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    Panosian Contracting
    Great! Steve Panosian and his team are absolutely amazing! My very large complicated project had a few bumps, but everything was explained to me and superbly finished in the end. The initial budget was accurate and any additional costs were completely justified. Steve is meticulous and attentive. He was present almost every day and he has great communication skills. All of the people he brought to my house were respectful, friendly and genuinely great people. They left the house cleaner than than it was before they came. His son, Slater, was an added bonus. Despite his incredible talent, he cheerfully did some pretty basic jobs for me, such as clearing out a dusty cluttered basement, and removing endless piles of garbage. He's very special! I plan to hire Steve again for all of my upcoming projects! I had such a good experienced and I learned so much from him and his team. I also have to say that he's a great listener, and a really cares about his clients. Hire him now, before he gets too busy!!
    - Alisa K.
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    Jeff Veglia Remodeling & Tile Contracting
    Jeff and his team did an amazing job on a tight timeline! He is extremely responsive. I first reached out to Jeff when my original contractor fell through and I had a hard deadline since I was 6 months pregnant. He got back to me immediately and has been quick to respond during every interaction since then. He was honest and up front about the expected timeline and cost. He finished the job exactly on time, and for the cost I had expected. (There were a few add-ons due to unforseen issues inside the walls, but entirely costs I had known were a possibility, and very reasonable.) My favorite thing about working with Jeff and team is that they are problem solvers. Nothing was straightforward, since the bathrooms were originally done in the 1930s. But every time we ran into an issue, he or a member of his team would work through it with me. Nothing was impossible. I'll also say they were extremely professional and accommodating. They cleaned up every night, and minimized the time I had to be out of my house. I would work with Jeff again on any project.
    - Kristin H.
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    MA Design & Construction Co
    So Many Problems!! (though they tried hard to resolve them) Do NOT make the mistake we did and let them talk you out of pulling a permit. The work by this contractor should definitely be inspected. MA Design quoted a low price, used cheap (Home Depot grade) materials, and relied on workers with limited English skills. Plumbing and carpentry were problematic, seemingly due to inadequate training for some workers, spotty communication and quality control from supervisors, and some sloppy attention to detail. We should add that our foreman, John L, and the workmen were willing enough to fix problems after we discovered them, though we had to pay for time and materials when we found MA Design���s quality standards to be unacceptable. The end result of the bathroom remodeling seems OK and we hope that no more nasty surprises turn up in the future. The two supervisors are generally courteous and anxious to please, but poor communication with their workers and sometimes with us seemed to be typical for this contractor. Here are specific examples of our problems: PLUMBING 1. The plumber (apparently not licensed) installed the wrong shower controller in the wall, tiled over the wall, then tried to hide this mistake by sticking on the control handle taken from the shower controller we had specified. Of course, the controller did not work properly and we discovered what had happened by poking through the unused shower parts and calling the manufacturer. To correct this error, MA Design had to cut a hole in the plaster wall of our hallway. MA Design did repair the plaster but now we have an additional painting job because of their mistake. 2. We also discovered that their ���plumber��� tried to attach the tub spigot to flexible PEX tubing rather than to a solid copper pipe anchored to a stud in the wall. The spigot worked loose in just a few days. No qualified plumber would have made such a rookie mistake. Repairing this error also required the hole in our hallway wall. Clearly, no qualified supervisor inspected the plumbing before the tile went up in the shower enclosure. 3. Just 2 months after MA Design wrapped up the work, we found a serious water leak coming from the ceiling below the remodeled bathroom. This ruined the ceiling and of course ruined the paint job we had just completed in the room below the leak. To their credit, the supervisor quickly came out, cut a hole in the ceiling, and replaced a flawed PEX tubing fitting with a quick-apply fitting to stop the leak. MA Design then cut away large sections of water-damaged ceiling in two rooms, let things dry out for a few weeks, and applied mold-kill spray to address the mold that had formed. It seems that a fitting on the PEX tubing was not properly crimped. This reinforced our belief that the MA Design workers doing plumbing on our job were not well qualified and that MA Design did not choose to or did not know how to inspect work adequately. Several weeks later, MA Design eventually had the joint repaired by a licensed plumber and repaired the holes in the ceiling. 4. The shower enclosure tiling was done OK for the most part but we found holes in the grout around some tiles. We suspect that the grout job was substandard for another reason: the grout sealing the tub to the floor is cracking and flaking after only 2 months. CARPENTRY 5. We replaced the bathroom window with a safety glass window but MA Design replaced the prior window trim and window sill with lesser quality trim and no window sill whatsoever. This was a complete mismatch with the rest of the house. MA Design quoted use of ���standard��� trim. If MA Design���s estimate assumed replacing trim with something so obviously out of place with the rest of the house, this should have been clearly stated in the quote. We ended up paying to rip out their trim and replace with trim that matched the rest of the house. In fact, the lumberyard���s ���standard��� trim exactly matched the trim elsewhere in the house so we felt that MA Contracting���s use of ���standard��� to describe their materials was deceptive. 