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  • F
    Do not consider this company for your home improvement needs. When the owners of Hooten Homes got as much money as they could out of our job, they took the money and ran without honoring their contract. They took 89% of our loan funding that we had for this project and they completed no more than 60% of the contracted job before quitting. If that isn���t fraud then I don���t know what is. In addition to the loan proceeds that they were getting disbursed to them, we also identified additions that were not in the contract that we paid for out of pocket. We paid them an additional $7,611 for these items and most of them did not get completed. They came to us in June and asked for an additional $28,000 to complete our project. We would not agree to pay this amount for them to honor their contract, however we did offer additional funds. They should have been upfront with us on their estimate to begin with rather than low balling to get the work with the assumption that they could ask for this large amount later down the road. Here is a look on the timeline on our project that they said would take 3 months. They started in January with the framing of our basement. They moved upstairs in Mid-January to demo our kitchen and start on the upstairs work. At this point, my family moved out while they worked on our main living area. We were supposed to be out for a maximum of 3 weeks. This was on January 18th. 2 months later and still not in our house, we left for a spring break trip and were told that the 1st floor would be done by the time we got back. We got back and almost nothing was done that week except for some work on our fireplace. At this point we had to move home and we were living in a house with no bathroom on the first floor, no appliances hooked up in the kitchen, no counter tops installed, and no running water in the kitchen. It was a total mess. Hooten Homes ownership informed us of a bad dealing they had and that they needed space to order to dig out of a hole. Over the next 3 months we probably had a total of 20 hours worked at our house. We respected them and gave them space for as long as our patience allowed during this 3 months. We started to put more pressure on them to show up. They always said the same thing from April until July. They said we are really close to being able to come finish your job. They claimed that they had a job and they needed some of their tools at my house so they came and got their tools on a Friday. It was easy to see at this point that they had no intention of coming back to honor their contract. They informed us on the following Tuesday that they quit after we asked them if we needed to hire an attorney to help move this project along after it hadn���t had any progress in over 3 months. Needless to say, leaving was their intention all along as he was looking for any reason to leave during their 3 month absence and he thought us suggesting an attorney was his way he could act offended and quit. It was lower than low. They made huge mistakes throughout our project. Here are some to serve as warnings: * The salesperson never documented what was designed. As a result, at almost every detail he acted like he didn���t know what we were talking about. They would deliver items and it was nothing like we had originally planned. We got so frustrated with this that we conceded a lot of our asks. This lack of attention to detail led to many mistakes and they did not deliver what was promised during the design. * The flooring that we picked out was not ordered. We found out 3 days before the flooring was supposed to be installed that the order was never placed. When he called to order it he found out that the flooring we picked would not have been ready for 2 months as it was on backorder. We had to scramble to re-select a floor and once again compromised and had to get something that was in stock so we wouldn't have been out 2 more months. * They failed to protect my driveway from the dumpster delivery. Most contractors will put down wood on the driveway to prevent damage from the heavy truck. They did not so the result is a badly damaged driveway that will be very costly to repair. * They did not measure our powder room correctly so after demolition and framing, they discovered their mistake and then charged us to rip it down and put back the way it originally was to begin with. Wasted time and money. * The tile flooring that they installed was not leveled first so the grout and integrity of the tile is compromised. * They cut notches in the basement floor joists which is a major code violation. The plumbers witnessed them doing this and told them that it wouldn���t pass inspection and compromises the floor integrity. This lack of knowledge is troubling from so-called ���professionals���. * They installed our kitchen cabinets in February and did not include the shelving in several of these cabinets. I complained, took pictures, and asked on numerous occasions to get the shelves for our kitchen. We were told that they had been ordered. In JULY (5 months later) after they quit I called the cabinet company directly to get these shelves and I was told that they never contacted them about our missing shelves. This company had the shelves to us 10 days later. Again another example of their lies and lack of attention to their customers. * They partially installed our basement windows. When the windows were installed you could see outside around all the edges of the windows. In fact, one of them was even broken. The least they could have done was install the windows correctly so our home was protected against the outside elements. * They left garbage, supplies, and cigarette butts all over my property. We asked them so many times to dispose of the cigarettes properly yet they always managed to be in my yard and driveway. List of Items left unfinished by Hooten Homes that were part of our contract (partial list) : * Basement- they completed 95% of the framing and partially installed the windows. Everything else was unfinished and my basement was more usable before than it was when they quit. As part of the