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  • F
    Practice failed to deliver completed evaluation documentation in State-required time-frame of six months.  By the time it was finally produced and delivered it was already out-dated and effectively useless according to the government agencies which required it.  I was left no alternative but to have a lawyer send them a formal request of release of the documentation in order to obtain a copy for myself.  What's worse is the practitioner who'd performed the alleged 'service' had ZERO training in psychology, therefore only a 'casual acquaintance' with my particular, yet quite common psychological disability.  He'd also called me about a month after the appointment to [ mis]inform that "No further treatment is recommended, at this time."  Which as turns out, was NOT to say they weren't 'recommending' treatment according to the evaluation I eventually had to spend half a year attempting to wrest copy of from out of their office!  Only, literally, "not [that] time".  & that was all I knew of the matter, for HALF A YEAR.  I suppose Mr. Cotter thought he was doing me a favor by only giving me the supposed 'good news'--at all?  Which of course, only made other matters ridiculously more complicated for myself by the end of the year--including having to seek yet another evaluation elsewhere to satisfy the governmental programming obligation.
       + who supposes they provided a professional referral to any qualified practitioners for the treatment I actually needed?  = Ha.
       In short, I was defrauded by Conifer Park and should've reported the criminal INactivity to my health insurance company at very least.
    BEWARE: 'c.a.s.a.c.' certifications do NOT signify any psychological nor medical-doctoral education than you or I probably had in high school 'health class' of reasonable 'practitioner' substance.  { A 'casac' may not even possess any better education than a mere g.e.d. =NO 'higher education' whatsoever.}  It is a 'certification' conferred by a NY State government agency, which is NOT either the Dpt. of Health, nor the Education Dpt.  I.e. it is NOT an accredited college 'degree' of 'higher education' in health care!  & yet the state government insists on relying on these 'certificate'-holders to make 'official' determinations which seriously --if not overwhelmingly-- impact not only the lives of those they're ostensibly 'evaluating', but their loved-ones and families no less, at very least.  As such the entire state-sanctioned 'O.A.S.A.S.-certification' 'racket' should either be done away with or made directly subject to the State Education Department, as a matter of otherwise glaringly obvious, systemic civil rights abuses at this VERY late date.
       Oh, but otherwise, of course, their counselor was quite 'friendly', if only that actually translated to any reasonable quality of 'health care', or that he, personally had any official decision-making authority of fair discretion as opposed to performing pre-mandated assessments by the numbers, based on grossly over-simplified 'official' questionnaires which could've been writ by a precocious 12-year-old.
    My 'evaluation'?  =yet another 'mental health factory' to steer clear of, if at all possible.
    - Barbara C.
  • D
    Ms. Green signed off on a personal healthcare evaluation which was technically incompetent and bore a number of factual errors { no fewer than two dozen} which was performed by a staff person at another local provider office (at which location Green was also publicly listed as an on-staff practitioner).  The other practitioner at the other practice/agency was supposed to be subject to Green's supervision--and that staff person was fired about 8 months later when it was at last exposed that she did NOT have any certified credentials to perform the duties she'd been assigned.
    I'd attempted to contact Counselor Green directly regarding questions about the other agency's 'recommendation' { misrepresented as being her own professional conclusion} along with misgivings I'd had about the con-artist staff-person's conduct.  Out of no fewer than six calls:  I'd only spoken with her once (mid-June '14) after she'd returned my first call in order to inform me that she was NOT any longer providing direct counseling service at the other location; at that time she advised me to call the other practice for the service I'd inquired about.  She was polite, understanding and congenial enough the one, exceptional time I'd heard from her certainly.

