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  • They did very well. Its a dealer, its not the cheapest, but everything else is excellent. The work takes shouldn't take more than an hour for that low level maintenance. The workers are top marks, very professional.
    - Jim R.
  • Buying a car from owner's buddy (a cop) who keeps cars at this location. This 'Pro-Tech' diagnoses & "Repairs" these cars for sale. Car I was looking at had noticeable (dangerous) leak under front seats. 'Vinnie' the Owner of this garage looked me in the eye and told me it was just a gasket that needed to be realigned. He said they Completely repaired this problem - and it is/was 'Resolved'. Now I own this car - and found out he slapped some patch crap on it. Now - I'm looking at a $400 exhaust replacement out of my pocket. I was outright Lied to!! I Don't take that lightly - and I Won't be back - for his buddy who sells cars there Either!! Goodbye!!
    - Scott M.
  • The price was slightly more than he thought but so was what was wrong.  There has been a little bit of frustration for him due to communication and what needs to be done on the car.  It's always wound up working well though.  In the end they have been able to figure it out.  He will go there for a majority of the work.  If it's something specific to his model of car, there's a dealer that he goes to in Akton. 
    - Mary-Ellen R.
  • The AC in my 2007 Honda Civic was no longer putting out cold air, so my husband found out about Ken's, and we took it in to have the problem diagnosed. After a couple hours, Ken found out it was a broken compressor that would have to be replaced. He was very responsive and quick to answer the phone or respond to calls. He originally quoted $700 for the job. I accepted and the work was done and the car was ready to pick up the very next morning. He even charged me less than the quote! The job was done professionally, and now I've got nice, cool air coming out of my air vents once again. The garage is a little tough to find if you don't have a good GPS or map, but it was pretty easy for us to find, and I'd go there again and again for my auto-repair needs. Ken is a retired fireman and a local, and he and his son strive to do the best job possible for his customers at the best price. I highly recommend this shop.
    - Darren C.
  • I had a rim I wanted to change on my car - keeping the same tire that was already on the car.
    I'm busy and need my car - so dropping off and leaving - is usually out of the question.
    I have lived in Billerica for over 20 years - and someone said to avoid this auto repair place - years ago.
    I figured - why not give them a try.
    On Monday Dec 9, 2013 - I walked into the station (they also sell gas). I was greeted by Almed (am I off a bit on his name?).
    He seemed friendly. I told him I had a rim at home - and wanted it changed - with a new valve stem and balanced - the
    reinstalled. He said he could do it and it would be $20.00.
    I told him time was important - that I live about 2-3 miles away. - He said if I got the rim - came back - he could take me right away.
    I went home - Only got the rim and returned. I might have been gone like 12 minutes.
    When I returned - he had left for the bank.
    They put a very nice gas attendant on this job - however - he knows little about cars.
    This young man didn't know where to put the floor jack under my car - I told him to hold off - as I didn't want my unibody bent
    or anything broken.
    We waited for Amed (or whatever his name is) to return.
    When he returned - He still put this young man on my job - who adimtted he knows little about cars - but wants to learn.
    Almed - used the tire machine - - it was raining lightly outside - the overhead door was open - he set my rim down under the doorway - and was too lazy to pick it up and move it outside - so he tapped it with his foot - and it fell over (not happy about being careless - and adding scraches to my rim. : (

    I am now downgrading Sal's rating from a and quot;Dand quot; to an and quot;Fand quot;
    He (Almed) leaned my hupcap against the building - then knocked it over with an air-hose. - And did Not pick it back up.
    So - More scratches!! : (
    Joe (the young man??) struggled putting the wheel back on. - It was Not a confidence building situation.
    The next day - I went to a Real tire center in Lowell - to change the other rim. I did Not share this story with them. - But I had them check the Rim that Sal's installed - it had and quot;40and quot; LBS of pressure - it should be about 35 - so they had Over inflated it!! :(
    Sal was there - I chatted with him - about the history of his place - built in 1945 - friendly and interesting - but does NOT compensate for incompetence and his employee being UNprofessional!!
    Around 1996 - I was a property manager in Billerica. - A tenant - warned me that She was displease with Sal's. She saw herself as used as a woman - and that they found all sorts of things to fix with her car.
    I believed her - but wish I heeded her warnings - and stayed away from Sal's.
    If this is the work they do - WHILE I'm there watching - I am confident that it is Worse when the car owner is NOT there.

