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  • I would have given a zero rating if they had one...the Medina location is the worst Litehouse location. I was treated so badly!!! The female manager is the worst unprofessional manager. I can not believe Litehouse would employee a person like this at all. She After spending an outrageous amount of money on chemicals to remedy my pool, which did not work. This manager has the gall to refuse to give her name, correct the problem and then hang up on me. I had been taking water samples for at least 3 weeks the last water sample I took in the man suggested more chemicals to purchase. We have purchased their algaecide products (maintenance and algae killer...their shocks....their flocculents...everything NO CHANGE!!!!! A lot of money but no change!!! He tested the water took us over and told us to add this Green to Clean Product wait 5 minutes add the 2 pounds of shock( all these products bought at that store).....which we did exactly. The following day we noticed no change in the pool...we called the Litehouse again they sold me 4 more bags of turbo shock. No change called again on 9-2-2018 left a message no return call...waited until the afternoon and called again reaching this female manager. At this point she states I reviewed your samples and our staff would not have sold you that chemical with your water out of balance and I wasted all my money. Obviously at this point I am upset, she then told me she knew the person who sold it to me and he would not of suggested it to me....calling me a liar!!! DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION YOU WILL WASTE MONEY AND TIME!!!! I SPENT AN OUTRAGEOUS AMOUNT OF MONEY AND TO BE TREATED THIS BADLY....THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND WILL NOT STAND BEHIND WHAT THEY TELL YOU DO TO REMEDY THE PROBLEM...TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND WALK AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - Lisa M.
  • We own a 2005 Sundance (model: Bahia w/stereo) which came with the home we purchased.  The technician at Great Escape (Danny) was a professional in every sense of the word.  He came to inspect our tub when the existing control panel and circuitry appeared to be fried (tub would not heat up, was panel displaying non-nonsensical codes and wouldnt respond despite several hard power reboots).
    He discovered a hack-job performed by the previous owner's "hot tub guy".  Turns out, he and other professionals in the industry have garnered a bunch of work in repairing what that "technician" screwed up on other hot tubs (beware: A-1 HotTub Guy should be avoided at all costs - see my other write up on him under the NorthCoast Spa review).  
    That said, he was able to assess very quickly what needed repair, and he provided a quote within the next business day.  We needed a bunch of work, but at least the hot tub was salvageable, which was a relief for us.  One we reviewed the quote and decided to schedule the service, they required a credit card (but did not run any charges) in order to get the required parts on order.  Most parts were in stock and available in his van the day of the initial service inspection, however he needed some factory parts that were gutted and disposed by the previous hack-job (for example, the metal canister housing that holds the circuit board).  
    Once on order, they expedited the parts and we were able to set up an appointment within that same week.  He showed up on scheduled and performed the services quickly and professionally.  Only wish was that he took the old parts with him that were replaced, instead of leaving in a pile for us to dispose of ourselves.  Otherwise the job was completed to our satisfaction, and 30 days later the tub is operating like new. 
    We would highly recommend Sundance owners use Great Escape for service due to their product knowledge and professional technicians.  We're thrilled!
    - Lauren R.
    That's the advice I wish I had heard before we ever called this guy.  We received his contact info as a referral from the previous homeowner (the hot tub came with the house when we bought it).  It is a Sun Dance 780 series that's about 8 years old.  Since I'm a big fan of referrals (hence the Angies List membership), I was optimistic.  The previous owner had used Karl the "A1 Hot Tub Guy" for repairs/maintenance, which made me comfortable that we'd be getting someone that knows all about this model and history of the tub.
    The disappointment began with a complete lack of professionalism from the start.  Numerous messages left by my wife and I went unreturned before we finally connected.  It was obvious from the start that we'd have to catch him at the right time; he didnt make very much effort to get back to us between voicemails.  Considering he had two points of connection (my wife and I) and had both of our cell phone numbers, it was befuddling why it was so difficult.  My wife's instinct said we shouldnt be dealing with this guy... I stayed the course; but it turns out she was right from the onset.
    Our initial service request was to have him consult with us on how to open up the hottub fpr the winter season.  It had some mildly dirty/cloudy water in it and we were first-time hot tub owners needing guidance on how to treat and maintain with chemicals and cleaners.  
    He came to our home with his underage son as his working sidekick.  He spent about 20 minutes walking us through the controls, the chemicals needed (we already had bromamine tablets, ph/alkaline boosters, and clarifier), and the basic 101 of hot tubbing.  He used a mini wet vac to clean out some floating particles, tossed in (without measuring) some PH booster, and said to let it cycle with jets on for 1 hour and it would be all ready for use.
