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    RF Improvements Inc
    RF Improvements has done several jobs for us. The most recent was a master bathroom remodel and the team did an excellent job. They were on time, professional and we are very happy with the quality of work. We will be hiring them again!
    - Erin G.
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    Budget Right Handyman
    I bought the deal of $220 work for $110. When I received the confirmation, it said 2 hours work for $110. Matt asked me to send pictures of the job so hr could estimate it properly. He sent an email back saying that it looked like 4 hours work at their "Discounted" rate of $55/hour. 
    Pete, the carpenter showed up on time and we looked at the job together. Most of the post behind the base was rotted so Pete cut off the rotted part of the base, built up a new support for the base and put a very nice base molding around it. The job took a little less than 2 hours, so with the deal, I was covered. My concern was, what if it took the estimated 4 hours? Would I be expected toy pay another $110? I'll never know.
    - Dennis M.
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    Pro Construction Solution Inc
    The provider originally contacted me within a week of receiving my request.  The owner indicated he would be out within a couple of days to review the job.  I verified on 3/17 that he would be at my house on 3/18.  He didn't show up on Wednesday and texted my on Thursday indicating he would to move the schedule to Saturday.  He did show up on Saturday, 3/21.  He asked what did I pay for and I communicated 6 hours of carpentry work for $199.  He indicated that it will not take 6 hours to complete the entire job.  He indicated he would return to my house on the following Tuesday, 3/24.  He did not show up on Tuesday and indicated he would not be able to come until 2-3 weeks later.  I indicated that it was unacceptable and I would contact Angie's List.  He contacted me on the Thursday, 3/26 and said he would be at my house at 8am to get started.  He indicated he would purchase the parts and I agreed to reimburse him for the cost of the parts.  It was cold that day and I did pay the Provider for the parts and he indicated that it was too cold to prime and paint and to call him when it got warmer and he would come back out and paint.  I stated, since the job did not take 6 hour there should not be an additional cost.  I also informed Angie's List about the arrangement, as well.
    Since this Provider has not been professional I anticipated issues upon completion of the job and informed Angie's List.  I followed up with the Provider, Pro Construction Solutions, yesterday and asked when he could return to complete the job.  He texted my back indicating there would be an extra cost of $199 for a small 30 minutes paint job.  I restated in my text that the finalization of the work is part of the 6 hours that I already paid for.  The owner texted by "you need to find somebody else."
    This Provider was not professional from the beginning and did not fulfill his obligations.  I am very disappointed and I still need to find a solution to finish the job that was started.
    - James T.
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    Neighborhood Remodelers
    ge First and foremost I did ALOT of research and interview a number of good Angie's List candidates before choosing Neighborhood. In the end I had 3 great candidates to choose from. I am a big believer in personalities and the people factor and Neighborhood was my choice! After receiving my quote they quickly set up a date to start which was about a month away and perfect. They left me a brochure with places to shop and references. I got a great discount on their recommendation from the tile store and they arranged delivery to my house (and took back the overage, which will be refunded to me....really nice).
    Mike was my primary contact throughout the 3 week process and was very consistent in emailing me and keeping me up to date and/or just there to answer questions, etc. He was always professional and very available.
    Jim was my designer and carpenter/plumber and electrician all in one! From day one we hit it off perfectly. He was always there on time, worked many long days. Every single day he would put down rug coverings and by the time he left at night you would never guess there was ANY construction going on at the house! He set up in the garage for tools, etc and again, super organized and neat...never a mess! On days he may have been running late he always let me know.  He made GREAT design suggestions for laying out the tile and best use of the space...many things I would never have thought of and I was extremely grateful that he took the time to walk me through everything.
    Bottom line, he was just plain AMAZING and I my only regret is that I did not find Neighborhood early to do some of my earlier remodeling projects. I would use them anytime. Right now I am planning my next project to hire backsplash in the next few months. I can't wait..I KNOW they will do a great job.

