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  • F
    Nissan of Omaha
    Since Nissan of Omaha wants to keep altering my review, read my review here: Where do I begin with everything I have been through because I pulled into their parking lot. Keep reading to here the shadiness, negligence, poor craftsmanship, and deception that Nissan of Omaha served up to me. Read to hear how they unscrewed a cap and said I had an oil leak to STEAL MY MONEY && how I almost got in a fatal accident because of their mechanics negligence!!! First, Finance guy told us that the warranty covers anything under the hood and anything that makes the car go. That was a lie. Finance guy said we could only use warranty at Nissan, that was a lie. Next day after we bought the car we brought it in. The check engine light was on. They found out that coil packs were bad, this was about 6 hours after buying it. They had the car for about 5 days. Apparently this went bad within the 6 hours we had it. The second time we brought the car in was for an oil leak, sending unit, and the oil gauge was not reading. They said there was no leak and the gauge did not get fixed. Customer fixed gauge on own time. The third time the car was brought in for the wheel clunking and oil leak. No oil leak or issues that would cause a clunking noise were detected. I broke down after the car was in for the third time. The heating hose broke. The maintenance papers that the dealership gave me states the service department inspects ALL hoses every time the car is in their care. The car was in their care 4 times prior to this. I had to pay for a tow because of this. When a I had to bring the car in again Ryan says, so do you want us to check the hoses? Ummm, yes, it is in your paperwork this is a requirement on your part. This proves they are not. The fourth time the car was brought in for an oil leak. They found it had a steering rack issue. The steering rack was replaced with a cheap aftermarket part. (Your warranty though them will only cover aftermarket parts.) We were not informed that our warranty would only cover the cheapest parts made, no matter what quality. Since our car has been returned to us, the brake is vibrating and the wheel is popping. Nissan of Omaha called me and told me they were having issues with the part/car and had to have the car for longer. This problem can be from them or the aftermarket part. I had called separately and reserved a courtesy car. They didn���t know I needed one and I had to wait for one. Receptionist did not reserve on for me, after I had called separately to reserve one, clearly she didn't. There is a total of $2,600 of oil leaks in the car. Rodney, Sales Manager, said that Nissan would cover 1,000 of oil leaks and we would need to cover another 1,000. However, when this situation was brought up, Rodney crosses the rear main seal off the list of items that needed to be fixed. If we would have never challenged what they were making us pay for, they would have had us pay for the rear main seal which is $1,164.42. But all of a sudden that isn't leaking within 30 minutes of them giving me the paper trying to charge me for it. We were informed by the receptionist that we would be speaking to the person over sales and service. This was proven later to be false, as Rodney is not ahead of both departments. I have made another appointment for the new issues. I called Ryan and he never called me back. I called back the next day, before the end of the day, and he made it clear that he had no intention of calling me back. Typical. Jason Jones, President of Nissan of Omaha, has not returned our phone call in 5 full weeks. There have been an total of $6,000 worth of repairs that have needed to happen to this car since purchase, according to Nissan of Omaha. I took my car into H&H Chevrolet after I was informed I can use the warranty anywhere. (The finance person told me it would only be good there, hence, why I was only going to Nissan of Omaha.) Also, Ryan did not want to work with me anymore once I wanted to take the Tahoe to a Chevrolet dealership of my choice, he only wanted me to take it to the dealership of his choice. H&H said there are no oil leaks on the car and the vibrating brake is directly related to Nissan no putting on control arms properly. The control arms were going to fall off the car. This is a very dangerous and potentially fatal incident that could have occurred. Nissan needs to send me a check for the fee from H&H. Nissan of Omaha mechanic road in the car with me and told me it was just a coincidence that this was happening after they worked on the car. H&H proved this to be false. Well let me tell you something Jason Jones, Rodney, Ryan, and mechanic - would it be a coincidence if I worked on your car gave it back and then you got in a car accident on the interstate hat killed your child or someone else's child!?!???!!!? Think on that! Ryan heard the sound and told me something is wrong with the ABS and the car definitely has something wrong with it. But mechanic says it's all coincidence! Also, Nissan of Omaha unscrewed a cap that was causing oil to leak underneath my car. There are no oil leaks in the car per H&H. Also, Nissan of Omaha gave me the multi inspection form that included yellow shaded boxes. H&H informed me this is not true & all lies. UPDATE : After I left my review Jason Jones harassed me and called me late at night and early AM. I spoke with him this past Wednesday and he offered me four car payments for hush money. This call left a sour taste in my mouth. This man pays people off. He also trash talked H&H for about 15 minutes of the conversation. He then began to brag that his reputation is everything and because he does community services, he is an amazing person. I called him today, Friday, and told him I declined his offer. However he started the conversation off badly. He starts the how are you question of as, great, it's sunny, I woke up, and my parking lot is full of people buying cars. That set the tone bad on my end. After I told him I declined his offer he accused me of trying to extort him. Not accepting his dirty money in exchange to protect other people, is not extortion. Jason, please look up the definition of extortion. Jason Jones is a narcissistic & unethical owner.
