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    Pristine East End Contracting
    Nick DeRosa using old world craftsmanship combined with an in-depth knowledge of modern building materials and techniques produced unbelievable results. Faced with a daunting task of trying to rebuild our home after a devastating flood, Nick provided guidance not only as to how to get our home back in shape but also providing guidance and support in our dealings with the insurance company as well as the bank. This is the second time that we have used Nick and his team this year. Project involved rebuilding the upstairs bathroom, upstairs study, upstairs hallway, downstairs kitchen, as well as downstairs hallway. The total cost of this project exceeded $20,000, including construction, plumbing, and electrical. This does not take into account the money that was paid by the insurance company for the clean-up after the flood as well as the removal of asbestos that was discovered during the course of clean-up. This added another $15,000 bringing the grand total to $35,000. The final end product far exceeded our expectations and we anticipate contracting Nick to perform additional work sometime in the early part of 2017. Overall, I would rate Pristine East End Contracting an "A". Specifically, Nick DeRosa: 1. Provided us with a detailed quote in which he clearly documented both time and materials; 2. Completed our project on time and at budget; 3. Worked exclusively on our project without the distraction of other commitments; 4. Coordinated effectively with other tradesmen, including John Julius Electric as well as Atlantic Plumbing; 5. Maintained a safe and meticulously clean work area free from dirt and construction debris; and 6. Exhibited politeness and professionalism in his dealings with us, his helpers, as well as other tradesmen.
    - John L.
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    Selective Sculptures
    With me, it���s not just about the job, it���s about how these guys made me feel. I feel important to them, respected and a priority. I feel as if they are interested in my daily opinion. They want to please me as a customer. They respect my feelings, my suggestions and opinions. From start to where we are now, I am ahead of schedule on the kitchen. They are here when they say they will be here. They understand I am living out of the garage and dining room. They respect that I have a child who has needs while they are here. They stay past 5pm until the work is done. They check up on my progress daily. Mike and Dominick come to see the work often. I can trust their workers with my house/property when I am not home. I can go to work and not worry about what���s happening with my house. I also don���t have to pay all at once. They broke up the entire amount into percentages so I pay as we go through the weeks. They schedule all the work/specialists so I don���t have lag time or issues getting steps completed. They make sure my job is up to code. And most importantly, they clean up before they leave, inside and outside. I can���t tell you how important that is with a child and a cat. I don���t have to worry about him getting into the tools or garbage. I also trust that they will do what it takes to keep me satisfied as a customer. They listen to my concerns/comments as you can see each day whether at my home or over text (my preferred method of communication). They came up with a timeline that was loose so we could tweak plans when necessary and so I could plan my life around the renovations. I am pleased at the progress made so far and look forward to using my new kitchen! See what's gone on below! WORK SCHEDULE SO FAR July 17, 2016, Monday 6:45am Dumpster arrives July 18, 2016, Tuesday 8am the crew of 5 men arrived. The put plastic up around the back room and doors so the sawdust would be contained. They had the entire kitchen demolished by 3pm. The dumpster was filled. They vacuumed and left. What was planned for 2 days took 1. July 19, 2016, Wednesday Electricians and Plumbers came 8am. They found some areas not up to code and fixed the problems. Left at 4pm. I believe Mike arranged to have the specialists come at close times. It seemed when one left, someone else pulled up 30 seconds later. Talk about SERVICE! HVAC came at 4:45pm to look at what items would be needed and promised to see me the next morning. I was amazed so much got accomplished in such a short time. Mike came to the site to clarify the next stage of work and find out how we felt about the work so far. I gave him another check after he reviewed some of the financials with me. He makes it easy to not have to have all funds upfront. I feel more comfortable with this way. He plans it in percentages. Sometimes there are additional expenses such as more electrical work than was planned/billed for so that was an addition but these things are expected. I am trying to go with the flow. Changes happen. July 20, 2016, Thursday HVAC Mike came at 7am so that the wall guys would not have him in the way. We decided together to move two vents from the floors to the walls. He updated the heating vents and spent 3 hours making it to code. Walls went up as HVAC Mike worked. Ceilings were put up and 2 coats of Spackling. James, Jorge and Freddy did a terrific job. Neat, fast and looked great. I was very pleased with the work. Mike came to the site to clarify the next stage of work and find out how we felt about the work so far. Framing and Sheet rocking was planned for 4 days. It