    - KATHY B.
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    Handy Men & Mrs Helper Kitchen & Bath
    The contractor came and immediately installed the drywall.  His workmanship reflected a highly experienced carpenter.  The contractor was very professional and very friendly to talk to while he did his work.  He began painting the wall after the drywall had been fixed and completed the job in a timely manner.  We will definitely request this particular contractor again for other projects.  Furthermore, the office staff to the "Handymen and Mrs. Helper" are second to none!  They are a very polite and professional group of referring facilitators.   I feel like I have found the best company I could find to help fix up my house! 
    - Natasha W.
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    JR Painting & Remodeling
    Whenever a question was brought up, their response was "no problem". Their team of painters was very professional and great to work with. We would definitely use them again. Prior to painting my house, I referred JR Painting to my son and they painted the interior of his house which is larger than mine. He was very happy as well.

    - Alan K.
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    DESIGNfirst Builders LLC
    In July of 2013 Nick did a design for our kitchen and bathrooms.  We liked the design.  November 1, 2013 the demo was done
    on our home.  It took about 3 days to demo the kitchen and laundry room bathroom.  They had to re-enforce a beam from the kitchen to the family room.  That took about 3 days.  The electrician came in to put canned lights in kitchen and family room.  He also did all the wiring in the laundry bathroom and kitchen.  The dry wall was put up in 3 days.  We had 3 doors replaced.  On November 11 we had new windows put in family room. On November 27 all walls were primed.  Then the hardwood floors were put in. Cabinets in kitchen were put in and the new island was put in.  December 12 all granite countertops put in.  On December 14 the backsplash was tiled.   The kitchen and family room were finished December 20, 2013.
    January 7, 2014 they demoed the main bathroom. The electrician put in electrical.  Put in new vanity and tiled flooring and bathtub area. 
    All the workers that came to our home were friendly and courteous.  I liked how they always cleaned up after finishing
    for the day.  Mike was the supervisor of all the workers.  He did a great job of supervising and making sure I was
    pleased with everything.  Mike would e-mail me everyday about what went on for that day and let me know what was
    going to go on the next day. 
    Design First does excellent work and is a wonderful company to do business with.  I would recommend Design First
    to anyone.
    - Nancy A.
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    The Basement Men & The Concrete Man

    We had 5 proposals, all of whom we liked. One was so out of line that we decided he didn't want the job.  Three submitted written proposals after seeing our basement, one gave us his proposal by phone, and one came out to talk over the proposal and offer a discount at the time of signing.  We went with the last, The Basement Men, because his proposal was the most thorough.  All the others gave us a base price and told us that, as the work progressed, we could make decisions at that time.

    Steve Lauer's proposal gave us a folder telling us who they were, what kind of work they do, and a list of references we could call.  While he was forthright and very knowledgeable what needed to be done, I was hesitant about someone who comes out to give a proposal and wants a signature at that same time.  While we did go with his company, that procedure of on site signing led to a few minor misunderstandings. However, they were corrected as Steve was a hands-on person and always on site to see the work being done. [It is very difficult to read a contract and grasp it all at one time.]  For the people who submitted their contacts by phone, we were able to go back to the contract and reference and question what we didn't understand.  With Steve's approach, we missed some items in his contract because it was a lot to grasp in a hour without having been able to think about it  awhile.  However, the Basement Men did excellent work and we are pleased with the result.. On November 11, the contract was signed.

    The work began a week after we signed . Two men came in and removed all the old paneling, framing, insulation, ceiling tiles and

    Electric in one day.  They worked from 8 am until 6 pm without stopping.  And they took a lot of the demolition with them that same day.  The next day they came in with wood and drywall, and began the business of remodeling the basement. Two of the already existing door openings weren't framed correctly, so they had to tear them down and square them off so the doors would fit properly. {This was an extra cost.] They also roughed in the electric. Each day, Steve would come by to see the result of the day's work. Checks were appropriated throughout the work as each part of the remodel was completed.  Several days later, the dry waller came in and seamed and patched the dry wall. They left a mess on the basement floor that they had to come back and clean it up as best they could, but much of it was already dried. I was concerned, but not overly, as I knew the carpet would cover the dried patching compound. After quite a few days, they returned to sand the seams and patch. Soon, The original construction team came in to build the bookcases, and work on the sump pumps, install the doors and windows, and fishing the hardware on the doors and lights. After that, they painted the walls a color chosen by us.

