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    Messina Plumbing And Mechanical
    I cannot express how professional, honest, and knowledgeable this man was. I have highly and strongly recommended Joe to any person I have talked to when it comes to his trade. And he will not close out his job until the issues are fixed.
    - Alicia U.
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    Brookland Plumbing
    We really like them, we have used them before, they are reasonably priced, they are amazing. It has always been the same person, i think it is a husband and wife team. They are amazing. They put on the little foot things so they would not rack things into the house. It was great, we are very picky about that.
    - Christopher B.
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    Steve The Plumber
    Steve was fast, curtious, and very professional. He did an excellent job. He had a lot of challenges to deal with at my house like a toilet stuffed in a tiny bathroom and a sleeping two-year-old in the next room. Couldn't be more pleased with the results. I've found my new go-to plumber!
    - Michael C.
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    Hillbilly Plumbing & Hauling
    We've had problems with the septic tank since last summer when we bought the house. I had someone come out in August 2016 to pump the tank, although it had been pumped a few months prior. I asked about the plumbing lines coming from the house and was told that there were no problems with those lines, although they didn't even look at the pipes in and under the house. The drains started to slowly quit draining after a few months and I needed to have the plumbing checked again. So I called Hillbilly Pumping, who I had used in the past with good results.

    After the septic tank was drained, the water in the toilet still would not drain into the tank. The worker from Hillbilly Pumping went under the house to check the pipes and asked if he could dig a hole where the pipe connects to the septic tank because there was a clog in that line. He snaked the pipe from the septic tank and there was a HUGE clog in the pipe that had probably been there for quite a while. The plumbing line cleared and the water drained into the tank with ease. I am so glad that I called Hillbilly this time. Their workers are friendly and they fixed the problem instead of just draining the tank and leaving. 

    Unfortunately, we may have a failing drain field, so if that is the case and I need to have the septic system replaced, I will call Hillbilly Pumping for their services. I am very pleased with the service I received, and they were also able to come to my house within two days. Excellent service!

    - Melissa W.
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    Gary McKinney Plumbing & Sewer
    They chose to replace the lift station first and then come back and do the lid. We discussed that there would be additional labor as a result and he said they would not charge the labor the second time. They sent a different person out to do the lid and they charged labor, and asked my wife to pay by check. When I got home and saw the bill, I tried to contact them to discuss. Mr. McKinney will not call back despite promises from the person answering the phone. Very unprofessional.
    - Russell C.
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    Hillbilly Plumbing & Hauling
    I called them and was told they were booked for the next 3 days but would work me in if they were able to. They called me on the second day and said they could be there in 45 minutes. They arrived and did the job and were very nice. No damage to my yard even. :)
    - Racheal W.
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    Estimated cost: $800.  Dustin was always nice and professional when I talked to him.
    Provider showed up at 10:30am and started working.  Initially thought the leak was at the house, it wasn't.  Dustin had to dig an additional 4ft back to a "T".  Everything was fine until we found the leak.  Then he needed to call in for pieces.  Him and his partner waited until the pieces the showed up.
    During the initial digging they had to break an irrigation line to the line.  Completely understandable.  Pieces arrived for the main leak, got it the leak fixed.  Started filling hole.  One they got back to the irrigation line break, had to call in for more pieces.  They waited a while then left and came back.
    Got the irrigation line fixed, covered things up.  Yard is a pretty decent wreck, outside of the needed hole.
    Bill time, at 2:30pm.  I was charged for 5hrs..  $934.11.  I tried to make the argument that the total elapsed time was 4hrs.  "Well I didn't charge you for the other guy."  So the time was what you estimated originally, now I'm being billed for hours that haven't occurred and guys that should have been in the original estimate?  "Well, parts, ..depth.. ".  
    Nice guy.  Is the leak fixed yes.  Do I feel like shady business happened on the estimate vs actual..yes.
    - Justin R.
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    A-1 Mr Handyman
    My wife said it best, "He was good at one thing...taking our money every week." 
    I'll start with the fact that we were left with no way to bathe in either of our two bathrooms by the time A-1 Mr. Handyscam was finished. They destroyed their own tiling job in our master bath along with destroying the shower/tub combo and leaving us with a non-diverting tub spout, faucets that have to be turned on/off with a screwdriver and a bunch of half-removed black caulk that they thought would look nice with their botched tile work. The upstairs bathroom on the other hand, also a complete re-do left us with a shower that turned on, but drained out of a broken pipe through our kitchen ceiling onto the floor. General attention to detail and finishing capabilities just don't exist with these guys.

