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  • F
    Broadmoor Motors Wayland
    We decided not to purchase the vehicle the next day as a family member didn't want us spending money so they offered us one of their cars at a very steep discount.
    The dealer called us the next day to state we would be receiving a call from the credit unions about the loan. I informed him that we decided against purchasing the vehicle. He seemed understanding and when I asked when we could expect the refund he said a few days.
    A week later we call and he says we aren't getting a refund because he is "upset he had told another customer it was sold."
    Very unprofessional. They seemed very nice in person but went back on their word over $100.
    - Micah R.
  • B
    After much research, we had decided to buy a year-old Dodge Caravan. We saw one that was in good condition and an interesting color advertised on line for sale at K and M Dodge. We went to check it out. The owner of the dealership had been using the van as his personal vehicle so it had to be cleared out. When they realized we were serious buyers, they let us take it overnight to thoroughly test drive it and have our own mechanic inspect it. It was a reasonable price; there was no hard sell or bargaining. Processing was easy for payment, calling our credit union, getting our temporary license. They even remembered to get us our Michigan parks sticker. We did worry when we got a phone call later saying that the finance guy had lost our down payment check. Fortunately it was found within hours, but. that was troubling. No Sunday hours; Isn't that when people shop for cars and other goods - on the weekends?!
    - Lena R.
  • A
    I discovered Allendale Auto when I moved to the city a few years ago. Since they're located just 1/2 mile from my house, they are very convenient -- but we're so happy with their service that we plan to use them when we move to GR in the future.

    They always get me in the same day or next day, depending on the issue. The owner or one other mechanic usually does the work. The owner's wife does the paperwork, so it's a true mom-and-pop shop. Their prices are always reasonable, but the most important factor is their honesty.

    In 2010 I had them do 5 maintenance items that were on my scheduled maintenance guide for my 4Runner, including lubing the propeller shaft, re-torquing it, rotating tires, changing the oil, and replacing all the wiper blades. They could have charged me an arm and a leg, because I don't know what's involved with re-torquing a propeller shaft. I was shocked at how low the bill was -- they basically didn't charge anything for the propeller shaft. When I asked why, they said, "Oh, we always take care of the propeller shaft as part of your oil change." Who does something for nothing anymore?

    I found out that my aunt and uncle also use them; word of mouth has spread about their honesty. Allendale Auto is busy enough that they don't have to lie to people to make more money, but they're not so busy that they turn away customers. So even if you're not mechanically inclined, I'd trust them first and foremost. They won't push any unnecessary services on you, but if they do notice something's about to break, they'll tell you and explain it to you. I never get a second opinion because they're completely competent -- they fix everything the first time, and my vehicles have high mileage on them.
    - Jill V.
  • A
    Tolman's Auto-Tech Group Inc
    They always treat me with respect, make me feel important, and are straightforward. They may not be the cheapest out there and sometimes you may have to wait to get your car in, but the respect they give and the trust have in the company is worth the extra day or two of waiting. When I bought tires from them, it wasn't the cheapest price for the tires that I had found, but the willingness to answer my questions and make me feel comfortable was worth the extra money I spent (Which may have been $50 total for all 4 tires).
    - Amanda E.
  • F
    The first thing I was  told when I entered the lot was how they wouldn?t have been in business this long if not for their reputation? but?
    1) I asked if an inspection had already been performed on the car, Paul said yes; I asked what all was checked out, he responded with everything down to the percentage of brakes that were left. I told him I would like to see the report because I wanted to know what ?everything? entailed? He also mentioned that if they found anything wrong it would have been fixed (interesting when you start up the car and the check engine light was on)

    2) I asked to take the car for a drive, after he got it setup I told him that I would like the report and a Carfax ready for me when we got back. I was informed that he wouldn?t pull up a Carfax "just because', that I must be absolutely interested in the car in order for him to pull it up. I told him again to have it ready that I was  interested. I would be buying an Outback by Tuesday morning because Isold my car and needed transportation before I worked on Tuesday. The drive went well, no major issues noted.

    3) When we got back he didn?t want to proceed with anything unless I made a commitment to be approved with financing, when I was already approved with Lake Michigan Credit Union. He wanted me to go through him to be approved again for Lake Michigan Credit Union and didn't take me seriously until I agreed. I reluctantly agreed because the Credit Union was down the street from where I lived and I was going though I lady that I wanted to stick with, but apparently I needed to prove to Paul that I was interested more than just a passing interest?

