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    Siegel Design completed a major home renovation including total kitchen remodel, new flooring in the entire main level (5 rooms), and finished our entire unfinished basement to add a TV/sitting room, 2 bedrooms, full bath, workout area, and storage closets. Andy & Cheryl were great to work with, from designing & selecting options to communicating everything really well with us during the renovation. Also, every drywaller, painter, electrician, etc, who came in during the renovation was super nice and very friendly! We were told by another contractor that a kitchen wall could not be removed, but Andy was able to remove the entire wall to open our kitchen up and make it larger. Andy was able to build a very unique wall for a see-thru fireplace, which turned out absolutely beautiful. I've gotten so many compliments on the craftsmanship of the finished product, everyone tells me that our kitchen looks like it's from a picture in a magazine. Thank you so much Siegel Design!
    - Andrew M.
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    Signed contract on October 24, 2017, for a total amount of $60,000.00 with CDM Construction. Breaking of Contract- Per the contract that was supplied by CDM Construction and signed by us, the entirety of the project should have been completed in 100 days. CDM Construction did not list in the contract that they would need any additional time related to weather delays. Only counting Monday through Friday and dismissing the following holidays (Election Day, Veteran���s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year���s Day, Martin Luther King Day, & President���s Day) the date of project completion should have been March 21st. As of today, this project is still not complete. (200+ (twice the contract time length) days total and counting) Signed contract for $60,000.00. Total paid to CDM construction to date: $74,475.00. Amount paid to date to other contractors to to finish portions of CDM���s work or repair damages caused by CDM to date: $8,655.00. Costs still associated that have not been finalized including materials and labor: grading, additional concrete to complete concrete pour, floor & tile repair, demo, & carpentry to fix incorrect buildout of interior floor height. Total amount over CDM estimate $21,130.00 or 38% over estimate with a number that will continue to grow as all repairs are finalized. Craftsmanship - -related to height of the floor/interior buildout. This lead to additional concrete (a solution invented by CDM Construction) needing poured outside which still didn���t fix the issue and only served to drive up the cost. From an operations standpoint, we are significantly higher than the guests we are serving. It was not built according to the plans submitted by a licensed architect that were stamped and approved by Warren County Building & Zoning Department, nor was this architect consulted during the buildout. -the floor installed in January of this year has bubbled up in 5 different spots. This lead to damaging of the floor in multiple spots as well. The entire floor will need replaced less than 6 months after install. -electricity and lights needed to be fixed from CDM Construction rewiring building. 5 ballasts went from working in October of 2017 to not working in the spring of 2018. -CDM Construction twice refrained from properly using plastic draping that lead to dust, debris, and dirt covering portions of the property that were not associated with the buildout. Entire cleanup was performed by our staff, on both occasions, and additional dust lead to damages to a refrigeration unit. Other matters pertinent to our grievance: - The only work done in first month after contract signing included taking down a tree on 11/3/17; next site work was not performed until 11/30/17. This pushed an entire month of production further into winter. - December conversation with Mac Robinson III, owner/representative of CDM Construction, saying he needed additional money for concrete pour. This was off-schedule and not outlined in the contract. Mr. Robinson positioned to us as, ���the concrete company needs a down payment��� in order to proceed with the project. Payment of $16,000.00 was made on 12/15/2017. Concrete would not be poured until 3/15/18 and after an additional downpayment that was necessary to the concrete company (due to the need for more concrete, because the interior buildout was done incorrectly (See Above)) - Met with Mr. Robinson on 3/9/18 to go over work to date and work still to be done at that time. We took on additional parts of the project and have had other contractors we were ready to work with move on from project waiting for CDM Construction to complete portions necessary before their work could be started. - Numerous days/weeks where zero activity was present in the middle of project timeline not related to weather or supplies. Regular delays in project related employees of CDM Construction being in Florida & Texas. - Have one 4��� x 10��� (size approximate) portion of concrete still to pour, along with final site clean-up, and demanded additional money to finish the job even with the overages that are listed above. - Dates and deadlines, self-appointed by Mac Robinson III, listed in text messages, in-person conversations, and phone calls would come and go, rarely with an explanation. - Numerous times during our working relationship with Mr. Robinson he displayed a lack of organizational abilities necessary for budget keeping, accounting, and management. He has been unable to provide full receipts for materials and timecards for his employees. Another example was he was caught attempting to overbill us for the project by $3000.00 and $2000.00 when a clear payment was presented to him via text messages on 7/27 and 7/31, respectively. -Sub-contractor hired by Mr. Robinson contacted us directly, threatening to put a lien on our business. He had not been paid for his portion of the work and was told by Mr. Robinson that our portion of the payment was delinquent and was still owed to him (which was false, as Mr. Robinson had been promptly paid). - Contact with Mac Robinson III and other members of CDM Construction was hard, even impossible at times. Many phone calls and texts would go unreturned or returned numerous weekdays later while the project was at a standstill.