6. They also installed a new window in an adjacent room. They made the exterior windowsill out of a very knotty piece of pine, inviting future rot. Even worse, no drip edge was cut into the underside of the sill, which could lead to water wicking under the sill and getting into the exterior siding. No well qualified carpenter would have made a mistake like that. PAINTING 7. MA Design did very little painting for us, just some primer application after drywall installation. Still, the workman on our job made a rookie mistake. He applied primer to a repaired ceiling with a rough wall roller and then applied primer to the doorway trim with that same roller rather than with a brush or smooth roller. The result: the formerly smooth doorway trim now had a rough, thick layer of paint that looked and felt awful. It took us 2 hours of sanding to restore the doorway trim to a smooth surface. This experience reinforced our general impression that many, if not most, MA Design workmen are not properly skilled or trained for the work they are doing. COORDINATION & COMMUNICATION 8. We agreed at the outset which fixtures were to be bought by MA Design and which by us, but MA Design sometimes bought the wrong items, which resulted in confusion and delays. In many cases, we ended up buying the needed fixtures ourselves just to keep the project moving. 9. On at least 10 days, workers were expected but none showed up and MA Design did not call to inform us of this in advance.
    - susan t.
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    B & B Affordable Renovations has done quality work on the extensive renovation of my home. The renovation encompassed rough framing, plumbing, plastering, tiling of the kitchen floor and four bathrooms, electrical work for the entire house, finish carpentry and installation of a central AC system. I have been very pleased with all aspects of this work. Bill, the owner of B & B Affordable Renovations, is personable and honest and has lived up to every aspect of the contract. I will definitely hire B & B Affordable Renovations for the renovation on my second home.
    - George M.
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    Tom Brady Carpentry
    Work was completed on time during which additional accommodations were agreed upon and met. Tom was an enthusiastic supporter of our plan (which other bidders balked at ) and met all our expectations. We would be happy to work with him again.
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    Bay State Refinishing & Remodeling
    Excellent from start to finish, and the new bathroom looks great. Everyone was friendly, helpful and accommodating. On budget and, with some delays that weren't Bay State's fault, on time. I was so satisfied, I just hired them again to finish part of my basement.
    - Jeffrey H.
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    J & L Contractors
    We were very impressed and pleased with the work done for us by J&L Contractors. We got several bids for the work and chose them in part because they were highly recommended by a friend for whom they had worked extensively in the past, but also because they were so knowledgeable about what needed to be done and how best to proceed. Throughout the month long renovation they were efficient, reliable, honest and a pleasure to work with. Their work was meticulously completed, on time, and within budget even though we made a variety of changes along the way. I would recommend them without hesitation!
    - Maria H.
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    John from Bathz did an excellent job of working with us to keep the project within our budget. He was very responsive and kept us informed if there were any changes in the schedule or decisions to be made. His work crew were professional and did a great job. They cleaned up each day when they finished. We would definitely use Bathz again. We are so grateful to find a company that was willing to work with us to keep the project within our budget and just do the work that was needed.
    - Eileen C.
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    The Curtice Group
    My husband and I purchased a home in Belmont which required a full renovation. We interviewed several contractors/design & build firms and Scott was by far the most knowledgeable & able to complete the renovation within our budget whereas none of the others were able to do so. Scott is upfront & honest about costs, he maintains a spreadsheet which enables the homeowner to see where the budget stands. Scott was amazing to work with! Scott met with us in person regularly to discuss the project. In between meetings he was always available to chat via email or on the phone. He made it a point to accommodate my difficult schedule (I was pregnant & put on bedrest) which was greatly appreciated. Scott made sure to stick to the timeline, in fact he even finished the job early. The subcontractors, vendors & project manager that Scott provided us with were such a pleasure to work with, more importantly they were so knowledgeable and they provided the highest quality service/product. Scott has a knack for design & on the rare occasion an issue arose he was always able to quickly resolve the issue. We are absolutely thrilled with how our home turned out, it turned out even better than we imagined! We will absolutely use Scott for some future projects that we have planned. We cannot recommend The Curtice Group enough!
