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I made an appointment with Dr. Pickus because I needed a new primary care physician and I chose him because of his background with oncology. I am a recent Breast Cancer survivor and I wanted to see him for annual exams, etc. so he could track my health and cancer along with what other doctors were doing. He was 45 minutes late seeing me but did periodically yell from the hall that he would be with me soon. When he "examined" me and discussed my history and needs, he was quick (too quick) and the only physical exam he did was to poke at my abdomen. I told him my primary concern at the time was Chronic Insomnia and that I had been taking sleeping pills (some prescription and some OTC) for over 10 years. He said he would have his staff order a sleep study at MMC - which is where I requested it be done. He also told me that he didn't do annual exams on women but his nurse practictioner would. I explained that I see an OB/GYN for "female parts" and he had no comment. He escorted me to the nurse's station and left the area, leaving his open computer - with my records- beside me on the counter. So I glanced at it and noticed that he had checked something I thought was an error. I asked the nurse to check with him about this. She took the computer and a few minutes later, Dr. Pickus came back, very flustered and insisting that I had not seen this error and he insisted that he show me on his computer. I told him that wasn't necessary but he said "Oh, yes it is!" as if he coudn't tolerate being questioned or being in error. He showed me a different page on the computer than the one where I thought I had seen an error and I said that was fine, again, trying to reassure him that it was not a big deal. He looked VERY annoyed. When I went to check out, I asked the receptionist why Dr. Pickus could not see me for an annual exam if I had breast exams and pelvic exams done elsewhere. She replied that he only sees men for annual exams. I told her that I had chosen him because of his oncology experience and that I would apppreciate her checking with him again and explaining this. Then, I said, "Wouldn't it be discriminatory for him to see/examine only men?? (I tried to say this somewhat lightly.)  She left and a couple minutes later, a nurse came out, took me aside and told me that Dr. Pickus did not think I would fit in with him or the Health Care Center. When I asked why, she said that I "asked too many questions." She went on to explain that I had questioned something I thought I saw on his computer and now I was questioning him again about seeing me for annual exam, even though he had already told me he didn't see women for annual exams. She said that they hadn't actually accepted me as a patient and that Dr. Pickus had only agreed to see me to schedule a sleep study for me. (This was not true- they had received my medical records a month ago and had left a phone message stating that Dr. Pickus was able to be my new primary care physician.) I asked the nurse to please just schedule me for the annual exam with the nurse practiioner as they were originally doing. She agreed (reluctantly) and I was given an appointment card. They also said they would schedule my sleep study. Dr.Pickus had given me 3 prescriptions, which I had filled and I waited to hear from MMC Sleep Lab. A few days later, I phoned and asked a nurse to please remined Dr. Pickus of why I had chosen him for my primary care doctor - his knowledge of oncology - and that I was not trying to be difficult in asking to see him now and then. She said she would tell him. A few days later, I received a phone message from a sleep lab in Falmouth, asking that I call so they could schedule the sleep study that Dr. Pickus has ordered.  I called them and told them that I wanted it done at MMC and asked if they could please phone Dr. Pickus' office and explain that they had sent the order to the wrong facility. She said she would. The next week I received,  by Certified Mail, a letter, stamped with a Dr. Owen Pickus signature stated that I was no longer a patient there, that my annual exam had been canceled and I should not come back. The letter went on to say that he (Dr. Pickus) could not order the sleep study because he was no longer my doctor and could not track my care.  (Remember he had already ordered it as well as giving me prescriptions) He also sent back ALL my medical records that I had previously faxed to him.) This is NOT a doctor I would recommend to anyone! When I tried to find who owned the Health Care Centers so I could file a complaint, I spoke with a nurse at another location and when I told her my concerns, she laughed and said, "Good luck with that! Dr. Pickus OWNS the Health Care Centers!!" He apparently also OWNS his own law firm and it would be my quess that Dr. Pickus likes to be the one asking the questions and that one should never use the D - word (discrimination) around him. I plan to file a complaint with the Maine Board of Medicine.  Look elsewhere for your health care. I disagree with another report that stated that he acts busy because he is bright and can assess medical problems quickly. IQ does NOT equal EQ (Emotional Quotient) - and it is now recognized that how one uses their understanding of emotions and their ability to "read" people's needs and respond appropriately is the biggest determinant of success, not IQ, as previously thought.  Intelligent - maybe; BRIGHT?? Definitely not! I recognize "bright" when I meet someone who is bright - and Dr. Pickus would never had treated me this way if he was, in fact, "bright"!  I believe he acts busy because he IS busy - way too busy to take time to care about his patients' individual needs.

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He is very energetic. My mother used his services but I go to see a nurse practitioner who works under another doctor there. I don’t see Dr. Pickus directly but I worked a lot with him for my mother's care till she passed away five years ago, and so I am very familiar with him. It is a large practice and there are several doctors and nurse practitioners there. Dr. Pickus is very bright and knows m...

I use the Maine Centers for Healthcare in Westbrook for primary care. Dr. Owen Pickus is the D.O there. He is an internist and also an oncologist.

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