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  • So pleased with the results of our bathroom remodel. Andy and his team did quality work and were easy to communicate with. They balanced updating the space while keeping its character true to the actual age of our home. I'm thrilled to no longer be embarrassed when people use my bathroom.
    - Gwendolyn M.
  • We are currently in the process of selling our home and needed one non-operational window replaced. Scott Chaney quickly came out and provided an estimate. We received bids from several larger companies as well but made the decision to go with Chaney Windows. After seeing Scott's company highly recommended on the local Handyman STL FB page it reassured us in making our decision. Today, our window was replaced and his company did a FANTASTIC job. Very professional, fast, clean and the window looks great! When it comes to windows I know I will be calling him back! You will not be disappointed!
    - Lori M.
  • Work was done over a year ago and we are as delighted as the day it was completed. We asked for special details that required extra time and skill. This company welcomed the challenge with a smile. It is obvious these guys love their work. True craftsmen.
    - Jeffrey H.
  • Grizealy Home Remodeling is fantastic. Brooks was very professional and thorough in his work, which resulted in a very good outcome. The backsplash is beautiful, the window frames look fantastic, and so do the baseboards. If you want someone who is honest and performs quality work, hire Grizealy Home Remodeling. You won't be sorry.
    - chantel t.
  • We are heartbroken. Essentially, we tried to go with a small/local business, and we should definitely have paid more and gone with a larger/regional firm with appropriate standards of professionalism and quality of work. I think they were not equipped to handle a job of this scope, and I wish they'd considered that and declined the job. Now, I know that there are multiple perspectives involved here, and that there likely are some details I have remembered incorrectly or variables I forgot to include, but please know I am trying to be honest and fair in my recollection and representation of our experience. Steve and his crew are friendly/personable enough, and I want to give one compliment in saying that I felt safe with them in my home and enjoyed talking with many of his crew members. BUT, there's a caveat--there are some major flaws in the way the business is run and the way the business approaches its HR, and it all spills over and shows in the finished product of our house. Steve's always looking out for number one, and beware--that number one isn't you the customer, nor is it his crew/workers. It's him, and that's evident as well in the way the business operates. We often felt bad for his workers, and ultimately, we also felt bad for ourselves, because we have to live with the fallout of the major areas of concern in dealing with this business. We definitely don't want others to find themselves in the same boat we're in. As of now, we've followed up and asked for some of our money back OR to have the items at issue repaired by a different crew/company and the bill would go to Steve, but so far, they are claiming that most everything is just wear and tear and not their responsibility, etc. This is extremely disappointing to me, as I hate to end things on a sour note, and I have been open and honest in communicating with them and open to compromise to resolve these issues. We're at the point where we are considering either reporting them to the BBB or contacting an attorney, though we'd prefer to just work with them to settle the issues in a fair and ethical manner. It's been exhausting to deal with them. We have also had roofers, HVAC crews, and insulators work on the house leading up to this remodeling project, and we had none of these issues with any of their work or their workers. After saving up all our money for 10 years (over $110,000.00) and specifically asking Steve to do right by us, we ended up feeling betrayed at the end. We feel like he nickel and dimed us at every turn, his employees were often in over their heads or did not possess the appropriate skill sets for specific tasks (in most cases, this was not their fault), major items from the remodel began falling apart within months or were never completed correctly to begin with, and the business (though they claim to have a one year guarantee on work performed) refuses to take financial responsibility and allow us to have the problems corrected by a different company OR else refund us part of the money we paid. It really does boggle my mind, and it's upsetting, because we always paid on time, were courteous and generous to his staff (we didn't take issue or complain about them smoking outside, eating on the porch, charging their phones/car batteries, etc., and we gave them some cash bonuses at the end because many of them drove in from quite far every day and did not receive any allowance for that, and also because they did genuinely nice things like change a flat tire for me one day, etc.) We saved for a decade to have this work done, and now we are left with: *cracked/crumbling grout in multiple rooms (showers, walls, and floors--we were told that after only a few months' time, the cracking was "normal wear and tear") *a new back door and frame that literally fell off the house after a few weeks because it was installed with trim nails (I had to call my spouse and ask him to come home early because I did not know what to do) *an upstairs bathroom that does not work (leaks into ceiling still, despite us trying to get the issue addressed before the work was completed--we were told it was fixed or there was no issue when that was not the case as the first time the shower was used, seepage and stains appeared in our bedroom ceiling) *a toilet that sits out six+ inches from the wall and overlaps the doorway to the dressing room (plumbers/Steve claimed they would have had to do costly work to reroute the pipe or correct the issue, though the old toilet did sit flush with the wall, so