    He handed me an invoice for $250, reflecting a $125 trip charge + $125 for 1 hour labor.  I gasped as I wrote the check, thinking to myself "am I getting taken advantage of here?"  
    After an hour, we turned off the jets to find the water very cloudy, and after using a PH test strip, way out of balance.  Naturally, when I called him that evening to discuss as a follow-up, he did not answer or call back.  So I took to the internet to figure it out myself.  After adding some clarifier and re-addressing the alkaline and PH levels with repeated tests, I got it cleared up and in balance by the following day.  
    So while the process to open and maintain the water turned out to be pretty simple stuff, I certainly overpaid for the service that was delivered.  But that's just the beginning...
    About a month later, the control panel went completely bonkers, displaying error codes at first, and then flashing all lights.  Clearly something went awry with the circuitry system.  I placed an initial call to Karl (with my wife shaking her head as I did so), only to find out on his voicemail that his business was closed for the next month.  Right in the middle of winter which is peak time for hot tubbing?  Odd.
    My next call went to North Coast Spa, who came to inspect the situation.  They alerted us that whoever previously worked on this hot tub had done a complete hack-job.  Guess who.  A1 Hot Tub Guy had left his receipts with the previous homeowner who left them for me.  He charged $1350 approximately 1 year prior to replace the main control pad with a new ACC Smart Touch Digital system.  The North Coast Spa technician (a clear step above Karl in terms of professionalism) said that while there is such a thing as retro-fitting hot tubs, this is more like a horribly executed hack job.  He pointed out where ground wire were cut, the thermostat was rigged against the heater, loose & bare wires were left behind, and even the box that was holding the control board was loosely sitting on the ground, not mounted to the hot tub (nor other key components mounted to it).  It was so bad, he advised us, that while he could attempt to replace and repair the unprofessional work done before him, they would be hesitant to warranty it, and may recommend we purchase a new tub.
    At that point, we called in for a second opinion.  Great Escape is a licensed Sun Dance repair dealer and they quickly dispatched a technician to help us.  Turns out, A1 Hot Tub Guy Karl is well known for this type of hack-job in the greater Cleveland area.  He has been called to many other jobs in which Karl had done this exact thing; popping in a cheap system that is not designed for the tub, and doing so in a very sloppy way, cutting corners and making for a very dangerous, unsafe situation.  He took pictures to share with his professional community, and recommended I NOT call this guy again.  I took a step further, and took to Angies List to alert the hot tubbers in this area to avoid the same mistake.  
    The good news is Great Escape is assisting me with a quote in which they can reinstall manufacturer parts to bring the tub back to working order, correctly and safely, and with an accompanying warranty.  Phew.  I'll review Great Escape separately once the job is complete.
    That said, this post is all about warning the community to stay far away from A1 Hot Tub Guy.  He's unprofessional, expensive (perhaps preying on uneducated consumers), and does terrible quality work.  The fact that he already has this reputation amongst the professional community of legitimate hot tub service providers is a clear indication that this is not a one-off case.
    Dont make the same mistake we did (and the hot tub owner before us).  Call a licensed, insured, professional to work on your hot tub.  Look on the manufacturers site for authorized service centers.  Avoid a hack job that can cause you tremendous headache down the road, and even put you or your family in a dangerous situation!
    - Lauren R.
  • Work performed was excellent.  He found and fixed a slow leak, and added a clamp to a hose that had come loose.  He refilled the tub for us after the water level dropped from the clamp that previously came loose.  He reassembled the sides for us, which I had removed while trying to find/troubleshoot the slow leak myself (i never found it).
    The only major rub for us, was punctuality.  We called on Saturday to set up a Monday morning appointment.  On Monday morning he asked for pictures to be emailed to him (which we did), but he never showed up that day.  In fact, he wasnt able to come out until Thursday.
    That said, the service technician (Mick) was professional and offered great advice.  He warned that the previous owner of this tub had received a total hack-job on replacement of the control system ("A1 Hot Tub Guy" - STAY AWAY! check out my review on that clown!).  He came out the next day to help us inspect and provide a quote for additional repairs.  Since the hot tub is now non-functional (a result of an electronic controls failure, NOT related to anything NC Spa worked on) he was even nice enough to let us borrow his ceramic portable heater to keep the water from freezing in the tub while we wait on repairs or replacement.
    Would recommend, and would use again.  However, if you are far from their location (they are in Mentor, we are in Medina), be forewarned that logistics pose a challenge for timely service.
    - Lauren R.