    Their idea of fixing the drain pipe that was not done to code (no trap) and damage they caused by over tightening the drain cap with washers in the wrong place? Spray some leak repair all over the pipes. That didn't work either. Finally paid another plumber over $500 to fix that, get it to code, and get the upstairs sink plumbed and running. Unfortunately we didn't want to pay extra to have the crappy tile job fixed. Nothing like seeing the bar code from tiles facing out on the wall and seeing clearly where nothing lines up to help anger me every morning I walk in. But that's only because I can't use my own bathroom that they destroyed and never repaired. 

    Next is their inability to accurately estimate timing and costs on jobs. We gave an itemized list of changes to be quoted. That list definitely grew over time, but everything we were quoted on was about 3x more expensive and took 3x longer than originally quoted. That might be OK, except every piece of work we had done was either unfinished, poorly executed or both. There was some quality work done in some areas, but the quality disappears when the job isn't finished. The only quality work I can log was done by Tom himself, and unfortunately that work went unfinished. Today I was up a ladder tacking flashing back onto the upstairs window that was installed. They decided to remove more siding than needed to rough in the window and left it all exposed and never finished with the Tyvek that should've gone up until we could re-side. 

    Some details on different jobs performed...
    Door installations: interior slab doors were not properly painted (and painted while on hinges). Maybe old rollers were used, because there are bits of roller painted onto the doors which are rough to touch, like the paint was watered down to save money - even though we bought the paint! Painted on hinges so hinges are covered and paint drips on floor where each door was painted. 

    Front door: could've been a decent job, except off plumb and never finished staining the outside frame that was built.

    Back door: roughed out and left unfinished exposed plaster walls, got the door nice and stained up with dirty hands while installing, and lost the alarm sensor on the original door (thrown away)

    Painting: some decent work, but all done before major construction so now loads of damage to the paint and wear and tear from other work done after. Painted several hinges shut, and even a light switch. Careless.

    Master Bathroom: already talked about both bathroom botches. Glad to be writing this review with the ability to shower without going to our daughter's home or a hotel. Here's more details. $10/sq ft marble tiles destroyed after they turned on the tile heating pad they installed instead of letting it cure for 30 days like the installation manual instructed. Over-tightened light fixture at switch so it shorted out a couple weeks later. Put black caulk in for seams (artistic choice?) and then 1/2 stripped out when we asked for white, never finishing, and leaving the shower unsealed/not waterproof. Incorrectly plumbed the tub/shower (shower permanently on, faucets don't turn on without uncapping and using a screwdriver. Never worked but they called it finished. Now we have to demo the wall, replumb and retile from the ground up. Two new plumbers have said "I've never seen anything quite like this!" and they weren't paying a compliment.

    Upstairs Bathroom: Drain gaskets installed incorrectly and overtightened so leaking and had to replace broken gasket set. No trap plumbed in the drain pipe. Sink pipes were clogged from tiling buys washing grout down bathroom sink; had to be cleaned and re-installed. New sink was hung but never plumbed and connected to pipes. Tiled over outlets and cut tile wrong so can't install plates over GFI and lightswitch without re-cutting and finding an oversize plate. Some tiles on wall face outward so you see the purchase barcode. Left ceiling over shower unfinished. 

    Wood floors: They were supposed to sand and refinish the floors. They didn't sand between coats of poly so now there's bubbling on the floors all over downstairs and they'll have to be redone again. In addition they didn't plug any holes in the floor, so I've got poly all over boxes and other items we were storing in the basement. They did manage to sand right into the co-ax cable coming out of the floor though. Bonus points for not paying attention.

