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  • They provided a quote the same day I called. and scheduled the work about six weeks out. I was then contacted over 2 weeks prior to the target install date and they were able to come out the next day to pour the concrete. I gave them creative license and ended up with a beautiful patio with rounded sides. Included in the price was a fire pit and step. The size quoted was for a 16x24 size patio.
    - Bonnie B.
  • Most of the work was done well and properly, but there are two issues. First, a crack developed in one side of the widened driveway. Their solution was to cut a joint in the concrete, but that spider-cracked. Second, the drainage system does not work like it is supposed to. The pop-up isn't far enough away from the patio so it created a muddy mess there and left standing water right next to the new patio all summer last summer--attracting mud wasps--instead of whisking the water away into the yard. Tried contacting the company numerous times, leaving messages on voicemail and even explaining the situation twice to a lady that works at their office, but yet still haven't heard back from anyone. This would have been a positive review and rating if they would simply address the two rather simple-seeming issues instead of ignoring their customer.
    - Douglas S.
  • I had requested a quote from them back it March while they were taking orders for the spring pour/work season. They came out the next day to measure up the yard and provide a quote. They were professional and knowledgeable on their trade, providing suggestions for what works best with the colors and textures that the stamped concrete can provide. Based on the weather they were able to start in May. The crew was fast and efficient. They had the tear out done in one day with minimal damage to my lawn and existing asphalt driveway. The concrete forms were done a few days later. I was very particular on making sure that there was a good base for the concrete to sit on so they listened to my concerns and addressed them in a timely manner. My advise to other people considering any type of work is to make sure that the contract states everything you are expecting. ( Debris removal, disposal of old stairs, final grade on dirt, removal of broken concrete, install of drain tube, proper 'to code' base material.) I also discussed that water drainage is important so they are aware that the final grade of the cement and they made adjustments to ensure proper drainage.

    The only issues I had with the job was when they used a release agent powder on the cement after the cement was poured. It is a fine powder that found its way onto to everything. (The dog, the lawn, the house, the garage..) Everything within a 50 foot radius had this powder on it and it has a tendency to stain your skin and cloths and carpet. We were warned by the crew but when they were laying it down they left my garage door open and all of the items in the garage were covered by this powder. The other concern I had was when they were pouring the cement. There were areas on my driveway and yard that had remnants of that event. (Cement staining and footprints on my drive that would not powerwash out. They did come out immediately and and clean up a few areas of concern before and after final payment.

    So my advise to the company and to anyone that uses them is that attention to detail is critical when doing a job like this. This is why I rated the quality with a B instead of an A. I would use them again in the future. They are easy to work with and listen to your requests and follow-up in a timely manner even when they start to get busy with other jobs.

    - Matt M.
  • Called Nick back in early summer to get a bid on re doing my garage floor. Came out and gave me a fair price and told me he was booked until September. So we agreed and waited till September to get it done. He kept me informed of his status and locked down a date about a week before they were to start.

    Nick and his crew showed up on time the day of the tear out. Got in and tore up the old floor and had it prepped for new cement on the first day. Second day they came in around 7:30 am and poured the new floor and were done by early afternoon.

    Floor looks awesome and I only wish that I would of known about his company before we did our driveway a couple years back. Had a very bad experience with Elegant Stamped Concrete and was really nervous about how this job was going to turn out. But Nick and his crew did a top notch job for me and I will be more than happy to refer his company to everybody I know.

    - wayne s.
  • I met with Chris Holsbeke Jr. back in March and accepted his bid for installing a new exposed aggregate patio. The install was tentatively scheduled for the first week of June pending any rain delays. The first week of June, they called and started the installation as scheduled. After the pour was complete, they sent a gentleman named Randy Fitzpatrick out to saw cut and seal the patio. We now have a stunning patio that really stands out from the other classic concrete and stamped patios.  
    Bottom line: Every employee from Chris to Randy were complete professionals and really seemed to care about getting the job done correctly.When I hire someone to do a job, I expect it to be done on schedule, on budget, and most importantly correctly. The staff at Holsbeke are ACI certified and it shows in their work. If you are looking for concrete work, do yourself a favor and take a look at this company.
    - Carrie M.
  • I contacted Amano Concrete Company for information on a small concrete job. They responded within minutes and gave a straight, honest answer. It may not have been the answer I wanted (they're unable to do my job) but they didn't waste my nor try to lead me on. I really appreciate this company's responsiveness and honesty. I will look to them when I need to have any concrete work done.
    - Thomas G.
  • In early August of 2014, I called Metropolitan Concrete to get a quote for a patio to be installed in 2015. I was interested in having them quote based on reviews I had read here on Angie?s List. After my initial call, I was contacted by a salesman named Barry.