took 2. We were ahead of schedule. July 21, 2016, Friday James did a third coating of Spackle. He painted a first coat of my Soft Fern green color and the ceiling white. Dominick came by to check on the work/progress and see how we were doing. James vacuumed and cleaned up before he left. My husband found some areas he wanted addressed and I texted his concerns to Dominick. Dominick shared it with Mike. I didn���t want to bother Mike since it was the weekend, but Dominick felt our concerns were important. They were addressed Saturday morning. July 22, 2016, Saturday 8:30am. Eddie and Javier arrived to work on the floors. They nailed down the wire mesh which was a job that took all day. Tile needed to be cut as well. They left the place clean and neat. July 23, 2016, Sunday DAY OF REST July 24, 2016, Monday 8:45am. Eddie and Javier needed to mud the floors to make them level which they were not. One side needed to be higher than the other. Eddie and Javier worked very hard and left at 7pm after they cleaned up. It was a very long day for them. Mike made arrangements with the appliance store to deliver on August 1. July 25, 2016, Tuesday 8:45am. Eddie measured and laid the time on the leveled floors. It was a terribly hot day and Javier had to lug cement and cut tile in the heat. I felt so bad for him. He never complained and worked so very hard. The floors looked great but Eddie felt like it was not looking right so he lifted three rows of tile and did them again to get it right. He felt he wanted perfection and I appreciated that. I complimented him and shared that with Mike when he came to see the progress. They left at 5:30pm and planned to come back for the Backsplash when it was time. 4 days were planned to do the job. It took 3. July 26, 2016, Wednesday Freddy and Jorge came to work on making saddles and putting up molding around the doors and window. Freddy was so funny. He kept cleaning and I told him to not worry about the dust on the doors, that I would take care of it later. He was so concerned about keeping the place clean for me. I told him it was impossible since there was so much cutting of wood. Jorge spoke to me about the saddles and I made suggestions. He asked my opinion and he made it to my specifications such as overlapping the saddle to the stair for safety. They cleaned up and I was pleased to find out we had several days off to have family time instead of having construction. July 27, 2016 Thursday Jorge and Freddy came to complete the saddles and woodwork. Once again, outstanding! I left them alone all day while I went to work. I had no worries. I also knew Mike stopped by often at the site to check on progress but I trusted them completely. July 28-31, 2016 REST August 1, 2016, Monday Cabinet specialists Anthony and Paul arrived. They worked from 8:45-5pm. They put cabinets up, cut and measured over and over. They said, "Measure three times, cut once." They were very nice, knowledgeable, spoke kindly to my son and had a smile and a kind word to me most often during the day. August 2, 2016, Tuesday Cabinet guys arrived at 8:45am. I went to work and when I came back most of the cabinets were up. Since the floor was 3 inches higher than anticipated, they called Scott at Selective Sculptures to order a smaller cabinet so they would not have to cut it. The cabinet would arrive Thursday. August 3, 2016, Wednesday I called Mike to tell him I am taking a day of rest. August 4, 2016, Thursday Cabinets are done! Paul and Anthony arrived at 8:30 and they were completed by 5pm. They vacuumed and touched up the cabinets. They put the shelves in for me and discussed how to care for my cabinets. They put up the crown molding and asked my opinion about where I wanted the handles to go on the cabinets. Mike came by to see how it was progressing, to get a check from me and to plan the coming week of work. He's planning on my refrigerator and stove going in and working on Monday. As you can guess I'm tired of washing dishes in my bathroom and am grateful it's going to happen so quickly!
    - Meredith K.
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    Window King
    I am very pleased with the whole process, from our first telephone call to Window King to having our windows and sliding door installed. Our telephone call was returned almost immediately. Frank did a wonderful job of explaining and demonstrating the different options in regard to new windows and gave us a wonderful price for a significant number of windows. The installation took 2 days and we couldn't be happier. The work crew arrived on time and were very professional. The installation went very smoothly. They caulked and capped all windows, removed all window debris, and cleaned up afterwards. We highly recommend this company.
    - Wendy H.
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    Dormer Doctor
    Extremely frustrating experience. I chose Rich mostly based on reviews. He said their team would be to me within two weeks; they weren't. Then he said "probably" the following Thursday, but didn't confirm it until the guys were literally on their way over. I had showed Rich that sheetrock had been taken down in several rooms and ceilings of my house because of the roof leaks and mold issues, and I asked him if I should fix the sheetrock before or after. He told me definitely after. I also told him that I had encapsulated asbestos shingles that were crumbling in some areas and that I wanted the Gypsum board under them to be replaced with plywood.
