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Gutter Cleaning reviews in East Northport

  • A
    Gulf2Bay SoftWash
    From beginning to end this was a professional job! My roof, gutters and windows look sparkling clean and better than ever before. David and his crew are extremely professional and thorough. I highly recommend as my outcome was exceeded and they left without a mess left behind!
    - Jennifer B.
  • A
    Clearview Roofing & Construction
    Job was done quickly and to our satisfaction. I would use this company again. The only concern I had was when I tried to call them their voicemail box was full so I couldn't leave a message, but I'll give them a pass on this since it was around the Christmas holiday. Other than that they were all A's! Give them a try!
    - michael f.
  • A
    Fred's Chimney Magic
    This company is freaking awesome. They are pretty much the gold standard of all companies. Scheduling is always a piece of cake and often times they have time that very same day. The sweetheart who works the phone is very accommodating. I've used this company a bunch of times and it always goes exceptionally well at a great price. I've used them to clean out my chimney, install new liner, new crown and tarring, vent caps, and even just get advice about problems with my foundation. They are extremely honest, professional, and know their craft. Great company.
    - sean t.
  • A
    The Graz Repairs-Plus Maintenance
    Excellent! Bobby was very professional and courteous. He came on time and cleaned up everything when he was finished. He is honest and reliable. I will definitely have Bobby back to do several jobs on my list.
    - maureen M.
  • D
    LeafFilter North, Inc. (North Jersey)
    Usually don't write reviews, but I rejoined Angie's List to
    warn other members of this company and its unruly practices. THIS COMPANY'S
    WARRANTY IS USELESS!!!! Below is a complete description of my encounter with
    Leaf filter:
    I had a salesman come to the house on Friday
    8/22/14 to provide product overview and an estimate. His name was
    George. Initially, pleasant and informative, he explained how the product
    works and was to be installed. He ran a sample piece of screening under the
    faucet demonstrating how it passes water through but not other debris.
    Comparing it to other systems I've seen, I was very impressed. He explained
    that the installation process entails aligning the gutters, cleaning out the
    gutters (more about this later on), and then properly installing the product. Trying
    to push a sale, he claimed that if I purchased with him, he'd be able to give
    me a better price. Talked it over with my wife and we proceeded to make the
    purchase. He stated since they were based out of NJ, he'd have his install team
    conduct the install on a date they had other jobs within the area. His
    reasoning was that they would have to pay the toll from NJ to NY once. It was a
    little odd in my opinion, but not a deal-breaker. I made certain that the
    company was licensed and insured to perform the work in Suffolk
    County, for which they were. The
    install date was then confirmed for Tuesday, 8/26/2014.
    I received a call from Kevin (631 Suffolk
    county area code) Monday, 8/25/14,
    who stated he works for LeafFilter and would be in the area on Tuesday, 8/26/14. He gave me the timeframe
    that they would be there. I took off work to make sure to be home. They didn?t
    show at the time they were to be there. I called the salesman, George,
    requesting a timeframe. He wasn?t too knowledgeable as he said he doesn?t
    control scheduling. Nonetheless, he made a call and confirmed they were coming.
    I then got a call from Kevin, again. He stated that they had to pick up their
    material from the Ronkonkoma
    storage facility and then come to me.
    So, they finally showed. Kevin gave the excuse that someone
    stole his tools on a job in Westbury as his reasoning for being late. He and
    his unnamed bald accomplice showed up in a plain white work van. It didn?t have
    any LeafFilter markings at all. I then questioned that they even worked for the
    company. Kevin stated that they took a LeafFilter installation course, has only
    been with the company for three months, and is pretty much contracted out by
    them (based out of Ronkonkoma?not
    NJ). They climbed a ladder and found an excess of bees; they couldn?t install
    the product. They sprayed and said that they?d come back the next day. I found
    it rather frustrating having to take a day off of work and having no product
    installed at all to show for it. Stellar employee Kevin and Co. leave boxes and
    boxes of uninstalled LeafFilter product on the side of my house, which is not
    fenced in and could have been taken by anyone who passed by. (You think he