basement, we paid them extra to build bookshelves, install new windows, and move some plumbing. All of this was paid out of pocket and not completed. This was 10% complete * We paid extra for our tile backsplash in our kitchen. This is 70% complete. * We paid extra for the lighting and shelving in our living room. This is 95% complete. * There are large sections of trim and painting on our first floor that is not completed. * Our stairs were stripped of all carpet. * There are holes in walls and patchwork needed on the walls and baseboards. * They did not complete the stone on our fireplace and the trim around the base. * They never re-installed our floor outlets, our smoke detectors, our doorbell, or our pantry light. * They did not complete the tiling in our bathroom per the contract. This is not an all-inclusive list and I would encourage anyone thinking of using them to contact us if they needed any more details. I have the pictures of their work. Hooten Homes owed money on our project to many of the subs that worked on our home. We found out about these outstanding invoices by being contacted by lawyers and with certified letters threatening to file liens against our home. I contacted these companies and they all said the same thing: Hooten Homes will not return our calls or respond to our letters. This was totally unprofessional and an embarrassment. I was also informed that the owner was screaming at and acting very unprofessionally with one of our plumbers. His tough guy behavior will not get him far in this service oriented business. Since Hooten Homes walked out from our job we have been working on completing our project with other contractors. We have found out, and I guess it shouldn���t be a surprise, that many of the suppliers now refuse to do business with Hooten Homes for the exact reasons I mentioned above. I now know of other customers who he has treated similarly and taken their money only to be left with an unfinished home. All of this and more is reason enough to stay away from Hooten Homes. They are clueless when it comes to professionalism. This is evident when talking with the professionals that claim they will never do business with them again. I would encourage anybody who is considering using Hooten Homes to call and discuss with me first and I would be happy to share pictures and more details of what they left us with. This company is a horrible disaster that does not deserve your trust with one of your most valuable assets. Bottom line is that they were in way over their heads and have no ethics whatsoever.
    - Kevin B.
  • A

    It went great.  The barn is exactly what I wanted and Tag agreed to build.  Any revisions along the way were gladly accommodated and only an upcharge if was an obvious incremental expense.  No nickel-dime petty extra charges at all.  I was impressed with the quality of the construction and workmanship.  The barn is extremely sturdy and looks great.  Our house under construction.  I am equally impressed with the progress on it to date. I have been involved in the details along the way and have appreciated Tag's openness to my ideas and suggestions.  His ideas and suggestions along the way have been spot on and a huge help as well.  Tag is easy to work with and the supervisor and crew have been professional, polite and very accommodating.

    - Tim H.
  • A
    I had the good fortune of having Al Birkenmeier in my home this week. He and his associate, Gary, were the most talented people I have employed from Angie's List. Our project was complicated and serious. We had advanced wood rot starting from the 1st floor patio door which itself had sunken towards the lower level. In our storage area in the lower level, you could see daylight from above where the wood was rotten and riddled with holes. We knew we had to replace the door and two adjacent windows, but could not find anyone talented enough to resolve the main issue of rotted wood near our foundation, until we met Al. He seemed confident that the job could be completed successfully. That was very comforting, especially after another company assessed the job and said the problem might be catastrophic. After that remark I went back to Angie's List and did a thorough search and that is when I contacted Al. He was not intimidated by the job. While it was a daunting job, he assured us that this is work he had done successfully in the past. Reading the reviews once again, we accepted his estimate and our worries were eliminated after watching he and Gary tackle the project. We have moved seven times so we are very familiar with homeowner projects. Al Birkenmeier and Gary are by far the best we have ever hired over many years. My suggestion is don't hesitate to hire Al for your home-improvement projects. By the way, they were always on time, professional, and pleasant to be around.
    - Susan T.
  • A
    Aaron and the Emerald Construction Team were true professionals from start to finish.  Within 24 hours of a phone call, Aaron arrived at my home to review the current front porch structure and railing system.  He was very attentive to details when surveying the nearly 40 year old front porch on a colonial brick house that had begun to show signs of aging, including some wood rot that became a cause for concern due to structural integrity.  Aaron provided a fair bid, that was detailed to each step they would perform and the materials to be used to repair the front porch.
    Construction started with the removal of the existing front porch.  Aaron walked me through the removal and explained how the damage occurred, due to roofing materials being breached.  Afterwards, Aaron and his team spent 2 days rebuilding the front porch structure, and reused the columns that were not damaged saving $1000.  Wow!  The front porch that Aaron and his team constructed fair exceeded my expectations in terms of workmanship, materials used and attention to detail.  It's now the best looking front porch in the neighborhood.  After the work was completed, Aaron walked me through the final product and provided maintenance recommendations to keep the porch structurally healthy for the next several decades.
