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    Marco Polo Construction
    It went extraordinarily well. Marco Polo's crew was very professional and technically skilled. They began work as soon as we signed the contract and completed the job within the timeframe we were quoted. The finished product looks amazing. They may not be the most inexpensive contractor you will find, but we got what we paid for: quality work, exceptional service, and an on-time completion. We would hire them again and would highly recommend them to anyone who asked.
    - Alicia L.
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    DesignWorks Company
    I would give DesignWorks my highest recommendation, and they are at the top of my list of contractors to call for future work:
    Paul is excellent to work with.  He is extremely knowledgeable and detailed, giving us a high degree of confidence that we'd know exactly what we were getting and paying for.  He and his crew delivered on every promise; there were no surprises.  They were on time, cleaned up after themselves, no loud music, smoking, course language, etc.  We have young children so this was important to us; we felt totally comfortable with the kids when they were around.  The workmanship was excellent, and we're very pleased with the new bathroom.
    At one point we fell behind schedule due to some city inspectors (not his fault), but Paul worked on the weekend to make up the time.  In the end, we landed where he promised.  Several months after the job was complete, there were a few minor cracks in some grout due to settling; Paul came back - free of charge - to patch it up.  He even fixed up a few other things in the bathroom hallway (rehung a door that wasn't true, and fixed another that wouldn't latch); these were not part of the contract, and were done gratis.
    For full disclosure, I would only note two downsides, neither are deal-breakers:
    (1) He was the most expensive of the contractors we had to quote the job (by about 15%).  He was candid about how he marked things up, and allowed us to source many of the materials ourselves to save some money, but it was still expensive.  Those on a very tight budget may be priced out, but it is arguable that the peace of mind and quality is worth it.
    (2) I was a little disappointed in the electrical sub-contractor.  While all the work was done very well, he neglected to clean up some wiring in the basement.  It was not worth calling him back to do it himself, but disappointing given how well everything else went.
    Professional, timely, high quality, helpful and detailed.  Definitely give DesignWorks a call for your next job!
    - Brian M.
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    Canty Brothers Construction
    We engaged Canty Brothers for a complete reconstruction of our ranch-style home. Having heard the horror stories from friends and colleagues about similar projects, we were apprehensive going in. From the first meeting with owner John Canty, however, our fears were allayed.  John brought a unique combination of creativity and professionalism to the project. We had floor plans in mind but John provided good guidance on what we could do to achieve the maximum out of our space while having the resulting house fit into the neighborhood and within the constraints of the zoning rules (we live abutting conservation land), and
    our budget.  John created the blueprints for the house, organized all of the paperwork with the town (a very complicated
    and time-consuming process), managed all of the subcontractors, and worked with us to achieve the vision we had for our new home.
    John?s crew is extremely professional and  hard-working, and are true craftsmen. Their work was exceptionally high quality and they tore down our ranch house and built a colonial house in the course of 3 months during the worst winter Boston has ever experienced. Bitter cold and double-digit feet of snow did not deter John?s crew from building a house of exceptional quality.
    We have been living in our new home for over 6 months now and are thrilled with the way it turned out. The quality of the work and the materials used has resulted in a solid, comfortable, and good-looking home. We will happily use Canty Brothers for any other projects we will have and can?t recommend them highly enough. They are not the least expensive contractor but the quality of work, the ease of project management, and the fact that John took care of everything from start to finish was well worth every penny. Canty Brothers provided excellent value: Excellent quality, on time and on budget.
    - Andrew P.
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    Canty Brothers Construction
    `If you have ever had a remodeling project, or lived through a construction project, you probably know that communication is probably the most important aspect of ensuring customer satisfaction.  We have had previous renovations which failed on many counts, but communication was probably one of the biggest complaints.   Let me say that Canty Bros absolutely excels in communication.  This is probably one of the biggest reasons that we chose them, and one of the biggest reasons why we would recommend them.  Not only is John Canty a proponent of communication but so is his staff.  They always respond in timely manner and pay attention to the questions that you have.  They are honest, up-front and timely with regard to communication.  John's administrative staff, such as Jean and Lisa, are incredibly helpful in coordinating activities.  They helped us pick out all of our fixtures and appliances.  They were also amazing in coordinating any problem-solving that was required.   I particularly like the fact that they gave us optionality... that is, they informed us on situations where we could choose to spend a few dollars more (or not) and what we got (or not) if chose to do so (e.g. insulation, heating systems, etc.).  My previous contractor was so adherent to budget that he would be blind to giving us optionality.  It doesn't hurt to tell people what they could choose to do or not do.  Also, I would say that Canty Bros does not try to nickel and dime you.  When you are spending significant money on a big project, they want to ensure that you are getting a product that meets your satisfaction, and therefore, they willl work with you on work-order changes, modifications, etc.