    Update: - this 'service' was performed on Dec 9, 2013. Three days
    later - on Thursday Dec 12, 2013 - I went out to my driveway - and this
    tire was almost completely Flat!! Luckily - I have an air compressor -
    pumped it up. The next day I went to a Real tire center - they found
    Sal's had NOT checked or cleaned the rim and that is where it was leaking.
    I put this on my credit card - and somehow - I WILL get a refund.
    Imagine - if I was stranded in the boonies!! Not Good!!

    Update Dec 17, 2013: I was at Sal's today. I tried to tell Sal what transpired - Sal interrupted me and asked bottom-line what I wanted? I said a refund. I was Promptly given a full Refund --- BUT Sal (himself) had NO interest in what went wrong and how things could be improved there. Need I say more? (Rhetorical)
    - Scott M.
  • Excellent; Dan's always calls to report findings of service investigation and details estimate of work recommended; I have had all my cars and my families cars serviced at Dan's for over 10 years and have always been treated as family by Dan and his staff. They are credit to their auto repair industry. I would recommend Dan's for car service without reservation. Bottom line - service with honesty and integrity.
    - Richard C.
  • I had never dealt with Rick before - someone recommended him.
    I forget what I first went to him for - I had just bought this used Camry - and put it on the road.
    My 1st appt for the light - I was only there a short time. Rick found the previous owner had unplugged a vacuum hose under the hood. He reconnected it - and cleared the light.
    About 4 or so days later - the light came back on.
    So this is a week after the 1st time - it was a Monday - and he had 'no time' to see me that day.
    So - he had me come by the next day - Tuesday.
    He said it was 'Either' that vacuum thingy under the hood OR the 'canister' by the gas tank - which would be like $700+.
    When I picked it up --- he had replaced Both!! - So I think on this trip it was over $800.
    The following Saturday night - the damned light came back on.
    I called him Monday - he said - it must be a defective (new) canister.
    He had one brought down from Nashua - but this time - he 'Couldn't' work on my car - until Wednesday.
    I have to give him some credit - he did Not charge me for the labor to Re-replace the Newer canister. - And Toyota ate the 2nd canister. --- But can you guess???
    _Yup - the light came on again (always on a Saturday night) : (
    It was getting to be - that every Monday morning - I'd call Rick - and as the weeks went on - he kept telling me - he had 'People - who were Ahead of me'. - I told him - I think I'M ahead of them - I started with this - about TWO Weeks ago!!
    He made me wait till like THURSDAY. : (
    Now - I called - and NO ONE answered. - I waited like 15 minutes - BLOCKED my number - THEN he picked up!
    THEN --- AFTER all of this - he said for me to Bring it To Toyota. At Toyota - they found an odd issue that should have been addressed back in 1999. And - they said Rick's software probably is NOT sufficient to find this problem.
    I might not - or I think - I probably didn't need the whole canister at all. - But Toyota says there is no way to know now.
    He might have done the right thing anyways.
    Ultimately - I think to diagnose any such thing now - I will START at Toyota - then - maybe have Rick fix it.
    I do NOT like that Rick did Not direct me this way to being with.
    He seems like a very nice guy - but/and - I was out about $1,000 --- and less and less - was he wiling to work on my car - and get me in sooner - rather than later.
    I think I could have saved about $700 - if I had Started - with having Toyota diagnose that light. : (

    - Scott M.
  • I will start by admitting - I'm not sure how many years ago I last went to him - at least 10? - and it is now Aug 2013.
    When I first met John - back in the 1990's - he worked on my car - and my then girlfriend's car.
    I think mechanically - he knew his stuff. He worked for different people - and I was one who encouraged him to go out on his own.
    There were times - where he quickly fixed my car - and even came under budget.
    But then - in my final year or two - he did Not keep out appointments.
    I'd arrange ahead of time - set up a day and a time - that John claimed worked mutually for him.
    I'd show up early (by a little) - and sometimes I'd be standing there - for a couple of HOURS - and he'd keep putting me off.
    He'd put other people ahead of me. People even who had NO appointment - didn't plan their time.
    It didn't matter how much I voiced my concerns - or stated how unfair and how unprofessional this was.
    My final time - he replaced a water pump on  a Chevy Celebrity (like I said - a long time ago).
    He was almost demanding that I pay TWICE the going rate for coolant (what it went for in the stores).
    I refused to have him add any. I said he should have saved more of my coolant that he drained out.
    He debated that my system had to be 'Burped' - or my engine would be ruined. I disagreed - and drove home - mainly on water.My car didn't cease or get 'ruined'.
    It turned out - John hadn't read - or paid attention to his lease his landlord had written - and they doubled his rent for his auto repair shop. - And he was blatantly try to get his customers (like me) to pick up the gap on his cost.
    Even after we talked about this - he was still upset with ME!!
    I told him - he was risking losing my business - he said he didn't care.
    I haven't been back since.
    Too bad - I think he really knows cars - he helped me out many times - and I also paid him - very well.
    I tried to stay his customer - but I won't pay double what the going rate was.

