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Counseling & Mental Health reviews in Henderson

  • F
    Oasis Counseling
    If I could leave a 0 star, I would. DO NOT EVEN BOTHER with this place. They absolutely do not care. After my daughter's original assessment, I could not get a call back to schedule an appointment. After multiple calls to them, all they would advise is Sharon had not completed the assessment therefore could not get an appointment until this was done. THREE months later, I get a call from Cara and even though I was hesitant, I decided to give this office another chance. However, she failed to tell me she was located on South Durango, so when I showed up to the West Horizon office - they had no idea who she was. I finally got a call and once again, I told her how upsetting this was because she never told me her location. One day later, I received a call from Tammy (Tamara?) from the Durango office who's tone of voice was so rude and just "matter of fact"; who only gave me excuses as to their internal referral system and this is why it took so long, etc., etc. - she wouldn't let me get in a word; but when finally given 2 seconds to speak, I told her I wouldn't take my daughter to them if they paid me, SHE HUNG UP ON ME. I just sat there in disbelief with my phone in my hand. Oasis Counseling is unprofessional, they do not communicate properly and they don't care. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!!!
    - Rebecca J.
  • F
    Oasis Counseling
    Avoid Oasis Counseling. About a month ago, I made an appointment for 2 weeks ago, and provided all the requested information over the phone. A few days prior to my appointment, I received a reminder from the office, and a reminder text from the counselor. The day before my appointment, I phoned to ask why I needed arrive 30 minutes prior to my appointment. On the morning of the appointment, less than 2 1/2 hours prior to the check in time, and less than 3 hours prior to the appointment time, a man from the office phoned to say they needed my address to verify my insurance coverage. He phoned back about 20 minutes later to say that they verified my primary insurance, but not my secondary insurance. I was told I could keep the appointment as scheduled, but would have to pay. I would not agree to pay for services covered by my insurance, so, I was forced to cancel my appointment. I texted the counselor and explained about the forced cancellation, and got no response from her. I had to fax copies of my insurance cards to them. They were supposed to notify me when they received verification so I could reschedule. The following day, I received a phone call from them, needing clarification of the phone number for 1 of the insurance companies. Several days later, after hearing nothing from the office, I sent a letter explaining the horrible treatment I had received to the Executive Clinical Director. It is now 2 weeks after the appointment was scheduled and cancelled. I have heard nothing from Oasis Counseling. The way they treated me shows that they do not care about their clients or potential clients. They have several offices in the Vegas Valley... avoid them like the plague, unless you like being treated like dirt.
    - Marnee F.
  • F
    Oasis Behavioral Health
    I could not get my perscription refilled. Walgreens called on my behalf over 10 times, sent 4 faxes and had his manager called twice. Office just gave the pharmacist the run around and actually got to the point of avoiding his calls once they would find out who it was. Called many times myself to be put on hold then hung up on. Would drive halfway across town for my appt for the office to tell me the doctor was not in when I would get there. That happened twice. I have been to a lot of doctors offices in my life and this is by far the worst I have ever been too. Wouldn't even recommend this place to my enemies.
    - Christopher H.
  • F
    Montevista Hospital
    This "facility" should be shut down! Our twelve year old daughter was admitted here for mental health issues. Not only did she not receive ANY mental health help, she was basically babysat. The facility is filthy and the kitchen is horrendous! Insects flying around constantly. We wanted to take her out but was told the insurance company would not pay if we took her out against medical advice. Dr. Kolade does not care about his patients, only the money. Then after she was finally released, which in my opinion they were just keeping her there to bill the insurance to the max, I was taken to a "financial" specialist where I had to pay!! They hadn't billed the insurance company yet, how would they know how much to collect, after refusing to pay I was basically forced to sign a document stating that I may owe "1700.00". And after a couple of days, I checked our explanation of benefits and the hospital bilked the claim under my husband. After several attempts to speak with someone and no returned phone calls my insurance company finally git in touch with someone in the billing department and is now, over a month later bring rectified. This place is a joke, do not waste your time or money
    - Damon B.
  • F
    Nevada Headache Institute
    In the beginning of my treatment with him he said one time and quot;If it was something that bad you would be dead alreadyand quot;. I guess I should have known right then and there that I should have left, but I kind of felt the same way so I stayed, I still thought it was very rude, abrupt, and uncaring of him to say to me (especially since it was in front of an audience of a medical student. He knows I have trust issues and for him to do such a thing to me I didn't really understand why, but I got over it. So back to now, late June, I'm still having all these symptoms and I finally talked him into giving me a CT scan since I can no longer have a MRI. I go pick up the results, and to my surprise do I find out I have something called an posterior fossa arachnoid cyst 4cmx2cmx1cm I'm reading this to my husband trying to digest it at the same time, and then I get to the part that says it has not changed at all since 2012!!!!!!!!!

