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    Ron Johns Construction LLC
    This was an insurance job to correct an issue on a new roof that was leaking.  The leak appears to be fixed.  However, the work where the water damage was repaired looks like an armature completed it.  The ceiling needed to be painted along with the walls.  The ceiling and drywall (where it was cut and replaced) will need to be skimmed as well along with painting.  The contractor that came was nice but very sloppy with his work.  He dropped, splattered, and tracked paint on my new solid hardwood flooring.  He painted over the patched areas without sanding.  When he was finished he shook his drop cloth out on my front porch and into my fresh mulch, and the same on my back patio.  There is clear silicone caulk that they let drip down on my siding that will take some effort to remove.  
    I contacted this company about the poor work and I was told that he would come over with a rag and Goof-Off himself to get the paint removed from my flooring.....(you do not use Goof-Off on hardwood will take the finish off).  
    Mr. Johns was extremely when I originally contacted him but when I contacted him with my complaint and the opportunity to correct the work, he seemed annoyed and became agitated and was unprofessional and rude.

    - Deborah H.
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    Elegant Home Exterior LLC
    We had taken quotes from 8 different companies.  We were looking for more than just a fair price, we wanted someone we felt we could trust, personable plus a fair price.  We felt we received all of these through Elegant Homes.  Our roof needed a couple boards replaced and the roof put on.  While deciding on colors we asked for suggestions and we can't be more pleased.  We also had a couple strips of siding that needed to be replaced and that was matched up, no problem at all.  We are all about customer service and could not of asked for better treatment.  The job was completed in one day, yard picked up from any debris.  We highly recommend Don and his crew!!!
    - Dawn K.
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    Robert McQueen's Roofing
    Mr. McQueen was very responsive and professional.  The footage of the gutters I needed exceeded that for the Angie's list deal.  He worked out a reasonable price that included both gutters and soffits.  He then gave me an excellent price for the roof with many color options.  He said he could get it started within two weeks and it would take 1-2 days, depending on cleanup time.  He exceeded my expectations on both time and cleanliness.  He and his wife both worked with me to ensure the materials and timeframe were satisfactory.  The previous roof was completely shot, and one plywood piece had to be replaced.  There was no charge for that extra piece.  I had asked if he thought there would need to be a lot of replaced plywood, and if so what the cost would be.  He gave me a per sheet price, but said he had walked around the roof and he didn't think that extra cost would be extensive.  The gutters and downspouts were put in the same place as the old ones and the roof is the color we selected.  I am completely satisfied with the job, and have found no random roofing nails in the driveway or any other trash left anywhere.  It has rained twice since then, and I'm satisfied the roof is solid and the gutters are working correctly.   I would recommend this company.
    - Jennifer F.
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    Distinctive Design Remodeling
    Distinctive Design Remodeling LLC has, at first glace, a very good reputation on both Angie's List and the Better Business Bureau of Lexington, KY, which is why I called them.  They sent out Ray M., a salesman with quite the line.  He arrived at approximately 4 pm, explained how DDR was the top rated remodeling company in the tri-state area on Consumer Reports, said they had an excellent rating with the BBB, and provided me a list of "references".  He kept calling me "brother" and his pricing was, according to him, at a deep discount because I am disabled and a retired federal employee.  He made vague descriptions of the addition with cathedral ceilings, a GE outdoor 25,000 btu heater/air conditioning unit, excellent sliding windows, French doors, and a five foot wheelchair ramp, and wrapped it up with the claim his profit would be only 10%, and "sign here".  I would have to buy my own ceiling fan and flooring for some reason and have the flooring installed separately.  I wondered why.
    I told him I wanted to wait until January 2014 to take the money out of my retirement account, and he said "brother", you can get an interest-free $40,000 loan through me and payment won't be due for 120 days!  "Sign here".  He then went on to say his deep, deep discount was because he currently has five other jobs in the Florence area, and all prices will increase Jan. 1, 2014 because of the cost of materials and new code requirements like 2x6's required, not 2x4's, and higher insulation values - all of which will add at least $10,000.  "Sign here."  So I signed.
    That night I realized by giving him my date of birth, social security number, and other personal information, he could apply for a loan "on my behalf", and I started to worry that I had not received any specifications, drawings, etc.  Under KY law, you can void an agreement or contract within the first three days, so I called him to tell him not to do anything.  He again pressed the hard sell.  I said no, stop everything.  I then wrote a letter to DDR informing them in writing I was terminating my sales agreement and nobody should use my personal information to borrow money, and they must destroy all my paperwork.
