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    I feel compelled to write a review in response to the other review of Tom Bultman and Bultman Concrete just to set the record straight. The other reviewer said that he was charged an extra $350 on his quoted cost of $11,000. That is a 3% difference from the original quote which does not warrant the harsh language written about Tom Bultman. The other issue the former customer had with Bultman Concrete was with two different cracks in the driveway after the snow receded. Again, these cracking issues do not necessarily reflect an error in quality of finish or the concrete itself. There are a vast number of causes for cracking in concrete in Michigan as we experience freezing temperatures. My biggest issue with this reviewer was his use of the word swindled. From his own account it sounds like he received a new driveway for roughly the quoted price that had a couple of minor cracks in the driveway after the winter season. As you might expect, I have known Tom Bultman professionally for almost 25 years and I can tell you that in the skilled trades he is known for quality of work and is well respected by his peers and former customers alike. You still get top marks in my book Tom!
    - David B.
  • C
    We've been using Steele for both lawn and snow removal and although the quality and price is fairly satisfactory, their response is deplorable. I get the feeling they just don't care about their customers.
    - Tracy M.
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    West Michigan Garage Doors
    They called and arrived when they said they were going to. I knew that I wanted more work done than was allowed in the coupon. They provided an accurate estimate and set up an appointment a few days later. They performed the work within the time frame they said it would take. Extremely happy with their customer service, knowledge and accurate time frame and cost estimations.
    - Tina W.
  • B
    West Michigan Garage Doors
    Bit of a mix up coming one day earlier than expected but it worked ok. He did call ahead of coming. Was Angie deal to do one door plus replace hinges. But didn't have the right size so tuned and lubed both garage doors instead. Paid a bit extra to do two outbuilding doors. Seemed to do a good job and all doors working well. Only suggestion for improving service would be to get door sizes when the appointment's made so correct parts on hand.
    - ARVIN H.
  • F
    Bolotnikov concrete construction llc
    Thomas E and Vicki A Strobel                                                                                                                                      page1
    270 East 24th ST
    Holland MI 49423
    On the week of  August
    3 , 2015, we Thomas E. Strobel and Vicki A. Strobel (homeowners) of 270 E 24th
    St. Holland, MI 49423 contacted contractor Scott Bolotnikov aka Scott Bolot of
    Bolotnikov Concrete LLC address 1911 Conlon Ave. S.E Grand Rapids, MI regarding
    two patios, a small side walk and section of driveway located in front of our
    garage. Scott contacted us , it was at that time we set up August 7,2015 to
    come and give us an estimate.  On August
    7, 2015, we met with Scott at our address and he explained to us that it would
    cost $1000.00 to put forms in , pour, and finish the two patios and $1800.00 to
    tear out, put in forms, pour and finish the driveway section. At that time  Tom said that basically it would be $3000.00
    to do everything and Scott said yes. Scott said he would like 1/2 down when
    they start and the balance when they were done. We then told him to go ahead
    and do it and he gave us a date of August 14, 2015 to complete the job, weather
    dependent. On August 11,2015 Scott called to see if he could come the next day
    August 12, 2015 to do the job and we said that would not work because we had
    another contractor doing other work in the house that day and that he could
    come Thursday August 13, 2015. He said that he would just come Friday as
    planned. On Thursday evening around 6pm 
    Scott told us he was unable to start our job Friday as planned due to
    equipment breaking down on another job. Vicki told Scott she had  scheduled a vacation day  for Friday August 14, 2015 from work and it
    was too late to cancel it by the time he let us know. His reply was you
    wouldn't want me to leave you with your driveway half torn out. That Friday as
    we came home at 4:20 pm Scott pulled up with his equipment and 3 employees to
    start tearing out driveway. We wrote a check for half up front $1500.00 as
    agreed upon and asked if he could add fiber to the concrete. He said it would
    be about $75-$100 for this and we said OK. They stayed for about 2 hours. Scott
    said they would be back Monday August 17, 2015 weather permitting. They did not
    show on Monday , no call. On Tuesday August 18, 2015 they showed up at 11:15 AM
    to finish tearing out the driveway and started putting in forms for patios, and
    part of driveway, they got rained out about 3 pm. On Wednesday August 19, 2015
    Scott came and rang the doorbell at 7:30 am and told Tom that they would not be
    pouring that day and he picked up his bobcat to go work on a barn floor. No
    work happened on Thursday. Each day he would say they would be there at 7:30 am
    and would not show. Friday August 21, 2015 they started about  7:30 am doing prep work and then poured ,