         Since her 'behind the scenes' supervisory service was apparently unthoroughly/incompletely performed via another practice I'd not been able to communicate with her by either phone nor mail.  Having left three messages and otherwise only ever getting the A.T.&W.S. answering machine over the months since, I've never been able to find out about whatever other, "Alternative" form(s) of therapy or "Wellness " her practice may provide.  For over eight months she'd also ignored and completely avoided any contact with another personal counselor regarding questions pertaining to her evaluation recommendation and matters of her 'head-of-practice' service and professional oversight at the other agency, where I'd been duped into attended group sessions.
       The only information about her practice location readily available  {@ Health Grades web-site + local, commercial business directory web-site} had apparently been outdated by about a year or more and though I'd asked for the current/'new' location twice at her secondary practice's office where I'd been attending-- first they simply said it's in Oswego (city) and the next time, they only vaguely asserted her prior address IS her 'new' location, then saying they'd ask her for me only after being corrected that I'd verification to the contrary.  { Three weeks later, they'd completely forgotten about the question and NEVER DID provide Green's then-current address.}  I eventually did acquire Counselor Green's address ... about a month+a-half after having asked for it ... the second time...  -but only by contacting a state oversight agency to which she's answerable.  That then turned out to be a small, single-room office located inside an optometry shop, which she'd explained was temporary until renovations were complete on her own, prior office space in the same building.

    So despite the fact that I was apparently mislead to believing the service I was attending was in any way professionally advisable, 'required' on-going 'service' by a second agency (based on her own supervisorial-approval service which was paid for in advanceI was effectively denied any possibility of further, complete service by counselor Green and her agency without any communication regarding the issue whatsoever over the duration of nine full months.  The ONLY 'service' I'd apparently received since day one then, had been a costly enough ( to myself) up-front investment in having one-way-blind, erroneous official health 'care' recommendation 'provided'.

    At long-lost last, mid-April Penny Green called me--but only after my other (aforementioned) personal counselor called to prompt/remind her to do so.  She's now at contemptibly-overdue last completed correcting the months-protracted counseling course snafu generated by the fraudulently purported 'professional' at the practice I'd been relegated to for no less than an entire THIRD of a YEAR; which could easily enough have been avoided ... if she'd only responded to 2 or 3 phone calls made to her office, now three quarters of a year ago.  However, can now at least grant she's come to the most reasonable evaluative conclusion finally in attempting to remedy the situation, given her own circumstances and professional constraints, although there's nothing anyone can do to 'refund' irrefutably wasted time of rather highly 'taxed' personal resources for several months of MY life.  She's informed me that the original mis-recommendation was due to not having received complete healthcare records copy from the other practice involved, after having thoroughly reviewed their initial evaluation, and has offered further counseling which she maintains was her intention to've actually recommended from the outset--and at no further charge.  However, it only stands to reason that the other practice should reimburse such a client for such UN-'professional', disservices 'rendered' placing all discretion of payment of further services back to the client/patient's OWN accounting oversight under-which it properly, and legally belongs.  I didn't argue the fine-points with her however, given any such professional who's been at practice for over two decades can have no worldly or sane excuse for having to be so enlightened of either patient or general civil rights.  In fact she'd agreed with me at first that they should've made some good-faith offer of restitution, but made no abiding effort to assist in obtaining any.  Then waffled on the subject two weeks later, asserting that they'd determined her own service of 6 sessions should suffice as recompense for 48 sessions paid for at the facilitation of a bogus professional, that otherwise never should've been 'advised' in the first place??  Note that I was not asked what I thought of that, rather 'informed' + advised of her own satisfaction that any higher reason had carried over the wasted 120 days.  Under my circumstances I was in no position to complicate matters to still-more untold weeks' delays so much the further, given some way out of the already preposterous situation, sooner rather than too late-- if at all!  Which she apparently understood well enough, notwithstanding the 'about face', toward a glaring lack of respect for any clients' personal +civil liberties.

