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    Slumberland Furniture and Mattress Store
    First of all they are very dishonest. The sales person told me I could do as many reselects as needed until we found the perfect mattress for us. For that reason I started at the lower end and chose a $1300 mattress first. I even laughed with the sales person and told him since they have such a great deal with reselects I will start low and work my way up in case I find something that work for less money. The first mattress I bought was defective and the entire top where our heads lay sunk in after the 30 day trial. We returned it and paid a $99 reselect fee plus shipping to get another mattress. While choosing the second mattress the sales person was in a very big rush to leave for a wedding he was attending and pointed us to the next step up telling me this bed is comfortable for anyone and there's no way we won't be happy with it because it is their top of the line. He even told me he slept on this bed and asked other sales people what they slept on and they answered they also use this mattress. Sounded great so I paid another $1200 to get it. I was excited thinking this would be great but after the first night sleeping on it my wife and I both had the same symptoms of pain and numbness. The top layer of the mattress is so thin you can literally feel the springs pushing against you. Both of us began getting numbness in our hips and shoulders, arms falling asleep and back pain! I waited the 30 days like they told me and went back in the store to do another reselect for $99. Upon arrival I was informed that on the back of the receipt the policy states there is only 1 reselect allowed. What!? That is not what I was told and the policy was never explained or read to me at checkout. Also, during the reselect I did to buy the second mattress the sales person never once mentioned this would be my only reselect chance. Here I was thinking this is a great deal, I will just keep trying mattresses and pay the $99 until I get the perfect one that I love just like the sales person told me. So, now I'm stuck with a $2500 mattress that causes my wife and I horrible pain and numbness. I've gone back and forth with the store manager (who was also the sales person that sold me) for 3 weeks now and he just keeps telling me he is trying to see if there is anything he can do. Now instead of calling me or asking me to come in to the store like a real business does he is text messaging me. He says there is no possible way for me to get another reselect option or a return and I am just stuck with the bad mattress now. Yesterday he told me maybe when his boss gets back from a 10 day vacation he just left for he can see if there is anything he can do for me. What? For 3 weeks you never asked your boss and now he is on vacation with nobody delegated to make decisions for him? The only offer he did give me was if I forfeit the extra payment I made for the second mattress of $1200 he will let me have back the first mattress but I will also have to pay another $99 reselect fee plus the shipping fees to do the swap. I said he must be out of his mind if he thinks I'm going to forfeit $1200 plus pay another $99 plus shipping just to get back into the original $1300 mattress I already paid for (which by the way you can buy online for about half the price). After trying to work this out with the store with no options I finally called my credit card to dispute the charges. After all they did sell me something that was not as described and they are also holding me to a return policy that I never signed and was never made aware of. The bed in the store is way nicer and more comfortable than the one I received. The credit card company agent advised me that maybe if we call them together the company will allow me to spend more money with them to buy a better mattress. It didn't make sense that they won't let me spend money with them. So the agent helped me 3-way call the store again and again they told us they could do nothing to help me. Then the agent and I called the Slumberland headquarters on a 3-way call. They also told us there is nothing they can do. This company is impossible to work with. All I wanted was to pay more money and upgrade to a better mattress again. I've even offered to come in there and buy the most expensive mattress they have if they will just let me do 1 last reselect and get out of this bad mattress. They still told me they can't allow me to even buy the most expensive bed and I'm just stuck with the one the sales person sold me. Now I'm left with the only option now to dispute it with my credit card and try to get my money back so I can go buy a good mattress from a good company that takes care of it's customers.
    - travis p.
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    It was a fight trying to reach anyone with authority, trying every which way to talk to someone that would hear my complaint. Finally after several calls and demanding to talk to a supervisor, Ashley only offered a replacement or reselection of what I paid. Knowing the poor quality of their furniture now, I wanted my money back for just owning it 4 months. I put in a claim with the Missouri Attorney General & BBB, called Channel 2 with them getting back with me wanting me to send them pictures of my couch and now waiting for an interview. Ashley Furniture doesn't care if I go no television or not they stated and they don't care how many media sites that I put my complaint about their furniture on. I can understand if I had owned my furniture more than a year or two, but only having it for a few months and it is falling apart, I don't want another replacement that will have the same problems with their poor quality of furniture. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! I hope my report will save other consumers the pain and agony that I have gone through with this company and you will not buy anything from Ashley Furniture HomeStore.
    - Pat K.
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    Slyman Bros Appliances
    From the moment we walked into the store, we were treated with such professionalism! Our salesman, Josh, was very knowledgeable and not pushy, which was appreciated. He went out of his way to check on special prices for Black Friday that could be a possibility for us, and by waiting to order our appliances just one week, we were able to get a very nice sale. The installers came promptly when they said they would be there, and gave us a call the night before, just as promised. Randy, the installer, was also very professional.
    - Mary F.
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    Richie's Refinishing
    After having our cabinets painted creamy white our stools didn't match any more. We had black quartz counter tops put in so we decided to have the stools painted black to match. I was concerned about the outcome because the stools looked laminated to me and I was afraid the new paint would not cover. However the stools were returned and looked like new. They were complete covered and we found no bad spots or light spots on them. We have used them a few weeks now and the paint is wearing like this was the original color. I'm very pleased and glad we had them painted as the style is not one that you can find easily. The straw seats came back with no paint on them, just as they were originally. Great job !! We are waiting until after Christmas and Rich is going to refinish the top of our kitchen table where the finish is coming off. I can't wait! He does marvelous work, we would refer him to anyone looking for a professional paint job that makes old things look new again!
    - Larry C.
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    Midwest Money coins & stamps
    I've sold to them 2-3 times before. And I felt I had been shorted previously, so I went to a 2nd dealer and had it weighed and counted to make sure the count was accurate. The last time, I had another company weigh the silver and this company was 30 face value of silver short or equivalent $200 short. I found them on Google and thought they were reputable, but they aren't. They cheated me on the weight and count.
    - shawn j.
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    Happy's Appliance

