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Dog Grooming reviews in Naperville

  • F
    We have been using the Naperville Animal Hospital for the last 20 years and were happy with the service up until about 2 years ago. We've used the NAH for boarding on many occasions, grooming as well as updates on shots and Vet care. A couple of years ago it began when I'd make a reservation for boarding and arrive on the day of drop off and would hear, "Hm, sorry he doesn't have a reservation!" and/or on day of pick up when they were supposed to have groomed Duffy, would hear, "Sorry, he wasn't groomed!" I make reservations weeks in advance and at times, a couple of months in advance including the grooming and have gotten sick and tired of having to call a few days ahead to confirm the reservation as well as grooming and hearing no, he's not in our computer! This last weekend when we arrived to pick up our 10 year old Golden Retriever, Duffy and they once again said, "Oh, he wasn't groomed, sorry" I decided I was done with this entire place. I asked to speak to the Manager of NAH and was told she was gone for the day (2pm) but they would call her. They called her and she told them to give us a free overnight and Duffy would be groomed first thing in the morning and would call us when he was done! Such a total inconvenience! The next day about noon, I called to ask about Duffy and they said, "Oh, he's been done for a while now!"...REALLY? You said you'd call when he was done! I went to pick up Duffy and asked again to speak to the Manager of NAH and once again was told, "Oh, she's not in but I will call her (might I add that was about 1pm!). I was furious and asked to speak to someone in charge and spoke with a Supervisor named, Claire! Claire was very professional and by the end of my explaining to her what my complaint has been, she was able to calm me down somewhat (Claire should be the Manager and I told her if she ever needed a letter of recommendation for that position, she could call me!). Once again, the Manager was called by Claire and was told no charge for the overnight as well as the grooming as though they were doing me a big favor but couldn't do more than that. I explained to Claire that that was all well and good but I don't want anything for free just for them to do their job and was tired of the "we'll give you this, that or the other thing free route" and just wanted to speak to the Manager. She took my number AGAIN and told me the Manager said she'd call me back in the afternoon but I knew in my gut that I was not going to hear from the Manager and I was so correct and exactly the answer as to why the service has gotten so horrible. Two days later Claire called me back to let me know that she was going to give me her personal email address for me to call her whenever I was reserving a spot for boarding and/or grooming. Here's the bottom line...My guess is that the Manager is obviously dropping the ball on many levels there at the Animal Hospital and Customer Service by her is non-existant. She is dropping the ball and not doing a very good job at all with a the running of the NAH which is pretty easy when she's not there half the time. It wasn't important enough for HER to return my call on the second day after many valid, ongoing events took place. Everyone there knows Duffy over the last nine years who is an absolute awesome Golden Retriever and they would tell you that I am not a complainer at all; as a matter of fact, quite easy going! And by the way, my main concern at this point in time is my questioning the care Duffy and other animals are receiving or not receiving when we've entrusted them to the care of the NAH. So my only recourse is to leave this review which I probably should have done a couple of years ago but kept thinking things would change but as we all know, if you keep doing what you're always doing, nothing changes. I highly recommend NOT ever using the Naperville Animal Hospital for your pets.
    - Colleen L.
  • A
    Beach For Dogs
    They were great with training classes and also took the time to work me and my pet in going over all the plans. The atmosphere is so nice due to the Manager, Tina Sanchez, I enrolled him in daycare which he live. Also, I had to board my dog with Beach for 10 days and he came home a happy boy. I highly recommend this facility for all dog care.
    - Minta F.
