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Recent Towing Reviews in Beacon

  • F
    He over charged me and had me pay cash hmmmm I smell an audit! The sign stated $60 for a tow and $25 for the hookup plus tax and states no other charges can be added. So how does $85 plus tax turn into $175. Why does he only take cash people?..... What’s the number for the IRS? Someone make a call pleaseeeee. I recorded the conversation and it’s on Facebook. I posted the sign showing the actual fees and the transcript of the conversation just below. 00:34 Hello? 00:36 Yes. Can I help you? 00:37 Hi. Yeah, it's just it's me. I just I'm calling back. I was just 00:44 You will work, ma'am. I called you about the white BMW. 00:48 Yes. Okay. 00:50 You should have definitely said something to marshal installing with where you park. Um, there's numbers on the sign that you could have called us. Well, you could have called Marshall and schooling, and you didn't do that. 01:01 So what are they gonna catch you A pig? 01:04 Um, it could take a couple of 01:06 they say they over it, but it comes from Germany. 01:10 So, um, 01:12 as soon as I get out of work, 01:15 the 2011 01:17 and 01:18 the key that they send you is gonna work without being programmed. 01:21 Yeah. Yeah, 01:25 that's news. That's that's a good thing. 01:28 Yeah. Um, that's actually a question somebody else asked me to. 01:34 Um 01:35 Okay, so, uh, so where where is this? Where where do what do I 01:39 do? 01:42 It's at 2. 40 eight's mistreat. 01:44 And it's 1 75 plus. I mean comes from 1 75 with tax. 01:49 You have to show you the registered owner. 01:53 How is it 1 75. When on the sign it doesn't say that. It doesn't say 02:01 Yeah, I'm 02:01 mhm. 02:03 Doesn't have to save the price on this. 02:05 But it does say on the sign. 02:08 What does it say on the sign 02:10 picture of the sun? Because my friend took a picture and send it to me. 02:16 I'll tell you, I'll tell you, 02:19 Um, one second. 02:23 Can you hear me? 02:25 Yep. 02:26 Yeah. Okay. 02:27 Says 02:33 hold on. 02:35 Okay. It says 02:38 it's $60 02:40 and then a hook up fee of $25 02:42 with 8 $85 for the in town C, which is correct. 02:47 And then it's 75 to get your vehicle on the truck, which is winching on skid plates because we don't have a key and you didn't put it on 02:57 our trunks. But that's his hook up thing. The hook up 03:00 it is to tell it, 03:03 ma'am. No, the hook up fees to hook it up to pull it on the truck. It's $85. $75 comes to 1 60 plus tax. Makes it 1 75. 03:14 Uh, you have to I just sit owner to pick it up. 03:17 I am the registered owner, and, 03:20 um, I'm I'm I'm being told by another truck company who, actually, um 03:27 What's with my insurance? That it's it's that it isn't shouldn't be anything like that at all. 03:32 And what company is that, man? 03:35 Oh, it doesn't matter. But if you're trying to if you're trying to swinddle me, it's gonna be a problem, because I work for you. 03:44 Okay, so the report, 03:47 and then you're gonna have to pay the bill and get somebody to tow your car out of there. Otherwise, $50 a day. I was gonna work with you, but now I'm not. Don't 03:56 worry, I'm getting I'm getting it out of there right now. 03:59 Okay, Have a good day.
    - Jessica M.
  • A
     My pickup broke down in Hopewell Jct. around 2:30Pand I wanted it towed to my house so I could repair it  when I got the parts. I called Hyatt's and explained what I needed, they said that they would send a truck as soon as they could.  The truck arrived in about 15 or 20 min and quickly loaded my truck and took me home. The driver was careful loading my vehicle, and went out of his way to place it exactly where I wanted it at my house.
    - Richard G.