       I went see her no more than 7 times from mid-April to mid-May, semi-weekly, for further personal advisement while she gradually worked out remediation of a number of the other practice's failures as well as her own oversights.  The official 're-assessment' resolution was implemented in writing only another month later (after 5 such appointments attendance) yet remarkably enough I haven't been voluntarily offered any fundamentally standardized practice information in print about herself or her available services either despite her further offer of actual treatment for my very real, actual health + disability issues--apparently owing to the fact that she's admittedly not invested in any such printed material of full services disclosure.  Nevertheless, at least at that point she'd assured me that her official recommendation would be only for the most appropriate/properly-effective therapy for my healthcare needs.  & though she has done as much officially, she's since failed to provide myself with documentation copy of the 're-evaluation' which was also promised as part+parcel at outset, of her direct service offer.  I've now requested my health-care records from her 2 or 3 times and have again been completely ignored, which is in direct violation of H.I.P.A.A.  What's more, she'd also apparently provided copy of her official 're-assessment' conclusion statement to a government agency without having provided myself with a consent form to sign.  Sound like the kind of professional you want to entrust your proffered 'Mental Health' "Wellness" to?  Not unless you're totally 'crazy' too!

    My 'professional' advisement thus cannot be other than avoid her and whatever practice she's now at, wherever it it's 'temporarily' re-located withall due haste-- if you could even get an answer on the phone to begin with?  She's not since responded to Angie's List either, as you can see at top of page, which comes as no surprise, most assuredly.
    - Barbara C.
  • F
    [to be completed later] -probably about the dozenth health care provider listing I've contributed for this region at this point-- not counting other more basic service-provider businesses--whell, you're welcome too, C.NY!  Way to value those 'human resources', eh-wot?  X ]  " Where ever there is ingratitude and discourtesy, you may 'look forward' to...
    the usual, 'accustomed' abuses

    This so-called 'mental' health professional could not have been much more unprofessionally 'unclear on the concept' of personal predicaments with typical symptomology and social/support services failures, discriminatory practices+abuses in general based on her pat, off the cuff, 'take charge' advisement responses; which seldom if ever missed-a-beat of either pausing to reflect upon what ever I'd said for myself, and certainly never offered anything of a basic interpersonal acknowledgement for how anyone could reasonably be expected to feel about the very personal, emotionally-charged nature of situations one's otherwise expected to 'open up' about.  What's more--i.e. LESS--she absolutely wasn't encouraging anyone either by her attitude nor-- heaven fore-fend, actually asking!  Clearly, yet another glaring instance of 'care' service personnel who desperately require 'sensitivity training', or at least better 'psych-screening' themselves before being considered for employment to any practice which genuinely 'cares' for its patients' rights.

    Suffice it to say, that 'community service' in particular was little better than yet another of several miserable cases of 'support group' 'deaf+dumb' leading the blind which are numerous in this region.  It appears that this appointed group leader, Ms. Koon suffers from 'depression' herself and yet makes no real, meaningful distinction between the 'clinical'/'Major' type and the 'common' variety, bafflingly enough.  =Unfortunately, not at all an unusual misconception among 'Social Worker'-degree holders and the college-programming which produces them, throughout the entire field of 'mental health', nation-wide.  & of course, that unkind of incompetence (if not 'diminished capacity') can ONLY present a program which fundamentally presumes 'guilt' of a failure in 'thinking' on the parts of all attendees, w/o necessarily any opportunity to 'disprove' the still+ever-popular 'mind over matter' 'cognitive' mental-approach theory; i.e. if one suffers, it must largely (if not solely) be attributable to one's own 'thought process' + ( supposedly, necessarily direct 'cause+effect') behavior, ...which irrefutably translates to: 'no one and nothing else in this world-round does any real 'treatable' harm to anyone.'   {NOPE, not even the disease you've been diagnosed with has THAT kind of power over ... 'The Will to Power'??  Whell, thank you again, Sigmund Freud, and just when we were ready to let you rest in peace in your certifiably antique grave.}  a.k.a. your classic 'blame the victim' mentality--only here we're supposedly being 'treated' for our severe psychological diseases as if we created our disability ourselves.  ( Personally, I'm not inclined toward taking the lion's share of credit for nature's own handiwork, 'in sickness' any more than good 'health'.  I leave that to those with the more serious psychosis + 'grandiose disillusionment' issues. ; )  My having also informed her up-front that I'd already had 'cognitive'-oriented therapy and benefited as much as possible from, didn't seem to phase nor 'plus' her in any marked way--I honestly don't think she even knew what I was talking about.  On the contrary, she could very easily have informed me in advance that such a 'thinking better to feel better' approach was all that was on offer and saved us both her own time-wasting discourtesies and uncalled for rudeness.  But of course they probably get reimbursements by the body-count, and there was, yet again, making someone else's day instead of having mine improved by any such elementary 'wisdom' proffered in the guise of genuinely compassionate 'support'.