    So you mean to tell me that this was on my MRI the whole time, WOW, Well I got off the phone with my husband and called my mom, the first thing she said to me was and quot;Well if you weren't such a drama queen all the time the doctors could have diagnosed soonerand quot; really. Did I just hear that? It just brought everything up, and all these doctors calling me a drama queen, a cry baby, melodramatic among other very rude things just for either a child/adult scared and in pain, including Dr. Nagy by the way. So when I got home looked up this arachnoid cyst, which I have since named Hugo, and saw that it is an extremely rare occurrence (about 1.7%) and most people that do have this are diagnosed by accident, that���s because most people are a symptomatic. I started reading the list of symptoms, I had all of them. So I called Dr. Nagy and asked if he needed to change my 1/2 hour appointment to an hour long appointment, I was told no if another appointment needed to scheduled, then it would be. So July 9, 2014 I go into Dr. Nagy's office all exited, I'm mad because these doctors missed this, not mad him I wasn't thinking that way, but I was also excited because there was a light at the end of a black cold tunnel for once in my life. If they drained Hugo, properly, I had a good chance of a normal life afterword. I don't really know much more than though because as soon Dr. Nagy saw that I read up on it, and that I noted all the symptoms, and that I had been complaining about all the symptoms all along he turned on me. I was scared, not physically mind you I'm not saying that and I do understand that it is due to my issues, which he is well aware of ( I was kidnapped by strangers when I was 3 ) so I don't really know where this came from. I just wanted out of his office asap. So he asked if I wanted a second opinion, and I said yes. So he referred me to the Mayo Clinic, and when I went out front his office manager was like and quot;oh my God I've never seen him this upset beforeand quot;. I said and quot; I know I think he just fired meand quot; .

    He didn't me a follow up appointment or anything. So I went home lost and confused. My husband convinced me that the reason he was so mad at me was because one of the doctors that I was so mad at is his brother that did the surgery, so I wrote DrNagy a letter explaining my point, and where the anger came from and why it was directed at who it was. I also deeply apologized for ever hurting his feelings in the past by disrespecting his brother ( which I didn't think I did, but just in case ), but that he also had to realize that he was my surgeon and I had to be able to talk to my doctor about my care. I never got a response from my letter. So after a few days I called and requested my medical records, apparently my husband got tired of me walking around the house crying and called his office to find out why he was mad at me. So he came home so proud of himself, because after talking to Dr. Nagy's office manager with him the background, saying he has no idea why I would think he is upset with me, or has dropped me as a patient. I was like ok, we'll see. So the next week I tried to go to the imaging place to confront the doctor that misread the MRI to begin with, but was told that Dr. Nagy would have to order him to re-read it. So I called Dr. Nagy and told him, or at least left a message no response.

    The next day July 25, 2014 I was walking my dog I stepped on a small rock, because of balance disorder and I've been extremely dizzy anyway I couldn't right myself and I fell, I went face first caught myself with my hands. My right hand and my right knee are pretty messed up, but oh well I'll live. I called Dr. Nagy's office 2hours later since the dizziness was not getting any better. I left a message with his medical assistant, that I had this pretty bad fall, I was still dizzy and I was going out of town in 2 days what did he want me to do? The message was left at about 10am I fell asleep about 1pm and did wake up until just after 5pm, He did not return my call, I then knew he dropped me as a patient, my husband of course still had faith in him since he said he had not. My dizziness continued to worsen, we left town on Sunday July 27, 2014. On Monday July 28 I called to book for when I return, so my appointment was made for Friday August 1 at 1:15, about 15 minutes later I received a call from the office manager saying that she was so sorry but she made a mistake and Dr. Nagy would be in hospital all day Friday so I could have a Wednesday appointment, ( she knew I would still be out of town) I told her to go ahead and get my records ready since I didn't even rate a call back after a fall, and I was still dizzy and so on and so forth. So once again my husband had more faith in this man than I did, and said and quot;maybe he really doesand quot;. So I called back and tried to reschedule for another day and wouldn't you know it, it was a mistake, so now I have a hour long appointment for August 1 2014, I keep telling my husband and my best friend this is great, it's really good to know that you have to walk in to get your teethe kicked in with nothing to numb the pain by somebody that is supposed to be a caregiver.