    Next, I would say that Canty Bros stresses professionalism.  John insists that his staff is polite and attentive.  His people respect the fact that they are in your home.  He makes sure that they clean-up the work site and that they are respectful of neighbors.  John is a Marine, and he runs his operation with military precision.  You can tell that he is a natural leader.
    On execution of the project, I would say that there were so many obstacles dealt to the Canty Bros team.  It was the worst snowfall in decades.   Also, our previous contractor (for an addition) screwed up so many infrastructure matters.   And finally, we had at the token problems with the building department.  Despite this adversity, Canty Bros delivered in a professional, high quality, and timely fashion.  They went above and beyond in correcting the problems that our previous contractor had left us with.  John, Tracey and Lisa were so helpful in getting through this project.  At the end, they worked around the clock to get us back in the house before our rental house agreement was up.  We will probably never know all the small details they did to help with that.  Even on move back in date, Kevin was here and helped us problem solve moving some furniture back in.  Additionally, they continued to communicate with us when the job was done. There were a few things that we wanted to follow-up on when the job was finished.  John and staff were very attentive to our questions and needs even after the job was done.  
    On the finish product, I am very satisfied.  We worried that the house was going to look too boxy or look like a McMansion.  It is neither of those.  It looks fantastic on the inside and out.   Our neighbors have come by to ask us, "who did this project?"  We are very satisfied with product.  We could have opted to move to a different location to get a house that met our needs, but we love our neighborhood and wanted something that would meet our space needs but maintain compatibility with neighborhood.  I'm very satisfied with Canty Bros' product.   I love this house.
    In summary, I would highly recommend Canty Bros as a general contractor.

    - Jesse S.
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    Chad was great. He arrived on time and spent a couple of hours assessing our home and answering our questions. He was candid and realistic about cost, possible challenges, etc. we decided not to do the home addition after consulting with a realtor and realizing that our home would not recoup the expense if we had to sell. In an effort to avoid being priced out of the market we chose to forgo the addition. Chad was more than understanding when we explained that we would not be moving forward. No pressure or big sales pitch. In fact, he referred us to his carpenter to complete a minor job. First rate service and guy!
    - Margaret P.
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    The job initially started as repair of water damage on a structural beam and immediate surroundings.  Dismantling of the vinyl and clapboard exposed severe damage that affected an area of 8' x 5'.    The tub needed to be re-leveled, and the affected beam, supports, wallboard, clapboard and tile replaced.   The job expanded from one day to five days.  David and his assistant followed through on the repairs despite the additional schedule requirements.  The work was excellent and the cost reasonable.
    I am very impressed with Eagles Nest Builders and consider them a "go to" service provider.
    - Christa M.
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    I spoke with Bruno several times and he gave me an estimate which I accepted. He came out a second time after there was
    a question about the stairs.  His crew came out a couple days later like he said. They were very professional quick & clean. They even patched an area of the wall that had some loose stone. I was happy with the outcome.
    - Sheila B.
  • F
    In short, hiring Chad Pessini / Beaconstreet Builders has been a big mistake and we wish we never crossed paths with him.  Scroll down to the bulleted list for the short version.  
    We (my wife and I) first came in contact with Chad Pessini of Beaconstreet Builders in July or August of 2012 when I was interviewing contractors for the above named work.  At the time, his pricing was average ? right in the middle of everyone else.  He seemed knowledgeable and had 4 customer reviews on Angie?s List that were glowing, so we hired him. It turns out that Angie?s List was later able to verify that he wrote 3 of them!
    We first hired Chad Pessini/Beaconstreet Builders for the architecture and design work ? a process that took 2 months to complete, primarily because Chad was too proud to admit we were right with our preliminary ideas of how the addition would best be laid out.  He gave us at least 3 or 4 renderings that didn?t at all reflect what we wanted to do, and had several instances of wasted space.  Finally, after about 2 months of going back and forth, Chad revealed what he deemed to be the perfect plan?the exact thing that my wife and I drew with a pen and paper and showed him the first week! 
    We told Chad in that first meeting in July that we needed the project to be done by March 1st because we had a baby on the way at the end of March and wanted to have the other two kids settled in their new spaces, house put back together and baby?s room ready before the new baby came.  He assured us (on multiple occasions) that this project would not take more than 4 months.  The permitting process took about 3.5 weeks, but we finally received the permit and work began during the third week of November in 2012.
    So, in theory, 4 months would have taken us to the third week of March.  However, Chad kept assuring us that he could make up time and that we would still be completed by March 1st.  Those promises persisted all the way up to the last week in February when it became quite clear that there was no way this project would be done by then.  But, he kept insisting that it was just ?a couple more weeks away? from completion.  We believed him because, at that point, things were moving along nicely, with the exception of 2 structural issues that were not his fault, but that his farmers dealt with quickly.    