  • C
    The UpScale Tail, Ltd.,Pet Grooming Salon
    At first, it went well. The grooming work itself is always lovely. They used to take around 3.5 to 4 hours with my dog. More recently they've been calling me to tell me she's finished in about 3 hours. The last 3 times I've gone in to pick up my dog, she has come to me looking gorgeous as usual but shaking like a leaf. Today I brought her to the salon for our usual 7:30am appointment. We arrived at 7:25, and were at the door at 7:26am. A work crew began to jack-hammer in the parking lot, and my dog freaked out. (Note: I saw the truck in the lot upon entering it, but it said "Oly... Signs" and had a bucket type apparatus...I assumed they were working on the strip mall signage...they had not yet started.) The jack-hammering started, and I picked my dog up and knocked on the door since the receptionist was at her desk 3 feet away. After a minute of shaking her head no as I waved her over to me, she cracked open the door and I asked if we could please wait inside since my dog was shaking and clawing to try and run. She replied "I'm afraid I'll get in trouble with management if I let anyone in before we open." She suggested that I should go wait in my car...which was 15 feet from the jack hammering crew, a little more than halfway from the salon to the crew. It was now 7:27am, and they officially open at 7:30am...3 minutes. I asked again if we could please wait the 3 minutes on their bench inside, and she refused. I held my dog in the corner of the little strip mall for those 3 minutes until the next door car repair garage opened their bay doors (they also open at 7:30am), at which time we entered the Upscale Tail salon. I asked for the manager, and was told they were not there until 8:30am. For all of their jewel-toned, soothing decor and lavender-scented air fresheners, when seeing a terrified dog with a jack-hammering crew in their lot, the employee was more afraid of getting in trouble with the manager/owner than she was concerned with the welfare of the animal. I had not asked to drop off my dog early...I simply requested to wait on the inside bench for 3 minutes in order to calm the animal that then had to be groomed. They seem to have plenty of customers, I don't think they'll miss our business. My dog has received her last grooming from this salon, and I have already found their replacement. I will not be back. All of that said, my dog's groomer, Amanda, always did a lovely job with the dog's appearance, I have no complaints on that account.
    - Lori H.
  • A
    Beach For Dogs
    I was very pleased with everything at BEACHES for dogs!! The staff is very courteous friendly and made Noelle my Min Pin feel very loved and right at home. They helped her socialize with other dogs! She went from being socialized with cats only at home to playing really well with other dogs.
    - susan W.
  • B
    Shear Perfection
    My whole family and I have been going to Shear Perfection off and on since 1998 (when they were still located in Clarendon Hills). Michelle, the owner, is fantastic. She takes care of special requests and has been great with all my dogs. The shop is clean, spacious and bright. If it was just based on Michelle's services and the shop, I would give SP 5 stars and all "A"s. (There used to be an older lady who worked there, but haven't seen her in years. She was wonderful and patient too). Unfortunately, I have to give it 4 stars simply because one of the woman who works there does a mediocre job. She is quick to shave rather than brush out or clip out small mats, and gives uneven/unfinished cuts. The times my dogs were groomed by her (I have learned to request the owner now), their ears would be lopsided or one left fluffy and one trimmed or their beard left lopsided. When pointed out, she gives excuses that the dog wouldn't sit still, the dog was overly matted, etc., rather than making it right. My suggestion is to request Michelle and you'll be more than satisfied.
    - Joyce B.
  • F
    Springbrook Animal Care Center
    We entrusted our 2 dogs in the care of Springbrook Boarding facility while on vacation.  
    We were promised personalized care, that they would ensure their well-being and that  if they became ill they would provide veterinary care, that they would be fed per instructions, that our dogs would be let out 4-5 times per day, that we would be sent pictures via text daily or every other day so we could see how they were doing, and that they would be bathed before we picked them up.
    Springbrook failed on almost all accounts.  We received only 1 text photo, no bath was provided and I suspect most of the other services were compromised as well.
    While on vacation, we saw quite a bit of news on the influenza virus that was spreading through the Chicago area.  We were concerned that our dogs were kenneled and wanted to check on their well-being since we had not received any texts 3 days into our travel.  The receptionist said that there were no notes in the chart so she assumed they were fine.  I persisted and asked them to go physically look at the dogs so we wouldn't worry about them.  She had someone go look at them and they said they were not coughing or sneezing and they were fine.
    No texts for the next 7 days.  I go to pick them up on Wednesday.  I ask how the influenza issue was at the kennel.  The girls at the desk said it was highly contagious and to give them a call if our dogs are coughing once we got them home.  They brought the dogs out to me and one was coughing the whole way to meet me and then threw up white mucous at my feet.  The second dog was wheezing and had discharge from the eyes and nose, very lethargic.  One glance could tell you these dogs were very sick.  I was assigned a vet who checked them over and verified that they did have the flu virus and they needed fluids, antibiotic and cough suppressant.