    would have learned from his Westbury tool incident? Nope.) I safeguarded the
    materials in my garage until their return.
    They come back a day later and install the first row gutter
    protection as the bee problem subsided. Since it was late, they didn?t have
    time to finish the rest of the house. They then had to come back a third day on
    Thursday, to finish. Because I?m a knowledgeable consumer and don?t want to go
    up on a ladder, I question their work as they give me the ?lifetime warranty?
    they don?t explain clearly. I asked if they aligned the gutters and cleaned
    them out before installing the product. Kevin replies, ?Yes.?
    A season goes by and the system seems to work fairly well. However,
    one day in 2015, Suffolk County
    has a very heavy rain. Keep in mind, I had a new roof and gutters put on the
    house about a year before LeafFilter was installed. I had 5 inch gutters
    installed to handle more water than would ever be anticipated to avoid any
    problems. Well, the gutters were pouring out over the garage! Not drips.
    Gallons and gallons of water! Water was coming out with full force out of only
    one of the two downspouts; the other only a little. What does that say to me?
    There?s a clog somewhere in the gutters. The system has failed. Somehow, the
    product has failed.
    I searched for my prized lifetime warranty in a drawer
    stuffed somewhere and called LeafFilter. I reached a service/complaint line and
    stated that there?s a clog somewhere and water was gushing over the gutters and
    not out of the downspout. I requested that they please send someone. It took
    THREE DAYS FOR SOMEONE TO EVEN CALL ME BACK!!!! It was the NJ calling me back
    when they finally did. Some corporate goon stated that they would have to
    charge me a $75 fee to come out to assess!!! What kind of nonsense is that? I
    spent $2700 on a product/installation and the company wants to charge the
    consumer even more? I couldn?t believe it! He stated it was company policy to
    charge for a service call. I said there?s most likely a clog caused by faulty
    LeafFilter installation. (I suspect Kevin and Co. never
    cleaned out the gutters before installing the product. It most likely took a
    really heavy rain to push any debris into the downspout thus generating the
    Not satisfied with NJ office?s answer, I attempted to make a
    complaint generated to the LeafFilter headquarters. Well, good luck trying to
    find a HQ phone number or address. Every time I call, I?d be directed to customer
    service for a service call?.to the NJ office! I read the fine print of the
    lifetime warranty. Their fine print, not explained to me very well by the salesman
    or by the farmed-out contractor, states that the no-clog guarantee only
    pertains to failure of the product and not by the installation of it. ABSOLUTE
    Completely disgusted with this company by now and vested not
    to give them another cent, I climb up on a ladder. I begin to disassemble the
    downspout where it meets the gutter. I don?t dare touch LeafFilter system and
    all its glory. What do I see when I remove the downspout connection you
    ask?...a huge pile of jammed up debris blocking any water from escaping
    downward. I wish Angie?s List allowed me to post pictures. The ball of debris
    was solid as a rock! I felt around inside the gutter from below with my
    fingers. There was so much gunk in there I couldn?t get it out. I managed to
    take some spare Romex electrical wire and fished most of it out. The amount of
    debris I was able to clear easily fit into two regular sized sandwich bags!
    There?s no way LeafFilter?s installation team cleared out the gutters/
    downspout when they performed their installation.
    I?m writing this to caution any consumer thinking about
    purchasing the LeafFilter system on their house. The product itself seems to be
    a good product, but their installation department lacks professionalism and is
    careless. Something in their warranty that says if it clogs, they?ll refund the
    money?but only if the product fails. To give perspective on other products,
    there?s another product out there that can be installed by the consumer. It is
    extremely similar in nature to LeafFilter as it has a fine mesh screen. It,
    however, ?voids? the warranty of the roof as it slides under the shingles for
    installation. When priced out, the materials for my roof in this system was
    approximately $1500 at the time. That?s $1200 less than LeafFilter. If one can
    reasonably deduce that the materials are similar in construction between both
    companies, I paid about $1000-$1200 for installation of the LeafFilter product.
    I paid $1200 for a faulty installation that isn?t covered under their lifetime
    warranty. Truly disappointing!

