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General Contracting reviews in London

  • A
    Mr. Hammond and his assistant did a first-rate job and accommodated my time constraints. I thought their price was reasonable. The man whom I engaged through Angie's list FIRST was a total disappointment. He tied up the first day calling at the end of the day. He was just there to look over the job. He said he would get in touch with me the next day...his schedule had become to busy to do the work that day. He only called me and came after it was dark the next day, and he did not seem to know how to do the work. He said that an address plaque had to be secured by a bolt that screwed in at two directions. He did not center of finish drilling holes. He was foul-mouth and crude. HE said that he would come the next day, day 3. He acted like I could drop classes and other obligations for him to come "sometime" the next day. I told him that if he could not get me into his schedule after two days, I did not want to wait more time to have the whole thing be bumped into a third day. He struck me as being unscrupulous, and he talked about bigger jobs being his main consideration because they paid more. He was proposing that I set aside a whole third day for him to maybe be able to be there to do the work. I said that the arrangement did not suit me. He said that I needed to get someone else to do the work then and hung up on me. I would NEVER call that man to do work for me. He was unreliable, crude, temperamentally unsuited to deal with people, and appeared to be unscrupulous. Hanging up on someone who does not let the small job be bumped into a third day was a deal breaker. The guy's name was "Larry" and he worked at the Jeff Davis company in southern Indiana, which is in southern Indiana. Please do not name me as the person who gave him a bad report. I found the man scary. I would give the man low marks in honesty, reliability, sociability, and know-how. I would never call his company again. The review below is for David Hammond, the second man whom I called through Angie's list, did a fine job installing my address plaque and remounting a garage rack. I was very accommodating and did a fine job. I would call for him again.
    - Treva D.
  • A
    Great! This is the third time we have used Vincent Abell Contracting for projects in our home. They also re-screened our porch and remodeled our master bathroom. We have been pleased each time. They are professional, courteous, and efficient. Their workmanship is top of the line. We sit in our new family room each night and are so happy with how it all turned out. We will definitely use them in the future.
    - Carey M.
  • B
    We're still looking on the planning and budgeting phase and making the decision about who's gonna do the work because it's not gonna be me. He did call me. As soon as we touched base, he came out and looked at my home to do work. He was very quick. I thought he was too quick. I think he needed to be more thorough with his price estimate. I was impressed. I may go with him with the job but we haven't made the decision yet.
    - Dan j.
  • D
    la.I am still angrey that I let myseelf be bamboozled and I am questioning the whole Angies List concept and especially the value of the Big Deal.
    !.  The company responded promptly but we never settled on a specific day and time.  I didn't know they were coming until they rang the doorbell at 9:00 am.
    2.  Previously I had asked about procedure.  Would someone come early to survey the job and list the supplies needed? or would shopping be part of my 8 hours of skilled handyman services.  The question was laughed off as "not the way we do it". 
    3.  On arrival I walked Mr. Lewis  about the house pointing out the items on my "to do" list.  He took no notes.  He focused on the task of hauling old TV upstairs that I agreed to pay a cash bonus.  The other helper wanted to see my "to do" list and wrote down the items that needed to be purchased. and then explained the various jobs to Mr Lewis.
    4.  By 10:30 Mr. Lewis and the skilled handymen were ready to begin work.  ( I was paying for 8 hours under the Big Deal.  4.5 hours were used before work began.).  One of the helpers was a skilled carpenter and worked very hard and competently to replace the rotten wood around the gutters.  The other helper was told to clean the gutters which was not on my list and which I can do myself.
    5.  At 12 noon or so I tried to discuss the time issue with Mr. Lewis and that I did not want to pay a large extra price.  I am easily confused and but understood there was nothing to worry about.  And they could not leave while my gutter fascia was incomplete.
    6.  To my observation Mr Lewis was not visible for approximately 2 hours while skilled helper and assistant worked on fascia and gutter cleaning. Actually I never saw him do any skilled work such as swiinging a hammer, replacing a faucet., removing moldy grout.
    7.  The final bill included 7 hours skilled work and agreed price to remove old TV.  My challenge that  I did not want to pay for time that was not spent working on my listed jobs was laughed off and I was told gutter cleaning usually costs $75.00.  Feeling threatened I wrote the check.
    8.  I am thankful the skilled helper knew carpentry to replace the fascia and to replace the gutter, to replace faucet , and to adjust the flapper valve.