I'm still confused about that) *window trim that is not nailed down securely because they did not go back and properly fill in the frames in the installation process on the new windows *wood floors that were refinished poorly and mismatched stain in some areas of the house *original, beautifully stained wood doors that were "cleaned up" with mineral spirits but not wiped down afterwards, so the lacquer/top coat has begun to bubble up and flake off *a ton of nails in the yard, oil stains in the driveway from a leak in Steve's truck, and cigarette butts throughout the property *a bill from our HVAC company, because the drywaller and/or Steve's regular crew nailed through our thermostat wiring because it was not properly run the way we'd asked for it to be *in one bathroom, tiles that cracked and broke after installation when the crew had to try to fix a plumbing problem, and they were just grouted together rather than replacing the broken tile (extra tile was available/left over) *HVAC venting placements that are asymmetrical and "wonky" in a noticeable way because no one centered them when reinstalling after drywalling *an antique restored cast-iron tub whose feet are now attached using sloppy construction adhesive *additional supply lines, parts and adapters for the clawfoot tub I had to purchase (roughly $250-$300), due to the fact that the lines were not installed by the plumber in the “standard” placement for a clawfoot tub *scratches on/in my new marble and tile floors because they did not keep paper on the floors until they were completely done with work *missing vent covers to the HVAC that have to be replaced because the crew would take them off to do work, then misplace them and not be able to recall where they were located; some got thrown out *a broken window in the basement; *a shrub I had to replace that got damaged from stuff being dropped out the window on it *ground/floor outlets on the 3rd floor were not installed flush with the floor, not to mention the issues with the plastic caps left on the floor plugs and just stained over AND THERE WERE MORE ISSUES...I just am running out of steam at the moment and need to come back and fill out the remainder of the list later. But the above list should give customers an idea of what's happening Here are some behaviors we witnessed: *One day, I came upon one of the employees peeing on the side of my house, even though they had access to the interior and four bathrooms to choose from *Bags of trash and meal/food debris were left on the front porch for days at a time on a regular basis; we had to pull our dogs out of them multiple times and found evidence of wildlife accessing them as well *The crew attempted to spray paint exposed (it's a console sink, so they're visible) plastic/PEX pipes with "nickel" paint as opposed to sourcing and using satin nickel fittings/pipe or stubbing out with copper, even though I was able to find most of the items they needed myself online and always offered to pay for/help located needed parts *His flooring guy walked off the job and delayed work for a long period of time (we kept our fridge in the dining room for a month, and we ultimately got charged an EXTRA $1000.00 for stripping wax off of floors, though I'm not sure how that entire cost should have been ours to bear) *We were told the project would take 9-12 weeks, and though we did change and add elements (so I could have lived with a extra week or two), they ended up being there for 18 weeks (February into July)...and stuff started breaking within a few months, which is unbelievable to me *The crews often were told to use the cheapest materials possible, and the approach to difficult projects was not a "standard of excellence," to say the least, but rather a "bubble gum and rubber bands," "bare minimum" philosophy
    - Natalie G.
  • The installation went fairly smoothly. When the paint/ plaster around the windows began to crack while sawing our old windows, they used a different method and repaired what needed repairing. It took a week to get 21 windows completed.
    - Jessica G.
  • The man who installed our windows was very nice and did an excellent job. The windows look great. They were sealed inside and out. When the job was finished they completely cleaned up all the debris from the old windows. There wasn't enough trim to finish around our front door but that was finished in less than a week. We are considering using Erie for our bathroom.
    - Jan H.
  • Met with Tom & was impressed with the information, and apparent experience he had with the type of repairs we need.  About 6 weeks later, (delay on my part) I emailed the company with questions about the estimate, and asked to go over a few details. 
    When I hadn't heard anything in about a week, I contacted the company.
    The lady on the phone said Tom had been out of the office, but she did have my email pending for him when he returned.  As it was just about Memorial Day, I waited another few weeks before calling again.  That time she sounded annoyed (whether with me or him I honestly don't know) and said she would again let him know I wanted to speak with him. I asked her to please let him know that we were leaning toward hiring the company to do our work, but needed to work out a few details.  She assured me she would relay the information.  
    That was more than a month ago and we still have received no response.  At this point, we're starting from scratch in seeking estimates from other companies.  Today, I see that this is not an unusual experience with this company as others have recently posted about having the same problem. Really makes me wonder how he earned his rating here. 
    - Kathi C.
  • I scheduled an estimate to replace 2 windows and repair some damage to a wall.  Jim came out. He went over everything with me and gave me a ballpark estimate of about $1400, and that they would qualify for a tax deduction for energy use improvements to our home.  I thanked him and asked him to send me the full estimate so I could go over it with my husband and we could compare to the other estimates we were getting.  