    The replacement of the drain hose was not done correctly, and when we ran a load of laundry immediately after the repair person left our house, it dumped a full load of water onto our wood laminate floors. We spend hours soaking up the water, and attempting to protect our floors from damage. In the end, we weren't able to get all the water from the cracks, and our floors are now significantly warped in our mudroom and kitchen.

    We called Happy's the next day, Saturday, September 10th. We were told the owner was out of town, and he would call us Tuesday, September 13th. They offered to give us a refund on the washing machine and they would come pick it up Sunday, September 11th. We agreed and stated that we still needed the owner to call us back to address the damage to our floors. They then rejected coming to pick up the washing machine until we talked to the owner about the floors. On Monday, they called to schedule a time to pick up the washing machine. We agreed they would come that night and bring a check for $300 for our refund. Later that day, we received a call that they weren't going to be able to bring a check and did we still want them to come pick it up. Obviously, we said no- why would they ever give us a check if we didn't have ownership to the washing machine any longer.

    We heard nothing from the owner on Tuesday as we were told. He called on Weds, Sept 14th and was extremely rude from the beginning of the conversation. I obviously was not happy and was frustrated on the phone, but I did not yell, curse, etc. He was rude and unapologetic about the mistake his company made. He even told me that he offered to come pick up the washing machine and we refused- acting as though I was the one that was causing problems or being difficult. I explained that we weren't going to give up the washing machine unless a refund was issued for it. And that we expected them to do something about the damage to our floors.

    He stated he would have to have one of his employees come look at the damage and would call me back to schedule a time for that to happen. That was on September 14th, and as of September 29th, we haven't heard back from him. After a week not hearing from him, we called the store as well as the number he originally called us from and left repeated messages to call us back. He refuses to call us back. It appears he is not going to a) refund our money on the washing machine or b) address the damage his Company caused to our floors- which he agreed to do both over the phone.

