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Roofing reviews in Ludington

  • D
    .We are just waiting for them to finish the job.they started,,  they lied to us put us off it's snowed on the unfinished roof , rained  then they should of just finished the job than moved on to  the next. But no they lied to us they said a week ,week and a half it's been over   a month.we are very unhappy this job should of been done by now.
    - Douglas H.
  • F

    They were a day later then they said they were coming but that wasn't a big deal. When they were done I contacted them cause of issuses like.First There was a ridge on the second row of shingles and the edge is raised since it was all sheeted the roof should have been flat you would think.   Next there're is a dormer on one side and they didn't shingle all the way to it so the nailer strip is exposed and now I will have to climb up there to finish it cause they wont come and do it.  Next  when they were nailing on the drip edge they used very long nails that came around and out the fascia boards.   Next  they were very rough on my siding and put tears in some of it plus dents and a hole where they hit it with the dumpster door.   What I did wrong was paid them as soon as I got the bill for the balance due..  They seemed very nice before they did the work so I thought there would be no reason to hold the payment. lesson learned don't pay till everything is done right.

    - Adam D.
  • D
    We had an appointment for a Friday. I called on Monday requesting the estimate She called me back on Wednesday, the representative was at the property, two days before our agreed date. They were very unprofessional.
    - Linda s.
  • A
    Although I had to wait a few weeks for them to tackle the job, they did an excellent job. Removed old material, patched old vents and put on a ridge vent. Clean up was so thorough, you couldn't tell a roofing job took place. Should we, or friends, ever need shingle replacement work, I would definitely contact Bob's Roofing first. Excellent job.
    - karen S.
  • A
    Greg Frey of Greg Frey Construction recently completed his fourth job for us and we are very satisfied customers. A year ago, we bought a cottage in need of renovation. Greg was recommended by the realtor we worked with and we first began a month-long project that involved removing old carpets, adding new wood laminate flooring, wainscotting and new paint. Greg did a great job, so when we decided we needed to replace roofing and add a fence to our yard for our dog, we again turned to Greg. Finally, we just completed (May 2013) an eight-week addition, adding a new bedroom/bath and small office space and extending our porch. With each job sucessfully completed, Greg earned our respect, trust and kudos for great work, leading to bigger, more costly projects. He has never disappointed us and in fact, has exceeded our expectations, extra important because we were overseeing from out of town and this was not an inexpensive undertaking. We already have Greg again working on another job overseeing a big landscaping project. Greg, and the contractors he employed, were hard working, dependable, polite, and great to work with. Greg further impressed us with his strong focus on great customer service and making sure each time that the finished project was the best it could be before completion and final payment. He also has a great design eye, which we didn't expect and it was a bonus. We will not hesitate to hire Greg for future projects, and we have at least two more to go. Greg/Greg Frey Construction delivered everything asked of him and more. We spent a lot of money on the past year's projects and we are very satisfied customers.
    - Richard W.
  • F
    Also after being ordered to clean up the mess, one Monday, he drove up and emptied his truck out into my Mothers yard waste container, i HAVE NO WORDS FOR THIS KIND A PERSON. We are still cleaning roof debris from around the house a year later+ I also must state that I can prove that all of the very nice response by Frey in this review is pure fabrication-- none of that happened. I can prove 100% what I say with text messages I saved, phone records and court documents. I never appologised, he came during weather that was unsafe and we had to argue with him constantly to not expose the house and his workers to it, it was unsafe. The house has a double driveway AND a full turnout cut which can fit a truck and boat trailor -so there was plenty of room other than her lawn. He stated in court he does not offer a senior discount, even though I had copied it from here earlier. This guy was a nightmere and I don't know what we'll do now that the ceiling in the bedroom is completrely ruined from the ROOF LEAKING! I plan to bring this fiction to court.