    He accidentally left a sample at my house, and the day after he retrieved it, I received an email that simply said
    "As we discussed replacing the two windows with Pella encompass series vinyl windows and tearing off the siding around the area where you have a leak, ensuring proper flashing and reinstallation of siding plus any new parts that we need to supply would be a grand total of 1443."

    I expected to receive a detailed proposal similar to the ones I received from the other three businesses, but that never arrived. 
    The other companies from whom we received estimates all pointed out that our siding had not been installed properly.  They pointed out missing parts & recommended that all of the siding on the back of the house be removed, all of the walls checked for damage due to the improper installation that exposed the walls to potential water damage.  Jim had said nothing about that. I asked two of the other companies about whether installing energy-efficient windows would be tax deductible, and they said that the government was no longer doing that particular deduction.  I still haven't found out which is the right answer. 

    Then about 2 weeks later, a woman with the company called to ask if the work had been done yet. I told her no, and that I was still waiting for the estimate.  She told me that she would make sure I received it, but also that their window manufacturer had some special discounts going on, and asked if Jim could come back to go over them with me and my husband.  I said sure, and scheduled the visit for a time when my husband would be home. 

    But Jim wasn't there to show us new options or talk about the special discounts.  He was there assuming that my husband's presence would mean we would make a decision on the spot.  When I asked about the 'special discounts' mentioned to me on the phone, he made an oddly condescending comment like "sure, you discounts, don't you?" and said they could drop the price to $1400.  

    When we asked what it would cost to also add some insulation to the walls before the siding was replaced, he said that was 'included'.  Then I asked if he could give us the prices for three different styles of window for one of the windows being replaced, and he again made a vague promise that 'any window you want is included'.  But we had no details of what that $1400 actually did include. No scope of work detailed, no materials detailed, nothing. 

    Then he wanted to know if we had 'decided'.  We told him no, certainly not tonight.  We told him we needed to see his full estimate in order to compare. He wanted to know if it was just price we were comparing... I told him no, we wanted to be able to compare 'apples to apples' by taking a look at what each company suggested, and their prices for their work and materials.  When he left, we again asked for him to send us the complete, detailed estimate.  We never received one.  Right after he left, my husband said it seemed like he just came by to meet with 'the man of the house', expecting him to make an on-the-spot decision that 'the little woman' could not. 

    A few weeks later, I again received a call from a woman at the company.  At that point, my husband and I were annoyed,  I told her we had requested a written estimate multiple times, without receiving one, and that it appeared that the second visit to 'go over special discounts' was actually an attempt to meet with the 'man of the house'.  I told her not to bother having an estimate sent because after that experience we certainly were not going to use their company.  

    I was really surprised by the experience because I expected much better from a company rated "A" on Angie's list. 


    - Kathi C.
  • I was very happy with Unitherm's service. Their president Jeff was polite, professional, and friendly through the entire process. The estimate process was relaxed without any pressure around the quote. The price was very reasonable and the installers were also quite polite.
    Through the entire interaction with the company, I felt that they had extremely high standards for themselves in the service they offer their clients. The installers worked very efficiently. When the installation was finished, Jeff inspected the work personally. One of my windows had an issue with the balance bar from manufacturing, and Jeff contacted the manufacturer and had them come to repair balance bar immediately during the installation.
    I'm very pleased with the service I received and would recommend them to anyone else looking for windows. My house looks great with them. As a side plus, the entire crew is comfortable around dogs which was a nice perk. I would have felt mild guilt over leaving my dog in a kennel or outside all day and they were fine with me keeping her with me on a leash by me instead.
    Top marks, with no complaints!
    - Nicholas C.
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