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Pet Care & Health reviews in Newark

  • C
    They are new, they have some bugs to work out.  Sometimes they don’t show up for their walk. The people cancel on them. They stood me up twice.  It’s an app.  You just schedule on there.  You don’t talk to anybody.  You just go on there, you schedule when you want, the time you want and they have all these dog walkers that have been background checked.  The problem is they don’t show up all the time.
    - Diane B.
  • A
    I've been taking my dogs to them for about 15 years now.  They're a pet store, but they also have grooming there. They're really good with the animals and they specialize in small dogs. They are about $45-$50 for full grooming. That would be a wash, hair cut, nail clipping, the whole nine yards. I would say $50 because they just went up recently.
    - Patricia D.
  • F
    ,Worst experience ever with a vet. I called for an emergency visit since my 12 yrs. old cat was constipated for two days. I appreciated that they fit me in right away within an half hour. I got there they seem very laid back not that professional no smile no welcome. The receptionist asked a tech to sit in for her while she went to do whatever. I saw Dr. Miller and the pleasant tech assisted. I did not get that comfy cozy feeling from the Dr. she was quite cold. She said they would keep my Angel for a few hours and probably would have to give her an enema after taking x-rays and seeing she was blocked. I arrived at 11:00am left 11:41 she told me to call around 3:00pm, the pleasant tech came back and could see I was upset and told me to call around 1pm to check on her and tried to reassure me not to worry. I called at 1pm was on hold awhile and then told Angel had an enema and had not defecated yet. Call back in a couple of hours. I called back at 3pm someone picked up the phone screaming at someone else then said Cameron Hospsital calling, I said excuse me and she then said oh someone picked up the wrong line hold on. Some one finally picked up I asked about Angel he told me to hold and then he came back and asked if I wanted to speak to Dr. Miller, she got on the phone said they gave Angel 2 enemas and she did defacate but not much she could go home now they had given her fluids and cerenia give them another half hour before picking her up. When I arrived to pick up Angel Dr. Cameron looked out and said Angel was really blocked did Dr. Miller talk to me the receptionist said no, so I'm thinking she had to tell me something. I sat for an half hour Dr. Miller saw me in the waiting room and said nothing, the pleasant tech came and said oh you're all set she took me aside totaled my bill of $295.00 and I asked what fluids did they give she said laculose I asked how she said intravenously (mind you Angel was not shaved anywhere) she said in her hip. I was just annoyed and wanted to get out. I get home and Angel is smelling of a very strong perfumey smell even my other cat would not go near her. She did not defecate at all I called the office the next day and said she still did not go and was not eating the person said hold on. She came back and said Dr. Miller said bring her back for bloodwork I said are you kidding me that should have been done when she was there I was not about to bring her back there. I said I was not pleased and she asked if I wanted to speak to Dr. Miller (who should have spoken to me when I called) I told her no I was not pleased with her either. Worst experience ever for my Angel and myself. No one ever called to see why I was not satisfied.
    - Danita H.
  • A
    They are very good. I like the way they cut my two Cocker Spaniels' hair. I was looking for a pet taxi, and I saw that they would pick up the dog for us. I asked them if they would help me take the dog to the veterinarian. They said that they would and they did. They have a flyer service. They are very conscientious of the customers and their dogs. They came, picked up my dogs and brought them back home. The pricing wasn't bad. The quality was good. Their responsiveness and punctuality were very good. They are professional.
    - Barbara E.
  • A
    Both of the doctors provide very good service. They are very conscientious of the dog, and they listen to the owners. They are very caring. They are one of the best vets I have met so far. They are very good. It is reasonable, good pricing. The quality is very good. Their punctuality is good, and they are very professional. They know what they are doing, and they take their time. They listen to us and the pet.
    - Barbara E.
  • A
    I recently adopted a dog from a local shelter and chose Eagle Rock as the vet. Dr. Lewis has been wonderful from day 1!  He is very patient with Scout--she can be a little shy and skittish around new people.  He has given me great advice and caught some things that the initial vet missed/didn't correctly inform us about.  Eagle Rock will work with your budget and services are a bit more than I was used to in the midwest with my previous dog, but competitive for the area.  Overall, very happy with Eagle Rock and definitely would recommend. 