    original post:
    The 2 workers doing the job were very nice and seemed professional. Greg was difficult, whiny, argumentative and a bully. Let me explain- The night before we were to meet with Greg after receiving his bid, I get a call at 11pm from some girl wanting to know who I was. Not having time for childish games, I looked up the culprit on Facebook- it was Greg's fiance apparently. I called Greg immediately to tell him not to bother showing up, we didn't need this bologna, she answered and continued her and quot;fun.and quot; I waited until morning to call him again, this time he answered. I explained we no longer wanted to do business with him (no contract was ever signed at this point). He became aggressive and then apologetic afterwards (I should have just hung up). After a lengthy conversation about how broke he was and how badly he needed the job and how he bought all the materials already (not sure how that was true as we never picked out a shingle at that stage) and how he has 6 kids to feed- he agreed to keep his personal life in check and promised she wouldn't be calling me in the future. I then agreed to go forward with this work and recommended my Mother, 87 years old, sign his bid. His bid was a better price (at 5500.00) then the other one we had gotten and he agreed to patch any leaks immediately so we could get through the holidays without damage inside the home. The job didn't start as planned (early January), it was put off until the worst possible weather week at the end of January- below zero and blizzard conditions- I called him to say we didn't want people on the roof, let alone exposing it during such harsh conditions, and to please wait until the following week when it was going to be sunny and almost 40. He became so irate at the time I finally hung up on him after telling him we'd call the police if he showed up during the storm. His argument was he was too busy to come the next week, so I suggested the week after, or after that or after that but not when it was dangerous. I believe the work started 8 days later, he cancelled the first day because it was sprinkling in the morning and he left a message saying they cannot work in the rain (note: an hour later, at 9am it was sunny and 40). They began that Tuesday, during a thunderstorm downpour- I could not believe it!! They torn off half the garage roof and did not shingle it or cover it, it leaked water all over our belongings. He said they'd never tear off any section of roof that they could not re-shingle that same day. This was not the case at all. Occasionally I did see a tarp sorta covering up an area after they left. I should tell you I am a photographer, so it's documented and date stamped in the RAW files. Jumping ahead.... Greg calls and says the roof needs new boards (not in the estimate and it was not like he had not done prior work on the roof recently). He added 1400.00 to the bill... of course on here he swears there are NEVER add on's. He said 900.00 for wood and 450.00 labor, the bill reads 1400.00 - I guess we like to round up?? He also added 100.00 for removing the trailer debris -not our responsibility or anyplace on the contract signed. Also he added 50.00 for a gutter I was told would be free. (After the gutter was actually installed fairly OK, I agreed we would pay 50.00 for it) At this time of boosting the bid, I brought up that he advertises a 10% senior discount and my Mother did not get it- at 87 years old, I am pretty sure she qualifies! He became irate again, saying things like and quot;have some compassionand quot; and and quot;I have 6 kids to feedand quot; -Later on he swore he doesn't offer a discount (after he went on line and changed it- TY Angies List for dating your pages!!). OK..... we are close to done with the roof, he never came over with a new contract to be signed until they were and quot;doneand quot; -he then handed my Mom the contract with all these extras on it and she called me. Greg didn't wait for me to drive 5 minutes over before he left, we waited an hour or two for him to come back, but he never did. My Mom knew we were not going to finish paying until the damages to the house were repaired and we ironed out the issues on the total bill due. He agreed to repair the screens they had ripped and remove the plastic garbage that had been blowing in the trees for weeks and a few other things. I got stuck with the job of filing the 8 massive holes and tire tracks (from pulling trailers out) left in the front lawn because he didn't park his debris trailer or parts truck on the extra driveway. And then I get to reseed the mess because it could not be done in winter- he left me 6 bags of dirt and a small container of open grass seed. Personally I don't feel I should have to do this, I have enough on my plate as it is, and I certainly will not have my Mother doing it. One last huge issue- the MESS left on the lawn- totally covered in shingle debris everywhere (except the first area they did on garage side). We were told we'd never even know he had been there- we can tell. There is in many places 3-8 inch pieces every 2 -3 feet...and piles of tar debris. It looks hideous and it looked that way on top of the snow when they left too. I am going to have to clean some of it this weekend (April 5th) because we don't want our dog to eat anything. .... After Greg fixed some of the issues, I told him I was going to let someone check out the job before mailing the check and also we needed to correct the contract. He blew his stack completely then. He was calling over and over and over, 5- 6 times in a row after I had already talked to him. He yelled his name in my phone messages. That was a week after he had done the repairs. The following week he tried calling me over and over at work, I wasn't going to have some hothead yelling on the phone when I was at work (I own a retail store) so I didn't answer phone Saturday. Monday morning Greg Frey had the nerve to go to my Mother and say if she didn't give him money right then, Square Deal Lumber was putting a lien on her home. My Mother called me crying and very upset at this confrontation, she didn't know what to do. I call this elder abuse. I immediately stopped what I was doing, went to square deal lumber and talked to them. They knew nothing about anything at all, only Greg had been calling them (I guess to have them lie for him? dunno). There was no lien, they had no issue with us at all- it had only been 2 weeks since the job was and quot;finished.and quot; Might I add they are a great bunch of guys at Square Deal with a good reputation.