    bull floated, and broomed the patios. When Scott finished bull floating the
    patios he left to go work on the barn job. On Scott's way to the barn job, he
    dropped Tom at DeNooyer Chevrolet to pick up house keys. When they got to
    DeNooyer Scott made out a receipt for the deposit check we gave him and for the
    balance due of $1575.00 and told Tom he could give the check to Sam, his
    Forman. The dealer shuttle brought Tom back home. Sam and John, Scott's 2
    employees stayed here to broom and finish putting in the forms of the driveway
    to be poured that afternoon. Upon arriving home Tom wrote out check for
    $1575.00 and gave it to Sam. Between noon and 1pm while waiting for the
    concrete patios to dry so they could remove the form so the driveway could be
    poured, Tom took Sam and John to Mc Donald's (his treat) for lunch. John drove
    them to McDonalds. Upon returning to the house Tom
    Thomas E and Vicki A Strobel                                                                                                                      page2
    270 East 24th ST
    Holland MI 49423
    asked Sam if they were going to pour the driveway and Sam
    said he would call Scott. Sam went and called Scott and came back and said they
    were not going to pour Friday and would be back Saturday at 7:30 am to pour
    driveway. Tom, Sam and John walked over to the form board for the patio that
    had to be removed for driveway pour and Sam took it off and the concrete was
    set. Sam and John left about 2 pm. On Saturday August 22, 2015 about 8 am Vicki
    called Scott and left a message asking what time they were going to be here to
    pour the drive. A few minutes later Scott called back and asked for Tom. He
    told Tom they were not pouring today and would be there 7:30 Monday to pour.
    Said something about Hamilton Ready Mix being unable to pour.  Scott also mentioned that he had problems
    leaving messages on our phone. Tom told him that other people have no problem
    leaving messages that we get. A couple of minutes after the call ended Scott
    called back and left a message that he would be there in a couple of hours to
    cut relief cracks in the concrete.  We
    did not listen to that message until later in the day. Vicki opened back door
    for the first time since patios were poured to go outside and observed  a 1 inch by 3-4 inch hole in the concrete due
    to improper finishing of concrete. Vicki let Tom know and he called Scott who
    told him he was in Spring Lake and would be there in 10 minutes. Scott showed
    up a few minutes later and said there is a patching material that he could use
    that would blend in with the new concrete. 
    Tom also mentioned the small holes from brooming it when it was too wet
    and concern over freezing cracking. Scott told Tom to wet the concrete down a
    few times to slow the curing process down. Then Scott walked back to his truck
    and got on his phone, Tom took the hose and wet down the patios.  Scott came back over and said "Tom I was
    going to cut the concrete but now the chalk lines won't stick." Scott saw
    the concrete splashed on the lattice and siding and said he had something that
    would take it off or it wouldn't come off. Scott left a few minutes later and
    said he would be back 7:30 am Monday August 24, 2015. Tom got out the power
    washer to clean the concrete splashes on the siding and lattice. While cleaning
    he observed another hole in the concrete with something stuck in it which
    turned out to be a cigarette butt. Sunday August 23, 2015  in the evening Tom called Scott and left 3
    messages trying to confirm Scott being here at 7:30am on Monday. The Forth time
    Tom called Scott picked up and said "we don't do business on Sunday"
    in a very rude tone and hung up on him. Tom called back and told him not to
    hang up, he was just trying to confirm 7:30am Monday. Tom was very upset at
    this point and raised his voice and said "do you think I want to be on the
    phone on Sunday with you but when you lie to me I cannot trust what you
    say"  he said "when have I
    lied" "I stated about the times he was supposed to be at the house
    and not shown up I had also mentioned that I noticed he had cashed the second
    check when the agreement was he was to receive the money when the job was
    complete and satisfactory Scott said he would be there at the house and hung up
    on Tom. Tom and Vicki put the tools that the crew had left laying by the garage
    into the garage Sunday evening.  Vicki
    called in to work so both Tom and Vicki would be there when Scott showed up
    Monday. At 7 am Vicki called Hamilton Ready Mix to see if the concrete was ordered
    for the driveway, they said they had not heard from Scott since 2pm Friday when
    they called him to see if he was going to order the second load for our
    address. Vicki then called Scott and got his voice mail but the box was full so
    she could not leave a
    Thomas E and Vicki A Strobel                                                                                                                                      page3
    270 East 24th ST
    Holland MI 49423
    message. Vicki then redialed Scott and he picked up, she
    asked when the concrete would be there and Scott said he was on his way there
    to see if the driveway was dry enough for concrete. Vicki told him it was dry
    and there was no standing water. Scott and John showed up a few minutes later.
