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Auto Service reviews in Aberdeen

  • C

    I am under this contract to come in every 5,000 miles. They have a program called Bell Care and I was told I paid for this when I bought the car. It includes free oil changes, tire rotations and car washes. They did not put an XM radio in my vehicle. When I tried to make some kind of deal with them they just shrugged me off like I was nobody. I would say before you sign the deal make sure you got everything that you bargained for before you see it. When I got the vehicles I got stuck with this radio, but they told me they could not do anything about it. They have called me when I am late for the oil change.

    - Godfrey C.
  • C
    This is my first review. I have to express my frustration with the Firestone Complete Auto Care shop in Aberdeen, MD.
    The Firestone shop is relatively new in Aberdeen. I was needing work done on my truck and I was considering where to go because Aberdeen has several options. Well, I chose Firestone because I am a patron who wants to help welcome new businesses into our town. This was a mistake.
    My face to face interactions with the front counter staff was always nice and cordial, but somewhere among the mechanical staff on the other side of the display glass was were my assumptions were dashed. What assumptions? you ask... the assumption that a new shop wants to win new loyal customers with good service.
    Feeling confident from the friendly front-end staff, I sensed good things were about to happen to my truck. A few days later I got the call my truck was ready to be picked up. Yippee. (My wife takes time from her schedule to drive me to the store). I get there, paid, got my keys back, hop in the truck and drove off.
    If you're like me, after spending multiple hundreds of dollars on repairs to your vehicle, you expect an almost obvious indication that your vehicle runs and/ or performs better than it did before you gave it to the compassionate car doctors.Ha! Since one of the things I asked (paid) for was an alignment, I drove along a straight and flat road to see if my truck veered to the left or right. I put my steering wheel in center position and it veered right. Arrg! So I drive straight and saw that the steering wheel was not centered. I drove over some bumps and there was no spongy feeling, yay! Well one outta two is not horrible, I say to myself. I'll just take it back for them to check the alignment.
    A couple of days later, my truck is ready for pickup again. The front end staff fankly admitted to me that the alignment was indeed off after they performed the alignment the first time. They apologized. I say to myself, wow...this shop has integrity. I get my keys back, hop in the truck and drive off. Well, I noticed the steering wheel is still off-center when I drive straight! Also, I heard a bump-like noise coming from underneath my feet. I think to myself, what is going on??!!
    I got home, crawled under my truck, looked around and saw nothing out of the ordinary.Hmmm... I then looked in the wheel well and then it occurred to me where the noise was coming from. I noticed the noise source because I was able to see my newly installed shocks. I wouldn't normally be able to see my shocks from the wheel well because there is usually a mud flap/ engine guard that covers the engine and shocks/ springs. I say "usually" because my engine guard was hacked apart!! Specifically, the middle part of the guard was cut/ ripped/ or broke out, in what I can only think was due to needing easy access to the shocks and springs.I say this because to remove the guard properly, one has to pop some plastic "riviets" from within the inside of the engine compartment. The left and right edge of the hacked guard was still intact, but would flap and bang the wheel well areas due to the air rushing past it as I drove!!! I looked on the other side and the guard had the same hacked look. Man!! I felt like a gullible idiot.
    Well obviously I took the truck back and asked them to replace the guards. But they were not convinced that was what the problem was. They would need their senior technician to experience the noise. Sigh!! Okay fine.
    So a day later, the senior technician and I took a ride together during my lunch break. I prayed that the noise would occur so that the technician can hear it. I also pointed out the crooked steering wheel too. And then it happened... bump bump rumble bump. Yay!! (Am I crazy being happy a hacked guard is making noise when it shouldn't? Ha!)
    To the senior technician's credit, he seemed to agree with my opinion on the "hack" job. Well he told me it could take a little while to find the engine guards. And they also called me a bit later to let me know they would be replacing some suspension links that had rusted out, for free. Cool!
    About four days later, I got the call my truck was ready for pickup (for the third time). After my wife dropped me off but before I
    walked into the store, I checked to see if new guards were installed. Ah yes, they were.... but not 100% correctly!!! A couple of the plastic "rivets" were not fastened into their counterpart rivet hole.Goodness! I say to myself to just let it go, let it go, dum dum dee doo.
    The next day I drove to night class and everything seemed back to normal. Steering wheel was straight(er), there was no bumping noise, yay!! I reach for some quarters from my spring-loaded change sorter (to buy a soda later) and GASP!!... all but one of my quarters are gone!!!! And same with my dimes!!!! Oh how frustrating! Two, maybe three bucks in change is a small amount, but SOME MECHANIC STOLE IT AND THEY LEFT THE TOP COIN TO HIDE THE THEFT!!!!!
    My story does not end quite yet... a couple of days later I notice my front-left wheel lug-nut cover is missing!!!! Man alive!!! What frustration! SOME MECHANIC DID NOT PROPERLY SECURE THE WHEEL COVER AND NOW IT IS GONE!! My wife says to tell them to replace it, but I am tired and too mentally drained over dealing with Firestone again. I'll just pay off the bill (I signed up for the Firestone card for a discount) and be done with it all. Maybe in a week or two I'll look on eBay for a wheel cover. :(
    In closing, I'll say the Firestone store looks nice, new, and shiny. The front end staff are nice and professional, but the mechanical staff apparently include some people who have no qualms towards hiding shoddy work and petit larceny.

