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    Franco Landscaping Inc
    We started this process in July of 2018. The salesman, quite frankly, lied about the company's ability to complete the job in a timely fashion and the conditions under which it could be done. ("We can do it in the fall, temperature above x degrees.") Every workman - and there were several - who came out gave us different conditions under which it could be done and disagreed with what the salesman had said and what the other workmen had said. There was a lot of rain over the winter and they said it could not be done without an ever-changing number of dry days. We had told them the work needed to be done before we put our house on the market in the spring. It went on the market eight months later with the sand work completed but unsealed. We delayed putting it on the market for 2 weeks since our realtor really wanted the sealing done. It had to be re-washed and more sand added, but again, no sealing. Our situation was clearly not a priority for them. They demanded partial payment a couple of months later and we paid them. Then they called in July - fully ONE YEAR later - to ask if we wanted them to finish the job. We have had a lot of rain. I understand that, but in the course of a YEAR, they certainly had time to finish the work. There are ants tunneling through the sand now since it was never sealed. (We were also told that it was "fine" not to complete the sealing.)
    - BARBARA and JOHN H.
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    Stone Terrace
    It was amazing to us that although we contracted with this company on April 23 with an estimated start date of mid-June, with all the inclement weather between then and the end of June, they were able to arrive the end of June and complete on July 3. The weather was extremely hot during the project but they endured and completed it on schedule. The estimate was accurate and we added a few items during the project which were done well and on time. I would certainly hire them again for another project.
    - Richard M.
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    The O Studio Landscapes
    Nick and his crew at the O studio landscapes did an AWESOME JOB!!! They were very accommodating with our schedule and completed the job in the time frame we were told. The quality of the work was Excellent and Nick's crew was very professional and helpful. We would definitely hire them again.
    - Lauren K.
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    Stone Terrace
    They were professional and did wonderful work. Their goal is to make sure the customer is happy and I thought they did a great job. I plan to hire them again. The two young men who came (after the estimator came out) were so polite and wanted my input throughout the process. They went above and beyond. If you hire this company, believe me, you will not be sorry.
    - Margaret H.
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    Cutting Edge Hardscapes was awesome to work with. Their communication was fantastic and the work was completed in a timely manner. The finished product looks amazing! They helped to create phases for the project so we can add to it in the future.
    - David & Ann K.
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    Country Gardens Lawn & Landscape
    Country Gardens completed this job in a manner suitable for a magazine or home show! The owner of the company personally ensured that the hardscape surpassed our expectations and turned out even more beautiful then the original design. The workers were relentless in their efforts to create an elegant outdoor masterpiece, with exquisite attention to every detail (from mastering the limestone treads and curves of our stairs, to centering the fire pit, ensuring symmetry, and most important to us -- longevity!). I told Steve I wanted to do this project one time, and one time only, and he gave me a hardscape that will be around longer then me! The hardscape they gave us is the definition of elegance and craftsmanship, and from the front-line workers to the head supervisor (Scott), the customer that enters into a construction relationship with Country Gardens can expect to be garnered with professionalism, hard work, timeliness, and a finished product that will exceed all expectations of what was thought possible at the onset of the project. We especially appreciated Steve's kindness, patience, and open-mind throughout the project, always atuned to our needs as his customer and willing to do whatever it took to impress us. His ability as a designer of hardscape and softscapes is second to none, and we are familiar with all of the landscapers on the northside of Indy (Carmel, Zionsville) ... he gave us an impressive patio at a much better cost then 7+ competitors. I was especially amazed by his eye for laying out softscapes, multiple levels, boulders, and plants, as he gave us an outdoor scene that would make the Rocky Mountains cower! And this is echoed by every neighbor, every family member, every friend that sets foot on our property ... before asking about our home they always want to know who did our landscaping. I'm always ready with the answer -- Country Gardens!
    - matt l.
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    Ponce Patios
    Charged us more and abandoned the Job!! Reuben came out last summer to do a large project for us. He is awful to work with! He tells you he can do something then 2 days later decides he can't! After the project and price were agreed to he ends up telling you everything will cost more money! After my wife and I paid him thousands more than we planned on and got a patio that was not what we originally wanted or agreed to, he said he would come back later to finish. A year later he has not, and we are starting to see growth in the patio! After finally getting a hold of him he said he lost money on our project so he won't be back to finish it or fix anything! Please stay away from him and save yourself money and stress.
