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Decks reviews in Inver Grove Heights

  • A
    MV Builders LLC
    The deck job is finished in good term. MV Builders LLC is not a large company. The owner does the construction work himself. Hence, this company has no overhead and the cost for my deck project is low. He provides good sketch drawing to the city to get the permit. He and his workers install five diamond piers for footing. He also spent extra time to broke off the old concrete footing, so the lot looks better. The quality and workmanship of this deck is good. He and his workers go extra miles to nail the deck board with a 45 degree nail gun, so that the nail heads is not visible. He spent two extra days to get the job done, because of the heavy rain. I recommended his work to my properties investment club of 500 plus members. I heard good comments from two members already.
    - Boyang H.
  • A
    Rosebud Construction LLC
    I was initially looking for a contractor to replace a few boards and extend my deck an extra four feet. I was referred by a friend of a friend who had work done by Rosebud. I was skeptical at first. Joe took all of my worries away at my consultation. I explained what I wanted eventually in the future due to my budget. Joe stated he could not only give me what I desired within my budget, but could also extend my deck to 20 feet as I dreamed! The project took no time! Joe was able to work around my schedule (I took a vacation), remained professional, and kept his promise with my deadline by the start of summer. I have gotten so many compliments on my deck and if snow wasn't covering it I would show you all this beauty as well. This winter/spring I will be hiring Rosebud again for my She Shed and Man Cave! If you would like reliable, dependable, affordable contractors, reach out to Rosebud Construction! You won't regret it!
    - Brittany T.
  • A
    AMEK Custom Builders
    Excellent. AMEK replaced our old wooden deck and enlarged the size of the new deck with Azek deck boards, an iron railing and a beautiful spiral staircase that descends to our pool deck. They removed our entire front porch and reconstructed it with new balusters and new double front doors with nickel glass panes. Their workmanship is first class. Our home looks much classier now. I would definitely use them again.
    - Kurt M.
  • A
    Eagle Siding Inc
    Eagle siding did a great job on our roof and siding we hired them to build our deck. The deck is beautiful and is the envy of friends, family and neighbors! Don���t just think of Eagle for roof and siding work, they do a fine deck as well!!!
    - William S.
  • A
    Bohl Home Services LLC
    Overall it was great. Loved the price and the quality. Literally 1/2 of what my first quote was and $5,000 less than the second quote. Steve had great interactions with my child, who liked watching him work through the window.
    - Kim A.
  • F
    Heinen Contracting Inc
    First question I asked was the first lie Greg told. When asked if the work was done in house with the use of no subcontractors as his company name leads me to believe that he contracts work and I did not want that. His answer was everything is taken care of in house. He subcontracted out almost everything except for the concrete installation. What is scary is he was not the lowest bid. Please, note that Greg will dispute EVERYTHING I say below with all kinds of excuses of why this or that happened but with more than 20 years of experience there should be a lot less mistakes, excuses, and more fixes when his subcontractors/employees mess up instead of disputing everything. Had I not noticed the errors they would have gone unchecked and probably has done several people wrong over the years with substandard work only because they don���t know better. I am still to this day(3/30/16) still finding and fixing errors. I 100% DO NOT recommend Heinen Contracting if you want it right done the first time and on time. I very highly recommend using someone else if you have no clue about general building and remodeling as he will easily be able to pull the wool over your eyes and give you a poor product. He was constantly arriving late and did not come when he said he would claiming his truck broke down but in the 7 months this project took his truck ���broke down��� three times. Every turn of this project was filled with delays, errors,and poor excuses from day one. Greg had a crew come out and remove a tree where the project was to occur. It was left a big mess with no regards for my neighbors. The limbs and trunk parts laid around for weeks before they moved on to the next phase of the project. The installed concrete slab looks good except for the two of the edges where the concrete forms for the slab installed were not very well secured and several slipped out causing uneven edges around the perimeter. When they were complete they did not build a raised base for my heat pump as I requested and the back corner was being pulled up by its attached copper lines. I ended up taking care of that myself as it needed to happen immediately. He thought it was just fine even though you could physically the back corner lifted up. When installing the concrete slab for the garage four things happened. -The neighbors garage did not have any footings so we had to cut a 6 inch x 6 inch hole under the length their slab to so the two walls would move in unison. This was expected but������.Greg tried to charged me $1500.00 for that work. It only took a couple hours of work and $30 worth of concrete. He said because of the weather he has to pay for an extra day for the skid loader he had out there and did not charge me for the mud removal.Funny thing is they scheduled the inspector that morning and did not even have the footings dug. I had to contact them to move the footing inspection back because the footings had not been dug yet and could have been done before rain if his planning wasn't so bad. This should have clued me in