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Woodworking reviews in Gwynn Oak

  • A
    The Village Carpenter, Mark L., did an excellent job rebuilding my deck. I had 10 long floor boards that were rotten and needed to be replaced. The deck looked somewhat the worse for wear and needed a fresh coat of stain. Mark gave me a detailed estimate right away. He noticed that some of the wood I had purchased had not been treated properly and so he took care of that on my behalf with out increasing the estimate. He removed all the old materials. The deck now looks brand new and I feel happy every time I go out on it. The best thing about all this was that he actually followed through and did things quickly and well for exactly what he had estimated. There was none of this "and when is he coming back to finish the job," which I've experience with other contractors. He works hard and well, is friendly and reliable, and does what he says he's going to do. He has also rebuilt my front steps which was a more complex operation that I'm also very happy with. I've posted a separate review on that project under masonry.
    - Jeffrey J.
  • B
    Mr. Dave House was very professional during the estimate process. He laid down all the options and we established an agreement that worked well with what I wanted and my price range. Mr. House and his crew did a great job completing the work. They were timely, kept the mess contained and completed the job with no exceptions on my part. My bathroom was completely gutted, all materials were included in the price, and a custom built into the wall. The driving factor for the lower grades was the quality of materials showed to be low grade or not made for a bathroom soon after the remodel was done. The cabinet padding lining the doors began falling out, the tray in the shower stall was on a mount that became lose and stopped holding the tray in place securely, and the faucet stopper stopped functioning properly all in less than a year. I called Budget Bath at some point after one or more these items stopped working and received no response. I posted a comment on its web page hoping to catch there attention, but got no response. Budget's unresponsiveness to my concerns after the job was completed had an impact on view of the company, customer service should not end just because you are paid in full and the job is complete.
    - Melondy T.
  • A
    Tom met my wife and I at our new home to discuss some possible custom cabinet work.  He was punctual and professional, and it seemed like he really knew his stuff.  He even offered several good ideas that we hadn't even thought of.  He provided us with an estimate within a week, and the prices quoted seemed very fair.  In the end, we decided not to move forward with the project, but if we had, we would have gone with Tom and will definitely reach out to him in the future if we have any other custom woodworking projects.
    - Keith K.
  • C
    The overal price of the job would not have been an issue if it were not for the number of things I had a problem with. 
     Initially the company began sending out crew to the job who did the demolition and had little regard for where the dust went. Of course non of the workers could speak more than a 3rd graders worth of English; but i wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt so I just let them keep work. I noticed after a few days that things were missing from my fridge so I had to contact them about that. they resolved that situation immediately. Soon they began putting up drywall. Being somewhat concerned I about trim work that I was not original going to have them do I reviewed thier work to ensure that it was able to fit my door frames. It quickly became clear that they did not bother to flush the new drywall with the exist door trim, in addition the workers essentilly tried to mount drywall over a 4 inch cast iron pipe that was inside one of the walls; which cause the drywall to visibly bow out nearly an inch.  I had to call them and have the re do multiple rooms worth of drywall. It became a daily ritual that  i would come home and review the work they had done to make sure it was done right. It really bothered me that I had to constantly do this because I'm not a contractor , So i was constantly concerned about the non obvious stuff that I was unable to see. After complaining about the initial crew being very bad they began sending any another employee who could speak English and was able to actually hang drywall.  From this point on they began sending 2 people to my home everyday. This entire process took place over the course from November 2013 to May 2014. The new guy doing the work did not do a terrible job however he still made several choice without consulting me one of which cost me money in re buying tile (i was buying my own materials for some of the work). He essentially ruined about 200 dollars in stone tile when he decided to use base board stone as bull nose. Before this contract could finish he ended up quitting so they had to send a new person in to finish the tile work around my whirlpool tub. They apparently were unaware that he was not finished so it took them nearly a month to get someone in to finish essentially one days worth of work on my tub.  Once the two bathrooms were complete, and the hallway and spare rooms were finished. I decided I would give them another chance because I felt like the remaining paint work would be easy and not be a problem. Once again they sent in a crew of people who could not speak English. They essentially came in and replaced the baseboard in one day. One the second day they came in and slapped Spackle on the walls and put to coats of paint on the same day. The didn't bother to sand down any of the window trim or remove hardware, so much of the paint was just slopped on and caked up in the corners. (Which is something I had initially asked them to address in the estimate but apparently that didn't get reflected in the paper estimate so it wasn't something they were gonna do) They tried to make up for it by sending in a few guys to pull off the hardware and repaint the trim. Overall they painted over light switch covers, left flaws in the walls instead of sanding them down and smoothing it out, and just slapped paint on. The paint cost for the 3 rooms was around 4000 dollars. 