  • A
    I have been taking my car to Beek's for more than 25 years.  I moved out of the area about 5 years ago but I make the 45 minute trip to get there when I need to. Derek has taken care of everything for me, from replacing my radiator, installing a new bumper, installing new tires to regular service and oil changes, and everything in between. I have more than 200,000 miles on my 1997 Toyota 4Runner and Derek keeps my vehicle running in good shape. His prices are more than reasonable. I would not switch for anything. He and his staff are professional and extremely knowledgeable. He always keeps an eye on what I may need to have done and never does it before it is needed. He never takes advantage of anyone. The staff at Beek's have become friends and have taken care of my car needs without fail for many years. He even found me my most recent car when I needed a new one. I have never had an issue with any of the work Beek's has done for me. Derek will often stop what he is doing and take time out of his very busy day to take care of someone who is just passing by and needs something checked right away. I can't say enough good things about them. I highly recommend Beek's Auto in Gardiner, NY to everyone!
    - Alysoun C.
  • A
    Erichsen's Auto, Inc.
    The work was done expertly in a timely manner and a reasonable price. We are extremely satisfied
    - Barbara C.
  • C
    My car broke down off the highway around 10 pm. The tow truck arrived about 20 minutes after they were called. The tow truck driver worked very fast; however, I found a discrepancy between the price he gave for labor and the price the auto shop gave me the next day. The driver told me that Perry's charged only $65/hour for labor and that if the car was brought to AAA's shop, the labor would cost much more. When the auto shop called the next day to tell me that the timing belt and water pump needed to be replaced, they told me that they charged $85/hour for labor. The final price for all the work was $475, which seemed reasonable. The car was repaired quickly and I was able to pick it up the next day. For some reason, of which I'm still not sure, I noticed my bumper was hanging off on the left side when I picked up my car. I'm not sure if this was caused by the tow truck or if it happened in the shop, but when I alerted the mechanic, he brought it back in and repaired it immediately for no charge.
    - Ashlee R.
  • F
    The owner charged triple the legal rate. When city legal limits were pointed out, he screamed he can do what he wants. He said the city of Poughkeepsie couldn't tell him what to charge and that I could take my chances in small claims court. A few dats after I got my car back, the name Bobby was keyed into my trunk. Never use this guy. If he overcharges you, file a complaint with the city clerk.
    - Kevin L.
  • F
    I really didn't want to write this, but I TWICE requested the owner of Hyatt's Garage to contact me to discuss the mean and disrespectful treatment I received from his shop manager Tom. It has been 1½ weeks and the owner still has not called me back. The fact that the owner of Hyatt’s Garage has NOT BOTHERED to JUST CALL ME BACK, boldly demonstrates to me that he does not care about his customers. As for my tow experience prior to the encounter with manager Tom, they arrived 1 hour after they said they would be there and they brought my car to the wrong place (I was following behind them.) But I will say, I was not upset about the tow related things that had occurred prior to meeting Tom, nor was I impolite to the receptionist, my tow truck driver or Tom. The manager Tom, however, treated me and talked to me extremely rudely and disrespectfully. Instead of just leaving after my neg. encounter with Tom, I went into the office, and told Tom, “I have used this company’s  service for many years. I just want to tell you that you were extremely rude to me and you owe me an apology.” Tom proceeded to blow up at me and loudly and aggressively rant and rave and insult me. The receptionist and I quietly and calmly watched him rant on and on. Then the receptionist literally put her head down on her desk and put both arms over her head until he stopped and left the office. She then apologized to me and told me she would tell the owner what happened. I told her I wanted the owner to call me because I didn’t want to have to write bad reviews.  After my tow was completed at my home, I told the driver that manager Tom had been very aggressive and rude toward me. He apologized and admitted Tom was tough to deal with and Tom was not good with customer relations. “But we’re working on him,” he told me. I told the driver to tell the owner I would like to talk to him regarding the way Tom treated me because I didn’t want to have to write negative reviews. The driver assured me he would tell the owner to call me. Again, it’s been 1½ weeks and I STILL HAVE NOT BEEN CONTACTED BY THE OWNER! I had not mentioned this to anyone besides my husband, for a week, because I didn’t want to spread bad info about a business, until the owner had a chance to make things right with me and SIMPLY APOLOGIZE. But that did not happen. I wonder why would the owner of a business knowingly allow someone like that to work there and deal with customers? That says A LOT about the owner and his business. I would highly NOT RECOMMEND HYATT'S GARAGE!
