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Eye Care reviews in Binghamton

  • D
    Binghamton Optical
    4/20/12 Friday - Down Payment $210

    4/23/12 Monday - Eye Exam $48

    5/03/12 Thursday - I received the the glasses and paid the remaining balance of $15 for a total of $273. I told him the left eye was wrong. He said to try them and give it a week or two as it may take time to get used to them.

    5/10/12 Thursday - I was still not able to see correctly so I went to the Binghamton Optical (main office) and explained the situation. They did some checking and asked if I had time to take a new eye exam. I agreed and the new exam showed the prescription in my new lenses was to strong and that I have the beginnings of Cataracts. I asked if Cataracts could be fixed with surgery and they said yes but my case was not severe enough to require surgery. They said it would be a year or two before the Cataracts would be bad enough to need surgery. So they took new measurements and ordered new lenses for my glasses.

    5/19/12 Saturday - Picked up my glasses with new prescription and now I can almost see to drive. However, when I got home I discovered I cannot see when reading. Had I been properly diagnosed with Cataracts and the correct severity I would not have needed glasses as glasses cannot help you see with Cataracts.

    5/21/12 Monday - I went back to Binghamton Optical and explained the new problem of not being able to see to read. Mind you it has been 31 days since my initial visit, 7 trips and several hours of my time and things are still not correct. I asked for a refund of my money and let them know I will be going else where to get this problem fixed. The staff informed me that the owner was not in at this time so no decision could be made.

    5/22/12 Tuesday - The store owner called me and said that after talking to the second doctor I saw, who diagnosed beginnings of Cataracts, that they have chosen to have a 3rd pair of lenses made using the first doctor's prescription for reading and the second doctor's prescription for driving. No discount was offered for my inconvenience and I have to wait another 10 days.

    6/4/12 Monday - It has now been 13 days since last speaking with Binghamton Optical and 45 days since initial visit. UNEXCEPTABLE! This is 32 days longer than it should have taken. I called at 10 AM and they said the new glasses just came in and are ready to be picked up. So I drove back to Binghamton Optical to get my 3rd pair of glasses. I tried on the glasses and found I could see just as little as with my 3 year old pair of scratched glasses. I told them enough is enough and that I would like my money back. The lady at the desk said they do not give money back for the eye exam. I explained that if I had been properly diagnosed by the first doctor I saw none of this would be happening. I also informed her that as she collected his fee for the exam that she is acting as his agent and according to my lawyer if the doctor screws up and he is working for you and you collect the money then you are responsible for refunding the money when it is entitled. She then said she would give me back ALL of my money ($273). She said the refund will be creditted to my account but not today as the owner is not in the office to authorize the refund today. So I left with my 3rd pair of glasses, no refund, and no idea when I would be getting said refund. About 1:30 PM I called Binghamton Optical stating how unexceptable I found this, costing me 7 trips, $20 in gas, 7 hours of my time and 45 days later and the problems are still not fixed. My hourly rate for my time is $20/ hour.

    7 trips to Binghamton Optical gas for 92 miles = $21
    Parking meter = $2
    7 hours of my time = $140

    So you have now cost me a total of $416 ($273+$163) and 45 days with no acceptable results. After this I then called my family doctor and she set me up with an appointment to get a new eye exam on 6/6/12 at Guthrie Clinic.

    6/5/12 Tuesday - I called Binghamton Optical at 11:40 AM and was put on hold and quot;for one second and I will go get Kevin.and quot; After 10 minutes and no Kevin I hung up. I called again at 11:58 AM and was put on hold again. When Kevin finally does come to the phone he tells me I cannot get my money back until Thursday and they cannot credit my account, as I was told Monday 6/4/12, but rather they will have to give me cash.