    My overall feeling is that you have to watch them like a hawk and constantly baby sit their work. Also they cut cost on materials and used cheap particle board materials for my baseboard. Which is one of the reason I insisted on purchasing my own materials for certain parts of the job. 
    The end result are adequate for the most part with good exceptions for some parts and bad for other parts. But it was generally more stress than I wanted to endure during the process. I want to be able to contact a contract; tell them what I want and have them do a professional job without my interactions. I should essentially serve to purposes in this equation. 1. describe the work I want. 2. Give money. 
    If I knew in advance that I was gonna be the late shift crew foreman and be forced to review the work for error every night; I would have told them what my hourly rate was and they could have just paid me. 

    - Chad D.
  • A
    I've been pleased with previous jobs they've done for me.  And I am pleased with this one.  There were a few minor issues relating to my old house not being square, but they solved the problem quickly and got on with the job.  I am quite pleased with their attention to detail and finish work.  The new doors do not have the character that the old (original) dutch doors did, but they also do not leak like a sieve.  The new doors were an upgrade to fiberglass that Dimitri's knowledge of the product encouraged me to make from steel and I am very happy with the products they chose.  While they were here, I asked them to switch the doorknob from the old kitchen door to the basement and they did that.  At my request, they also took a look at my roof (I'd been told it had 5-7 years when we bought the house, 7 years ago) and told me that it did not need to be replaced anytime soon.  They do good work and are honest and trustworthy.  I highly recommend them.
    - Lisbeth J.
  • A
    Jim and his crew worked diligently for three days on my crappy old roof. Jim was on site 90% of the time, guaranteeing that all was going well. The crew were respectful and took care not to hurt the flora around my home. There was a lot to do on this roof and James McGavin finished the work to perfection. Thanks again Jim.
    - Mary S.
  • A
    Mr. St. Rose removed and replaced old torn screening of an enclosed porch - three sides of an approximately  8' x 18' porch, approximately 9' high. This involved re-screening 16 panels; the lower 8 were double-screened to reenforce them with a heavier gauge, in addition to the fine-gauge screening over all. Mr. St. Rose used decorative wooden mouldings to hold in the screens (the tops were  curved) and rosette mouldings in the corners of the lower panels, adding a lovely architectural touch in keeping with the period of the home - his idea which he ran by us prior to installing. The porch was immaculately cleaned when he finished. The project took about 8 hours, as he'd estimated.

    Mr. St. Rose has done previous work for us in repairing the wood trim around our garage.  The professionalism, attention to detail, and obvious pride in the quality and overall aesthetic appeal of his work that he demonstrated at that time were the reasons we asked for his help with this project. He did not disappoint. The same characteristics of his work were in evidence on this job. I cannot recommend Myriad Home Improvement and Handyman Services highly enough!
    - Michele M.
  • D
    My initial experience was extremely positive. I purchased a 4 hours of handy man service for 100.00 for this company.  I called to schedule the appointment and was asked to send an email request.  I did and received a reply within hours. I included, dimension of room and halls to be painted along with pictures and list of materials I had purchased for the job.  They scheduled the job for 1 week later.  I had to leave town and called them to reschedule the date of the appointment for 4 days later.  I sent an email and they again replied quickly and accommodated my request. The problems began when they arrived for the appointment.
    When the "painter" arrived he had NO ROLLERS, NO TAPE, 1 paint brush and one ladder that was 20 ft. I explained that I sent a list of what I was supplying and asked if I needed to get anything else and was told he would have everything needed.  So he left to get rollers. He took the covers off the outlets and lights and put the putty I supplied on the walls to repair small cracks. He did not sand the putty he just put it on and painted over it. 2 hours later he was still painting the first room  (9 x 12) He got paint on the ceiling, never painted the window ledges and trim and got paint on the floor boards which were to be painted white. Instead of finishing one room he started 2 other walls and did not finish either of them. One wall was left 1/2 painted because he was afraid to stand on the ladder. When he was leaving I noticed that all of the work he had done required a second coat of paint. He was in my home for 6 hours and accomplished nothing but making a mess. He even managed to leave paint in the hall on a ladder in a cup which my dog discovered and knocked over onto my carpet. To which he said " Oh, my bad I forgot it was there. Just get it up with a wet paper towel.....really? 