    When he got here Vicki told him she had another spot to show him and he said
    just a minute he had to order the concrete. 
    After ordering the concrete Vicki showed him the hole with the cigarette
    still in it. He wasn't real happy about it and went to his truck to get
    something to patch the holes. As he was mixing the patch Scott asked Vicki if
    she  would open the garage so he could
    get his tools. Vicki told him she would open the garage when the cement truck
    was in the driveway as that was her insurance since he cashed the last check on
    Friday. Scott threw down the bucket he was mixing the patch in and said he was
    calling the police. Vicki told him to go ahead and do that. The police talked
    to Scott first and then came to talk to Tom and Vicki. We explained the
    situation to her and she said it was a civil matter and that we could not hold
    his tools. She said he was willing to give us $500.00 back. We said that was
    not enough to finish and fix the issues, that we would need the $1500.00 back
    because only half the job was done. She said we would have to go to court to
    get the money back. We opened the garage and Scott and John removed the tools,
    during which Scott spitefully dumped a wheel barrel full of concrete pieces and
    dirt right in the driveway while saying something under his breath. The police
    officer had Scott pick up the concrete pieces but said he could leave the
    dirt.   At this time there are no relief
    cracks in the concrete and the repairs have not been done and we don't know if
    they can be repaired or if the patios need to be repoured and the driveway is
    not framed or poured. We are suing for $3075.00.

    - Vicky S.
  • A
    Klinks Customs
    So I discovered Mike just over a year ago on Craigslist. I was looking for someone to paint my 8,000 sq ft commercial building.
    Let me preface this by saying that it's very hard to find honest, hardworking and responsive contractors for anything short of building a home or getting out for a reasonable price. I've done Craigslist, Angie's List, word of mouth...some have worked out well, others disaster. I became very leery of trusting what people tell you. I had a good contractor but he was tough to pin down and quite pricey.
    So I gave Mike a shot. He and his wife Rachel work as a team. They painted our building, got it done in time, and didn't leave mess(another pet peeve!)
    Since then, I had them install an exterior door on our house.
    Which brings us to the most current project-we had them tear out our old 1940's sun porch and reframe it to fit modern windows. They also had to create a wider door space, install the door, wrap the porch, install the windows, and door. Also quoted was an upstairs balcony exterior door.
    They went as far as to pick up the windows at another location out of their way because my location couldn't get them on time. They picked up the doors, as well. The project was completed in about 4 1/2 days. No lengthy pauses, no leftover mess, and everything was done to my vision. It looks great! I'm convinced that this pair can do pretty much anything.
    So if you're looking for a new "go-to" guy(and gal), they're it. They're willing to work from north of Baldwin to Grand Rapids and down to S. Haven- quite the territory!
    - Paul B.
  • B
    A 1 Asphalt Inc
    They were okay. I wouldn't say they were fantastic, and I wouldn't say they were terrible. They were in the middle. The interaction with them was fine, they showed up, did the work, I paid them, and away they went. The work was okay, I don't think it was the best job ever, or the worst.
    - Douglas B.
  • A
    Pittman Asphalt Maintenance
    I choose Pittman after doing my homework, calling references and going to completed job sites. Pittman crew was awesome and cared about doing a good job. You can easily tell this a a good company by watching the crew perform their job when the owner wasn't around. I will choose Pittman again.
    - William G.
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    Quoted work was the going rate and close to other contractors. They poured and finished a patio in my back yard with no hassles. Their workmanship is top notch and I fully recommend them to friends and family.
    - William B.
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    Pittman Asphalt Maintenance
    We had two long asphalt driveways and another short one. Pittman recoated the driveways and did a fine job. We especially liked it that they edged the driveways. The other companies that did quotes only were going to grass whip the edges. Edging the driveways is much better as the coating gets way to the edges. We got three quotes and this one was was the best. We were pleased. The driveways look like new.
    - Nancy N.
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