    - Scott M.
  • Preface: This shop is now called 'Pro Tire & Tune' - but it's just a name change.
    It Was called 'Precision tune auto care'. The same Exact owner and crew!! Beware!!
    My worst time with this company was around Feb 1996:
    My job at the time required Saturdays. I had a regular mechanic's shop - but only Mon - Fri.
    My car wouldn't start and' Pro Tire & Tune' was around the corner.
    I called and talked with Russ - and told him of my predicament.
    We agreed a car can not be diagnosed over the phone - and I need to share - Russ is NOT a mechanic -
    He owns the business, the building and manages the shop - he both relies on his mechanics and is dishonest.
    He gave me a 90+% probability of getting my car fixed - on the road - and me at work for at least half a day.
    I called him about every two hours. - By early afternoon - they still hadn't looked at my car.
    By 5pm - he said that everything electrical on my car's engine had crashed - and it would cost $1,200 to repair,
    and either way - it would Not be ready over the weekend.
    I walked over to the shop - we had a heated argument - I called him a liar - as no car's electrical has EVERYTHING go wrong - all at the same time. He refused to release my car - and he locked it in his shop for the weekend - so that I couldn't get at it.
    That Monday Morning - I gritted my teeth - went in and paid him the minimum of $120 for the 'diagnosis'.
    Then had it towed to my my 'real mechanic'. Then I went to my bank - and stopped the payment on my check.
    The real mechanic found the magnetic crank sensor was defective - replaced it - I was back on the road within hours. And he charged me $120 total to get it running.
    Then I called Russ - and told him I didn't even want him to have the benefit of writing off a 'bad check'. - That I wanted the check back - he refused - until I told him I'd call the Massachusetts Attorney General's office - and report him - as I'm sure I'm not the only customer he's been screwing over. -- It was Then I got my check back.
    His building is connected to Milano's Pizza - and one day - I was there to pick up some take out.
    I left my car unlocked - but took the key - Russ knew it wasn't his customer's car - but he still had the gall to get in my car - without my permission or knowledge - and attempted to move it. - I tore into him for that one too. I could tell he didn't remember me.
    Then (I will say this to protect someone elses anonymity) this other person offered me a gift of which he had several.
    When he went to give me 'one' of these items - we discovered Russ had stolen ALL of them.
    I don't know what is wrong (one or many things?) with Russ - but I suggest that even if you are in a pinch - do NOT bring your car near him. I don't know how he stays in business.

    - Scott M.
  • I had a regular garage/mechanic at the time - that was Not VIP - but only open Monday - Friday.
    My brakes went out on my 1999 Camry - on a Friday night - so Saturday morning - I called VIP and they said they could
    diagnose and fix my brakes by late morning that same day. I brought the car to them.

    Later - mid-morning - they called and said I needed a front brake caliper. - I authorized that.

    Then they called again - said my car still had NO brakes - and it was ALSO the rubberized brake line to that caliper.
    So I reluctantly authorized that. - Guess what? - They called AGAIN - still NO brakes.

    At this point - I WALKED to VIP - as they were now saying it was ALSO (3 things - for ONE issue) - in need of a Master Cylinder.
    I knew that was BS - and was VERY angry at them.

    Obviously - they did NOT diagnose, inspect or test BEFORE replacing anything. When I arrived - I was treated as a leper - no one wanted to talk with me. - As if this was my fault. We fought about the situation and the payment. They insisted in charging my credit card - and would NOT release my car - still without brakes. I paid - got my car out of there - and they were difficult about leaving it there for some hours - while I got a tow truck.

    I called my credit card company - and canceled my payment to VIP - and got my car towed out of there.

    It was the master cylinder along!!

    As I recall - VIP is headquartered in Maine - I contacted them - and got some big shot on the phone - he worked on the issues - BUT - he not only took a long time - he treated me - as if I was an INCONVENIENCE - like it was a drag  to help me - or it was my fault - even though - after investigating - he DID confirm that the mechanic(S) did NOT diagnose my cars brakes AT ALL!

    I insisted in being compensated a minimum of $100 for wasting my time - weekend and not having a car for THREE days!!
    He would only give this to me in a Store Credit. 
    In disgust - I accepted this - which I only used to purchase the oil & filters for my (do it myself) oil changes.
    Once I used up that credit - I NEVER returned to this store!!

    I will NOT be back to ANY of their locations!!!
    - Scott M.
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