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Asphalt Paving reviews in Flushing

  • B
    We hired Sclafmore to redo our garage roof and build a large deck for us. The long and short of it is that Sclafmore did an outstanding job and that my wife and I are extremely happy with the results. Sclafmore sent a team of 4 guys - Steve (the foreman) Andrew, Kenny, and Michael - and they were all GREAT. Super nice to be around, courteous to a fault, and really good at what they do. I work mostly in the evenings, so I was able to stay home most days and watch everything that they did over the course of a month. And I have to say that they were very meticulous and showed great attention to detail in each and every task they performed. After the work was over we actually missed having them around! I also have to add that Sclafmore confidently took on this job that at least one other contractor seemed intimidated by. I liked that. If I have any gripe it’s that I feel that some of the negotiating could have been a little easier. We decided to go with a cheaper wood than what was in the original estimate and the new price given didn’t nearly fully reflect the actual savings in materials, and I really didn't like how much I had to bump heads to finally get the price adjusted properly. So in the end, there was more push and pull than I would care for, but I would use them again and can confidently recommend them.
    - Ray B.
  • A
    I used their sister company, Integrity Masonry to do the work and the work was excellent. They were very professional, came everyday (weather permitting) until the work was done. We didn't have to chase after them. They did a really great job and we were very pleased with the work. It came out better than we expected.
    - Jacqueline C.
  • F
    DONT WASTE YOUR TIME with this company. Because this is exactly what they will do to you - WASTE YOUR TIME. I have worked in construction business and I am also currently in a field that highlights customer service and the people that work for this company have ABSOLUTELY NO Customer Service AT ALL! First I called and left message that I wanted a quote and proposal, waited I don’t know how long. I then receive an email out of nowhere with a proposal. Im like how did this happen? I then realize they came to my house without notifying me and when I wasn’t home to do the proposal. Who does that? Of course the proposal was missing several items that I know needed to be discussed and will affect the job and cost. So I call office again and explain to the girl what happen and would like to meet someone to discuss the job/proposal. For beginners I had 4 big trees there that were cut and also had stumps grinded out already but figured there still has to be some soft material in there that would need to be addressed. (Not on proposal) I also knew that there are drainage issues with how my driveway is (anybody that looked at this driveway could tell) and would most likely need a drain put in. (Not on proposal). That's just 2 major items there were a few more. The girl (I think her name was Rachel..Never said her name…as I stated no customer service) says I will let the (Jose) know and he will call you. Well of course no call for days. I call again a few days later because I will be going on vacation and I didn’t want to miss his call while I am away (not that I received one anyway) and the girl asks when I will be back so he can call me the day I return. I return from my vacation on a Tuesday, the day I told her and of course no call. I wait until the next day because I am anxious to get driveway done and the girl says, yes you are on his list to be called. I take her word (again) and wait a few more days and of course nothing, no call AGAIN. Now I call again because I am still off work and this a great time for someone to come by me so I will be home from work (which I also mentioned to the girl in one of my previous calls) The girl says you haven't heard from him yet? And I say no. She puts me on hold and comes back and says I just called him and left a message and she also gave me his direct #. I wait a little while and of course NO CALL. I decide to call him and of course no answer and I leave a message. Amazingly enough he calls me back a while later. This was like a Friday or something and he says I can come tonight or tomorrow. I am just happy to get some kind of appointment and I say okay (lucky enough I was going to be home all weekend). I wait again and of course he doesn’t show up the Friday evening and no call and then finally calls me next day Saturday and gives me a time he will be there. So he finally comes and I start to explain to him the items I know about and show him the original proposal. Now get this, he wasn't even the one that did the original proposal and when I showed it to him he said he didn’t care about that proposal. I was like okay. So now more time wasted and we have to re-measure everything, redo the entire proposal and pricing and on top of that go over all the items I know needed to be addressed. So finally we are done and he says he will write up the proposal and send to me. I get an email a couple days later and start to read it and then I get another email from him a little while later with a 3rd proposal. I now have 3 proposals and of course the last one is the most expensive that went up over $2000 from first. So I go over the latest proposal and seemed okay and made sense. So I call office to discuss and see