    I recommend Aaron and his Emerald Construction Team highly for construction projects.  His experience and diligence will satisfy even the most discerning customer.  I intend to have Emerald return to assist with future interior construction projects on my home.  5-Star+ All Around Company.
    - Daniel J.
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    He was very detailed in what he provided with the plans, and the cost was quite reasonable.? However, we decided not to proceed with the addition.? Because we live in a condominium community, we had to keep the slope of the roof in conformity, which gave us only a ten foot build-out, which, in the end, seemed just to small for the disruption, though the cost was below what we anticipated.
    - Karen K.
  • A
    My experience is fantastic. He is watching every dollar I send. They are honest. They are doing a good job. Everybody they send is fantastic. We chose them a couple of years ago when we were going to build the house and we were looking at some model homes for some ideas. We did not like the way any of the houses were built, then we saw Banze Homes and it was built the correct way. The walls were square, the basement did not leak and all that other kind of good stuff so they always knew what they were doing.
    - jack r.
  • D
    That was horrible. They came out, took pictures, and we never heard from them again. They were supposed to send the quote and we never saw that either. The guy was professional, I mean he was professional taking the pictures. There was no follow up and all I got was the run around and I said forget it. I asked for the pictures and he never sent them.
    - DEBORAH D.
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    Just a few months after the porch rehab, this January 1st our tenants of six years did not renew their lease.  How could a couple in their late sixties pull the door off the kitchen microwave?  They dropped the light fixture in the master bath destroying the fixture and chipping several of the small tiles on the floor.  The walls had so many holes.  The wood steps to the lower level were so badly scuffed. The master bath shower and ovens appeared to have never been cleaned.  Flooring in the laundry room was damaged.  Our real estate leasing agent was appalled as were we at how the tenants left the house.  John came and replaced the light fixtures and small tiles.  He repaired and repainted all the walls, most of the house actually wound up being repainted.  He repaired the laundry room flooring.  The master bath shower and ovens now shine.  John even refinished several of the window sills that had been damaged, replaced the batteries in the smoke alarms and thermostat, basically checking out all the systems in the entire house.  He and his partner cleaned the basement and hauled away the debris.  My wife and I were sent cell phone before and after pictures as the work progressed.  Our real estate leasing agent agrees with us the place now looks fantastic!  An outstanding video of the house has just been posted by our real estate leasing agent on YouTube, all thanks to John.  Work was completed in a timely professional manner and within budget.  Areawide Construction did a fabulous job.  We offer the highest recommendation.

    - Barry W.
  • F
    COMPLETE DISASTER!  Contractor was not qualified for this type of work.  In spite of on-site reviews of recent and similar jobs that were allegedly completed by them, they mis-represented their capability. Job site reviewed was even larger in size and scope. An alternate crew may have been used.
    Minor problems were encountered in positioning material and equipment at the start.  Pavement was not protected under dumpsters.  Removal of old roof was satisfactory.  Roof repairs (storm damage) were performed by a different contractor.
    Installation was very rough and inconsistent with standard practice of the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau (CSSB).  Valley metal
    was not installed to the edge of the roof line or trimmed to fit/size until after shingles were installed - after we notified them of the defects.  Additional valley metal had to be added after the shingles were installed. Valley was also installed over the starter course causing improper flow at the gutters.  
    Spacing between shingles was erratic, and in many areas, nearly zero which is not acceptable for cedar shingles.  Courses are 
    rough (not straight) and course exposure was not maintained.  Several courses over 30 feet in length varied in exposure more than two inches!  The error was continued over the rest of the roof.  Cap installation was not consistent with manufacturer's instructions or our specifications. Caps were not terminated or sealed at the ends of ridge vent material.  Leaks resulted in several locations.
    Double starter caps had to be installed at the hips and ridges after the roof was installed.  Apron flashing was not installed as required.  Shingles are too tight at step flashing locations.  Ice/water barrier is too thick (multiple layers) around chimneys and interferes with normal flashing and proper flow of water.  
    Contractor agreed to repair the cap installation but not much else.  They rejected any claim for other defects or workmanship. After nine months of negotiation, no further work was authorized, including repairs, and a withhold was imposed on the contract. Repairs will be performed by others.  Photos are available.

    - Don R K.
  • A
    This is the third time that we have used Apex. Each time we have been very pleased with the quality of their work. David Di Pasquale made great recommendations and followed through with quality execution.
    - Linda W.
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