    I've purchased from used appliances stores in the past, and have never had these kinds of issues. I will obvious never use Happy's again, and I just want other potential customers to realize that being out some money for a used appliance that doesn't last long is not the worst that can happen if you purchase from this company.

    - Amanda P.
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    New Beginnings Estate Sales, LLC

    Bridgette and her crew were WONDERFUL. Not only was she on time, but things could not have been smoother. I was pleasantly surprised as I netter even more than I ever thought possible and best they did everything. OUTSTANDING service, professional and honest. THANK YOU :)

    - John B.
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    A Pianos Friend
    I surprised my wife a piano for Christmas and had to coordinate with the church where we bought it on a pick-up date as well as ensure my daughters could be here when it was delivered. A Piano's Friend arrived exactly on time and were very efficient on both ends of the move. They took care to ensure that the piano was set exactly where my wife wanted it and were extremely polite and professional. It was an outstanding experience and A Piano's Friend will be our first call for any future needs.
    - Mark W.
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    Richie's Refinishing
    I had old oak kitchen cabinets and wanted to go to white.  Richie came and gave me an estimate and really impressed me as to his professionalism, enthusiasm, and experience.  He wasn't the cheapest bid I had, but I decided he'd provide the best quality for my job.  I go by the axiom "Nothing's a bargain if it isn't what you want."  
    Richie took 2 days to completely mask off the "skeleton" of my kitchen cabinets.  The doors were taken off and taken to his shop where they were spray painted.   He then painted the cabinet skeletons.  He installed "finishing boards" on the end of all exposed-end cabinets to make for a nicer finish.  He then re-installed the newly painted cabinets and put  new handles that I had provided, and put new felt bumper pads on the inside of each cabinet and drawer.  He worked very quickly and efficiently.  The cabinets turned out beautiful and really brightened the kitchen up.  He provided me extra paint and told me how to apply, if necessary.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to have their cabinets re-done.  Fabulous job!!
    - Deborah L G.
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    (This is actually the Lowe's in Lake St Louis MO, but that wasn't an option) I purchased an over the range microwave from Lowe's and had it installed. I used it to make vegetables and realized it was venting steam all up my cabinet, even though it is supposed to be venting outside my house. I called the manager of the appliance department and they sent the installer out again. The installer blamed the microwave and said I need a microwave that has vents in the front, because although the stove vents outside the microwave steam vents inside. I called Lowe's and they told me, in a round about way, it was my fault because I should have told them I have a 15" deep cabinet.  I really don't understand that concept since I thought that's what sales associates are for, to help guide you in your purchase. I told the appliance manager that no one asked me what size cabinets I have and his response was over 90 some percent of people have standard cabinets so they don't ask that question. The only question they ask is if we had an over the stove microwave installed previously. They offered me a low quality front vent microwave as an only option. Come to find out they don't make the front vent microwaves any longer. I won't go over how much time I've spent on the phone trying to deal with this or the crazy suggestions and comments I got from the appliance department and the installation departments.  Finally the store manager reluctantly agreed to take the microwave back and pay for another reinstall. She was sure to tell me that they were making an exception. I was sure to tell her that I waited over 4 weeks to get the microwave, only to find out it doesn't work. In the mean time, I did some homework and it seems no one else has an idea what the installer is talking about. Other people have cabinets like mine and few have the problem. I've been told it was installed wrong and that it might have been a faulty microwave. Whatever the case, it wasn't handled well and I'm left with little trust that I can buy another appliance from them and expect good results. Seems they aren't going to do anything and the store manager never returned my call today and the installation person was very rude and challenging over the phone. Thus, I'm out my installation fee. Very frustrating since I would have never purchased this product had I had all the information. I will never purchase an appliance from Lowe's again.
    - Sergio O.
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