    Several days after I posted my review, I discovered another surprise... I bought some windshield wiper fluid, reached down to pull the hood latch release, and arrrrggg!!!! the hood release latch was broken. Now there was no apparent way to open my hood. Great! Not!

    Well that was the end of my "just letting things go". I called Firestone Corporate, explained all that happened. They understood my frustration and said they would let the regional manager know.

    A couple of days later, I received a call from the local store manager. After hearing my complaints and apologizing, the manager requested that I bring my truck back in so they can make things right. The manager even offered a free oil change to compensate for the stolen change. I decliined. I wasn't looking to milk the situation, but just to get things fixed as should have all along.

    The next day I dropped my truck off. They replaced the hood latch assembly. They also ordered a wheel cover. When it arrives, I'll simply stop by the store so they can pop it on.

    In conclusion, I appreciate that they made things right with me. I also hope they can also weed out the morally-challenged technicians.
    - J R C.
  • C
    Jones has this and quot;jones for a life timeand quot; thing if you don't do all of the suggested maintenance they do not honor the promotion. I normally keep up with all of my maintenance so that is not usually a problem however, when I took my vehicle in for the routine oil change I was informed that the maintenance was due. Not prepared to put out the $315.00 they said it would cost I asked if I could bring it back at a later date. I was told that would be fine but if I went over a certain amount of miles it would void and quot;jones for a lifetimeand quot; I brought back the vehicle within the determined amount of miles for the service. upon arrival to pick up my vehicle from Jones, I was told that my total was 475.00 when I asked why the difference I never could get a good explanation. I was told that I would not be allowed to take my vehicle to any other shop for maintenance. Which is, as I later found out a lie, as long as I have receipts of all scheduled maintenance as required by the manufacturer (not the dealership) than they can not deny me their promotional warranty. Jones talks a good game to get you in the door and in the car but once you are there it is a different story.
    - Tina K.
  • A
    Perfect job, very meticulous, vacuumed vehicle, cleaned windows, mats, tried very hard to remove old, set in stains on seats and carpeting. Very pleasant also helpful on ideas and products to try in the future to remove stains due to little ones.
    - Barbara H.
  • A

    he fixed a problem jones told us would cost 4000.00 and now our truck runs great and told me that Toyota dealer had replace a part that was not broken went back and got my 1000.00 from thanks buddys