but it was early and hoped it was just a slip up. It is not okay to charge your customer because you do not own a tool. If you have to rent/buy a tool to get the job done it is not the customers cost. -They did not place the anchors high enough in the slab to go through the sole plate on the walls and half of them were leaning this way and that. This is not a big deal because you can install more after the fact but it is more evidence of poor craftsmanship. Plus I have permanent claw marks in the concrete that can be seen from the inside where someone dug into the concrete while making their poor attempt at setting the anchors. -The gas line they put in (gas contractor gave them the line to put in) was not placed a point far enough from the edge of the garage for the riser to be 100% inside of the sole plate of the wall. Another lapse in attention to detail. There were two framers plus their helpers that did the stick work. -They popped holes into my brand new slab to steady the walls as he put them up. Very big no no. I did not notice until later when the service door was installed that the walls were barely plumb within national guidelines for structural load bearing walls. This has made the service door extremely hard to plumb and will never be right. -The eaves they installed were not even close to where they needed to be in height and not level and had to be completely ripped off and were replaced by the second framer who appears to be getting very tired of having to clean up behind the first guy���s mistakes. One eave was level but install about 2 inches to low to meet up with my neighbors attached eave. Should have been obvious. After requesting they get fixed Greg told me the flashing will cover it up. I had to go beyond asking and was forced to tell Greg these were getting replaced. The second framer and his helpers had a great attitude and I am happy with his work. The only thing they did wrong was because of Greg not listening on how I wanted the gate to my fence built and some cosmetic errors that needed to be pointed out to them. Greg told him what I wanted was a section of fence that can be lifted out and not a swinging gate that can be lifted off. I even gave him examples of the lift off hinges that I wanted used in an Email. To make things simpler we agreed on a third option as this was one of the last things to go in and I was done with Heinen Contracting. Had the second framer/sider not made a couple craftsmanship errors on the siding and shingling I would have been extremely happy with his work. My garage is attached to my neighbors and the errors happened at the transition. They were caused by unnoticed framing mistakes that framer 1 made. Framer 2 repaired the errors but did not do it on his own as it had to be pointed out to him but they were easy fixes. The roof install was a nightmare. -I know I mentioned shingles but this is a flat roof with shingles around the perimeter. The rubber membrane was installed by someone who I don���t think has done it before. Greg said he was a professional roofer and maybe he can nail down some shingles but rubber not so much. After the roofer was out there I called Greg about issues with the roof bubbling up and asked him when the roofer was back out I wanted to be there because it needed to be fixed. Greg said the roofer was done andit was just gassing off. -Membranes when adhered properly do not ���gas off��� causing blisters like he suggests. These bubbles will eventually become a cause for concern over the years for leaks and premature failure of the membrane. I gave up trying to get him to fix it. The membrane was not installed by manufacturer directions and it was poorly adhered to the substrate. There is supposed to be a special tape that is used to seal the seams together. -Now to Greg���s credit there were both the seam tape that goes in between the edges and the seam tape that goes over the top of seams and fixtures was available for the roofer to use.  The roofer did not use either.  

    Where Greg failed was arguing with me about doing it properly until I told him that the city inspector was going to reject the roof if it was not properly installed and all of a sudden he was playing ball. Suddenly the roofer was not done like he previously said and will be out to fix the seams. -There was a huge ponding problem with the roof. Greg said the ponding was normal and indicated he was not going to fix it. It is an industry standard that when water does not evaporate within 48 hours is not an okay amount of ponding on a roof. I had a 19 foot by 3 foot pool on my roof that did shrink a little but did not evaporate within the 48 hour standard and was going strong after 72 hours. I was forced to re-slope that area myself at a time when it would be easy enough and now the pond is gone. Guess bubbles, perfect seams, and it passed inspection. No contractor likes this so I don���t suggest it but it saved me time, money, and effort having to deal with Greg or finding another contractor to do the work and then billing Greg. So Greg used this as an excuse for something else that his roofer could not do as asked but we will get to that. When the scupper (drain at edge of roof) was installed I asked that is was carefully installed to avoid more ponding it did not go as I hoped. The edge where the scupper meets the roof was at least ��� of an inch higher than the lowest part of the roof. The reason this occurred is the roofer did not account for all of the 4 layers of rubber, properly tapering those layers so that area would not be higher than parts of the roof that are 3 feet away, and then not making sure the scupper cutout was low enough. Greg said the reason he could not get it lower was because my roof modification would cause the rubber to be stretched and cause failure. Not the case but he will tell you whatever he can to shut you up and it's still not fixed right They did wipe away $4000 from the bill after I proved to them the over billed me based on the estimate.