    - Ashley W.
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    Dishington Construction
    We bought a house in Belmont, MA that Nate Dishington Construction gut-renovated less than a year prior. Nate was hired by the previous owners, who had renovated the house with the idea to live in it themselves but ended up moving out of state for a new job. On the surface, the renovations look beautiful. We were wowed and stretched ourselves financially to buy the house. However, within one week after moving in (July 2018), we noticed that the foyer ceiling immediately beneath the 2nd floor master bathroom shower was wet and that the paint was starting to fall off. We stopped using the shower and immediately contacted Nate Dishington. He admitted that the bathroom tiler he used to work with did poor quality work and that Nate let him go. Despite that admission, he essentially abdicated all responsibility for the shower leak other than to have his new shower guy come by to do some superficial caulking (4 months later, in Nov 2018). We did not use the shower for that entire 4-month period. After Nate���s company recaulked the shower, we started using the shower again. However, we found that the paint in the foyer was wet, and bubbling and falling off again. We reached out to Nate again. However, again, he was not interested in correcting the leak in the shower that his construction company built and tiled only a year prior. In Jan 2019, we hired another contractor to help us. The new contractor was appalled that the prior contractor (Dishington construction) would try to gloss over the situation with a quick ���fix��� by superficially caulking the corners in the shower, rather than try to diagnose the actual problem. Anyway, the quick fix attempt did not work. When the new contractor opened up the foyer walls, the inside was completely wet and mold had grown (see photo). In the following days, we have had to rip out all the tile on the shower floor and lower third of the master shower. Again, the new contractor was appalled that there was little to no waterproofing. There was no shower pan or rubber matt in the shower. Nate's company used some red waterproofing paint (Redgard) but the Redgard could be detected only at the corners and seams. The new contractor said the quality was definitely not up to standard for the industry. Regardless of the new contractor���s evaluation of the situation, the most damning evidence is that the shower is leaking within roughly a year of its completion. In the past two weeks, we have spent money to demolish the lower third of the shower, buy a shower pan, purchase all new tiles, and obviously pay the new contractor. When we informed Nate about the situation (my husband ran into him at a Starbucks), he expressed his condolences but again refused responsibility for the shower leak. To add to our pain, we are now finding out that a second shower in our house (also done by Dishington) is also leaking. There is a water stain forming in the ceiling of the kitchen just beneath the shower. The second shower was done by the same bathroom tiler working for Dishington... Even prior to this second leak, we noticed that the shower floor was not properly pitched-- the shower has a center drain, and the shower floor is pitched so that water flows AWAY FROM the center drain, toward the outer walls and corners. This seems like a fundamental and basic design problem. We had been dealing with the pitch issue by squeegy-ing the shower floor after every time we shower. Even though it's a pain, we thought we were just going to live with the inconvenience of squeegy-ing the shower floor after every use. However, now we realize the problem is even bigger-- if the master shower was not waterproofed, chances are that Dishington and Company did not waterproof this second shower, either. Painful. We will likely have to demolish and redo this second shower, too. We are reeling financially, emotionally, and with the time and effort we are spending on these problems, etc. because of the poor quality work done by Dishington Construction. We are (1) disturbed by the substandard work, but (2) also by Nate Dishington's unprofessionalism in providing no warranty for his company���s work. He can blame the previous tiler all he wants. But HE is the one responsible for any work that is done by his company. There is no question that the two leaking showers (within a year of the job being completed) is entirely a problem with the workmanship, NOT wear and tear. The only way the showers wouldn't leak is if we did not use them...! (We cannot be faulted for showering!) I am concerned about what else we will find wrong in this house that we have lived in for only six months��� It does not feel good to post this review. But I do so to warn others that (1) Dishington Construction performed poor quality work on the showers in our house, and unless our house was some fluke, Dishington Construction may perform similarly poor quality shower/tile work with other customers. (2) Nate Dishington did not provide sufficient oversight of the people who work for him (e.g., tiler). (3) Dishington Construction did not take responsibility for the poor work that his company did. More accurately, Nate Dishington admitted that his tiler did poor work, but will not provide any warranty.
    - Ann S.
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