    - Dorothy E.
  • F
    During the sales process I had informed the sales manager that I had 5,000.00 to put towards the overall deal. He came back asking for an additional 2,000.00 to make the deal work. I explained to him that it was simply not in my overall budget to put that much money down. I was ok with walking away from the deal and up to that point all was well.
    The sales manager came back and asked me the question and quot;If I can get it done for 5000.00 down do we have a deal?and quot; I said and quot;Yesand quot; he shook my hand and said were all set. The finance manager then came out and began to walk me through the next step and then explained to me they would need a 2000.00 additional check that they would and quot;holdand quot; as they determined that I would be getting a minimum of 2000.00 back from my GAP insurance refund and in fact went on to explain that it would actually be more. He explained that they do this all the time and they would walk me through the process. I took him at his word. I informed him that I do not want the additional check cashed until I get the money from the refund. He explained that they would hold it for 14 days but if I needed them to hold it longer that would not be a problem at all. I followed his instructions and went to the other dealer that day and filled out the forms for the refund. The other dealer explained it would take much longer than 14 days. I then called the finance manager at Jones Toyota and informed him that the process would take longer then 14 days. He then informed me that they would not cash the check until I gave them the word.
    Two weeks later I got a message from my bank that the check was cashed! So much for that promise!
    After 4 weeks went by I called Zurich Insurance as they held the GAP policy and asked them where things were and they explained that they were just about to give the release to the dealership. I asked them how much the refund was and explained to him what the finance manger told me at Jones Toyota and while he could not give an exact amount he said that he has been there a very long time and he has never heard of any GAP refund sent out over the amount of 700.00 total! He went on to say that the finance manager was not being honest. I still gave Jones the benefit of the doubt and waited until I got the refund check which arrived yesterday in the amount of 668.00.
    In the end we have been set back 1332.00 because of this dishonest practice. My sole purpose for going there was that we had a poor experience with a finance manager at a different local Toyota dealership. It would have been far better for them to tell me they could not make it happen with that vehicle at the down payment I was offering which was substantial. I realize they have to do a great deal of work to get a loan for people but to violate trust like that is gross and irresponsible. My service plan is with that dealership and so I am forced to go there to get service until the plan is up. You can imagine my fear of this dishonest practice carrying over into the service area.
    - Joseph H.
  • F
    RUN! DON'T WALK; RUN AWAY! WORST EXPERIENCE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! All the negative reviews about Jerry's Toyota are SPOT ON--cranky, cold, unresponsive, SLOW, uncaring, and just plain slimy. I should have read the reviews before I went to see them. They lured me in with a GUARANTEED INTERNET SALES PRICE that was a couple of thousand dollars below what other dealers were offering. I called them to verify and set up an appointment. No one answered my several calls and their voice mail was full, so I couldn't leave a message. Finally got through with an email and they replied to just come down and
    someone would meet me. I should have listened to my spider-sense and blown them off, but their sale price and 0% financing were very attractive. As I suspected, it was a bait-and-switch. Their so called and quot;sale priceand quot; included every rebate and dealer incentive IF you qualified for all of them. So, unless you lost an eye, hand, and foot in WWII, or were exposed to radiation during the A-bomb tests, or something else remarkably stupid like hold your breath for 30 minutes, you don't qualify for their rebates and incentives. That's when I should have got up and left. I got there around 1:30 pm and they dragged this out until 8:30 pm! Yep! They kept me hostage for 7 FLIPPIN��� HOURS! In all the years of buying cars, Jerry���s Toyota in Baltimore was by far the WORST! The General Sales Manager (GSM), Mike Wang, acts nice at first. But if you challenge his numbers or rational then his friendly disposition disappears quickly, and he gets snotty with you. In fact, the Sales Rep, Vincent Gordon, even told me with a smile on his face that they ���have hundreds of buyers lined up, so one less buyer won���t matter to them.��� My SH*T-O-METER was pinging off the scale. As for my trade-in vehicle, Mike low-balled the value by HALF telling me and quot;that's what the ���auction house���
    is selling your vehicle for...and quot; (Who can compete with an auction house, right?) If one more flipping sales puke quotes the auction house instead of the industry standard blue-book for my trade-in, then PI** ON THEM! I'll take my business to another state! I won't bother repeating what all the other negative reviews online say. Just read them! It's what I went through. But if
    you're a stubborn dumb-a** like me and still want to check them out then here are some things to keep in mind:
    1. DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR KEYS: If you give them your trade-in keys to check out your vehicle remember to ask for them back immediately! After they and quot;test driveand quot; your vehicle, they'll keep your keys in their pocket, so you can't just get up, walk out, and drive off. If you try to, then the sales person runs to get the finance manager and the GSM, so they can gang up on you with more sales pressure.
    2. DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR DOCUMENTS: Don't give them ANY of your original vehicle documentation--registration, license, insurance card, etc. They'll tell you that they need to get some info off of it. Give them copies instead. DON'T GIVE THEM THE ORIGINALS because they will hide them from you for the same reasons in bullet 1 above.
    3. DON'T SIGN OR SHAKE HANDS: Don't sign ANYTHING. Get them to put their promises in writing (and good luck with that because they'll say they will do it but won���t unless your force them and then they get really snotty with you stating things like, ���You don���t trust me?��� and ���I won���t steer you wrong������ and my personal favorite ������C���mon now���we���re friends, right?���)
    4. HAVE SOMEONE KICK YOU IN THE CROTCH REPEATEDLY: This will wake you up from all the smoke-and-mirrors at Jerry's Toyota, and it will be a lot LESS PAINFUL then going through all the CRAP they put me through.
    I fully expect someone from Jerry's Toyota to reply to my review and deny any and all unethical wrong doing, state that they were unaware that I was dissatisfied and gladly offer to correct any misunderstandings if I give them a second chance.
    Right....FAT CHANCE!
    - SHAWN T.
  • F
    Without my knowledge - or permission - Ken's used a refurbished part for my power steering pump. This part failed 26 days later, on I-95, on a weekend in a driving rainstorm, more than 50 miles away from the service center.  I had to have the pump replaced with a new pump. Because it failed so far away from Ken's - I went to a local Toyota specialist.  The warranty covered only the cost of the replacement part that Ken's had used (not a new part).  I lost a day of work as well as spending an additional $478 to correctly repair my car. When I spoke with Ken's - they would not cover the additional cost as they did not do the rework. (This was not possible as I was too far away to get the car to Ken's. I asked if they wanted the failed part - to which they replied "no.")  The person I spoke with at Ken's in 3 different phone calls explained to me that they did not handle the warranty - I would have to deal with the warranty insurer myself.  (Which I did). Some of the additional cost I had to deal with is that the bolts on the pump were skewed when Ken's replaced the pump - so the theads were stripped and it took much longer to repair my car then estimated.  It was a stress filled day and I was not happy. For oil changes - ok, I might use them again - but nothing else.
    - E Elizabeth R.
  • A
    **I wrote this review on Goggle, but I'm also placing it here so you don't miss it**
    Excel Glass Tinting is fantastic and I highly recommend them for in home glass tinting. Anthony the owner came in to
    my house and did a great job. He was respectful and got the job done  quickly. I've called several other companies in the Baltimore area to get a quote on tinting. Excel had good prices and provided the best customer service.  I plan to use them again.
    - Morgan M.
  • A
    I called them on a Wednesday evening after hours.  They called back early the next morning.  They said that they would arrive between 12 and 2 pm.  They arrived about 12:15. I was immediately impressed by their knowledge of my vehicle and its engine. They diagnosed that two ignition coils were faulty. They gave me an estimate and I authorized the work. I work from home when I am not traveling. So, I went back in the house to resume my own work. In what seemed like a very short time, they called me out to the car. In that short time, they had replaced the two faulty ignition coil packs, changed the oil and checked for any other problems.
    I am very particular as to whom I allow to work on my TBird. I will now use them to take care of this vehicle as well as my other cars. The price was slightly less than the estimate. The work was excellent. I should also mention that I live outside of their normal service area. They still agreed to come out. This was my first experience with Angie's List. If the rest of the referrals are similar to this one, Angie's List will prove to be one the best investments that I have made.
    - Joseph G.
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