    4) My fiance had to take me to work and we were running late so we rushed out the door and I told Paul I would let him know more of me wanting the car no later than Saturday morning (it was Friday around noon). After we left I realized? I never did receive that Carfax that I asked for at least twice and I never did see the proof that the car was inspected. Interesting. Not to mention the condescending attitude I constantly received that I MUST actually be interested in the car for him to proceed that just made me feel completely unimportant like I was wasting his time and shouldn?t be taken seriously. This is the 5th car I have bought in my life and the 2nd worst experience I have had. The first worst I had walked away from their lot within 10 minutes from a car I was GOING to buy and instead drove to a dealer 3 hours away to buy a different car of the same make and model.

    5) Later on I was calling a nearby auto repair shop to see if I could get the car in for an actual inspection. They said they couldn?t get it in until Tuesday so I called Paul back and told I couldn?t buy the car because I couldn?t get the car in for an inspection. He was actually kind enough to offer to call for me and ?see what he could do about getting it in sooner? I said ok, but again he made mention to, "I am not going to do this though unless you are definitely serious about this because I don?t want to put in a favor for nothing." I told him I was as long as the inspection went well and to please check on if he could it in sooner. Due to how blown away I had been as to how he was treating me it didn't occur to me at the time that if he was putting in a favor he was know and work with the place quite often. This could be compromising to the report they give me.

    6) Mind you, I was looking at another Outback in Hart, MI where I had been treated amazing by their staff and had an awesome inspection done on an Outback Sport. They were going to give me an amazing offer on the car that was completely comparable to the one at Wyrick's except I really didn?t like that it was a Sport (I was buying the outback for the space and the Sport has 6 cubic feet of less space in it) and that it was Red. Though the Sport had the 2.2 engine NOT known for head gasket issues and NO RUST. (The outback I was looking at at Wyricks had rust on both rear fenders in a very common area that many outbacks get rust.)  I called my fiance at worked and talked to him a bit and realized I was almost in tears at how I was being talked to, how I was not being taken seriously, and how Paul was bullying me so I told my fiance that I was going to call Paul back and not go with the Outback he had because of the three reasons 1) the treatment I was receiving 2) the trust I had in an inspection that was facilitated by a salesman who I had no faith in 3) the rust that was on the vehicle that was really bothering me

    7) I called Paul back as soon as I got off the phone with my fiance (15 minutes later) and told him never mind that I was going to go with the other vehicle that I had found. He was irate because instead of just ?looking into? what he could do to get the car in sooner, the car was already in being looked at. The first thing out of his mouth was how I was going to owe for the inspection which flabbergasted me because I didn?t even know he had already had it in and the second thing out of his mouth was how I had wasted all of his time and why was I backing out because he had jumped though all theses hoops for nothing. I was at a loss for words to the point that I explained the rust but never once called him on how he was treating me. I really was interested in the car so I told him to go on with the inspection because I really did want the car. He asked me if we went on would I definitely buy the car because he wasn?t going to jump any more hoops if I was just going to back out. I told him it depended on what I could do about that rust and how the inspection went. I wish I would have walked away at this point and just found another car. That is my fault but I had never been yelled at by a salesman before and was feeling as little as his tactics were meant to make me feel.

    8) I trusted Paul so little that I even called the place that was performing the inspection to make sure that he wasn?t trying to pull one on me and lying that it was really already in. They verified that it was in fact there and (still upset) I told them of how I wasn?t even sure if I wanted the car there, I hadn?t stated that I definitely wanted him to take the car in that I only oked him to inquire on it. They told me that they would work something out with me then because they didn?t want this to be bad experience, I was thankful, but knew they didn?t deserve it because they were just doing what was asked. I never did pay for the inspection, not sure what happened one way or another, but I didn?t pay. At least one thing went alright?

    10) After this, Paul seemed to have a shift in his attitude I?m not sure if something got back to him or what but he said very little and made a decent deal with me to get the (engine light) Knock sensor taken care of and a small leak that had to do with the transmission taken care of, along with $400 off for me to take care of the rust which, eventhough I know that isn?t going to cover it, I though was a good deal for what seemed like a pretty solid car if I can trust all the inspection and Paul?s word at this point. The only other things the inspection brought up that needed done were tires, brakes, and timing belt (which are all expected in a vehicle with 100,000 miles).