    6/6/12 Wednesday - At 8 AM I went to Guthrie Clinic and saw Dr. Benyo to have a real eye exam. I kept asking what each test was and why the other doctors I saw did not do them. He said the 5 tests he was performing were very basic exams and this concerned him greatly with the lack of care I had been getting and asked for the names of the doctors. After completing his exam he gave me the news that I have MODERATE Cataracts in my right eye and ADVANCED Cataracts in my left eye. The doctor then siad before paying money for glasses, which will not help the Cataracts, that surgery is needed to remove the Cataracts. I asked how long ago should the surgery have been done and he said months ago. He then set me up with Dr. Devine to have the surgery performed. After this he did one more test called the and quot;Pin Hole Testand quot; to check my reading vision. I was able to read the second smallest line without glasses in my worst eye and the smallest line with my other eye. He then told me glasses may not be necesary at all after surgery except maybe to read.

    6/21/12 Thursday - I saw Dr. Devine and he said he would perform surgery on both eyes to remove the Cataracts. The first surgery was scheduled for 9/5/12 for one eye and the second surgery for the other eye for two weeks later. At 1 PM I drove back to Binghamton Optical to collect my refund and to return the 3 pairs of glasses. GOOD RIDINS!

    I do not understand how the two doctors from Binghamton Optical miss diagnosed me. The first doctor missing the Cataracts completely and the second only seeing the beginnings of Cataracts anf that I would not need surgery for 1 to 2 years!

    1. The first exam was incomplete and wrong.
    2. The first glasses were the wrong prescription due to the first exam and Cataracts.
    3. The second exam did not find the correct severity of the Cataracts.
    4. They continued to make glasses for me, when glasses cannot fix Cataracts.
    5. The second pair of glasses were the wrong prescription and they said I could not expect to see well with Cataracts.
    6. They then made a third set of lenses but of course I still cannot see correctly.
    7. When asking for a refund they initially refused until I complained.
    8. I had to wait an additional 3 days to get my refund after asking for it.
    9. They cannot refund my money as a credit to my account, after being told they could, because I paid in cash.
    10. I have take another hour of my time to drive back to Binghamton Optical to get my refund.

    Numbers 7-10 - now they're just screwing with me!

    9/5/12 Wednesday - I had the surgery to remove the Cataracts in my left, the worse of the two, and all went well.

    9/6/12 Thursday - In the morning when I took the cover off my eye I was amazed that I was able to see just fine in my one eye without my glasses! I can see distance, read and see the computer screen. WOW! The vision in that eye is good so I stopped using my glasses. At 1 PM I saw Dr. Devine for my first follow-up and he said everything looked perfect. They checked my vision and I was able to read the second to smallest line. So my vision without glasses in my worse eye is now 20/20. He said I will need very mild reading glasses ($1 at the Dollar Tree). I can drive at night with no problems for the first time since May.

    9/19/12 Wednesday - I had the surgery performed on my other eye.

    9/20/12 Thursday - I saw Dr. Devine for my first follow-up for my second eye and again all is perfect. They checked my vision and I now have 20/20 in both eyes! WOW!!! No more glasses, except for mild reading glasses for the smallest print. Thank You Dr. Devine! I have changed the font size on my computer from 185 to normal (96) and can read the screen perfectly. I looked at my friend's smartphone, which I could not see before, and I can read it perfectly without glasses.

    Binghamton Optical is not about eye care but rather selling glasses and making money. The eye exam ($49) they do is just enough to find out what prescription your lenses should be and is not complete. It is worth the extra money to find out the real health of your eyes and it could save you extra time, money and lost vision in the long run. I told my daughter about this and she had fired Binghamton Optical years ago when they screwed up my grandson's prescription. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I give them a 2. The 2 is only because the glasses were of about average quality. I highly recommend you get an extensive eye exam. It is well worth the money to know the health of your eyes and you may save time and money in the long run. I hope this helps you make a more informed decision on your eye care. Thank you for reading my experience with Binghamton Optical.