    I got a credit report alert that on Thursday, a credit report was requested by DDR and a bank.  I called DDR and left a message with their answering service (during business hours).  On Friday I spoke to Jon Penn, the owner.  He said he'd read my notification, and he would not proceed.  An hour later Ray calls with "great news".  When I tell Ray I have terminated the agreement, he first lowers the cost so "I'm getting stuff for free!", and then he accused me of lying to him.  I told him not to contact me anymore, and I hung up.
    I am not implying Ray or DDR were going to use my information to obtain a loan for $40,000 interest-free for six months (he changed it from 120 days to 6 months) to defraud me.  But after seeing DDR has had 4 complaints with the BBB since 2/2012, and 3 in the past year, I grew suspicious.  I had not received any details of the materials to be used other than the GE 25,000 btu heater/AC, which for a 16 x 14 sunroom is overkill.  I had no idea how many windows or the size of the windows (I emailed asking, and never got a response).  I had no clue of the quality of materials, and based on Angie's List reviewers, the quality of the workmanship is hit or miss, depending on who you get.  I noticed in the BBB complaint that DDR was angry that the complainant filed the complaint after DDR paid a settlement, and some here in Angie's list remarked about sloppy work.  Of the 39 reviews, none of the A+ reviews went into much detail, compared to the less than positive reviews, which provided a lot of detail.
    The experience taught me never, never sign anything or provide personal financial information before you get all the specifications, drawings, listing of materials and hardware, etc.  Never be pressured by a salesman telling you he's taking a loss at this price or is able to offer such a deep discount because he has 5 other jobs in the immediate area right now and can save money grouping them together, and you must sign immediately or lose out on the massive discount.  Other reviewers have written of the same claim.  
    Buyer beware with DDR and other construction outfits; their pricing doesn't indicate good value, just alleged low pricing.  Without specifications and a detailed cost breakdown ahead of time, how can you sign a sales contract knowing you are paying fair market rates for labor and materials?  You can't!
    - Claude B.
  • A

    Rodney and his crew were great.  They were patient while we waited 3 weeks for our insurance company to review the damage.  The job started out as a simple leaky window repair then blossomed into a major rehab job due to damage found when the siding was removed.  Rodney and his crew worked 7 days a week, long hours, in 90 degree weather while battling thunderstorms in order to meet our deadline.  The whole crew was very professional and became part of our family for 3 weeks.  They were very conscientious of our 4 dogs and made sure the gates were closed at all times.  They even laid down a temporary deck while removing part of our old deck so that we could take the dogs out that way instead of leashing them and walking them around the house every time.  The crew cleaned up pretty well every night to make sure their were no injuries to our family and dogs.  Rodney went out of his way to come back to the house after dinner on a couple of occasions to ensure safety issues did not arise due to an electrical mishap. 

    We are very pleased with Rodney, his crew, and his subcontractors that were brought in due to the enormity of the repair.  We will keep his card on our refrigerator and contact him for every repair needed on our house no matter how big or small. 
    I also have to say thanks to Rodney and Theresa for providing us with a detailed, itemized list of all materials and labor costs on the final bill.
    - Brenda S.
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    T.P.'s Roofing & Exterior
    When I first spoke with Tom on the phone, he sounded great. Very polite and business like. The rest of the project did not follow in the same fashion. He came to our house to quote on damaged siding and mentioned the roof could be fixed. After receiving other quotes, we decided to go with Tom based on his honesty and politeness. We received a quote on the siding, but never the roof. This began the first week of March and when asked when it could all be completed, he stated 2-3 weeks. Well, it took well over 2 weeks just to get everything straightened out with Tom so we could call the insurance. The adjuster was backed up and took a week to get out - no fault to Tom on that account. At this point, the return of phone calls was not consitent or timely. The day the adjuster was to be there, he stated he would be there early to get a ladder set up and be ready. Well, the adjuster showed up exactly on time and no Tom. He pulled up a couple minutes after the adjuster arrived. From this point, we were constantly being pressured about writing a check out to him  - before a contract was ever even showed to us.