    Upstairs kid bedroom: painted accent wall with chalkboard paint but managed to get it on the ceiling and opposing walls but never cleaned up. Installed beautiful casement window but tore out more siding than needed and left outside unfinished with galvanized flashing and original plywood exposed. Never came back to finish. 

    Electrical work: replaced some outlets (OK), but replaced a GFI in the kitchen and drove a nail into it... caused shorting problems with back of house until an electrician came out to fix it. Wired and incorrectly installed a back stairwell 'night light' that never worked until electrician fixed. 

    The sad thing about all this is when we met Tom we liked him and trusted him. Apparently that was our big mistake. The work HE actually did was well done, but never really completed to the point where we don't have to do something else to finish or fix it. The work his contractors did was just poorly executed. They just didn't care or don't have the skills to do things properly. As a result, almost everything they've done except install some floating click-lock flooring is having to be finished, cleaned up, or demolished and redone from the ground up. Catastrophic waste of money, and they just vanished and moved on to the next chump waiting to pay once the 1 month turned 4 month job money-pot ran out. My biggest gripe is we ended up in a hotel and spending an additional $4,000+ in room fees only to "finally" move in and have no working bathrooms and work still being done. 
    Highly unrecommended. 

    - Andrew J.
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    Green Advantage Plumbing
    I had a leaking hose bib on the side of my home.  Justin called me just as promised and stayed in communication with me as he finished another job.  We converged on a time and he was prompt.  He and his crew did the job quickly, cleanly, and for long-term use for me.  He also inspected and made a quick repair to the other hose bib.  We also discussed a longer term plan to provide gray water systems to my home to water my landscaping and a small garden.  Based on this short interaction and job, I would be very willing to use their services again.
    - Julie J.
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    Gary McKinney Plumbing & Sewer
    What started as a 5-star experience has sadly become a 1-star experience and a recommendation to not do business with this company. It has to do with communication and honesty and follow-up. We had a great experience with Gary's crew when fixing some plumbing issues at a rental property we invested in about a year and 1/2 ago. They were timely, they did solid work, the price was reasonable, and the quote, invoicing and payment process was easy. 
    Cut to 3 months later and we had gone out of town for work for 5 months. Our adult daughter was house sitting. The temperature dial on our shower broke and we told her to call Gary. He sent someone out who wanted to take the part away to do some research, but we had already done the research and knew that the thermostat needed to be replaced. It would've been (was, ultimately by another plumber) about a 1-hour job. 
    Even though our daughter asked the plumber on-site to not go do any research, he took off and started making calls and visits to figure out how to do what we'd already said needed to be done. We never heard back, so we had another plumber come and do the job... that was until we received a bill for $170 for the plumber's time to do research we didn't need performed. 
    Originally the bill was coming to our daughter's boyfriend (who signed for the quote visit), and when the first one arrived, I called long-distance to talk to them to explain the bill amount was bogus and we'd pay for the house-call. I left 2 messages and never got a reply. When we got back, I got another bill, finally in my name, and called them twice before speaking to a gal in their office and re-explained what had happened. She said she would have Gary call me back to discuss and we left it at that. He never called back... I don't know why, I was nothing but courteous and professional, and felt it was totally fair to pay for the house-call. We planned on doing years of business with this man and his company.
    Now it's months later and I've had to leave town again to care for an elderly family member out of state, and now my daughter sends me a picture of a bill... the bill that I never got the call back on has been turned over to a collection agency. Unbelievable! No calls back and instead of facing me and discussing what happened, he just writes off our family and our business and sends the bill to collections. 
    I run my own small business, and I would never do this to a customer, so I'm sad to be writing this review. This guy is willing to lose lifetime customers - not only me, but my family and friends born, raised and still living in Joplin over what amounts to $110. It's petty, incredibly rude, and bad business. I don't recommend hiring Gary McKinney plumbing even though there work is solid, because their backbone is not. 
    - Andrew J.
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