    11) I told him to go through with it and ended up being able to pickup vehicle on Monday. Of course two rude remarks were made that day also: 1) I told him I was hoping to be able to pick up that same day when he called, but that my fiancé was already at work so it depended on if he could get away for a minute (which since he is the boss was a pretty high chance) therefore I was planning on Monday but Tuesday morning at the lastest. When we showed up he commented that he parked the car outback because he didn?t think we were going to show up that night. If he wouldn?t have said anything at all I wouldn?t have even noted where the car was parked but he made me feel again like he didn?t trust us and 2) that he could have sold the car at least 10 times that day because it finally hit the Grand Rapids newspaper. This really bothered both me and my fiance because it was almost like a jab of ?you better feel like you got a good deal and got lucky.?

    12) When we were signing the papers on the car (Monday July 11, 2011) Paul made comment about the engine light and that if it came back on anytime soon (though he didn?t want to be ?married? to the light) to bring it in and they would check it out. Interestingly enough, the light came on approximately 80 miles(2 days- July 13) later. I am very skeptical that this is a coincidence. Why would he even mention the check engine light if he thought that it was taken care of? Now I have a catalytic converter issue and have to replace it. I was supposed to have an amount of how much it would cost me by 12:30pm on Friday, but we didn't get a call back until Monday July 18, 2011 at 7:34pm. When I returned his call Tuesday he told me they would only cover half. That I had to pay $330 (half) of the cost. I was so tired of dealing an arguing with him at this point, that I gave in and paid half. My fiance tried to tell him that that was unacceptable, but he told us he sold the car "as is" and that they had no responsibility to even cover half and he could either accept it or walk away.  The way he mentioned the check engine light, though, at closing was a for implied coverage. Apparently I was mistaken!

    13) We took my car in on Monday July 25 and picked up the car July 26th and I made him give me a receipt of the work done, which he was reluctant to do. There has been other issues with the car which I have not complained about because it was my fault for missing them, and if it weren't for Paul's attitude I would not be so upset about the check engine light, but the way he acted and made me feel has me permanently avoiding this store and not recommending it to anyone.
    - Amanda E.
  • A
    They were constantly nice and never once pressured me. He made me feel like I was welcome to make whatever decision I wanted and did not make me feel like I had to make a decision now. He took and drove the car to the inspection location of my choice since I live an hour away from the dealership. They worked with me on every step and dealt with a lot of issues that I drug them through:

    Example: On 7/6/11 I looked at the car. I had an inspection performed on the car on 7/7/11. The inspection was very in depth and he gave me a lot of detail in turn. Smith's was willing to lower the price from $6900 to $5800 due to the issues found which was not actually necessary since they were expected maintenance issues found at 100,000 miles on any car.  The only problem was this was not the car I wanted. It was a Subaru Outback Sport instead of a Subaru Legacy Outback (the biggest difference is the size of engine and 6 cubic foot more of space in the Legacy Outback). Friday I found a car company that did have the car I wanted, but were very rude to deal with. I had gone back and forth with Smiths because I wanted to send my business to them but they didn't want the car I wanted and I needed a car within 4 days. Smiths handled my indecision very well and never even made me feel guilty when I decided not to buy from them. Next time I buy a car I will be contacting them to keep an eye out for what I want. I want to give them my business and was very sorry I didn't this time.
    - Amanda E.
  • A
    Tolman's Auto-Tech Group Inc
    We use them pretty frequently. We don't use them for little things like oil changes. We use them for our car and truck when we hear things. They are not the cheapest place but they do good work. We are happy with them. They are very efficient and can always fit us in when we need them. They will give us a ride wherever we need. They are polite and don't look down to me because I am a woman. They always find the problem and don't recommend things that you don't need. They are really good. We are very fortunate that they are so close to us.
    - Lena R.
  • A
    Tolman's Auto-Tech Group Inc
    Easy to make an appointment at a convenient time for me. When I brought the car in, I did not have a ride home and was planning to ride my bike. It looked like it was going to rain so they drove me the six miles home and picked me up when my car was ready. Also, they did not treat me like a dumb woman.
    - Lena R.
  • A
    - Mary R.
  • A
    Tolman's Auto-Tech Group Inc
    Quick quality service.  They compared repairing versus replacing and provided an honest assessment.  I opted for repair and was very pleased with the results.
    - Bruce B.
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