    - Joe F.
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    It went great. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to finish their basement. Wally answered his phone the first time we called him and came out to our house within the week. He had a list of all the options with him which helped make everything easy. He made very good suggestions. His crews was able to start sooner than he originally thought. Every person that worked on our basement did a great job. They were extremely skilled. They did a great job of keeping us informed of what would take and when. Our basement looks better than we thought it could look.
    - Gary O.
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    Contracted for a room/bathroom in my basement. Was told it would take 2 weeks once started and our contract stated the job would be completed on or before 180 days. The start date was supposed to be in November and they didn't start until January 2nd or 3rd. 2 months and 4 days after finally starting, our fourteen-day job not completed. 229 days after signing the contract and our 'on or before 180 days complete' still not completed! Had to threaten to not allow them back in before more than one worker came in to complete the work and my complaints were taken seriously. Serious breach of contract, overpromising and under delivering. On top of the time issue, the bathroom flooring wasn't installed correctly so that needed to be pulled up and redone. The office paint color was wrong, had to ask them about the light over the sink/mirror. The worker would come and go as he please and worked at his own leisurely pace-showing up on the weekend whenever to work, or measure, or to check on supplies. It was disruptive, frustrating, and a slow painful process. NOT recommended!
    - Teresa T.
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    After doing research of companies, and isolating the problem, I decided to go with the Basement Doctor. Roger came out and was very professional and explained the process. He even helped with a cabinet that needed to be moved. The work was done the beginning of January and was done by Matt in a timely manner. Very clean and no mess. Everything was pretty much reusable such as the stud, insulation, etc. when I had someone else do the drywall repair. And after the rains this past week, my basement is dry!!!
    - Karen P.
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    On April 9, 2017, my husband and I entered into a contract with A. Wilson Construction to finish the basement of our new market home. The contract was for $13,600 and the estimated time of completion was 45 days. The contract, signed via email, by Anthony Wilson was very specific in the terms of work and payment schedule. In the beginning of the project (about the first week) Mr. Wilson had a helper with him but shortly thereafter he fired him. After this point he was basically here alone working. Everything was going along fine and we were happy with his progress so on May 17, 2017, we entered into an ���Add-On��� contract to have the bathroom shower tiled and have him hook up our water softener (plus misc items related to those additions). This ���Add-On��� contract increased the overall cost by $2000 and also slightly changed the payment schedule. We were also under the verbal agreement that he could push the shower out to a later date because he was worried about other jobs he had in the que through the summer. We had been very patient with him getting extremely behind because he was working alone. Payment schedule ��� we had made the payments according to the contact dates and the final payment of $4000 was due at the completion of the job. It was taking him so long to finish and since he was here almost every day we caved into his request for half of the final payment, which was paid to him on June 22, 2017. After that $2000 payment was made things started to take a turn. Mr. Wilson would periodically inform me that he had other jobs he had to work on ($25,000 basement, $10,000 remodel, $6000 bathroom, etc..) and he had already taken deposits for start dates so he had to be completely done with my basement by July 16. This was ok with us so we kept waiting for that finish date. We practically begged him to get through the drywall mudding and sanding so we could move our belongings out of the garage and into the basement (we are on a relocation program and have a deadline to make any damage claims ��� which he knew). Around mid July he brought over a drywall person to finish the mudding. He worked a total of 2 days and then was fired by Mr. Wilson. A few days after that my husband discovered a leak coming from behind the drywall so he sent several text messages to Mr. Wilson. Once he finally replied it was a very angry, crazy message stating that he was not responsible for maintenance on our house and it wasn���t his fault and he was not going to fix our household issues. After some more banter he said he would come over on Monday (July 24, 2017) and look at it. When he got here he went to the basement and came back upstairs immediately and said that the leak was coming from upstairs, not from anything he did so I had my husband call him while he was still here. He ripped out some of the drywall and discovered the leak was coming from a connector on the plex cable