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Hvac Repair reviews in Bonner Springs

  • A
    We were extremely happy with the service we received! Everything was explained in detail of what work we needed done and why it was needed after a recent storm tore down electrical lines that ran from the power source to our house, our shop and our garage. Ultimate safety was also Rick's concern. So much so that even when our insurance company wasn't covering work that needed to be done, Rick went above and beyond what was necessary and called our insurance adjuster and explained the needed repairs. We received a call back from the insurance company stating 'AB May, Rick H, was instrumental in assisting me in what needed to be done, all that was damaged, and we could pay for. I think you have chosen someone good, if you decide to go with them I know that that gentleman alone will do a good job...' So - not only were we impressed, our insurance company was also impressed and highly recommend them!
    - Marcella C.
  • A
    I could not have asked for a better company to come out and perform the work that needed to be done because David done a terrific job at figuring out what the problem was. He completed the task in a timely manner as well. He's friendly, polite and professional. He was a joy to work with. I would definitely call on them again.
    - Ramona J.
  • F
    This is such a mess I put together a timeline so it makes more sense. 08/10/16 Contacted HD to get HVAC estimate 08/16/16 Purchased system for $6750 from Gary Taylor from Total Comfort, charged to HD credit card. We were told it would be 2 years no interest but the statement I received in the mail said it was for only 1 year (this was later corrected). 08/19/16 System Installed the first time by Reddi Services (this is the company Total Comfort subcontracts to do their installations). 08/20/16 ��� I re-plumbed water heater with a total cost of $150 in parts (purchased from HD) because the furnace was jammed against it. ��� System was unable to adequately cool down house. 08/22/16 ��� Contacted HD to voice my concerns. ��� Installers came back out to finish installing humidifier (I had them wait because at this point I thought they would be removing the system). 08/24/16 Email to Laurine Head at corporate HD HVAC customer service rep: ���Gary made it clear he was just a salesman and the details of the install would be addressed by the guys doing the install, so several of these issues were not discussed with him; he said the installers would contact me to confirm the appointment and I planned to bring them up then. The installers never called before they came out, I sent Gary a text the night before stating I had not heard from them yet, his response was ���they will be there���. Everything we discussed about the install with Gary was in the context of his company doing the work; we were never told it would be another company doing the install. These things may sound like I���m just being picky but I don���t make a lot of money and the independent guys that gave estimates were willing to do most of it, and do it for $2000 less. For me to pay almost $7000 I expected the results to meet or exceed my expectations, but instead I completely regret not going with one of the cheaper independent contractors. ��� Does not cool well. All 4 other estimates recommended 3 ton (which I mentioned to Gary) but he assured us they were wrong and it only needed a 2.5 ton. The first day it ran all day on a 93 degree day and was only able to cool down to 78 degrees. ��� My wife and 2 girls have really bad allergies so I requested a 20x25��� filter but was told it needed to be 16x25���. All 4 other companies told me it wouldn���t be a problem. ��� Wires coming out of furnace in the way of filter door (the door had to be bent to get it open). ��� I asked installers if they would leave the panel above the coils clear so I can install UV lights later. Exhaust vent is mounted right in front of it. ��� I asked installers if they could route the cooling lines out of the way so they were not hanging down from the ceiling (the door also hits them). They did not and were more in the way after they were done. ��� The disconnect box wasn't replaced (it was checked off on the contract) and the cooling line insulation coming off of the inside and outside units was partially missing and tattered; not a big deal and I know replacing the lines wasn't in the contract but I would think they would cover up what was exposed. ��� Humidifier does not give enough room to open the door into the room adequate clearance. The door opens but not far enough to not catch your hip on the door when carrying a load of laundry (furnace is in laundry room). They weren���t sure how to fix this but I told them to wait until the cooling issues were resolved in case other things needed to be changed. ��� With the other companies I discussed moving the gas lines and water heater out of the way, they said they could do that if needed. I asked the installers if they could move them out of the way. They said they could not because of liability issues. They did not move gas line or water heater out of way (resulting in gas line jammed and dented into water heater). ��� I spent $150 to re-plumb the humidifier and water heater myself in order to move it out of the way. ��� Sheet metal joints are sloppy and leaking air (one joint is missing with a 1��� opening) To be fair they may have planned to fix them when they came back to change the humidifier. I also asked them not to calk the one small panel where the UV lights would go. ��� I asked if they would reconnect the water drain like it was before (drained outside) they said that was not how they do it and it may not meet code? I had to reconnect it myself. 