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They insisted on a cleaning, which was understandable, but I did not think that the X-ray was necessary. I had to make two visits--one to give them the bridge and the broken tooth so they could send it out for repair and another, a week later, to pick it up. On both occasions, the dentist's manner was brusque, not at all friendly, and the whole unpleasant experience cost me over $400. I will not u...

To replace a tooth that had broken from a bridge.

CATEGORY chiropractor




Appointments always go well, Dr Landry is intelligent, kind and eager to know his patients so he can help them in every way during times of illness! Very busy, dedicated doctor with an excellent bedside manner!

Primary Care Doctor with continuous follow up care for accute medical problem

CATEGORY internist




My doctor did extensive review of my case, sent me out for several tests to determine whether my symptoms were caused by other things, such as my heart. He decided that my asthma had gotten worse and that I needed stronger medicine and to use it more frequently.

I have asthma and was there in an attempt to gain more control over my symptoms

CATEGORY chiropractor




It was a nightmare for me. Sitting is the worst thing for me besides standing for long periods of time. The VA says if It is an emergency, go to the local hospital. I tried to do just that. Then the bills started coming. I don’t feel I should have a bill. I was not treated. He labeled me a Veteran(and whatever else). he didn’t want to treat me and sent me away in pain, to deal with it on my own. S...

I came in as a walk-in patient. I am a 100% Disabled Veteran who has trouble getting around as well as I would like. I spent 13 years in the US Army as a medic & Respiratory Specialist, until I lost 2 disks in my lower back during my call up for Desert Storm. I am also a hypertensive, pre-diabetic with sleep apnea. I get no more than 4 hours of sleep per night. This past Summer, I developed severe back pain that was way out of the norm for me. I live in an elevated level of pain in my lower back & left leg, due to botched surgery at another hospital in 1991. I explained that I was trained as an Army medic & a bit about my situation. I filled out the paperwork they gave me. Then they made me sit there for an hour & a half, as other patients went to the head of the line as they arrived. When I finally got inside to see the so called doctor. He barely examined me & said pee in this cup. Then he came back telling me it was just normal back pain. He went on to say that there was nothing he could do for me because I was a Veteran, & then sent me away in pain. He was incredibly rude & condescending. I explained that if it was normal back pain I would not be there. There were other symptoms that he didn’t even take into consideration, to include urinary flow problems & a swollen, hard right testicle. How is that due to normal lower back pain? This was never addressed. I have been in the VA & Army systems long enough to know a doctor who doesn’t have the best grip on what he’s doing, maybe this is due to his negative attitude toward Veterans, or maybe he had issues with me, I don’t know. If I wanted to see a C grade-type doctor, the VA can provide enough of those… I was not there for pain meds. All I wanted to know is what was causing the pain. I had meds from the VA that were not controlling the pain, but before I took more than my prescription I wanted to talk to a doctor. Unfortunately, with the pain I was in, there was no way I could sit long enough to drive 2 hours to the Albany VA. I left in pain. Very frustrated & more than a little angry.

CATEGORY chiropractor,spine doctor

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