    - Patricia D.
  • F
    Dan's Towing
    Dan's Towing held my car "HOSTAGE" for a month.  After my car was towed there, he [Dan?] had said he would refer me to repair shops he would recommend. He didn't. Since I hadn't any one I could ask for a recommendation I  [stupidly] waited for my auto insurance adjuster to come and look at my car to see if it was totaled. After a week, I was starting to look for someone and Dan said he felt bad for me since I was an "Old" lady [57] and he wanted to "help" me out. He said he could do the repairs and he had a auto body repair man he used to do the body work. He said he would cut all my towing  & storage cost to $500 and work with me on what the insurance would pay. Days went by and I kept calling and stopping by to find out when my car would be done. He said he was having "trouble"  with my car insurance. They said they would express the check upon receipt the work was done. He wouldn't start the work unless the check was cut to him directly. It was about this time, he happen to mention that he would do the mechanical repairs and his "buddy" would take my car up to the buddy's house [not a licensed auto body repair shop] and do my car's body work there. When I told Dan that wouldn't be acceptable, an unlicensed  "shop", Dan said not to worry that his license would cover his friend. This went on for days. I was going to different shops I found in the area and they either didn't do that extensive of repairs or didn't recommend anyone in particular. Finally Dan said that we would have to make other arrangements because the insurance wouldn't send him  the check. So I said I would arrange for the next day to have someone tow my car to my house [which is what I should have done in the first place ] and I would pay him the $500 he quoted. Dan began to try and intimidate me with threats of how much he was going to have to charge me for having my car there UNLESS HE WAS GOING TO DO THE WORK. Dan  said that the $500 was the amount he would have charged if he did the work. He had me sign [on a sheet a paper] a statement saying he would deal with my insurance to get my work done. He tried to say I gave him permission to do the work. I didn't . He then said he would have to charge me for every thing he did and that could come to  $1800 and more. He also said cash, no checks.  I finally found a body shop [ a reputable one] and arranged to have then take my car. I called Better Business Bureau. Consumer Fraud, NY State Police and the NY State DMV to find out what could I do to file a complaint [and hopefully get him out of the towing rooster that the police use to call for towing]. They gave me information about how to file complaints and what were some of the things to look for in a reputable shop, such as having all their license and DOT numbers, towing & storage rates, repair rates etc.  displayed in full view on/in their buildings. Dan's Towing had none of this. Turns out that only individual towns, cities, villages would have the option to require licensing of a towing company in their area. The towing company only had to have a DOT number allowing them to use their vehicles as towing vehicles.  So I knew just get my car out of there and then try and file a complaint, When I went to pay Dan and get my car released, "suddenly" he was not going to charge me for the last couple days, not charge me for moving my car in & out of his garage whenever he was looking at my car, not charge me for sweeping up any debris from my accident. Which he didn't because there wasn't any debris, plus I was there the whole time when he was hooking up my car. There was a couple other things he wasn't going to charge me for and the bill still came to $1023.00.I consider Dan's Towing [at least the 30 something yr old man I was dealing with who identified himself as Dan] as being dishonest in his dealings with customers. That he will take advantage of a person's time of crisis. I would NOT recommend this man and his towing to anyone. There are many other things I would like tosay about this man and Dan's Towing but I won't on here. Also the address on his pretty business cards isn't where he is located. The BBB has his business listed under a slightly different name under the Rosendale  address. I don't know if that was his original site or a family members site but he is located in the City of Kingston, NY  I have to accept my responsibility in this mess because I let myself get overwhelmed with this situation [mainly because I had so much else going on that this made me feel like I couldn't deal with one more thing],  that I let him help deal with my insurance [or so I thought]. I did feel trapped with this situation because I had no one to go to for direction in what to do. There are many things I learned from this encounter, one of which is to information about things a single person may encounter on their own [such as an auto accident] and have information available for those just incase situations. Also I will warn everyone to stay away from this business. If I had been using Angie's list  a couple months ago I would have had people's reviews to guide me.
    - jane b.
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