    He was not there when the guys started work. They ripped off the roof and the plywood on the lower roof, exposing a completely open ceiling in two rooms-- then they just decided to go ahead and work right over those completely open ceilings. They turned the inside of my house into a construction zone, busting up asbestos shingles totally unprotected and without caring that they were smashing it up everywhere. This meant that they got asbestos all over both the outside and inside of my house. All over my garden and in the two rooms of open ceilings. I had no idea this was happening until after I went inside at one point and saw clouds of dust flying from out of the open door. I texted and called Rich and asked where he was. He said he'd be there "later." He showed up for a few hours in the afternoon on the first day and less than one hour on the second day. So much for "owner on the job." He said the guys knew what they were doing and were on autopilot.
    The second day was even worse because there was no foreman and NO ONE who spoke English from 8:30-11:45. I could not communicate with anyone, and I was trying to tell them to stop cutting corners. For instance, they were hammering new rafters into completely rotted wood, and putting up chunks of home wrap that were in pieces with huge gaps in between. When I asked one of the guys to stop, he said, "Is okay! Is okay!" and kept going. Finally, Rich's nephew showed up and began putting up plastic sheeting and covering the inside of my house so no more debris would get in, but he said that all the gaps in the insulation were "normal because sometimes the guys chop it up and they can't find all the pieces." Huh? Why is that okay? They said they didn't have any more home wrap and shrugged it off when I said I wanted it fixed.
    When Rich finally came, he just wanted to take the dumpster trailer. My car was in the way and I couldn't find my keys for about 15-20 minutes. When I did find them, I moved the car, but he was already gone and didn't come back to take the dumpster until the next day. It left four big dents in my driveway. When I told him, he said it was my fault because I didn't find the keys in time and they missed the window of opportunity to take it when it wouldn't dent the driveway. Again... huh?
    There were several places where they messed up my sheetrock (nails going through, spackle tape separated, etc.). Rich did show up on the last day to put down new mulch in my garden where all the asbestos dust was (though at first his workers tried to simply throw mulch on top of the asbestos rather than dig it out). Then his nephew vacuumed out the two rooms that were full of asbestos and construction debris. I said that the walls and ceilings also needed to be wiped down to get rid of the dust. When I went in later, there were still spiderwebs in the upper corners of the room.
    Rich did one coat of spackle on the messed-up sheetrock spots and said he'd be back within 3 days to do another coat and then paint. But I paid him that day-- and he never came back. I had to bring in my contractor to redo the spackle (he said, "What, did he smear this on with his fingers?")
    When the guys were done with their work, they did blow away the dirt and debris. Unfortunately, they blew a good deal of it into my outside drain and completely clogged it, so two days after the roof was done when we had a hard rain, my garage flooded.
    All in all, a hugely frustrating and dangerous experience. Rich didn't take my asbestos concerns seriously at all and just said there's no way to contain asbestos on a roofing job (not true), that they couldn't wet it as they went along according to guidelines because then my house would get wet (you're supposed to spray it with a spray bottle, not drench it with a hose), that all construction debris is not good for you (true, which is all the more reason why they should have sealed up my rooms and not allowed it all in my house), and that the guys didn't bother putting down tarps because they didn't want to ruin my hostas (uh, yeah, right. They trampled my hostas). In response, after it was all done and I showed him pictures of chunks of asbestos siding in my house, he put a big fan into my front door supposedly to blow all the dust out of a small window (it did absolutely nothing but let bugs in) and had his nephew vacuum some more.
    Not only am I still very upset that my family's health was put at risk, but I'm also upset at the patronizing way it was handled, with Rich saying that I must just be looking for excuses not to pay, and that this is just how construction is. The EPA doesn't agree with him. It's a violation of his licensing.
    In the end, I think the roof looks fine. I have no idea if it's really done correctly or not or what suprises await because the insulation was not done right, but I do know that getting to the finish line was a pretty stressful and bad experience.
    - Jennifer B.