    After the lumber yard I went directly to the police. I let them see my phone log of how many times he called over and over even after talking to him. I told them what he had done to my Mother and the issues with the job. The officer called Greg and told him he could no longer contact my Mom, that he needed to talk to me to iron out these issues, but no longer was allowed to call multiple times or he would be charged with harassment. We had never once said we would not pay him for the work, it was the bloated extras and no senior discount I had issues with (plus the mess). That weekend my Mom and I decided the best thing to do was pay the original contract balance- of the signed 5500.00 bid- and let the state licensing board mediate the balance due, if any, and terms for payment. This was the advise given to me by a larger retail stores consultation. Well, that Monday, instead of mailing a check, we got served with court papers from Greg Frey- mind you my Mom's NEVER been to court in all her years- she's still livid. I think he is a danger to the elderly- my Mom didn't like him the first time and didn't want to hire him, so I feel responsible for all this mess. We go to court tomorrow- 3 weeks after he would have been paid....makes sense to him I guess.
    Bottom line... no one should bully anyone into paying more than they are entitled to, lying is never justified for any reason. FOOTNOTE: The roof shingles are beginning to buckle and lift from top to eaves in two places after a month. I will post photos later, I saved one draft of this before and it disappeared, as wordy as it is I do not wish to relive this travesty ever again. This review was written by a 54 yr old 2x cancer survivor who was spared, no doubt, to make sure no one takes advantage of her widowed Mother. I seriously have never been talked at by anyone in my life as offensively as Greg Frey did. (I have the text messages to prove it ) I will tell you the outcome if possible from the Judges decision. We all just want to try and forget this whole ordeal. Thank-you. I am told Greg has a reputation for being a hothead, which I found very true, but cannot say how he would behave if you hired him, as I said first, the 2 guys that did the actual work were nice, perhaps they should deal with the customers too??

    - Nancy S.
  • A
    Greg Frey provided us with a free estimate on re-roofing and re-siding our house. He arrived at the time specified and was friendly and cooperative. His estimate was half of what another contractor provided us with. He incorporated changes into our initial estimate and work order quickly via email. He worked to our required completion date in spite of bad weather. The site was cleaned up very nicely (we did a unscheduled check.) He did make a suggestion about the color of the roof which we found to be very helpful and which we took. He used the materials specified by us on the siding and roofing. We have a process in place to see how the roof weathers but can't comment on that at this time. He made some minor changes after we looked at the project when we came to inspect it and completed those within a few hours. In addition to the roofing and siding, he changed the skirting around the bottom of the house to cement board and painted that and some areas that did not get sided but which needed new paint. He also spotted some weak places in the roof and added support where needed as well as removing and replacing some rotten wood on the sides of the house and the porch. He covered exposed wood with siding which should increase the life of the wood. Greg and his crew were on hand when we inspected the house. He didn't know we had been out there a couple of times before the official inspection and that we had a couple of neighbors report back to us with pictures of his progress. He also sent us pictures which was very helpful. He was always ready to respond to our questions and concerns - very important! Only two negatives: some windows on the upper story were unlocked and a photo fell off the wall in the tv room due to the amount of pounding on the outside wall. We locked the windows (could have been left unlocked by the cleaning lady) and got new glass for the photo. No big deal. On the whole, a very good experience but won't know about the quality of the roofing until we see signs of leaks as the winter progresses.
    - Ellen O.
  • A
    Roof was fully protected and shingled and rotten boards were replaced, protected and shingled. Roofers were punctual and hard working. I noticed that they were as quiet as possible under the circumstances. They did cleanup each day of work and full cleanup with magnetic roller for nails at work's completion. We were very pleased with the result. Tony was approachable and available for questions and concerns. He appears to have an excellent working relationship with his crew.
    - Tandy S.
  • A
    They had to totally replace my roof from a previous provider they did an awful job. They are a well known company in Ludington. They do great work and the house looks great. My wife and I have been very please they were very dependable. It was a tough winter for the weather and I was amazed some of the days they showed up with how bad it was outside. I am very please with their workmanship.
    - Jerry E.
  • A
    I am very happy with the work they did. My roof is beautiful! And no more leaks! Brian helped me decide what type of roof to put on my house, and made suggestions and explained everything thoroughly. He also helped me prioritize other repairs that I needed, and he is making those repairs as I can afford them. He's always willing to spend time answering questions and gives me options to save money. He really cares that the job is done right the first time, and completes the job in a timely fashion.
    - Sabrina S.
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