    As the "painter"  was leaving revealed he is NOT A PAINTER  instead he does carpentry.  He actually said he hated painting and is only there because he was told to come. I was told that the company normally subcontracts painting jobs to another company but since I bought a certificate for the work and they were not making a profit they just sent someone with no experience hoping I would not notice. That may have worked if he had done a 1/2 decent job but the work was so horrible it looked like my 9 year old son did it.
     I wish they had been honest and said they did not have the skill set to do the painting with an "in house" painter. I would have gladly had them put in my new hardwood floors or new kitchen counters and counter tops, which I also need done. Instead I wasted my time, my work certificate and my day off. I had to pay another  company to come in and correct all of the mess that this " NON-PAINTER" made in my home. The person that came out was very nice, polite and apologetic but the work was a mess and cost me more time, money and time off from work then necessary.
    Because of this I will never use this company again. For me, honesty is the best policy. I felt I was purposely mislead and did not get what I paid for at all.
    - Royia W.
  • C
    My response to the company as of 6/10/2010: Issue #1-Asbestos floor replacement. He told me that he couldn't pull the floor up since there was asbestos there. I do not know asbestos from a piece of tile. He showed me and I took his word for it. They left it there and laid the floor on top of it making it higher. I was not happy with that, but did not say a whole lot about it as it would cost additional money. All of the houses were built around the same time and many neighbors have also had kitchen remodels with no asbestos. Nothing was done in this house since 1950. I cannot dispute that one way or the other since I have no proof. Issue #2-laying the tile floor diaganolly. I called other contractors and they informed me it would not cost anymore to have it lay diaganolly. I do not feel they gave me any additional labor service since it was not more work. Issue #3-sink plumbing issue. My water wouldn't go down once they finished. I bought two containers of Drain-o and put it down the sink as they suggested. They told me I should have a new pipe put in and that was my option so I took their recommendations and had it replaced. It was not stopped up when they started and they want me to pay more to have it fixed. They claim that they gave me $125 of free service for that which is untrue. They eventually did something to the drain and should have done that in the first place, taking 15 minutes. It was not a major thing that should have been taken care of with the installation. The 4th Issue-stove not fitting properly. I bought my appliances through Direct Buy and in all fairness to Hammerhead, I believe that Direct Buy should have some responsibility toward the stove not fitting since they were the ones that helped me select the appliances. I am told by another contractor that the problem is my stove was not designed to fit into a custom space. The stove should not have had a finished side. It is finished on all sides and does not fit the width. I didn't know this and don't believe I should be expected to know this. Since Hammerhead was supposed to be coordinating with them, I do not know what the miscommunication was. I don't give them 100% fault. Direct Buy definitely shares responsibility. He also made a comment in his last statement that we were discussing the contract and I took the initiative to take it. I asked if there was anything about it that I needed to know. I am not a kitchen specialist and wanted to be sure that these issues would not come up. After our final discussion, after the fact, he claimed that he did patching of the walls. They knocked holes in the wall after putting in a dust barrier. He didn't do any free services for the walls. He also had strange behavior with his large, iron plumber's wrench hitting against his hand while over me which is my observation and made me uncomfortable. They saved me absolutely nothing and broke a couple of things. They moved a freezer for free which is the only item.
  • F
    I had to be after him the whole time. He wanted to use the wrong kind of drywall (basements need mold resistant drywall, especially my basement), he didn't angle the corners of the baseboard, the screen door didn't close after he put it in, the wall he hung wasn't flat(!) in over a dozen places, he "forgot" to put the spring mechanism on the screen door (I found it stuffed in a bag of leaves), and so on. I even had to explain to him how to put up the crown molding. He had EXCUSES for everything and acted like I was being unreasonable. What did he think? That crown molding comes in a form that can't go around corners? That I just wanted the screen door up and didn't really need it to close? I'd like to meet the others he's worked for who didn't care about such things. There were language issues, too, but overall he was just sloppy. I mean, he WROTE DOWN that he wanted me to buy 1 1/2' drywall nails, so I bought 1 1/2" drywall nails. Turns out he meant 1 5/8" drywall screws. Nails vs. screws. A contractor should know the difference and not get upset when I can't read his mind that he didn't mean nails, he meant screws. Another big problem was that he left all his trash behind, including all the extra tile adhesive (kind of like cement) that he had mixed. Don't contractors normally clean up after themselves? I could go on and on, but really, hire him only if you already know construction, have a long time to wait around (he takes forever to get back to you, I was sitting around for a month), and have a lot of patience. By the way, he cashed my check already and hasn't finished the job. Big mistake. I probably won't see him again. Don't do that.
    - Elizabeth V.
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