    - Edward A.
  • A
    Eye Contact by Kathy
    I have been going here for years. They are simply the best. Kathy will work with you for as long as it takes to fit you comfortably for the right contact lenses. This year the doctor spotted a problem in one of my eyes and refered me to a specialists. Turns out I had a serious but subtle eye disease. This referral probably saved my vision in that eye. What more can you ask for?
    - Kelly B.
  • D
    Roberts Eyecare Associates
    We were both given paperwork to fill out. We both checked that we were not interested in the service that was not covered by our insurance. The receptionist poorly explained what services were covered and we had to have to ask another person who in turn went and got her supervisor to come straighten out the confusion. Only to find that there was an additional service that could be done for the cost of $25.00. We both still declined that service. The exam went ok, Doctor was very thorough.
    It was determined that we both would get bifocals. We were taken to separate tables to have our prescription's filled. I let the woman waiting on me just continue to tell everything she thought I needed and would be happier with. I have had only one pair of glasses for 6 years that I only needed for distance, I can read just fine without any glasses. When she was done that glasses would have cost me $688.00 after my insurance. When I started questioning why it was so expensive she went over the itemized cost.
    First I work indoors and I did not need transition lenses unless they would also work for driving. Second I did not need the premium lens. Third there was a $25.00 charge for the part of the exam that I had signed the waver that I did not want. Final total billed for this pair was $830.00, of in which I had to pay $349.80. I also purchased a pair of sunglasses with no bifocal, my cost was $257.40.
    I joined my wife at her table to compare what she was getting to find that she was also being overcharged. She also had the $25.00 fee on her chart that she had declined on the signed waver. After comparing and adjusting her pair cost $303.40.
    The grand total for the three pair of glasses including the exam was $2031.00, of in which the out of pocket expense to me was $910.60. We picked the glasses up 10 days later. They fitted us and I had said that it seemed very odd that I can only see through the center of the lens, everything else was blurry. She told me to try them for a few days, and if you need come back and we can change the lens.
    The next week we returned both realizing that the bifocals did not work. For my wife the power of the lens was not strong enough to read. And for me it was like looking through a funnel. I came to get a new pair of glasses and now I can't see when I wear them unless I move my head exactly in the direction I need to focus on. In both cases it was determined that it would be better to make a new lens with no bifocals, or upgrade to the more expensive lens that would cost another $300.00. We could not afford anymore so we went with the downgrade. What they failed to tell us is that if we choose to have them remade we would forfeit the $160.00 fee for the bifocals.
    Picked up the glasses 10 days later, nice for distance but as for my wife she still has to take them off and wear reading glasses. And for me, instead of a 6 year pair that I take off when I read I now have my $350 pair that I try not to forget when I get up.
    - Sarah W.
  • A
    Roberts Eyecare Associates
    We have been going to them for a number of years and our experience have always been very positive. They are conveniently located and we are very happy with their service. If you go there for an appointment, you are in usually within 5 or 10 minutes of the time that you are scheduled for. Their staff is wonderful as well.
    - Paul G.
  • A
    Sambursky, Dr. Daniel
    I tried to find a doctor who is familiar with cataract cases. He seems to be thorough and competent and a pleasant person. He is direct to the point. My only concern was that they are competent because it is somewhat difficulty if you are new in the area. They made sure I have to get in the first time. Everyone there was very nice.
    - marsha h.
  • A
    Binghamton Optical
    They were really good, and they were just really thorough and friendly. They actually got me in as soon as they had availability, and they took care of everything all at once so it was really nice. I actually also had questions about my mom who has glaucoma, so they addressed that with me whenever that was needed. The staff was very friendly and very nice.
    - Chelsea K.
  • A
    Dr. Mejico - Upstate Medical Center
    - Laura g.
  • A
    Twin Tiers Eye Care Associates
    - Anthony H.
  • A
    Binghamton Eye Associates
    I had a cataract surgery and they were trying to figure out another problem. The staff is good. Everyone is very professional.
    - Carmen A F.
  • A
    Sambursky, Dr. Daniel
    My husband cataract surgery was excellent. He did a good job with the surgery and the follow-up. My husband was just fine. The staff and office environment are very nice.
    - Linda B.
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