    - Mary Jo F.
  • F
    My synopsis of the issue;   Phil informed me right off the bat that the Angies list deal would not apply because the work I needed done required a master carpenter.  He then identified he had a master carpenter that could build the cabinets I wanted under my existing bookshelves.    He told me that I could request a refund from Angies list, but I told him that I had a number of projects that needed completing so if his crew did well on this project I would use the deal later.  He agreed.   The job was only supposed to take two days The initial crew he brought to do the job started but made it very clear to me they didn't know what they were doing and that I needed a cabinet maker.   This was of course was after I paid for all the supplies and paid them an additional fee for delivery.   

    Phil assured me he would make if right, so the next day he brings out a guy he said had experience in doing exactly what I requested.  Once again I provided pictures of what I wanted done. He needed different supplies and of course needed cash to obtain them.   He provided a contract with a 25 year guarantee on the work and an estimated cost of $1474.00.   I gave him $700 in cash and it is written as received on the contract.  He spent three days at my home no less making an even big disaster of my room and the final product was a catastrophe.   When he finished the doors that could be opened were falling off and the paint was beyond belief with handprints etc. They also painted my existing wall and the adjustable bookshelves, along with the trim so that it would "match" the cabinets......The prior paint was oil based and they used a latex based paint so it is like globs of paint that is dripping, bubbling and peeling all over.  Then Phil came out and even to his horror recognized the substantial mess that was made and apologized repeatedly stating not to worry he would fix everything.   That was only the beginning of my nightmare.  $859.00 more paid, 10 days and three crews later I have an even bigger mess.   I have over 100 pictures of the project.   Before,during and the last date it was touched.

    His wife returned my call about what was to be done and I was so relieved because I had not heard from him.   She even came out to my house with her Dad and he said they would fix the mess, but asked if I could wait a few weeks because he was working on a big project and I agreed.   After two weeks and no call I thought I would likely not use their services again so I should just go ahead and get a refund on the Angies list deal.    

    So I'm livid with the fact they said they completed the big deal..........I wouldn't care about the Big Deal refund if I didn't have to hire another contractor to come in and renovate. I feel ripped off, my family room is a mess and now I feel like he is basically stealing from me again as well as Angies List.

    ***I'd like to respond to Mr Lewis's response to my complaint ;   

    Phil,  You had my phone number, email address and even know where I live.  Why didn't you contact me?  I called and called and your voice mail was always full. Apparently your father in law did not have my correct phone number.  When he and your wife came out and explained what could be done to fix all of this I was so excited I could hardly wait for him to call me, but never heard from him.   I have no issue with paying $200 plus as I had planned on giving him a bonus when he replaced the distorted wooden boxes with the doors that were falling off as well as the two that were left in the garage.  I even had a very easy fix to repair the wall damages your carpenter made when he tore down my wallpaper.    You promised you would make this right and I really trusted you would.     

    I do appreciate you identifying that this project was not a part of the big deal so Angie's List could provide a refund.   I'm just really shocked and understandably upset with this mess in my family room.  It is still sitting, no shelves, two doors are still in the garage (another one fell off), space open in the flooring, two doors without hardware, paint bubbling, sanded areas without paint etc.  

    Please provide your father in law my correct phone number and let's make this right.

