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  • A
    My 3 year old plasma TV turned itself off and would not go on. Since it's under an extended warranty, I called them first. They told me that the part wasn't available and the TV was not repairable. I then called Bill, who has fixed VCRs for my mother, and computers and TVs for a good friend, and came highly recommended by both. I explained about the part problem, and before Bill had even come over or charged me, he spent his own time trying to track down the part, which unfortunately was not available. I found an electronics engineer who told me he could rebuild my A-board (the part needed), and so Bill came out and thoroughly checked all the connections on the set, and removed the part that needed to be repaired. One week later on the day the part arrived, he fit me into his busy schedule, and came back to skillfully install the part, and the TV was working again. Bill is highly competent, honest, friendly, and reasonably priced. I really value his expertise, and highly recommend him for TV and other electronics repairs.
    - Vickie S.
  • F
    We original purchased a Groupon to try them out for our wedding. Our 2 Groupon lessons with our instructor went great. We decided to purchase additional classes, a 6pack, to work on a dance for our wedding which at the time was about 7 weeks away. Unfortunately, our instructor had a medical emergency and would not return in time for our wedding. Our 1st class of the 6 pack we had bought was when we were told that our original instructor would be out. Not to mention that this first class was booked originally at a different time and when we showed up were told it was the next day and we as the customers were at fault/error. The instructor we had the following day as our 1st non Groupon lesson was HORRIBLE. He didn't teach us anything or instruct us in anyway. We danced the steps we remembered from our original instructor the entire time with no feedback or help. Our 2nd class was booked and day of we received a call to cancel b/c they did not have an instructor for us. Time frame elapsed now has been 3 weeks. So our frustrations grew and we decided to call and speak with John, who also appears to be the owner. We expressed our concerned that our original instructor was not going to be back and that our 2nd instructor was not very good. John told us don't worry b/c Giovanni you last instructor is out also so we are going to give you a 3rd teacher. At this point we had lost interest in dance classes for our wedding and asked to receive a refund for the unused classes. We had 4 weeks, 5 classes, and a busy schedule. John rudely informed us that again we are at fault and that he in no way will refund us any money. And that we had already used 3 out of 6 classes, one of which was with him. AGAIN JOHN called to cancel those classes so we never used more than 1 of 6. I can't be certain he understood that when I tried to explain it because he just talked over me the entire time. He stated he really didn't care how we felt about his business. As a small business owner, I suggest you should worry about your customers concerns and do what is necessary to fix any issues.
    I would NEVER recommend anyone to use this dance studio. For a small business, one would think they would be interested in keeping customers satisfied. Not to mention if you are using Groupon to grow your business potential you should work with your customers as it doesn't seem like your having much luck without outside help.
    - Mary S.
  • A
    The Good Guys
    On 2/6/2016, I cancelled my appointment because the TV was working again. But two years ago, Carl came and repaired the same TV, and was just terrific. He was prompt and interesting to talk to while he figured out the problem and made the repairs. I can't recommend him more highly.
    - Ben B.
  • A
    I brought my tenor sax to Tom a few days before the big Mummers parade because one of my keys was sticking and making the horn inoperable when it got stuck. Tom had it fixed within minutes and then oiled my keys and fixed my lyre so I could read the music on New Years Day. He also discovered and fixed a bent key that was making my low notes hard to play. What a relief! 
    I used Tom before and I always get the same consistence great service. 
    Tom knows Saxophones. Tom is very experienced horn repair person. Years of experience and being a professional horn player himself gives him the intuitive know how to really fix the horn right. His passion for musical instruments is obvious as is his love for playing. It is a rare commodity to have such a woodwind & brass repair so close. I obviously highly recommend him!! 

    - Christine M.
  • A
    Uhaul Moving & Storage of Mt. Laurel
    They were great.  We got there a little late and they were about to close, but they told us to go ahead and put the stuff in the storage and lock it up.  They told us that we could handle everything else the next day.  They were so nice and made the move so much easier. Bill was wonderful. 
    - Sheila L.
  • A
    Nina Sidell Inspiring Lives, LLC
    Nina is a very cordial and welcoming host. She had pads of paper and pens available for the participants to take notes and graciously offered bottled water and a snack for the participants. Nina held the group in her home, which is a welcoming and warm environment with all types of inspirational messages on the walls and on the shelves. Nina ensured that all of the participants were heard and that everyone felt safe and comfortable. I suggested that Nina expand this class to more then one evening! It would be great if there were more opportunities for the participants to role play and learn even more about this topic.