if we can just work out a little better deal with some cash (like any deal people get they call to discuss). The girl almost had a heart attack and became extremely rude with me, Saying I don’t think they will do that, the price is the price..etc. I said okay I understand I would just like to discuss with someone and see what we can do and would like to get this job scheduled either way. She says you dealt with Rachel in your past calls and I will give her a message to call you back. I said okay, thank you. And you can probably guess what happeneds next right??? - NO CALL BACK AGAIN. I assume they are busy and I wait patiently. Because no matter what, I would think the right thing here would be to at least get a call back, even if saying they can’t do anything with the pricing or change the proposal. Which would have been fine with me because I am so far into this with them and time invested, that I don’t want to start all over with another contractor. A few more days go by and still NO CALL NOTHING. At this point I am a little ****** and also anxious to get my driveway done. These all should have been red flags (hence is why I am posting this lengthy review to help others save their time) I even had other contractors waiting but I was sticking with these guys because I got their name from a friend who owns a contracting company. So I decide to call again and no answer at the office, so I leave a message stating who I am, my address, why I am calling and stating Rachels name and also my previous conversation with I guess another office girl. And you know what next right??? NO CALLS AT ALL AGAIN!!! Now I am just beyond frustrated and I don’t care how busy or whatever, I at least deserve a call back right??? Once again I decide to call one more time (don’t even ask me why) and again no answer and I decide to leave one last message. Still nothing!!! I decided to check my email to look over the 3 proposals again and decide which one I will go with in case, by some miracle I get a call back. I say hey wait, let me try writing them a quick email to see if I get a reply and wouldn’t you know it I got a reply in no time at all with exactly this "Last we spoke you wanted a better price, the price is the price can't go any lower. Call office btwn 9am and 5pm when we are open,. If no one answers leave a message". No hello, no introduction, no please, no thank you, no apologies NOTHING. Stupid me still decides to reply, I guess so happy that someone actually acknowledged me and hoping to now get somewhere to get my driveway done. I reply saying “Yes, there are also 3 proposals that were sent and I would just like to discuss which proposal I would like to go with. I also said I just called a few minutes ago and left a full detailed message, do you need me to call again? And you know what next right?? NO REPLY to email, no call back NOTHING!!. THE END of communication (because I gave up on them at this point) Moral of the story unless you want to waste your time and deal with rude, unprofessional people, don’t bother starting or calling this company. I hope this review will help someone not make the same mistake I made with trying to give this company business and my money and time. My driveway is now done and completed beautifully by another contractor. Done within 10 days from first call. Now that’s customer service and good business. They can reply to this with whatever they want to say, but these are the facts and I have no reason to make this stuff up at all. My time is more valuable then to waste with a company like this and to waste writing all this review for no reason.
    - Joseph F.
  • C
    Sidewalk was done incorrectly, with bad pitch (water was pooling, and this would cause ice to form in the cold weather). When I call DM about it, they were quite professional and eventually came back to fix at no additional charge. This was were my last review ended, and I was pleased with that. Unfortunately, it got worse from there, as the driveway, and portions of the sidewalk not redone, started to crack and crumble, less than 9 months from the time of the original job finishing. I was in contact many times with DM over the phone, and they always called back, but with usually a request for more time to review the situation. As I have a gravel section of the back portion of the driveway, DM finally informed that the gravel stones could be causing the damage as cars moved between sections. DM promised to get back to me with a solution, but nothing came ( a type of clear coat or other potential). At first I accepted this, but when I asked around, other contractors were saying a combination of poor quality cement and not enough thickness is the cause. And I notice that the portion of the sidewalk that is not near the gravel, far from the driveway, is also cracking. Also, there are many neighbors with gravel driveways who's sidewalks and concrete are not cracking. I am genuinely disappointed, as DM has been diligent in calling back and fixing their first mistake. But a second mistake means I am unlikely to recommend them anymore.
    - Frederic J.
  • A

    Excellent crew. Showed up when they were supposed to. Hardworking. Nice guys -- they understand English, although mostly of Mexican origin probably. Above being nice, they are very competent and work well together. Also, they respected that my neighbors driveway had to be cleared of nails, and every night they swept it-- broom clean. My neighbors never complained.