    - Asher W.
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    Bpi Outdoor Living
    BPI installed lighting, fire pit, seat wall and patio pavers around our swimming pool approximately 5 years ago. The design is beautiful but there have been problems that BPI will not address. They sanded the patio with wet sand which did not adequately fill in the spaces between the pavers. They proceeded to seal over the wet sand which resulted in gaping holes between the pavers. This allowed water to get in between the pavers leading to rapid erosion. The result is a sinking uneven patio with many loose pavers and low spots where water has settled. There are big gaps in certain areas and the patio has even pulled away from the retaining wall in several places. It looks awful and much older than it is. I have called multiple times during the warranty period, and beyond, to have someone come out and assess the situation but get met with the same response every time. I get the secretary who says she���ll connect me to speak with JD or Tony. After a minute on hold, she tells me they are in a meeting and they���ll call me back. Then they don���t. Ever. We also have a cracked stone that we have been trying to get repaired for several years. I���ve even taken pictures of it and sent them to their secretary. I still have the broken stone. There is another stone that they replaced shortly after they finished the project which sticks out like a sore thumb because they didn���t bother to come back to seal it. We���ve also had issues with broken landscape lighting, that while even under warranty in some cases, took over a year to finally get them out here to service. There are more issues, but I think you get the picture. We have given up and regret using BPI because of their abysmal service after the sale. Once they get your money, they move on. I would never recommend BPI to a friend or neighbor. There���s just way too many other better choices out there. Now I must find someone and probably spend big $$ on repairs to a 5-year-old patio because BPI didn���t do the job right the first time and wouldn���t come out to make repairs when they were small.
    - Suzanne P.
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    Case Design/Remodeling Indy
    I realize that this is a lengthy review and want this evaluation to be as accurate and even-handed as possible. I contacted CASE at the suggestion of my father who had several projects completed by them in the past. He did share with me that over the years, CASE became increasingly expensive and, while they did add computer aided design improvements, the quality of their work, and particularly the work of their subs seemed to suffer a bit. The last project at his house resulted in a serious buried gas line leak that took over a year to resolve between CASE and its subs. My association with CASE began on August 3, 2016 when CASE visited my house to quote on an improvement to my existing rear patio. My plan was to build an outdoor kitchen with sink with built in grills (a Webber gas grill and a Big Green Egg) and to run power to the outdoor area. We would also need to expand the patio to make room for the kitchen and a table. We emphasized that we wanted this done before winter. We also requested quotes to remove the current cement staircase, and bury the power cord to an existing hot tub, among some other minor items. We made it clear on the first visit that we had a budget of no more than $30k total. They provided an estimate of anywhere between $19k and $49k for the described work. As my budget was within their range, I assumed we could reasonably reach our goal. On August 12, I signed a contract for design work that specified $750 as a deposit to be credited to the final project, if begun within 6 months but otherwise not refundable. The contract specified that even though I was paying for the design work with this $750, it remained the property of CASE and would not be returned to me if I didn���t go through with having CASE do the work. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT POINT THAT THE READER SHOULD NOTE : even though you are paying for ?design work?, the work product does not belong to you. We met with CASE on 4 separate occasions between 8/12 and 10/3 to complete the specifications for this work. During that time, CASE never actually provided us with a quote for the original scope of the project. However, we discovered that we could not get the same pavers as our existing patio. This would significantly increase the cost for that portion of the job, so we started to scale back the project. Our evaluation of where to cut back was significantly hampered by the fact that we were never provided a detailed breakdown of individual costs, but rather simply a (very high) lump sum figure at each meeting. They explained that the sink we requested would be ���very expensive���, but never provided an actual dollar amount. This continued for each and every item until we asked ���how much to simply build an outdoor countertop for the grills?? Despite repeated requests, we were never provided with an itemized price breakdown for the original scope of the project. They simply stated, ���If this were my home, I would not be happy with the quote being presented?