    10/07/14 I have received no calls from anyone, so I will be attaching some pictures of the issues you left me that need what you call Minor repairs.
    - sheila p.
  • A
    This was the second time we used Mr. Hammond's services.  The first time, was to remodle an old bathroom that required a replacement  bathtub and shower, sink, new tile floor, exhaust fan, and replastering.
    Our experience this time around with Mr. Hammond was no less favorable than the first one.  He proved himself to be a courteous and experienced professional in his line of work. On a couple of  occasions he made suggestions that saved us time or money toward the completion of the project.  He also took pains to keep the dust level in the house to a minimum.
    Should we need the services of a skilled handyman in the future Mr. Hammond would be the first person I would call.  On both occasions he did a great job for us.
    - Judith S.
  • A
    He was there every day. Got me good deals with upgrades on materials at no extra cost. Very punctual. Has an excellent crew who works lightning fast. Got the job done in time promised. Very  honest and trustworthy. He's the best. Wouldn't use anyone else.
    - DAVID M.
  • A
    Mr. Neely responded to our call for an estimate for the insurance company right away. His estimate was by far the best price and was an honest one. After the insurance company approved of the estimate, we contacted Mr. Neely who set up a start date to begin the work. His crew were honest and hard working. They worked at a steady pace and the work was accomplished in a timely and workman like manner. As usual there were some modifications to the project that came up and Mr. Neely discussed the changes and implemented them graciously and still kept the cost of the project within budget.
    We had Mr. Neely do some remodeling for us before so we knew what to expect. He did not let us down. We would recommend him without reservation.
    - Jack S.
  • A
    I began looking for a general contractor to repair a sagging sub-floor and replace some rotting exterior trim in late March, 2012. I began by contacting Vincent Abell Contracting. Brad Abell came out within a few days of our phone call and provided a quote within approximately 10 working days. Wanting to compare competitive quotes, I then reached out to two other well-regarded contractors on Angie's list. While the next contractor was quick to respond with a site visit, it took multiple follow up calls to get an actual quote. I ended up with a quote for half the necessary repairs 5 weeks later at a cost of $1,000 more than Brad's quote for all repairs needed. With two quotes in hand with such a huge disparity in cost, I decided to reach out to a third contractor. These guys came out within a day or two...and then NEVER provided a quote, even after multiple calls on my part over a six-week period. Around early July, I decided to stop trying to get an apples-to-apples comparison and just decided to move forward with Brad w/ VAC. It was the right decision even if I wasted almost three months trying to collect other quotes.
    It did take several months to pin Brad down on a time to begin the work needed, but that was understandable given that he had already committed to several other lengthy jobs. I can say with 100% certainty, it was worth the wait. Vincent himself and two other gentlemen began work on my subfloor in October, which only took two days. In all, the crew replaced roughly half of the subfloor in my living room and reinforced one of the floor joists. They took great care to hang a plastic sheet over the two large entrances into the room overnight so that dust, critters from the crawl space, etc. didn't venture into the rest of the house. Vincent explained the work he and his team were doing and why it was necessary. I never got the impression he was trying to cut any corners or was in a huge hurry to be finished. When the job was complete, I received an invoice for the amount quoted in the original proposal.
    Brad and I agreed the second half of the job -- the exterior trim work -- could wait several weeks and work began on it between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Two gentlemen came out to tear out and replace 5-6 areas of rotting wood. One place was so bad, in fact, that additional structural repairs were necessary. They were able to make these repairs -- which I witnessed before and after -- at a very reasonable additional charge given that this work was not part of the scope of the original quote. The work was complete in approximately a day and a half.
    A few days later, while tearing out some carpeting, my wife and I noticed water stains under a bay window in our dining room. We then examined the trim on the outside of the bay window, which is typically hidden behind several large hedges. There were an additional 4-5 spots that were in dire need of trim replacement. I was very pleased that, upon appealing to Brad to send the same guys out again to make the repairs, he was more than willing to make the additional repairs even though I had already confirmed all the necessary work had been completed. Brad acted in "good faith" and I think that kind of integrity goes a long way in the contracting field.
    There's a strong possibility we'll be either repairing or replacing our deck in 2013. I will NOT be seeking out bids on this job. After this most recent work, I trust Brad and Vincent. I think I'll just stick with these guys.
    - Chad H.
  • A
    i bought my pergo floor through lowes and just couldnt afford to have them install it and a lady i go to church with has a grand son who is 25 years old and already a floor installer for lowes so my friend from church gave me her grandson number and i called him and he came right out to look at my job. since i already bought the floor he gave me a very fair  price on time and labor. i told him when i needed the floor installed and he said that would not be a problem. after we agreed on the price for installation i showed him a couple more thing i needed done. his work is professional grade he was very clean and respectful the whole time and he was always on time and kept the job right schedual. on completion of the floor and the add on's he disposed of all extra materials and left me very happy and satified with him
    - shelia h.
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