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    Pristine East End Contracting
    Nick DeRosa combined old world craftsmanship with an indepth knowledge of modern building materials and techniques to produce absolutely magnificent results.  The project involved completely gutting the old garage doors, support column, and framework in order to accomomdate a new set of carriage doors.  The two areas were completely reframed using pressure treated lumber.  A rubber membrane as well as concrete backer board were used to ensure a support column seperating the two bays were completely water proof.  Finally, framework was covered using Azek fascia, molding, and trim work.  Nick worked closely with the folks from T.M. Kenney's Garage Door to coordinate the final date of installation for the carriage doors.  The final end product far exceeded our expectations and we look foward to working with Nick in the future.
    Overall, I would rate Pristine East End Contracting an "A".  Specifically, Nick DeRosa:
    1. Responded immediately to my initial inquiry;
    2. Provided us with a detailed quote in which he clearly documented both time and materials;
    3. Completed our project on time and at budget;
    4. Worked exclusively on our project without the diatraction of other commitments;
    5. Coordinated effectively with other tradesmen including T.M. Kenney's Garage Door as well as John Julius Electric;
    6. Maintained a safe and miticiously clean work area free from dirt and construction debris; and
    7. Exhibited politeness and professioinalism in his dealings with us, his helper, as well as other tradesmen.
    - John L.
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    Allied Construction Corp
    Typically I find home construction jobs a source of pure aggrivation.  Not so with all the work done by Allied Construction.  This extensive project was an absolute pleasure.  Tom and his crew were professional, punctual, skilled, and respectful.  They treated my home as if it were their own and kept stressing they wanted me to be happy.  Their workmanship was impeccable.  The complex design on the tile foyer floor was done with such patience and attention to detail.  I receive comments all the time about how beautiful it is and that it looks like a work of art.  They offered suggestions for details to enhance the project (at no extra charge) and were mindful of my need to have the project completed by the holiday.  It is rare today to find people who take pride in their work and aim to keep their customers happy.  Allied Construction is just such a company.  I look forward to my next project and will be calling them again very soon.
    - Eleanor L.
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    Home Magic Renovations
    After Henry did such a good job with our den and laundry room, we decided to renovate our bathroom and paint the walls in the hallway. Henry and his crew did it all--removing the old walls and fixtures, putting up all new sheetrock, installing a new tub, tiling the floor and walls, installing a rather complicated vanity and sink, installing the bath fixtures, installing the toilet, and painting the walls and the hallway.
    Henry sent us to a plumbing supply house where we selected our own material and those costs as well as the cost of the vanity and tiles that we paid for are not included in what we paid him.
    Except for a problem getting the wrong size toilet and having to find a new one, everything was done right. The house was kept clean throughout and they were responsive to all the little modifications we asked for. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and we are so happy with the results.
    - Michael L.
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    REF Home Improvements and Handyman Services
    This is the second time I have contracted with REF and once again my expectations were exceeded on all fronts. The quality of work is nothing short of excellent, a testimony of Ritchie's knowledge and experience in the field. Each of the things that needed to get done were addressed meticulously and with care. I am also very impressed with Ritchie's level of professionalism, he is very trustworthy. Ritchie started the job and worked every day until the job was finished, except for a 2-day hiatus as we waited for the backordered door. In addition he picked up on a gutter-related problem on the porch and proactively fixed that too, no charge. I also want to send a big thanks to Andrea as well who handles the phones in the office. I really appreciated the callbacks and the touchbases when we scheduled the job, thanks Andrea!
    Can't thank REF enough. They are a pleasure to work with and the results are fantastic. Will be calling them again.
    - Erika A.
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    Home Magic Renovations
    .I am very pleased with the work. I hired Henry to transform room into a kitchen.  He put in a new floor,cabinets, water lines, and 220 outlet for stove as well as painting the room and a bedroom. He also put in a new bathroom including the walls, door, tub, sink, toilet and vanity and ceramic tile floor.  In addition , we added a new septic system for washer, dryer and bathroom.  I am very happy with everything that was done but more than that I always feel that I can depend on Henry, the owner of Home Magic Renovations to answer my questions, give me a fair price,and get back to me when I call him.   I recommend him highly.
    - Joan Rose B.
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    Home Magic Renovations
    Magic always took pains to protect my property whether it was inside or out.  Dust and debris were promptly removed.  The true test were the results which my wife and I would classify as excellent.  I have never had a problem with Mr. DeBoer or his company:prompt reliable and professional.  Simply the best.
    - William D.
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