    Paul Whigham, who managed my job, was highly responsive. He listened to my concerns throughout the job. He answered all of my cell phone calls within 5 minutes, even once while standing on a roof.

    Paul has a good eye for detail around a home and was able to zone right in on problems I did not even see. The job expanded, but in retrospect I am glad we did what we did. First, he told me that better to redo the roof, if I'm going to do the siding. That really did make sense. Also he noticed the chimney was slanting away from the house, so he took it down and waterproofed it and rebuilt it. Another thing is that we did not know what was below the siding, so Paul advised us to rip down all the old beaver board which was shredding. We also ended up redoing all of the windows that bordered on the siding as Paul felt that would be best to not have any leaks.

    Paul  uses very good products -- the siding and the roofing products have very long warranties. The company delivered everything on a timely basis. Also, Paul's office person is very good about sending the paperwork for the warranties. Also, I did want to mention that John Whigham Inc is a certified installer for the product, which makes the warranties good.

    If you are looking for someone, I would advise you to use Paul, (who is John Whigham's brother) but try to get into the "what ifs" up front. So, if you are doing the siding, before he pulls it down, try to get a price on the rip of the old insulation if that becomes necessary. Also, ask him to oversee the job as a whole up front so you know what you are getting into before a nail is pulled. Again, let me stress, I don't think he led me to do anything that I did not need to do, it's just that he wants to do the job right and so do you, so get a better idea of the costs up front. Also, if he sends out the sales person, that's fine to get a rough estimate, but don't sign anything until Paul sees the job. Paul will be the day to day manager, so don't sign anything until he sees it.

    Paul is very reliable, and, actually is a very good salesman. He may come off as aggressive, which could put you off, but I do, in retrospect believe that it comes from a sincerity that he will do the job right. And he did do the job right. It was money well spent. And the house looks great!

    - Janice H.
  • A
    About half of our old blacktop was removed, the gravel bed was filled where needed rolled and leveled. Then new asphalt was poured. The rest of the blacktop was resurfaced, total area was 5000sq/ft.  His crew was professional, neat, and polite.  They did an excellent job and all in 3 days!
    - Vincent B.
  • A
    It went great. They were on time, they were professional and it really looks great. He was here himself on both days with the crew. I would highly recommend them and I would definitely hire them again.
    - Marie D.
  • A
    The work was completed in less time than we expected.  Considering the nature of the work it was not as disruptive as we expected.  The work was done well and with care.  I found the workmen to be responsive to my inquiries and concerns. Finally, I have found you never have to ask Jimmy twice.  His follow up is great as is his attention to details.
    - Judith C.
  • A
    The men arrived early Friday morning to break up and remove old driveway and patio.  We had requested that the new cement be poured on a Saturday since we live on a street with a public school.  Between car traffic and foot traffic we thought Saturday would be the best day.  The men arrived ready to go, but the weather did not cooperate.  It rained steadily  so the job couldn't be done.  Instead it was done on the following Monday.  We reserved parking out front with our cars so that the trucks would have a place to park when they arrived.  The job proceeded just fine.  The workers were very good and very attentive to their job.  When they finished they tied up a baracade of yellow caution tape to protect the wet cement.  
    We are very pleased with the quality of the work and most impressed with the professionalism of the company and the work ethic of the men.
    We would definitely use this provider again and have recommended them to several neighbors who are needing some work done.
    - Lizbeth G.
  • A
    The work was done very quickly in about a week. The quality was excellent. The workers were polite and took my directions well. The only thing is that I would have liked the driveway widened more by about three feet towards the property line as I had told the boss, so I could fit another car in the driveway. The price for the amount of work was very good.
    - Frank T.
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