    - Nathan H.
  • F
    Lee's Landscaping & Design, Inc.
    Great and attentive sales approach.  Signed the contract in May with promise of having the project done in a couple week period and everything should be done by the 4th of July......Then the excuses and utter chaos started. 
    The nightmare project was mostly completed by the end of October and then I paid Lee most of what was still owed.  On Dec 8th I was served a Lien by one of his suppliers.  It turns out Lee didn't pay for any of the materials.  Now I am forced to pay twice.
    Lee Otto is a criminal.
    - Mark K.
  • C
    I have to say that I have mixed feelings, mostly bad, about the incident.  The owner of the business does not listen very carefully and says things off the cuff that he later forgets and forgets to inform his employees of the things that he has said (he had specifically told me that they would replace wet insulation under the flooring if needed.  I happened to be here and see the wet insulation and asked them to remove it.  They were not going to until I said that Steve had specifically said that it would be done!)  This project began on the Monday before Thanksgiving and was supposed to be done in 2-3 days.  At the end of the day on Wednesday (after 3 days) I still had no water in my kitchen until Friday.  I was willing to be patient with all of this because we were out for Thanksgiving dinner anyway.  However when Steve called me on Friday to tell me that he was going to charge me about $300 more now to replace the faucet that they had broken in removing the counter and to repair the drawer track that he had verbally agreed to fix (for the 3rd time after the previous 2 fixes that his company had done had failed), I was furious!!  It was a holiday weekend and he did not have enough staff to do what he had promised to his customers apparently, and it felt like he was taking it out on me.  I refused to pay anymore and he said that his worker, Jim, could put in a new faucet but not fix the drawer.  He complained to me about how much more work they had done than he had expected.  I reminded him of our conversation that included me asking specifically if they would be finding and fixing the source of the water leak and the damaged parts and I said that if he did not estimate it correctly, was understaffed, or cranky, it was not my fault.  Fortunately Jim who works for him fixed the faucet without any problem, in fact he was quite nice about it, and he fixed the drawer in less than 2 minutes.  After the work was done I could still smell mildew but I was not going to call them to come back.  The floor in my bathroom has ridges in it from when they had previously pulled it up previously to remove a cabinet.  Steve told me that they would fix it when they came back to do the kitchen floor but he did not tell his employees and I was so tired of dealing with him that I let it go.  They even left the trash from the job sitting next to my porch until I dealt with it at the end of winter.  If I could contact Jim directly to do work for me I would.  He seemed quite conscientious and capable beside being nice.
    I hope that I can find someone else to do work for me because I do not want to ever deal with Steve again.
    - Gloria S.
  • F
    Britta - Chase, Inc
    I contacted this contractor who seemed interested in performing the work.  He said he would take a look over the next day or two.  I never heard from him.  I followed-up, he apologized, and then he promised to take a look that next week.  I am not sure if he ever came over, but he did ask about the type of brick on the house.  I did not know, but said I would look at my records to see if I had that information.  I did not and he offered no assistance. 
    On my own, I contacted several brick yards and sent them pictures of my home to see if anyone could lead me in the right direction.  I had great experiences with both Twin City Brick and Acme Brick in helping me determine the brick on my home.  I kept the contractor informed of my progress throughout my research.  With a lot of work already done on my own to help the contractor determine the correct brick, he promised to get back to me in a few days with an estimate.  That was three weeks ago.  Not one word.  This was the second time the contractor made a promise that he broke.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. 
    At this point I contacted the contractor and told him that I did not want to do business with someone I can't trust or rely on.    I cannot in good conscience recommend this contractor.

    - Todd W.
  • A
    Building Decks & Beyond LLC
    We are very happy with how the porch turned out.  It is beautiful.  Since it leads on one side to a future concrete patio (going to be installed this spring), Jason did a great job designing temporary steps that are easily removable for us to use until the patio is poured.  The design also gives us some flexibility if we decide to alter the original plans for the patio.  Jason was very helpful in this regard and went the extra mile on it.  His communication was great too.   
    - Kirk K.
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