    So I walk into my execution with my held high, and he keeps me waiting for 10 minutes past my appointment, even though it was made on the lunch hour, he was in the office, now he could have been on his computer this is true, but I do believe he did make me wait to add to my anxiety level. When he did come in he addressed me only by and quot;Ms. Schaeferand quot; really after everything we have been though together, he has put me in the hospital half a dozen times, given me hundreds of injections in my skull, and face and anywhere else I have never questioned his treatment of me, and now when I need him most he up and leaves me? So he says and quot;I see you are very upset, is there anything that I can do to help make it better?and quot; I said yes you can tell me what on earth I did to p*** you off, except of course being born with this d*** cyst. and quot;Well Ms. Schaefer I have know idea what you are speaking ofand quot; now robot Nagy is saying. I feel like I am dreaming, really this can't be real. So I get up and walk out, since I am now crying, just sobbing. I went up front demanded my records. He comes up front starts to say something and I say and quot;shut upand quot; I walk out of his office go to the first floor to his brothers office and still have to pick up my records there. I am still sobbing. I get out to my car, I sit there for a minute and then go back to Dr. Nagy's office and ask to speak to him. He comes out, he says that since I walked out on him and used expletives that he didn't feel that it was a good idea. I said I never cursed at him and that I only told him to shut up, I then asked him if he was dropping me as a patient, and he didn't respond. He said that it was my choice to go back in his office to finish up my appointment, and I said that was what I wanted to do but he wouldn't let me in so I didn't understand that whole concept. He was completely baiting me into a confrontation, since he is not enough of a man to fire me he wanted to fire him, and he went on cover his own a-- mode as soon as he saw that he made a mistake.

    So if you want a doctor that pretends to care about you, and then when you really need him, he actually takes you and stands you on a island all by yourself, with no food, water, or supplies. Then Dr. Abraham Nagy is just the doctor for you. I am usually a good judge of character, but boy this time was I wrong. I can't believe I actually thought he more of me than a chart number. He could probably tell you how much money he made off me to the penny. That's how I feel right now. Anyway I just had to update my previous review, I don't want anyone making the same mistake I did.
    - Darcy S.
  • A
    Nevada Headache Institute
    By the time I walked into DrNagy's office I had lost faith in the medical community and had made up my mind that I would do whatever this and quot;newand quot; doctor told to for a whole year and then if that didn't work I was going to find a dark quite cave and leave everyone behind because I just couldn't do it anymore and no one seemed to understand. He actually understood that I did have a headache everyday, and I was not lying, unlike other doctors. He listened to what I said and explained that I had chronic migraine and we had to find the the right medication it was defiantly quite an ordeal, took awhile a few hospital stays, but I can say now I have a life. I owe it to him, he is the only doctor that actually took the time to listen to me and figure out what the problem was instead of just going along with what all the other doctors where saying, like how the saying goes sometimes when you hear hooves it's zebra's not horses. The stupid thing with my previos doctors was that if they had even read the MRI report it said I had a migraine condition right on it, but they didn't even care enough to read the report. DrNagy is very detailed and leaves no stone left unturned until he beliefs you are at the best that you will be at. I really owe him my life and I can not say it enough.
    - Darcy S.
  • B
    Harmony Healthcare
    We saw Dr. Mark Ackerman and he was spot on with his diagnosis and treatment. I walked in thinking it was one thing and it turned out to be something else. My son is doing so well now and I would absolutely recommend Harmony. Please know that he is popular, so I had to rate and quot;availabilityand quot; as a B. Yes, I have to drive quite a way to get there and worry that the location is not the greatest but it's worth it after seeing the change in my son's behavior and outlook. I'm looking forward to him continuing treatment with Dr. Ackerman at the Charleston location and he will be doing his therapy at the Henderson location.
    - Guillermina O.
  • B
    Yu Neurology and Electrodiagnostic
    I was squeezed in for an appointment as a new patient. I expected a wait because of that and am not complaining, but other patients were. The doctor was personable and knowledgeable, despite it being the end of a long day for him. He ordered tests that seem relevant. The office is busy, so plan ahead for appointments.
    - Guilford P.
  • A
    BetterMen Coaching
    My sessions are always great. His insight is wonderful and it really
    works. He is patient and really cares
    about helping me with anything and everything.
    He has improved my marriage, my family life, and my just over all
    life. I would recommend Wayne's book,
    programs, and trips to anyone who is wanting to better their lives. It is money well spent!
    - CHRIS B.
  • F
    Green Valley Psychiatric Assocs
    If first impressions count for anything, the incredibly rude woman that answered my call was a definite sign that I should search elsewhere.  I asked her if one of the doctors was accepting new patients.  She stated that he was not accepting new patients.  I responded, " Well, I wanted to schedule an appointment for my son.  I think he may be suffering from depression and I was wondering if you had...".  Before I could finish my question, which was my inquiring if there was ANOTHER doctor available that he could see, she rudely interrupted me by stating, "The doctor is NOT seeing new patients at this time."  She obviously was not listening to me.  I ended up hanging up, I was so angry.  Front office staff that doesn't listen?  It makes me wonder about the doctors.
    - Guillermina O.
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