    - Lisa D.
  • C
    Motor Village of LA
    Was supposed to replace compressor but part didn't arrive after 6 days but they never bothered to share that info until the 5th day.  Worst communication I've ever seen.  He thought brakes were making noise but they said they were OK.  Got car back on the 6th day and the inspection sheet said the brake pads were a safety hazard!  Had they told him that, they could have been fixed while they had his van.  In their defense, they did discount the service to compensate for the inconvenience, which is good because I've never heard of a $700 alternator before and taking a cab to work was pretty expensive for him.  Still, it's so exasperating to deal with such a lack of communication.
    - Judy O.
  • A
    Window Genie of Omaha
    Dick came right out for an estimate.  We live in a town home and the upper level that we wanted the tinting applied to is very difficult to access.  Dick thought the tinting could be applied okay to the inside, which is the preferred method.  When the installers arrived, try as they might, they were in fact unable to access the inside of the windows.  They refused to give up and returned to their shop to get an exterior tinting material.  This material was a darker shade and a little more expensive.  Even though this required more work, it was installed for the same price as my original quote.  The installers were very professional and friendly and we couldn't be more pleased with the outcome.  I highly recommend Window Genie and  look forward to using them in the future.
    - Dan P.
  • A
    Amtech Auto Care

    The whole experience was very positive.  Staff are friendly, knowledgeable, willing to take the time to explain the repairs needed and  how the repairs were ultimately completed.  The staff at AmTech cultivated my trust and loyalty. I was impressed with the experience.  After the repairs outlined above  were not totally completed, they corrected the problem without charge due to  the fact that they provided a limited warranty for the initial brake work.

    I was very pleased, satisfied and will return for my vehicle's  future service needs

    - Bob G.
  • F
    New Life Auto Spa
    When I went to pick the car up the outside was awful.  There were smear marks (wax) everywhere, water marks and overspray from Armor-All(?) on the windows and on the paint.  When they sent the man out who worked on that part of the car he started making all kinds of excuses for why it looked so bad.  When I got in the car the interior was clean but the seats were still very wet.  And, they forgot to give me my keys back and when I called them about that there was a mad dash to find the keys, no one knew where they were.  I would never trust my car to this place again.
    - Barbara K.
  • A
    Midwest Tire Co
    They quickly helped me select the tires I needed given my driving habits and were very reasonable.  They got me in right away and completed the work sooner than they estimated so spent little time waiting.  Were very courteous and professional.
    - Allan S.
  • F
    Select Auto Body Frame & Alignment
    I called Rick Bowers, the owner of Select Auto Body in
    Omaha, last week to see if he could check out some scratches I had on my bumper
    and elsewhere on my car. He said, ���Sure, bring it in next week.��� I called him
    on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 19, 2014, and he said to bring the car in
    so he could buff the scratches out that exact day.
    I did so, and he told me he could get 90% of the scratches
    out of my car, but couldn't do the work until tomorrow now because he had
    fallen behind on a job. I said that was fine, I can bring it in tomorrow. He
    said it would take an hour to two hours to complete the job.
    I called him Thursday morning around 10 a.m. to see if his
    schedule was free to bring the car in, not wanting to make another trip with no
    results. He said it was a good time, so I dropped the car off at 10:40 a.m.,
    expecting to be done within the two hours or so he quoted me.
    Keep in mind that I took time away from work to accomplish
    all of this, and I also needed to secure two separate rides to the shop. Three
    and a half hours passed and no call from Select, which is understandable. I
    know that businesses get slammed and things happen. However, my ride had things
    to do and it was getting late, so I had to have them drop me off at the shop so
    I could wait until the car was finished.