    As before, every timeline we were told, never happened as it was stated by Tom. Even the samples for the house. Didn't have one the day the adjuster was there... Oh, I'll drop one off later today. Sorry, couldn't make it. We'll have one dropped off tomorrow. Did you get it, no? I'll get one to you tonight... etc. 5 Days later, we received a sample board to select from. At the time he dropped the samples and a contract off, he requested a check. My husband stated he would like to review the contract and no money would be paid right then until we read the contract. The reaction from Tom was uncalled for. He said he was expecting the check right then and it should only take 30 seconds to review the contract. Everything you ready, includind here on Angie's lists, tells you to run the other way when being pressured for a check or to sign a contract immediately. Also, my husband stated he would like a start and finish date included on the contract. With Tom's reply being disrespectful and something about including breaks and such. He even complained about gas money.
    When I talked with Tom on the phone, I told him we were completely wanting him to do the work, but after his actions we were thinking about going elsewhere. Then he went on to say that this happens because people want the money or want to find someone cheaper. He would charge us for the services provided to us thus far. After a 40 minute phone call and his apology, we discussed the miscommunication. We decided to continue with Tom only on the fact that we would not pay him any money up front and he offered to do the siding no charge as a conession.
    Our job was then delayed well over another week from this time. The project was slated to begin on 4/25 (he first visited the house the first week of March). The first day, they arrived at 9. We received excuse after excuse on everything - Tom was hardly there. He mentioned some medical thing, but at this point our trust in his word was nothing. So, I'm not sure how true this was. By the end of the first day, 3/4 of the roof was completed - for a basic roof, no chimney. For comparison, some friends of ours who have a larger roof with a chimney had theirs completed in 4 hours last week. The next day, the rest of the roof and the siding (half of the back of the house) was completed. When we arrived home, they had already left and "cleaned up."
    The roof turned out nice. They did a good job. The siding, not so much. They had not replaced all of the damaged spots. When I called Tom, he said that's not what we agreed upon and that he's already out of money on this project. But begrudgingly said someone would come out to fix it. Someone did the next day and it's done, but not done well. Siding is definitely not their forte. You would need to see a picture to see how poorly its done.
    After that, no phone call or anything from Tom. A week later an email talking about the depreciation check from the insurance company. Still waiting on that since he submitted the paperwork twice so far with incorrect info.
    We received excuse after excuse on dates and times. He was disrespectful to us in words and time commitment. Thankfully the roof is complete and looks nice, but the siding does not. During the project, he was hardly there to oversee what was going on. I definitely would not go with TP Roofing again or recommend them.
    I wish I would have had Angie's list and could have selected one from that.
    - Cynthia H.
  • A
    Clyde Calhoun Construction
    Clyde was recommended to me by a neighbor who had contracted him to replace all the siding on her house. He did a great job, so when I needed some repairs after a wind storm, I called him. I didn't have a lot of extra cash at the time, so I just wanted to repair the damage. He replaced some siding and shingles that were missing or damaged beyond repair, then he was able to save me some money by straightening out a piece of soffett that had blown down and folded. I really appreciated this, and also asked him for an estimate for re-siding the entire house. When the time comes, I will definitely call him for the job.
    - Lori P.
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    Factory Direct Remodeling
    They did a great job and I would like to recommend them. I had a couple of issues and had to have them back a couple of times, but they took care of them by correcting it. They did a lot of extra things for me. They didn't cut corners and they took their time, as it was winter time and it was cold. They did the work in the right way. They were once sick while they were working, but they got the work done. Their work was monitored to make sure that it was done right and they use contractors too.
    - Joe K.
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    Elegant Home Exterior LLC
    He had his team come to my house and clean and repair the roof and did an excellent job on that. Then the siding went great although he ran out of trim and didn't come back and replace it. The painting was not so good and I had to repaint it myself. The drainage also good but he didn't seem to take it over the hill like he said he would. The estimates were also really high, but he convinced me that he was the best guy. I had a storm and I called him to replace some damages. He said he would be there and he has never called back and never came out when he said he would twice.
    - Yvonne W.
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    Tecta America Zero Company LLC
    The estimate went very well. Sean did a great job explaining our current issues and how they came about and how, when they completed the job those issues would not happen any more. Their pricing was the best we have seen so far as well as it looks like they have the best product we have seen, but we are not looking to do this project till next year. I am sure that when we do tackle this project we will be using them.
    - Sean G.
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