    - Jill C.
  • A
    These people are the best. Awesome customer service when I contacted them initially, fixed my crib frame perfectly and quickly, charged me a price so low I was giddy. I could not have been happier with my experience!
    - Kerin R.
  • A
    The Player's Choice
    It went great -- Lou is very professional and takes the quality of his work seriously.  He had a problem with the table he'd scheduled the day before ours, so had to bump our scheduled move (given that we were selling the house, it is lucky we left a bit of a buffer in our calendar).  But that was the only issue.  On the reschedule date he arrived on time and got the table moved and set up perfectly. Great job -- I would definitely call on the Players Choice again.
    - Ellen G.
  • A
    Advent Property Management
    I contacted 4 property management companies when we decided to put our home on the rental market. Advent immediately got back to me. And the other 3 eventually did. Steve came out to the house and had it rented within 2 weeks. He was understanding, patient, extremely knowledgeable about the entire process, and guided us as to what had to be done and to be patient and not jump at the 1st applicant. He handled all the applications, vetting and final selection. He listened carefully to all our concerns. And as a result we can leave our house knowing it is in good hands.
    - linda b.
  • F
    A huge difference with my previous provider beating Comcast/Xfinity in many ways.  With my previous provider I had a nice, brand new Motorola box with the time in front.  The Comcast Cisco box is not readable from a distance, and there is no time in front.  Within 5 months, I needed technical support when the Comcast box stopped allowing me to view live TV or record/view anything on the DVR.  Unlike Comcast's on-line claim that their HD DVR box holds 300 hours of standard definition, this box only holds 100 hours (and only ~ 20 of HD recordings) and has 2 tuners (so don't believe the Xfinity commercials if you live in southern NJ).  My previous provider's remote had the DVR controls in the middle so you could comfortably rest your arm on the sofa and fast forward, etc.  The Comcast remote is very uncomfortable with the DVR controls on the top so your wrist is leaning over the remote.  I preferred the DVR screens much better with my previous provider.  All the recorded programs were listed on the left by name of program - if you recorded a series, they were listed under the program name, not 15 times, as opposed to Comcast, where you have to keep scrolling to find each episode.  Also, if you start watching something and stop, it was highlighted with my previous providers. With Comcast, you don't know as everything looks the same.  With my former provider, there was a "recent delete" folder so if you accidentally delete something, you can retrieve it.  Also, a message asks you "are you sure you want to delete."  Comcast has none of this - if you accidentally delete a program, you're out of luck.  
    Channels - while I had more channels when I started with my previous provider, when I switched to a lower priced package, I did lose some channels that I used to watch.  I did get some of these back with Comcast (Biography, BBC America).  However, I have HBO, Starz, and SHO and there are fewer channels with Comcast than my previous provider's movie package.  With them, I had 8 Showtime channels and each had the West version.  With Comcast, there is no SHO West, Starz West, or Encore West, and I lost 3 SHO channels: Women, Next, and Family.  HBO is the same except for only 1 West channel.  My previous provider had West channels for all the HBO's (and other premium stations), which is convenient when you want to record more than 2 things at once.  You can record the later scheduled West version.
    Program Guide - I like my previous provider better - it says "new" right where the series is listed, so you can easily scroll through the guide and record just the new episodes you want, skipping repeats.  With Comcast, the "new" is listed only after you click on the program name and is part of the "information" at the top.  Everything with Comcast TV seems to involve more steps.  Same with on-demand.  In addition, when you scroll up or down through Comcast channel guide, it is extremely annoying to click on an on-demand or other advertisement after every 5th channel.  We pay enough for their services not to have to scroll through ads on the channel guide.
    Quality - The biggest difference with TV is picture and voice quality.  With Comcast, the sound goes out for a few seconds at least twice per hour.  Often the voice is not in sync with the person opening their mouth.  This always happens if you fast forward the DVR.  The screen often has pixels, especially with on-demand.  They must frequently have service outages because DVR recordings are often stopped in the middle, and then started again 5 minutes later or more causing you to miss some of the program.  And frequently, you try to watch something on either live TV or the DVR and get an error message.  I am constantly having to re-boot their box and/or call tech. support if that doesn't work.  To say this is very frustrating is a major understatement.