    - Brooke B.
  • A
    We are living in an apartment and our neighbor has a dog. He was telling me that his dog wants to play with my dog. I refused because he had got four staples in his stomach and I have seen another dog getting it in his stomach. He took him to my vet, which he had never gone to before. I have been going to Arlington Dog and Cat Hospital who are my veterinarians for the last 20 years with different animals. I would highly recommend them. It's not like a place where we go touring, but it is like a hospital. The operating suites they have is separate from everything else. They have isolation wards for dogs and cats that are contagious to other dogs and cats. They have three whole time vets and one or may be two part time vets who come in a couple of days a week. They have a website. Two of the whole time vets have been here for years and one of the part time vets has been there for years. They like working there. They board animals and do a good job. They have good facilities for that. The operating suite is just like if you were in a hospital. They have a lot of equipment; they can do a cardiogram and of course X-rays but they have other things like the echo-cardiograms which they did on one of my cats once. But if they can't handle it, they send me to a specialist because for one of my dogs had a cataract and I had the cataract removed by the specialist because I couldn't see her being blind for the rest of her life. It was expensive; it was $4000. She was fine after-wards. My other dog had something like a skin allergy and he was scratching himself a lot and they had to give him medication. Then he gave him an antibiotic too because it looked like he had a secondary infection when he had scratched open his skin. He is fine now. They are not cheap but are not super expensive. I don’t remember what it cost me but their regular office visit is like $70 and shots are extra; something around $7. Years ago, we were involved in animal rescue and I had to stop because I had a quadruple bypass surgery and I couldn't handle it anymore. In the meantime we would bring dogs or cats or what ever it was that we had rescued there and get them checked. The first thing we used to get done was to get them spayed or neutered and get all their shots. We found one dog in the park with nine puppies and we boarded her there with the puppies because we had no place for that. They were only three weeks old; so they had a big area that they could keep her in, which was enclosed inside. We also had three people who wanted to adopt the puppies. Even their front desk is great as far as their manner, efficiency and everything is concerned. I have gone to other vets in an emergency and they disappointed me because they just didn't know what they were doing, but these guys are really good. They are not cheap, but I am willing to pay the price for their expertise. Their quality is excellent. One time my daughter called me that somebody had thrown a kitten out of the fourth floor window and it was laying on the ground in front of her apartments. It could not get up. She had called the Humane Society three times and they yelled at her for calling so many times, but didn't come. So I went with a carrier and I took it the emergency hospital. It was late after work. They said it will probably cost a lot of money to get three broken legs taken care of. I told them that I would take her to my vet and see what could be done. The doctor who operated on her put pins in and everything. It cost $2000 but she was a kitten only four months old; so the bone grew over the pins, they didn't have to remove the pins as she was a kitten and still growing. Later on, you would never know that she had this problem because she was jumping and climbing, she was fine. I had to keep her in a cage until she could recuperate and they made sure that she was healed because they didn't want her to try and run around. That is how good he was and he still is there. That was not a simple thing to do. I worked at college, and there are well houses here which are not part of the campus but there is what fraternities use. They either own them or rent them and one fraternity had a dog. It was a stray dog which they had taken in, and they assigned one of the new guys to lock the door. The one kid was sitting on the front steps and a guy came by and I don't know what the conversation consisted of, but the guy showed a gun. The dog came running out of the house and jumped on him. The guy shot the dog in the head, but it was alive and they took him there to my vet and they operated it and saved its life. It was awarded for the dog of the year, because he saved the kid's life. If the guy was going to use the gun on the dog, he would use it on the kid. In the end the guy got away, but the dog was a hero and I was glad he lived. They saved the dog's life there and that’s not something they were used to doing; removing bullets. They did a good job. I am very pleased with them. When my neighbor took his dog there, though they didn't know him, they took good care of his dog. They know me for years. They are pleasant about it.
    - Rosalie G.
  • A
    perfect as always
    - Michael C.
  • A
    They're pretty good. I take all my animals to them. I have been using them for 20 years. The animals are 14-15 years old and I have been using them before I got these animals now.
    - Steven T.
  • A
    I will use them again.
    - Steven T.
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