 4 inches of concrete, Gati shorted us and poured only 3 inches, which is below industry standards. (Unfortunately, because of limited access and visibility as well as cement which splashed up the sides of the retaining walls covering the red chalk line, it was not possible to observe that the concrete had been poured below level until two days after the fact when the concrete had cured enough to be walked on.) To complete the clean up and to check the drainage I hosed off the drive and sidewalk. While there are many low places on the driveway that puddle and hold water, they seem minor compared to the sidewalk which lies underneath an inch of water across most of its entire 24 foot length. It is virtually impossible to walk down the sidewalk after it rains without wading through water. This is sub-standard work, a hazard to pedestrians and a liability to me. The water, which Gati assured us would drain onto the driveway, just puddles there and takes 3 or 4 days to evaporate; when it freeze, the walk from the drive to my front door will be downright dangerous. Additionally, it appears that the sealer included in the contract was not sprayed on the entire surface of walk and drive. It is my understanding that sealer produces a finish with a slight sheen. When wet, there are 2mm in diameter, shiny polka dots about an inch apart. If these dots represent sealer, then it is very apparent that the entire cement surface has not been properly or entirely sealed. 11-4 through 11-18 Frequent calls to Gati via the answering service were not returned. 11-5 First certified letter with photos sent to Gati at company address. To date we have received no response or had the receipt returned back from the post office to indicate if the letter had been delivered. 11-18 & 11-19 Estimates obtained from three other contractors. 11-22 Second certified letter to Gati at his home address ? which we obtained via the city of Shaker Heights who list him as an approved contractor. This letter is a formal demand notice for the amount estimated by the contractor we have chosen to replace the walk. It also demands a refund of 1) the excess payment for the "extra" cement over its actual cost 2) for the difference between the "premium" stone we paid for and the crushed cement under layment actually delivered, and 3) for the cost of sealing the concrete, which wasn?t done. We?d love to have a usable service sidewalk before the snow flies ?a job our repair contractor can manage and guarantee ? but we feel Gati should step up to the plate and accept the opportunity to make good on our contract. Frankly we are puzzled by his stubborn refusal to respond. The year end clock is ticking, and it may already be too late to pour concrete with plunging temperatures.

    Update. Following our previous report we spent many months unsuccessfully attempting to contact Mr. Gati at MAYFIELD CEMENT LTD. (216) 691-6453. This incompetent rogue ?if one can judge by our experience? is back in business. It is under this name that unresolved complaints from other victims have been lodged with the BBB and are still pending before the Ohio Attorney General's consumer affairs office. It appears that Mr. Gati has once again laid the advertising bait to reel in unwary buyers. After what seems to have been a seasonal winter hiatus, he has run an ad in the JB Dollar Stretcher that expires in April 2011. Please be aware that to our knowledge, this company has not operated under the name MAYFIELD CONCRETE & ASPHALT since 1996, and kindly correct your records accordingly to avoid ambiguity and confusion on the part of shoppers.
    - Leslie E.
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    Gaetano Cement Contractor LLC
    Guy and his crew were extremely knowlegdeable, professional, polite, punctual and priced competitively. I would highly recommend this company for any concrete related job. Excellent contractor from start to finish.
    - MIKE N.
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