08/25/16 ��� HD case 03027047 opened. ��� Talked to Laurine from HD on phone. Requested the system be removed and refunded. She said she wanted to send someone out to evaluate the system first. She said she would propose a $2000 refund. 08/28/16 Justin from Total Comfort came out to check system, found it was low on freon and charged 2 lb. 08/29/16 HD customer service switched from Laurine Head to Gabriel Arillo? 09/08/16 Gabriel from HD email informed me price match request was denied because the systems were not exactly the same. 09/09/16 Justin from TC came out to check system 09/11/16 ��� Justin from TC completely reinstalled system for second time fixing most of the problems from the first installation. ��� Added a return vent in basement. 09/19/16 ��� Justin from TC came out and tested system. Low 2 lb Freon, found leak in evaporator coil ��� Charged for first payment on Home Depot credit card 09/22/16 Factory defective leaking evaporator coil replaced by Chad at TC 10/04/16 Phone call to Gabriel at HD. Stated that installation manager Tim from TC told him the problem was resolved and case closed. Stated that the problem was ���unrealistic expectations by the owner���. 10/13/16 Bill from Lennox came out. Found system was flowing 1300cmf and adjusted fan speed down to recommended spec of 1000cfm. Bill from Lennox said this was significant enough to account for the cooling problems we were having. 10/14/16 Email to Gabriel at HD, no response: ���Where are we at with returning the HVAC? I emailed Gary Taylor but he never responded.��� 10/17/16 ��� Second test by Bill from Lennox, load test results were to be forwarded to Tim at TC. ��� After 2 months, the system seems to be functioning correctly but temp outside hi has only been 87 Admittedly I may have come across a bit cranky in some of my correspondence, but in my defense, I had 3 sweaty women who were very unhappy. My issue hasn't been a matter of IF the unit was working correctly; my issue has been my requests to have it removed/refunded have been ignored for two months while they continued to work on figuring out why it wasn���t working right. 07/17/17 Update It���s now July the following year and hot enough for a "real world" test as opposed to the load test calculations that always came out "acceptable". Last weekend I manually set the thermostat to 75 all weekend. The system ran nonstop and during the day never got the temperature below 78 until it cooled off in the evening.
    - Brett L.
  • A
     It went great he came in and checked everything over everything inside the house appeared to be normal then went outside and I was the unit out and checked everything and then came back in because things just weren't working out right .  Been investigated further and found that the evaporator coil was frozen up and he took care of the problem .
    - Frances B.
  • A
    We purchased a big deal for a solar attic fan from A+ insulation. Contact was quickly made and they came out to first measure the size of our attic and determine the best location for the fan. It was determined that one fan would be sufficient for our attic size.  We have an American four-square style house with a flat portion in the roof in the middle. They initially wanted to put the fan there, but I told them that when we get a lot of snow, that spot leaks, so he decided the best spot would be on our south facing side. I think this is important because many people who work on your house don't really listen to what you say. We then scheduled a time for the installer to come out to install the fan. While he was here, he noted that our pull-down ladder to access the attic was allowing a lot of air to escape into the attic and recommended a product they install called a Battic complete with an estimate for that. We declined the Battic at that point in time (have had it installed since then). Anyway, the day the installer came out, we were not home and so we had my dad come to the house so someone was here but the installer didn't really need access to the house. He installed it from the outside. My only concern is it was installed directly over a beam, which blocks some air flow (maybe it's supposed to be installed over a beam?). He finished quickly and it has been working well since. It comes on when it's supposed to once the attic reaches a certain temperature, doesn't run in the winter, and seems to cool the attic enough. We would recommend this product and A+ insulation.
    On a separate note, for those considering a Battic, once we contacted A+ insulation that we wanted one installed, we set a date for installation. The process went smoothly and it was installed quickly. No messes.  We have noticed winters are warmer upstairs than before.
    - Dena B.
  • A
    I called this company after I had issues with Harrington Bros (who installed the HVAC system in the house).  The house was purchased new in 2007 and never had any issues.  My transformer blew on 12/28/14 as family was arriving for the week.  I tried to stick with Harrington Bros, but after a week of run around, All Weather Control was recommended by the electrician I had come and inspect the wiring from the breaker to the unit.
    All Weather Control arrived on time and was sympathic with my situation of not having working heat for 6 days prior despite having the other company come by multiple times.  He arrived that evening and said he had discussed the case with the electrician that was there the day before.  He brought in a larger transformer and after trouble-shooting he could not find out what was causing the transformer or the circuit board to blow other than possibly a loose wire running from the fan outside (was supposedly inspected by previous company and told no issues).  He asked to be on the safe side, if it was ok to disconnect the humidifier and A/C and only allow the heater to have power.  His idea was to trial this for a week, then if no problems, come back and reconnect.  HIs fix worked great. 