��� (That is a direct quote from Jeff Baird, the project manager at CASE referencing the cost of the project). On October 3, CASE delivered their final plans to me. We didn���t get a chance to select the granite for our countertop as CASE took the liberty of selecting one for us. For the first time, I was informed that most of work would be done by a sub-contractor (despite CASE���s pitch in August that ���we do all of the work ourselves - no third parties���). However, the most shocking thing was that the estimate for this ���stripped down��� version of the project - essentially a simple counter top - was over $15,000. It seemed at this point that CASE was weary of working with us and just wanted to either keep our deposit or charge a very large amount for a small project. On October 4, we asked CASE for a breakdown of the latest estimate as I couldn���t understand how a simple counter could cost this much. Keep in the mind that the grills are not included in this price, as I had already purchased them separately. I sent a follow up request for this breakdown on October 7. Ten days after my first request, on October 14, I received a phone call from Jeff. I responded immediately, and on October 17 he informed me that they could reduce their fee for setting up the subcontractor by an additional $2k to bring the overall cost to $13,002. He called it a ���pass through��� fee. I finally received a breakdown that showed a $3,600 fee for CASE on top of the sub-contractor fee of $4,223 and all of the parts and labor for CASE. A screenshot is below, showing only CASE���s portion, and they suggested I pay the subcontractor for their work directly. *Screenshot will not print, but the breakdown is: Contract Amount: $8,779 Project Management / Design / Administration: $3,606 Labor General / Demolition / Dump Fees / Carpentry / Material: $897 Plumbing / Rough / Finish / Materials: $560 Cabinets / Labor / Material: $496 Countertops / Labor / Materials: $3,220 On October 19, I asked for more information from CASE as the breakdown didn���t make sense and most of my desired elements were not included. On October 28, after no response, I followed up again. On Halloween (12 days after my request and 3 days after my follow up), CASE responded saying they didn't get the email. I immediately replied, saying I was concerned with the way they are handling the situation, and had strong reservations about this project, including the 3rd party who will be doing the majority of the work (and not listed on Angie's List, nor do they have a website). The chronology from this point is: ��� 11/7 - Jeff Baird at CASE responded that they have done everything in their power to make me happy, and that they don't understand my concerns. ��� 11/10 - I responded to Jeff at CASE, offering to discuss in person or on phone over the weekend at any point. ��� 11/15 - Jeff responded that they have a busy schedule, and didn't have time to meet to us. I follow up with an email demanding my money back due to poor treatment and lack of follow through with CASE. ��� 11/23 - Jeff responded they are sorry, but reminded me that I signed their contract stating that they have complete control. ��� 12/6 - After no further response for two weeks, I contact the owner of CASE, Larry Greene, to plead my CASE. He replied immediately that he will talk to Jeff about the matter, but that they have over $3,000 in design costs invested in this project, and they do not make a habit of returning deposits due to their costs. While I understand that concept, $3,000 is an outrageous sum given the level and amount of service we were given. Even if they put in 15 hours, (I doubt they had nearly that much time invested) it comes to $200 an hour to design a countertop. ��� 12/19 - No response from Mr. Greene or anyone else at CASE. ��� 1/4/2017 - Still no response from CASE I realize that I have no real recourse and that CASE will be keeping my money after delivering what I consider to be profoundly horrible customer service. However, I hope this review can prevent others from suffering this fate. My advice to anyone reading this is: DO NOT SIGN THE ���DESIGN��� CONTRACT WITH CASE unless you are willing to part with your money, regardless of the treatment you subsequently receive from CASE. I expect that CASE will have their own spin on this but the facts noted above are the facts. We both have spent a lot of time in a very frustrating process that could have, and should have, been easily avoided. All CASE had to do was to disclose upfront that the scope of this project and the budget I was willing to spend were too far apart before they took my $750. That minimal amount of professional honesty would have saved us both a great deal of time. I can only assume that they expected they could convince me to spend significantly in excess of my stated budget after I had paid their ���design fee���. Further, I am very disappointed with CASE���s excessive delays in responding to my inquiries and their disingenuous attempt to resolve the matter fairly.
    - Jeff C.
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    J&T Outdoor Experts, LLC
    Overall J&T Outdoor Experts did excellent, they got there within an hour of when I was told. The quality and cleanup were perfect and it looked beautiful. My foundation isn't sinking anymore because of the downspouts they installed
    - Brittanie C.
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