he installed so then he started mumbling about how he hates that cable etc��� That same day, as he was leaving, he took his ladder and other tools and said he would be back a few hours at a time (in between his other jobs) to finish up the mudding and sanding. The next day (Tuesday July 25, 2017) I texted him to see what his schedule would be like for the week to work here. He responded about what he was doing on his other jobs and that he would be at my house in between mud and regard on his other house. That was the last we heard from him. He will not respond to any form of communication from us. I sent an email to him on Sunday, Aug 8, 2017, with 2 choices ��� either finish the job or refund us the $2000 we gave him from the final payment. He still has not responded and my basement is still at the mudding stage. On Aug 16, 2017, I called the Ohio Attorney General Consumer Protection Agency and filed a complaint against his company and his OH license number. He was pretty easy for them to find in the system as he has 2 other complaints filed against him. I also filed with the BBB (where another complaint for the same thing was posted) and the KY Attorney General Consumer Protection Agency. Mr. Wilson uses his Facebook account as his business website where he posts pictures of his work. He has been actively posting pictures of the jobs he is now working on which shows that he has abandoned our job completely. He also has pictures of our basement and I want them removed since we never gave him permission to post them and I absolutely do not want my basement to promote his shady business. His FB address is:!/anthony.wilson.94849410 It appears to me that Mr. Wilson is seasoned at this sort of con game and he knows where the pain threshold is for hiring an attorney to sue him so he takes as much as he can before abandoning his jobs. As far as I am concerned he should have his license(s) revoked for unethical behavior!
    - Diane S.
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    In July, 2013 I paid $49 to Angies Liist for a foundation inspection offered by Stealth Foundation that normally cost $175. This deal was to expire 12/29/2013. On 12/9/13 I called Stealth to see if they would extend the deal and Steve (The Owner) said "sure, just call to schedule it when convenient for me". On Friday, 6/30/2017 (3-1/2 yrs later) I left a message for Steve to call me. He returned my call immediately, he grinned at me and said "sure, I'll honor that deal". We scheduled his inspection for Monday, July 3rd at 11:00. I was blown away that he was willing to come out on the day before July 4th as well as to still honor the deal price. WHAT A CLASS ACT! Steve arrived on time, did a quality inspection of a serious foundation problem, which is causing a wall to lean in and has broken plumbing PVC pipe and crushed some duct work. Needless to say, this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't waited so long. Steve discussed a couple of possible ways to fix the problem and suggested I call a structural engineer he recommended for a second opinion of the possible solutions. Once that inspection is done, Steve will get back with me to finalize the course of action. I am so happy that I had the good fortune to meet Steve. I have 2 neighbors that had similar problems with their foundations, and both of them were ripped off by 2 companies before they found a third company that finally did their job right. Steve, thanks so much for being the honest business owner that you are!
    - Ron J.
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    Wonderful experience as it was one of the few times I've had a contractor not try and sell me something I didn't need! Steve explained that it really wasn't a foundation problem and I didn't need to have piers put in - that floor jacking would probably solve my problem as my foundation looked to be fine - just the slab the hearth sits on was sinking, causing the cracks in the mortar. This was a relief to me as this is much less expensive than I was anticipating. And since Stealth doesn't do floor jacking he wasn't making any money off of me....nice to find an honest, friendly contractor! If I ever need to have my foundation repaired, Stealth will be the first company I call!
    - Maureen H.
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    Mike arrived on time to review and provide a repair quote. After assessing the issue Mike advised that we do nothing at this time. The house was safe. We appreciate Mike's honesty and not trying to recommend work that was not needed (in his opinion).
    - Tom B.
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    Ryan and Harold came out today and adjusted several different sections of our sidewalk. The worst section had rotated so that it was off by 2" with one side being 1 inch high and the other an inch low. I wondered how they would get the high part down since they are doing "jacking." They don't. They raise everything up to the high point but the good news is you can't tell that it is higher than the rest when they are done. Great job guys! They are very professional and also cleaned up after themselves. I would definitely recommend them. Clay did the estimate and Bridgette works the phone and they were very good too.
    - Kenneth S.
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