    While no one likes to leave a healthy dog at a facility and have it get sick, my issue is more with the fact that no one noticed they were ill or bothered to notify us that they were sick so they could start treatment earlier.  This flu epidemic is widely publicized and protocols should be in place to look for symptoms and to recommend vet consults on suspected cases.  Even without a protocol any minimum wage kennel worker should  be able to see that these dogs were not healthy and that they needed care, especially if they were letting them out to go to the bathroom 4-5 times a day in addition to feeding them.  
    The vet that saw my dogs justified the fact that they overlooked my dog's condition because they had 160 dogs in over Spring Break and "there is no way they can keep an eye on all of them".   If they don't have the staff and resources to fulfill the terms of the boarding agreement and to give proper care, then they need to accept fewer pets to board.
    In contrast, VCA - a veterinary office in the area had an extreme protocol in place due to the extremely contagious nature of the flu virus.  Dogs who were sneezing and coughing were met at their cars and taken in a back door.  Techs and Vets are dressed in disposable jumpsuits so they can make sure not to contaminate other dogs as see they pets throughout the day.  
    Springbrook offers substandard care, and refuses to take accountability for dropping the ball while they rake in the revenues.  
    If you love your dog, seek alternative boarding solutions.

    - Catherine S.
  • A
    I have gone to Kathy for as long as she has been in business, which is 26 years. I would highly recommend them as dog groomers. She loves them, she loves going to the groomers. We just have to say she is going to Kathy, and she goes nuts. This is our third dog. She worked with my schedule when I was working, and it is an early drop off, and if you need the dog by a certain time, she will do as best as she can before that certain time, she is extremly compassionate, and every employee is good. It is just a good feeling when you go in there, she does an excellent grooming job. It is clean, she has pictures of all the dogs she does, it's just a nice grooming place. It is more like home. I usually book right when I pick her up, but there is usually no issues unless it is right before the holidays. Everyone wants their dogs groomed for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it can be an issue if you don't book ahead of time.  I think the price is fair.
    - Joyce P.
  • F
    Springbrook Animal Care Center
    From the time my dog and I walked into the facility, it was a total of 1 hr 10 mins. This is the first time I brought my dog there so checking in took some time - that's ok. But, we were waiting in the exam room for 30 mins for a flu shot. I spoke to one of the staff members there and told her that 30 mins seem unreasonable for a flu shot. I told her that I will leave in 5 mins because this is taking too much time. Dr. Franke finally came and was really nice. He gave my dog a free check up and even caught my dog's ear infection. He prescribed antibiotics. After the check up and flu shot, I paid for the services. My fault was I did not look at the breakdown of the services before giving my card. Two days later as I looked at the receipt, I noticed I was overcharged (paid $71 for a balance total of $63). So it appears that they even gave themselves a tip (they do grooming too so I'm sure their computer systems are set up for tips) for making us wait 30 mins for a flu shot inside the exam room. Although the doctor was nice, the other staff members were rude and dishonest. Clearly, they were unhappy that I expressed my dissatisfaction about the long wait. And while we were waiting in the exam room, none of the staff members came over to apologize or offer a reason for the delay. Had someone told me that the wait was at least 30 mins, I would have opted to come back another time. I believe that other staff members of this animal hospital need training on proper customer service. I will not bring my dog back to this animal hospital.
    - Ria Y.
  • A
    I called in the late morning, and they got me right in. They had her ready an hour sooner than promised. My dog looked like a million bucks when they were done. She's a little nervous around strangers, and the staff at Gail's were great to her. I'll be glad to go back again.
    - Mark W.
  • A
    Groomingdales By Sarah
    Excellent service and very friendly team of groomers. Our puppy had a great time during his visit and looks so darn cute with his new cut!! I am amazed that he still is so soft and smells good even a week later:)

    I would highly recommend their services and we will be visiting for all our grooming needs.
    - Brett B.
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