    I sent Barry a detailed dimensional drawing showing exactly what I wanted and asked him for a stamped concrete quote.

    I received the quote and sent him an e-mail thanking him. Roughly a month later due to some concerns of a possible job related relocation I asked Barry to resubmit the quote for regular (non-stamped) concrete. Barry obliged with a quote stating it was valid until 10/31/14. Barry also specified in the revised quote that the work would have to be performed in 2015.

    I was able to contact Barry on 10/28. After he agreed to a 10% deposit vs. the typical 20%, I told him we would like to proceed. Barry said he would get back to me by the end of the week with the contract.

    I did not hear back from Barry that week. I called him the following week and in this conversation Barry said he would get the revised pricing for 2015 over to me. I told him I found it strange he would need to revise the pricing, since his quote actually stated that the work would be done in 2015. Barry then told me he may have made a mistake and he would go talk to the owner and get back to me about a resolution. 

    A while later after not hearing back I contacted Barry again. Barry told me that the price that the quote had not been reviewed by the owner and that without the owner's approval the quote is not valid. Barry said he would like to come out and inspect the site to make sure there were no equipment egress issues or other problems before taking this issue to the owner to persuade him to honor the quote. Barry also mentioned he would be forfeiting his commission as well since it was his mistake for releasing the quote without approval. I obliged and Barry came to my house to investigate. Since this is a new sod lawn with no issues our visit consisted of him telling me the same story about all quotes being reviewed by the owner and that he would be forfeiting his commission to try and convince the owner to the approve the quoted pricing.

    Finally, on 12/10 I received a new quote from Barry with a higher price ($300+). Ethically wrong. I was not happy, but not the end of the world. The final straw for me was the disclaimer at the bottom of the quotes stating that if permits are required the cost of the permit plus an additional $150 processing fee for each permit would be due upon final payment. I have no problem with paying permit fees or the additional processing fees. However, if you know a permit is needed for the project you are quoting, put it in the quote! I understand disclaimers about unforeseen issues, but this is a black or white issue. As a contractor you know whether or not a permit is needed for a project like this. I just feel that should have been figured into the grand total of the quote, not as a disclaimer added at the bottom. I am an engineering contractor and when I give a bottom line price it includes everything, i.e. EVERYTHING! Not to mention the $150 processing fee per permit seems excessive.

     In closing, Barry seemed like a nice gentleman, but I do not feel customer service is his strong suit. In a nut shell this is 2015, not getting back to a customer for days after I they have called, e-mailed, and texted is not acceptable. In case any of you are wondering, my calls, e-mails and texts were not angry ones, they were all along the lines of ?Barry, haven?t heard from you, could you please let me know the status of this quote?. However, I was not so nice on my final call when I told him that I was done. After experiencing the lack of communication, quoting fiasco and exclusion of permit costs in the quoted price we will not be working with Metropolitan Concrete.

    ***** Update 1/14 *****

    The rebuttal posted by this company is just amazing! For starters I am the man of the house and I am the only one who talked to Barry from day one. However, our Angie's List account is in my wife's name, so their review continues to refer to me as the woman they dealt with. Obviously, the person writing their comments has no firsthand knowledge of the events that took place.  They are simply trying to discredit a detailed factual review.

    The reply from the Metropolitan Concrete is correct when they say I did not accept the first quote. Mind you this wasn?t a complete revamp, I simply asked them to give me the price for the exact same patio without the costs of stamping. They say I turned down the second quote because I would not pay 20% down. Not true of course, I confirmed that I would like to proceed with Barry verbally on 10/28 with the agreement of 10% down. Barry did not put up much of a fuss on taking 10%. I thought we had a deal until he let things slide past the quote?s deadline. Then, they say they offered me a third quote that had a 10% down offer that I turned down because I wouldn?t agree to the down payment terms. According to their logic they gave me exactly what I wanted and I still turned it down. I must be a lunatic!  Their rebuttal to my review doesn?t make any sense, and if it doesn?t make sense, it?s not true.

    As you can see by their diatribe about permits, you will be guessing how much the permits and fees will cost you. Call me crazy, but they say in the review I probably won?t need one. Not that they could tell me that when I asked them. Let?s look at a worst case example though. Let?s say I need 3 permits like they mention some driveways take. (3 x $150 fee per permit) + Actual cost of permits = $500+. That?s already an 11% increase on price quoted. Do you want to gamble on unknown costs when you are planning a project? I?m sorry, I?m an engineering contractor and I spend a lot of time and money quoting projects that I don?t always get. In the end, I do however, always give them final pricing that takes into account all known/foreseeable costs (and yes I do see the costs of permits with regard to a backyard patio as a foreseeable cost). Sometimes clients ask me to make some changes and send the quote back again. In the end I don?t get every job, but I certainly don?t tell lie to myself about why I didn?t get the work or make a stink about having to touch a quote more than once. I try to learn what I could do next time to ensure I get the work.   