    I nternet
    While it's a toss up, my previous provider wins here for speed and also for their Yahoo option e-mail.  I liked the fact that they had disposable e-mail addresses so you could easily use one for awhile and if you started to get a lot of spam, you could change it.  I never gave out my actual address but used various disposable ones.  Also, you could change the colors, etc. of both your webmail and browser home page with them.  You can't with Comcast.  The only plus with Comcast is that voicemail is listed on line - you can listen or get a text print-out of it.  (However, the text print out misses a lot of information and often doesn't make any sense). Also, there is a listing of missed calls, received calls, etc. from you home phone, which I really like, especially since CID on my phone has been out for weeks at a time.  However, scrolling through preferences is extremely slow with Comcast, taking 1 to 4 minutes for pages to load.  My previous provider was instantaneous (I had the same 15/5 plan with each).  In addition, apparently Comcast's DVR Manager is not available in Cherry Hill yet.
    I am not a big internet user, but lately have noticed that every time (2-3 times per week) I want to use my laptop, the Wi-Fi signal is out.  My network does not appear, and so I have to reboot the modem, which takes a good 5 minutes and cuts the phone service out while it's rebooting.  In addition, several times when I've tried to get e-mail in the evening, rather than morning, I can't. Nothing downloads, and this is from the main Ethernet connected computer.  The next morning I notice that I did indeed have e-mail.  So, my guess is if you are the type of person who uses the internet frequently, you will have reasons to dislike Comcast internet service as well.
    As an update, after months of calling about my problematic phone service, a technician came out and told me that my original SMS modem often stops working after awhile.  He replaced it and both the phone and Wifi connection have improved, so far.
    Because I had a salesperson, I was offered a much better rate than is advertised on line; my contract has a higher price for this 2nd year, but it was specified in the contract, so I thought I was protected.  However, they claim they can raise rates even though you have a contracted price.  So it looks like even though you might be quoted a lower price initially, since they can change your rate at any point, it's not really such a great deal after all.  As previously mentioned, Comcast charged an activation fee that was supposed to be free.  It took them several months to get this resolved.  The good thing about billing disputes with my previous provider, they credited you on the day you called and re-calculated the taxes and told you what to pay.  I waited months for Comcast to credit me the $29.95 activation fee specified in my contract as "no charge."  From what I have read on-line, Comcast can take months to issue a credit they owe you, which is totally unacceptable.
    My previous provider gives you the modem for free and charges for the DVR; Comcast charges a $7.00 per month rental fee for the modem.  If I were going to remain with them, I would purchase my own modem, especially given the constant re-booting that I have to do with their modem in order to maintain services.  Comcast gave me the DVR for free the 1 year, and is charging me $8.00 (rather than the $7.00 specified in my contract) for this 2nd year.
    I have had Comcast service for 1 year now.  Unfortunately, even though I'm maybe saving money during this 2 year contract, if I knew what I know now, I would have stayed with my previous provider with their fiber-optic technology and trouble-free service/product.  I am not happy with Comcast customer service or their products, especially TV, DVR, and very problematic phone service.  I plan to return to my previous provider when my contract is up, and I will never switch back to Comcast again. Their service/product is not worth the aggravation and numerous phone calls to customer service/technical support.  Even one of their technicians who came to my house told me that my region (Cherry Hill and southern NJ from Woodbury to Maple Shade) has very old equipment desperately in need of upgrade, and they have firm ware and other problems requiring numerous service calls to customers.
    I would say that the only thing "awesome" about Xfinity is their salesperson.  If it was not for him, I would have cancelled within the first 30 days of service.  If you don't mind your telephone service constantly going out; missing important phone calls; sometimes not being able to be heard on the phone; slow internet; intermittent Wi-Fi signals; error messages when you try to watch your DVR or live TV; on-demand with video pixels; voice not in sync with video on the TV; sound on your TV going out at least twice per hour; as well as having to make several calls per month to Comcast customer service/technical support, then choose Xfinity.  If you want trouble-free service/product, the choice is clear: choose Comcast/Xfinity's competition.
    - Vickie S.
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