     The sump pumps were extra as after completing the new basements, we did not want to the old ones to die us, leaving us with a flooded basement. Steve suggested the battery operated pump and we went along with it.{Both the pump fixtures were extra.]. Lastly the carpet man came in to lay the padding and install the carpet.  We ran into a problem where the demolition team did not take the previous nails out of the concrete floor, but left them in. [The carpet was being laid a few inches from where it was previously.] I stepped on these nails a few times.  Steve did say it was unacceptable, so he had them remove them.  However, after all was completed, I did find that the nails were still protruding in the floor of my workshop and they were never removed.  Everyone passed the buck saying "it was the carpet layers' fault", "it was the demolition crews' fault."  The main fact, whoever's fault it was, it did not get done. They still exist in my workshop.

    Another problem happened because of the on site contract signing.  When Steve toured the basement on the original visit, we had a water meter closet with shelves and a sump pump closet with shelves.  We told Steve we only wanted new doors put on those closets as the old ones were made of  paneling that matched the original basement walls.  In the contract, Steve wrote demolish closets.  We never noticed that as we were having so much work done, it was unfortunately overlooked by us.  So the walls were taken down and the closets rebuilt.  But Steve did not want to put shelves back in the closet.  So eventually, because I signed the contract, I had to abide by its statement, and pay extra to have this done.  I also wanted a ceiling in the closet as one  was in there originally, and after much heated discussions, the dry wallers put one in.

    Overall, we are very happy with our basement.  The work was well done, the workers were all professional;  we worked with them through Steve so that he always knew what each of us wanted, as opposed to a foreman making a decision that we made. It was a needed change from a 70's basement to a new century look. I would recommend using the Basement Men, but I would ask next time to let me have the contract for a few hours so I could  think through everything that is in it, and then sign the same day which is how Steve works.  He was always on call, answered our phone calls promptly, and was always professional in working with us. His price was in range of three other contracts, so a client has to go with whom he feels the most reliable and honest.  For us, Steve and the Basement Men turned out to be that company.

    - Beverly S.
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    Construction Remodeling Group
    Construction Remodeling Group (CRG) has remodeled our entire house. Lucasz and his crew are very nice people who will do an excellent job on any project. From fixing a crack in our foundation to relocating our laundry room to the second floor no job is too big for CRG! The quality and workmanship that the team at CRG provides is excellent. The crew is very professional and organized and they take the time to do the job right and even clean up after themselves every day. Lukasz is a total perfectionist who notices the smallest details and has a great eye for design. Our project felt overwhelming at times but Lucasz really helped us to focus on smaller sections of the house at a time, which led to this being a fairly stress-free experience. My husband and I had received several estimates from other contractors before we found CRG. With the CRG proposal we were able to save several thousand dollars on our project. We are very pleased with the work and craftsmanship of the CRG team. If you are in need of a solid contractor to get the job done in a timely and cost effective manor, look no further than CRG.
    - dorothy n.
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    JB Construction Services Inc
    I remodeled my full basement and also added a full bathroom to it from a raw space. I installed most of the framing and got to some technical points in the bathroom and decided to bring in a Pro. Jerzy (the owner) came over at the time promised and gave me a quote for finishing the bathroom framing and plumbing. I also had him quote out tiling the shower and the drywall separately as I was not sure if I wanted to take that on. We ended up using him for all of the above. I handled the painting, electrical (sub'd it out to someone I worked with previously), and flooring and Jerzy and his team took care of the rest.

    This was my first time taking on a major renovation project and Jerzy was extremely helpful in making suggestions on how I should lay out the shower and even moved a small wall for me that I "errantly" installed that separated out the storage space to maximize some space in the new bathroom. He also dug up some concrete to get the shower drain where we wanted it. The work completed looks fantastic. Jerzy had a group that he sub'd out the drywall to and they did an amazing job. The walls look flawless.

    The pricing for this job was very reasonable. While I did do some of the work myself, Jerzy did a great job of handling some of the heavy lifting tasks that would have taken me months to finish as I only had time to work on this project during weekends. He also did a great job of making suggestions for the work that I was doing and hiding/correcting some of my screw ups. They were very quick with their portion of the build and did a good job of cleaning up after themselves as well. As the job went further, I kept adding on tasks for Jerzy and his team to take on (added the trim and door hangings) and they took on each tasks with no problem.

    This was my first time using Angie's list and I found the review's extremely helpful. For JB Construction, they were spot on so I hope my write-up helps. I will be using JB Construction for any further renovations I take on in the future without hesitation. I couldn't be happier with the overall experience in working with Jerzy and his team.
    - Joel T.
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