    So if attending any 'd.i.y.' group sessions under her circus side-show tent especially, be prepared to 'stand and deliver' your own 'results' under 'friendly' instruction, but expect no quarter of genuine sympathy.  If you don't require 'the human touch' you'll probably be just fine!  Otherwise don't waste your time being duped by the standard-issue substitution of 'advisement' for actual 'care'.

    - Barbara C.
  • D
    Their prior claims over the last year (at least) to offering "O.A.S.A.S. approved" services has turned out to be all-but completely BOGUS!  Beware.  Counselor lead "education" group sessions were being facilitated by a staff member who did NOT have either OASAS-certification NOR EVEN ANY professional counseling degree.

    Otherwise? Staff was quite amiable when they were interested, or found it in their interest to communicate accurately--if at all-- and they certainly have had their own eccentric ways of going about their business.  Their group counseling sessions have worked well enough for many thus far, especially if you happen to be the boisterous type and feel more at ease in an environment where swearing and vulgar subject-matter's not only allowed but encouraged; you'd get at least your fair share of 'air time'.  They have no psychiatrists or social workers on staff, and despite being misinformed their 'counselor' had an L.M.H.C. she did rather prove to apply no more practical 'sensitivity' than the vast majority of (L.)C.S.W.s without any remarkably better grasp on how people with certain mental/emotional health troubles may find themselves coping in the real world with their personal, psychological, and social problems-- as opposed to the obsolete standard of being 'social worked'? {'One size fits all'+'it's all in your head' 'mental disciplinarian' approach?} Only she was more subtle about it as she took her sweet time getting 'round to each person, given about half their clientele were supposedly 'recommended' mandatory minimum program attendance durations of at least TWICE as long as most other more prominent clinics in Onondaga county-- and their Administrative Director will brook no direct, pertinently specific questioning about it.  As a matter of fact, once you've signed their counseling contract you won't be burdened with any further client information paper-work whatsoever!  So no worries about keeping a folder full of boring 'psycho-babble' outlining what you're supposed to look+feel like when you ...eventually... 'graduate'.  But don't forget to bring your own refreshments for your last session send-off social which others are paying to attend so as to avoid being more obviously ignored otherwise.  & now enjoy your choice of featured films: " Silver Linings Playbook" / " Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"--the group counselor has a terrible headache today from keeping track of all her ' gainfully employed', pathological lying!  =Oh, 'how am I doing'?  'Not bad for not good.'  How 'bout you dear fearless leader?  'Pretty good for incredibly bad' is it still?  ] =

    They're operating a 'CASH ONLY' mental-health advisory practice, however the out-of-pocket cost is fairly reasonable to anyone living considerably above the official 'poverty line' and may well be a great bargain to many compared to the more bureaucratically-entrenched service-providers to-which public health insurance segregates those of us who can't afford to feed ourselves properly --whell, because "You Just Haven't Earned it Yet, Baby".  They've recently had serious 'class'-scheduling obstacles limited to a one day a week, afternoon-evening hour they can barely manage at bare-bones staff over the last year.