    When I arrived, I saw my car outside and figured it was
    done. However, upon further examination, I noticed that not a single one of the
    "90 %" of scratches I was told would be gone were gone. Literally not
    one. I thought they were busy and still waiting to get to my car, so I prepared
    to wait there for a few hours, as I had no other option.
    That's when it got, shall we say, interesting (for the sake
    of staying professional). One of Rick's employees told me the car was finished
    and began to write me up. I brought it to his attention that they were supposed
    to check my brakes, which they forgot to do. They did, and I then pointed out
    that not one single scratch was removed from my car. Rick came out to discuss
    it, and I voiced my grievance in a calm manner. He asked me if I had paid, and
    I said "No, not yet."
     His reply was "Take it and don't come back." I
    asked him nicely if we could talk this out and was told in a standoffish manner
    to vacate the premises. Needless to say, I was absolutely in shock.
    Nothing of what I was told was completed on my car, and I
    was thrown out onto the street after wasting an entire day dealing with this
    for nothing, only to be rudely cast aside, disrespected, and essentially
    treated like a piece of dirt. There are many body shops in Omaha and I chose to
    take my car to Select Auto Body because they claim to give excellent service.
    The exact opposite is true. A business owner has never, ever
    treated me so rudely and I am appalled at what has transpired. I would not recommend
    this business to my worst enemy and I urge you to not only avoid taking your
    car there, but to vehemently deny any friends who suggest using them.
    This was far and away the worst experience I have ever had
    with a business. I am beyond baffled how they can stay in business lying,
    strong-arming, and just flat out disrespecting their customers. I was thrown
    out for not paying my hard-earned money for an absolutely nonexistent job. I
    can only imagine how many other helpless customers they have done the same
    thing to. Please stay away.
    - Michael D.
  • A
    Performance Chrysler Jeep Dodge of La Vista
    I go to the jeep dealership because we have jeeps for auto repair or auto services. The name of the dealership is Performance Chrysler Jeep Dodge of La Vista. The last time I used them was about 3 or 4 months ago. If I remember correctly I had some recall stuff done. There was a recall and I had dealt with that. I got some regular stuff done too. I had a bunch of different things done, I don't remember actually. They actually do a pretty good job. They have always done pretty good with me. They are not always that punctual. There are probably cheaper places to go.
    - Martha N.
  • A
    Exclusive Repair INC
    My car was making awful noises with braking.  Stopped at 730 Am and asked if they could fix it today.  Said they would fit me in and would take an hour.  It only took 45 min, and NO more awful noises.  Have gone to this place for years.  Always good price, and fix it right.  If you have a honda this is where you need to go
    - anita z.
  • C
    I frequent U-Pull-It often to obtain parts for all of my older vehicles so I am comparing U-Wrench-It to U-Pull-It as they are nearly identical. The prices are pretty much identical for parts and to get into the yard. It is $2 a person just like U-Pull-It. The huge difference here is the quantity of vehicles in the yard. This place has probably half what U-Pull-It has and 75% of the yard is Ford vehicles, most of which are trucks and SUVs. If you are looking for Ford parts, you might find what you are looking for if it is older (pre-2000). The four people in the office didn't say a word to me the whole time either. A quick glance was all I got when handing them the money and getting a receipt for the entrance fee. The next big thing is quality. At U-Pull-It, pretty much every vehicle has something left on it for you to take, if not most of the vehicle, and they are always whole vehicles. U-Wrench-It had at least four vehicles that were nothing but the frame and part of the cab. No dash, no seats, no interior moldings... just metal frame. Then there were at least two that were so mangled that no one could actually get anything out of the vehicle of worth without a saw to cut the roof off and other heavy duty equipment to pull it apart and get inside. That would never stick at U-Pull-It. If there is not enough on the car to warrant bringing it into the yard to take up space, U-Pull-It would just crush it. Not so much here. Seemed like wasted space and effort to have some of the completely mangled or stripped vehicles brought in. Overall, if you are looking for used parts to pull yourself, go to U-Pull-It first and then here if you can't find what you are looking for. If you have a post-2000 vehicle, you probably shouldn't even bother with this place.
    - Sean D.
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