  • Spoke with an extremely helpful representative who specializes in hot tubs.  He explained there are several ways to troubleshoot a slow leak, without having to dispatch a technician.  He walked me through the process over the phone, which helped me to explore several options to detect the source of the leak.  After eliminating the possibility of a seal leak in the pumps (which can be taken out and brought in for service at their location, if needed), he explained that we may be dealing with a leak from the filter or drain connections, OR the possibility of a critter having chewed into a line somewhere creating a slow leak to use as a water source.  Upon removing the panels, it's clear to see mice or chipmunks had created a dwelling and so I began the process of removing foam and working on all sides of the hot tub until a source of the leak was identified.  I was unable to identify the leak myself, so I plan to call in a service technician to assist in the process.  
    I will provide another review when the service provider helps to fix the problem, but for now I was especially pleased with this company's willingness to assist free of charge to help eliminate specific problems (pump leaks) and take me through the troubleshooting tips over the phone.  Great service, despite being zero cost to me; which has given me incentive to use this service provider first before any others!
    - Lauren R.
  • Excellent service. Very knowledgeable and professional. Worked very hard to keep my costs down. Much less expensive than two other companies I received quotes from. Would definitely recommend their services.
    - Elizabeth P.
  • Let me tell you what I can about the project we did with
    Vizmeg, 1st let me point out a few things about my job that may help
    all in the future about reviews! My job was a back yard addition to our home, it
    was tearing out a in ground swimming pool and cabana and re installing a new
    swimming pool with an outdoor patio, covered seating area with 2 outdoor fire
    features, outdoor kitchen and outdoor storage area and adding a outdoor restroom.
    That being said most people write a review as soon as they take possession after
    a job is done, I call this the warm and fuzzy stage, the contractors are paid
    and gone and the owners are all happy and then most people write a review. I
    decided 2 wait 2 years after the project and then write the review. This
    project was in my opinion was a large and difficult, tearing out old and
    installing new and having 2 stories outside. The project started in mid April
    2011 and we were swimming by Labor Day. I thought Vizmeg had very good approach
    to the job and they were attentive to the project, they showed up when they
    should and let when they should. The quality of work was well above average, it
    has gone through 2 winters and held up very well. I thought the company was very responsive to
    each request, they didn’t try and nickel and dime you throughout the build. When
    issues came up the handled them in a professional manner. They communicate well
    and James Arch was great in laying the timelines and getting the job done. When
    you called them they answered the phone. I thought they were a great contractor
    and would do another project with them anytime. The price was higher than I thought
    and more than I wanted to spend, but I believe the quality was great, each time
    I think of price I remember the quote from Warren Buffet, “price is what you
    pay and value is what you get”! Remember how this review started, I was tearing
    out a pool that was less than 5 years old, but at the time it was the lowest
    price. (I should point out that that old job was not done by Vizmeg)
    - ADAM H.
  • We do not have a problem with them.  We would not give them a poor rating in anything because we have been very satisfied with them.  Their prices are competitive and their quality of service is good.  We do not set up an appointment with them; they just say they will show up on a particular day and they do show up when they say they will come.  I would like them to be a little precise about the information of their coming, they just say something like they will be there at the end of the week or so forth.
    - Daniel K.
  • Delivery was on schedule and the crew did a good job of moving and placing the spa on our backyard deck. But.

    The invoice documents that Northeast Factory Direct agreed to install the Cover Valet cover mechanism at their store before delivery. The Cover Valet was not installed when the spa was delivered because they said they weren't completely sure of how the spa would be oriented at the house. Still making sense. So they sent someone out to install the mechanism. Oh, the Cover Valet doesn't actually fit Dimension One spas, not without a special mounting bracket, that I would have to order directly from the manufacturer. About $80 later and a couple of weeks and the bracket is in hand, but ultimately the installation fell to me.

    Fast forward two years. The spa is still under warranty (five year warranty). The display has failed (second time). A call to Northeast Factory Direct customer service reveals that I need to call their spa tech vendor, Eddie to discuss the problem and schedule a service call. Get voicemail, leave message for a call back. A few days pass, no call back. Call Northeast Factory Direct again and they tell me Eddie is very busy, text him. Send text to Eddie. A week passes, no response. Call Northeast Factory Direct--they're not sure why Eddie is not responding, they will call him and get back to me. It's been two weeks since and no one has called back. At this point I don't know that I could trust Eddie to work on my $8,000 spa. Of course, that may not even be an option since it's been a month of calls and I still can't even schedule an appointment.
    - George R.
  • unknown
    - suzanne p.
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