    He also noted that the exhaust pipes were smaller than ideal and the cause of the fine white dust that was settling over everything inside the HVAC and on top of the water heater.  He recommended changing out the pipes to increase to longevity of the unit, it was not necessary, but an option if I wanted.  He also found out the humidifier was not working properly and needed maintenance.
    When they returned a couple of weeks later, the heater was working without an issue.  They also replaced the exhaust pipes and humidifier at that time.
    It has been a little over a month now and have not had any issues with humidifier or heater.  Would definitely recommend this company.
    - Peter L.
  • F
    Over the past holidays, I had my family over (including my 93 year old grandfather).  My heater went out the day that they were all coming.  The house was built in 2007 (HVAC installed by the above company), so I called Harrington Brothers since they did the initial install.  The heater went out on a Saturday, I called that day but never heard back, so we bought some space heaters to heat the house (it was single digits that week).  On Monday AM, I called as soon as they opened.  The lady on the phone stated they would send out a repair guy that day (explained to them that I needed it fixed as my family was in town).  
    The repair man came out and tried to change the transformer.  My dad was present as I was at work that day.  My dad said the first transformer they attempted to use was way smaller in size and when he first hooked it up, started to notice a burning smell immediately.  The repair guy then made a phone call to someone and the decision was made to change to a transformer the same size as the original one.  He did not have this part, so he left and came back later in the day.  My family left to run errands that afternoon and I returned home by around 5pm to find that the heater was out again.  After checking the circuit breaker, I called immediately to try and get them to come back as it was now day 3 without heating.  I received no answer until the following AM.
    Now Tuesday (Dec 31), same thing happened.  The company called after they opened asking what was going on, I explained that it burnt out a couple of hours after their repair guy left.  They said they were re-send the guy out that day.  He came out and determined it was now the circuit breaker that was causing the transformer to blow, so he replaced both.   When I returned from work again (that day around 3:20 pm), the heater was out AGAIN!
    I called immediately thinking that they would be available, no answer, so voicemail was left.
    The following day was New Years, so they did not return my call.  Now Thursday morning, I called back and talked with the same lady stating that the heater went out within hours of them leaving and this was unacceptable.  Her response was that they would not send out another repair guy until I had an electrician come take a look first.  I asked if they had any recommendations on electricians in the area, she said she had no idea.
    I called around and found an electrician to come that afternoon, called Harrington Bros to inform them that the electrician would be there at 1 PM and he stated he would like the HVAC guy there too so they could trouble shoot.  She said that would be fine.  At 130pm, the HVAC guy was still not there, so I called Harrington Bros to ask what was going on, her response was they were not coming that day as they did not have any more transformers left because I was burning up their inventory and they "might" have one the following day.  I asked what would happen if they did not receive it the following morning, as it would be Friday and I did not want to go into another weekend with my family visiting and no heat, her response was there was nothing she could do. 
    Friday AM, I still had not heard from them, so I called Harrington Bros and told them not to come and I would be getting a second opinion and to have someone call me to discuss the bill.  They never returned the call, I did get a bill in the mail within the week though.
    Come to find out also, that Harrington Bros used smaller than ideal exhaust pipes for the HVAC and water heater when they did the initial installation (although still in code), which caused excessive condensation and covered everything inside in fine white dust.
    I will NEVER call them again and have told many of my co-workers and friends my experience with this company.
    - Peter L.
  • A
    Was here in five minutes. By far best price. Called four other furnace companies on Angie's List. His service cost was a fraction of what other companies were that we called. Nice and honest serviceman. If I ever have another furnace issue he will be the first person that I will call.
    - Robin C.
  • A
    He will be coming tomorrow or the next day to do the winter check up. Since the time that we have been here, he and his father have been taking care of our furnace. They installed a new one few years ago. There has been a down turn in the business lately and so, Mr. Tom had to seek other employment but he has been taking care of his customers. He comes after work or on a Saturday. He is making sure that we are all taken care of. I think that their prices are very competitive but it is hard to know what the other people charge because we have been here since 1983 and I think that it was 1984 which was the first time they came out to do our service. I will definitely use him again in the future.
    - JUDY H.
  • A
    They put in a top of the line, 95% efficient furnace.  It is an amazing machine and it works beautifully.  It is a nice silent fan.  They are good and reliable.  They do their job.
    - Gary C.
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