    Finally if it helps to show who is telling the truth, look at google reviews for this company and you will find a similar commentary on getting in touch with Barry on yellowpages. This review was written before I ever had dealing with them. I should have listened. One item in the rebuttal was correct; we were definitely not a good fit to work together.

    PS - It's very hard to sign a contract to proceed or to counter an offer when your second quote consists of nothing more than the following e-mail. After I received this I we talked on the phone and negotiated to the 10% down. After that I was unable to get a return call or e-mail from Barry until the following week.  

    Hi Matthew,

    I was able to reduce the patio to $5367.50 if you change to classic concrete, no color.  This price I am quoting will be good until 10/31/14, and applies for jobs scheduled for next spring.  Our schedule is full for the remainder of this year. 

    Please let me know if wish to move forward and I can prepare a proper contract and drawing.

    Thank you, 


    - Carrie M.
  • Hired Elegant Stamped concrete to pour new driveway for me because I know the owner George from home shows that we do together as I own a kitchen company. Went with George because he talked a great game about his crew and his workmanship.

    This will be the LAST time I ever hire a company where I know the owner personally as I have been screwed yet again.

    I think the biggest mistake I made was letting George talk me into pouring the new driveway in mid November of 2013. The weather was crappy for days before and after the job. Everything seemed to go well after they poured the driveway and I avoided parking on it for 30 days even though George said that 14 days was enough.

    Driveway looked good until February hit. That's when I started to notice a huge wet spot on the right side of the driveway. I called George and he said it's no big deal it just needs time to cure. So I waited till April to see what happens. Well April comes and it's still there. So I call George to ask him to come out and look at it. He says he is too busy and that it will go away when the warm weather gets here.

    Waited till May and the spot is still there. I call George again to complain and he decides to call me every name in the book. Saying that the reason the concrete is wet is because the sides of the drive weren't filled in with new top soil and grass?? The reason it wasn't filled in is because he did the job in November and when spring hit I thought the concrete might have to come up again and be poured the right way.

    Either way that was just a lame excuse from George to try and put the blame on me. His next excuse was that I parked on the driveway in the winter and that the salt and snow did it even though I had waited double the amount of time that he said to wait. Then I was told that I spilled something on the driveway. Now keep in mind that George was suppose to be a friend of mine.

    So after he called me every name in the book and then called me cheap and lazy for not filling in the sides of the driveway he finally tells me he will find a way to make it right. Well that day never came. For the next 6 months all I got was the run around from George. He was impossible to get ahold of and when I did get him on the phone he had 50 other reasons as to why he can't get to my house and this is even after I offered to pay half off the cost to replace the driveway again.

    Then while I waiting those 6 months another issue came up  at the sidewalk. Yet another big wet spot that was getting bigger by the day. George tells me it's not his fault and that's it is something coming up from underneath the driveway even though we never had a problem before. He also tells me that both issues are just cosmetic and that I shouldn't worry about it.

    You look at the pictures I provided and tell me if you would like to look at this mess of a driveway after you spent 8000.00???

    I am not the only one who has a complaint about Elegant Stamped Concrete and the complaints are all the same. George does the job, collects the money and then won't do anything to correct any issues because he has been paid already. So if you want to roll the dice and hope that your concrete work turns out well then call George. But be prepared to get yelled at and given the run around when something does go wrong.

    - wayne s.
  • The artistry and detail work of this company concerning our deck is fantastic. Artisian paid close attention to every detail and made certain we were fully satisfied with all aspects of the project. The workers were punctual, very kind and thorough. They cleaned up after themselves each day and were certain to keep things in order. We would definitely use this company again and have already recommended them to others.
    - Elizabeth M.
  • I had $8900.00 worth of cement work done by Elegant Stamped Concrete. After the work was completed, George Oprita asked if he could send potential customers to our house at [Removed] to look at his work. We were told later by George that everyone he had sent over signed up with his company.  This spring I called and told George not to send any potential customers to see his work as we had large amounts of scaling and numerous stone and cement pops. George assured me he would correct the problem.  I have had phone calls with George and sent letters and am still waiting to have the problem corrected.  The letters were ignored and his promise to rectify the shoddy cement mixture has gone by the wayside.  I invite you to drive by the address above and judge for yourself.  I see another reviewer had the same problem trying to get Elegant Stamped Concrete to stand by their work.  They also were unsuccessful in getting their cement repaired.
    - Kathy W.
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