    "Transcribed from a telephone interview" Angie's List service center;
    ( corrected--as usually necessary--by 'A-List' member)
    - Barbara C.
  • B
    The wait is quite long to get in to your appointment.  Especially in the afternoons.  On my first visit, I spent about 45 mins describing how I felt and what was going on.  Tish decided what I had and gave me a script and sent me on my way.  I didn't feel like she made any real connection to me, especially since she didn't even remember my name when she was handing the chart to the receptionist upon checkout.  She obviously has had tons of experience in diagnosing, and didn't explore any other possible diagnoses after she decided what I had.  I was rather put off by that visit.  The subsequent visits have been 15 minutes each, and basically consist of "how are you feeling", quick answer, then ok, how about we continue the meds for another month and we'll see you soon.  I spend more time in the waiting room than in the office!!!  Maybe that's how all psychiatrists work, I don't know.  A friend of mine referred me and has had a great experience with her, so maybe it's just my reactions.  She definitely is knowledgeable beyond belief, and will answer questions put to her.  Just doesn't have the time to connect with her patients.  You will definitely be a number in a chart at this place.
    - Cara S.
  • D
    I've at last been made aware at last by a far superior professional psychiatrist-- only two years later, mind--that the medication I'd been proscribed in the first place, before even having stepped foot in this practice's door, should NOT have been proscribed as a first course of attempted treatment, rather than as the LAST resort!  So for starters, in retrospect it's recently occurred that Dr. Iqbal failed me from the outset in utterly overlooking the possibility that the medication previously proscribed by a prior, (mere General Practice) physician should've been re-evaluated for proper efficacy!  Therefore I'm lowering this practice's most pertinent grades from 'fair' to unarguably 'bad' and a complete 'F[ailure]' where 'effectiveness of treatment' is of any concern to them = Thanks in no small part to his negligence, I wound up continuing a course of medication which never should've been proscribed to begin with, for the en-duration of another year+a-half or more of completely unnecessary floundering 'health care' misery!

    I had a follow-up appointment in May of 2011 which I showed up for though I'd gotten the date wrong by a single day--in advance.  I was called a number of times about paying a 'missed appointment fee'.  I asked the staff member on two occasions by phone to please drop the charge owing to my particular and obviously understandable circumstances, entirely attributable to typical symptomology of the very malady which they were retained to treat, absurdly enough.  1st time she said she'd ask.  2nd time she called, a couple weeks later, acted like it was the first time she'd heard my request and simply declined to acknowledge that she didn't know what if anything she could do about it.  I continued to receive 'billing' statements to the effect that I 'owe' their practice the somewhat perfunctory, if not (un-"Care"-ingly) punitive 'fee' for at least 4 months afterword.

    5 months later, I sent them a letter explaining my situation for the 3rd time (along with the small stack of absurdly redundant 'billing statements') in which I merely suggested that they seriously consider that they'd already spent far more in employee time, unnecessary paperwork generation + postage upon attempting to collect this petty fee-- however minor, I cannot afford-- than the amount of the fee itself and that it only stands to reason that they should cease and desist from wasted further resources on the NON-issue of fool-hearty arrogant pride + apparent class {if not also ethnic} and no less than outright  prejudice against the disability which they were supposedly committed to treating !  The fact that a disabled person missed an appointment owing to fairly predictable symptoms of their disability ( which these 'professionals' otherwise profess to comprehensively appreciate the gravity of by dint of their very 'professional education') had proven utterly baffling anathema to this practice's evidently prejudicial preconceptions.  Most remarkably, confounded idiotic at best, if not willfully hypocritical.

    To date, over a year later, I never received a proper professional response of due diligence nor in fact, ANY appropriately PERTINENT REPLY AT ALL from Dr. Iqbal's billing staff--
    who's probably a close family member of his with decidedly zero professional business education ( if not his own wife).  In December, I received yet another such ridiculous bill.
    January: I received notice that they've sent this punitive 'debt' of less than $50.-- to a collections agency and of course will appear as yet another bad mark upon my already ruined credit record if... ? X )

    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND avoiding even investing one's own valuable time in so much as troubling with consulting this practice if at all possible--the highly limited number of such practices in the region and which forms of insurance may be accepted at any of them, notwithstanding.  This psychiatric 'practice' is apparently little more than yet another fast-track prescription 'factory outlet'-- doubtless, even good, well-meaning old 'care giver' Sigmund Freud is rolling in his grave!

    ~ James C.
    - Barbara C.
  • A
    Great, I would definitely recommend Diane in particular to anyone. I haven't met anyone else in the Liverpool office.
    - Cara S.
  • C
    To be filled in upon approval of this business listing entry.
    - Barbara C.
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