    I?m writing this review in June of 2013, 7 months after this alleged 4 month project began and there is still at least 2 weeks of work left.  Having only 2 weeks of work left might be encouraging, but there are still problems, not the least of which that he can?t get materials here because he isn?t paying his bills?
    At this point, Chad has walked away with over $40,000 of our money and is not paying some of the key subcontractors who are required to finish our project (finish carpenters, painters, lumber yard, etc.)
    Here is a short list of why we would never recommend Chad or hire him again:
    ? Keep in mind as you read this that at this point, we are fully paid up with him and owe him only the final 3% punch list payment upon full completion of the project (plus some overages, but our total doesn?t even add up to the amount of the lien ? see below)?
    ? He likes to ?design on the fly,? which means there was no detailed plan from the beginning of how work would proceed.  This was not our understanding of how things would proceed, or how his design contract was worded.  We understand that there is some aspect of needing to see what you find when you open up walls.  However, because of a lack of planning, which is part of what we thought we paid for, this resulted in details being overlooked that would have made the project look nicer (mirrors not lining up with vanities correctly, wrong cabinets being ordered, etc.), despite the fact that all of the materials are nice materials.  
    ? We also found his allowances to be unrealistic, which caused us to overspend our original budget.  Most of the fixtures we went with were brands that he recommended, which we would have thought meant they would fit in his allowances (Kohler fixtures throughout, for example, which he recommended)
    ? He didn?t pay the main supplier where he got most of our materials, which forced them to put a lien on our house for $18,500, which remains as if the writing of this revew because he hasn?t paid them yet 
     ? Multiple long term absences from the job where no work happened:
    o He disappeared for 2 weeks at one point in the project.  He came back for a couple of weeks and then disappeared for     another 6 weeks or so.
    o He was back for a week or so and now seems to have disappeared again (for a 2 or 3 week stretch this time again)
    ? Yes, the points above add up to about 8-10 weeks of no progress
    ? He has repeatedly said that he has paid sub-contractors and suppliers when, in fact, I find out from them later that he didn?t (or that he did, but the checks bounced).
    ? At this point, he owes suppliers and subs at least another $22,000 before they will come out to finish (in addition to the lien that is mentioned above).  For example, we gave him a check specifically for our fireplace early in the process (October or November) and we found out that he still hasn?t paid that company, so they won?t come out to make some adjustments that need to be made for the stonework, which in turn holds up the finish of the fireplace surround.  
    ? We have found out from his subs (and the unpaid lien and fireplace bills) that he has not been honest with us on many occasions.  
    ? Time and time again, we have tried to get in touch with him via text, phone and email, but he has not responded to let us know what is going on, or to give us an updated plan.  He just ignores all attempts at communication.  
    So, obviously, I would not recommend Chad Pessini / Beaconstreet Builders.     

    - John C.
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    Bertola Custom Homes & Remodeling
    We cannot say enough about the quality of the work! The crew was beyond excellent for each project. They accommodated our business schedule by working after hours during the evening & over the weekend. They took care of every single detail and kept the area impeccably clean. It was a nice surprise to walk into the office the following morning to see how much the office improved. They finished each project in a very short amount of time. On the custom desks in particular, we could not believe how fast they were able to turn these around. The finish was amazing. Bertola Custom Homes is top notch and would trust them with any work again. Highly recommended!
    - Kayla K.
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    We enthusiastically agree with the positive "A" reviewers' comments already posted.  Dimensions 3D does outstanding work and we believe that their rave reviews are not overstated.
    After interviewing three contractors we chose Dimensions 3D to remodel our bathrooms.  Before our interview they gave us a list of 12 previous clients and we talked to several of them.  All related very positive experiences - quality work done on time and on budget.
    Livia and Alan are not only very professional, talented and knowledgeable - they are fun too!  Livia knows how to manage a project and get things done on schedule.  She lovingly runs a very tight ship!  Alan is a gifted and meticulous craftsman.  He takes no cheap short cuts and demands quality work from the subcontractors.  It was a shame to hide his beautiful copper plumbing work behind the walls!
    As long time DIYers we really enjoyed the whole process.  It was like having our own HGTV program.  We appreciated that they kept the work area as neat as possible.  Of course remodeling is necessarily disruptive and messy but they made every effort to make it comfortable for us to endure the chaos.  And they completed the project on schedule - another contractor had estimated the job would take twice as long.
    And thanks to their great design suggestions our finished project is so much better than we ever imagined it might be.  LOVE the results!
    Indeed, we have already contracted with Dimensions 3D to gut and remodel our kitchen.  That work begins soon.  Can't wait!
    - Keith M.
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