    - Charles G.
  • A
    LeafFilter Gutter Protection

    Short version:

    Great product, terrific installer.  Not the best at communication after the sale.  They were nice, just not as efficient as I'd expect.  At the end of the day, it all got done and we are very happy with the end result.

    Longer version:

    We met LeafFilter at a Home Show.  They followed up, set up an appointment.  The sales rep we expected apparently had some car issues, someone from operations came instead.  At least they called and told us.  We knew our gutters were good, but very clogged and in need of a thorough cleaning, and a product like this.  We agreed on the price, gave a reasonable deposit and waited to schedule the work.  It was in the scheduling that we had some communication issues.  Perhaps in great weather this wouldn't be an issue in good weather, but we had a stretch of downpours at the time of our scheduled installation days.  They were to start around 8:00AM.  I wasn't sure they'd show because of the weather and I didn't get a call.  At about 8:15 I called them.  They were running late.  I asked if they were even going to come because of the approaching storm.  It took a few calls back and forth, yes there were coming.  I didn't want anyone to get injured.  Yes, they are insured, I just don't want anyone getting hurt, especially since it waited this long, so a week longer would be OK.  Nope they were coming.  And...they couldn't get much done due to the rain.  The installers were great, and they tried.  Where they could get to that day, my gutters were well cleaned out, they caulked seams, re-pitched where necessary, and basically did a lot of prep work, but they were soaked to the skin.  We were told we'd be rescheduled, but didn't know exactly when.  Again that evening, more calls back and forth, a few more "we have to pick up more product at the warehouse" and so on.  I wasn't concerned they wouldn't get it done because I still owed them the bulk of the money, it just seemed like a struggle to get on the same page and I had to consider my own work schedule. 

    So basically, the main difficulty was simply in getting all on the same page as far as when they'd be able to show and when the would complete the work. 

    In the end, the work came out great and the product has delivered everything they promised.  I waited for the first significant snowfall to write a review because we had some particularly troublesome spots with leaks and drips that led to very icy spots below on sub-freezing winter days.  We pointed these areas out during the estimate and install, were assured we wouldn't have the same issues, and so far, we have not. 

    I would recommend them again because, as I said, the workmanship and product seem to be outstanding, and hope they see the above as constructive criticism, with an eye toward improving customer facing communication.

    - Michael A.
  • F
    Lindstadt Seamless Gutters
    They've cleaned our gutters in the past without issues: they were thorough and professional. This year, we had called them to schedule an estimate to fix (not clean) our gutters. The receptionist promised that someone would return the call and schedule an appointment. This never happened- we never got a call. Instead Lindstadt showed up at our door intending to clean our gutters. The first time we were lucky enough to be home, and turned them away, saying that we would call the office because we didn't want the gutters cleaned yet, but we wanted to schedule an estimate for fixing our gutters. Today, we returned from a trip, and found a bill from Lindstadt in our mailbox. They came to our home while we were on vacation, and cleaned our gutters EVEN THOUGH WE HAD NOT HIRED THEM TO DO THE WORK. I don't think it was a communication problem: we were clear: we wanted to schedule an estimate, not to have any work done. We were clear also when we stopped them from doing the work at our house the first time they showed up. The irony is that we probably would have hired Lindstadt both to fix and clean our gutters. As it stands, we'll never use them again.

    Update: Lindstadt is not charging us for the cleaning and we've been removed from the list. We have no issues with the work that they did- if you do business with this company, understand that you'll be "on the list", and could get a cleaning that you weren't expecting.
    - Mark H.
  • A
    Dormer Doctor
    The workers arrived early in the morning as scheduled.
    They were professional. The workers carted the debris
    away and once done, they cleaned the job site and 
    The work was done in one day.
    I am very pleased with my new roof.
    - DELILAH B.
  • A
    They came when they said they would come, they did what they said they would do and the charged what they said they would charge. They were quick and professional. I will continue to use them for seasonal gutter cleaning and repairs.
    - MICHAEL D.
  • A
    Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning of L I Inc
    4 guys came promptly. Were all professional and knew what they were doing. Everything looks great. I felt price was high but I took a chance that they would be better than the last person I had who did not have a big crew nor the machinery that Ned Stevens had. I am very happy with the job they did and would definitely use them again.
    - June K.
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