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    Fulford Home Remodeling
    Our overall experience with Fulford Remodeling was very positive. Texts and emails with any questions or concerns were always answered in a very timely way. We recommend them most highly. Trent handled the design, planning and ordering of materials. He provided excellent referrals for items we had to arrange (closet systems, lighting fixtures, window treatments). We could never have managed this project without Trent���s guidance, suggestions and overall helpfulness throughout all the stages. We were very happy with the process and final design of the kitchen and master bathroom. Bobby maintained the schedule and made sure we had updated schedules throughout the project. Kent was our master carpenter. We were so pleased with the work he did on our kitchen and master bath (phase one) that we requested him for the remaining two phases. We were impressed not only by his work ethic, job site cleanliness and quality of work, all of which are outstanding, but by the thoughtful extra things he did from polishing doors we hadn���t replaced to texting us pictures of the progress when we were on vacation. He kept us well informed of the status of the work throughout.
    - George S.
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    Bentley Baths
    My experience with Bentley Baths walk in tubs based in
    Denver, doing work in my home in Illinois was -- and continues to be -- a total
    I am a completely dissatisfied customer.  Both the walk-in tub and the installation
    were fiascos.  I contacted Bentley Baths
    around the third week of December 2015 for a high-end medical hydrotherapy bath
    for my 91-year-old mother who suffers from near blindness, advanced
    Parkinson?s, severe osteoporosis and heart disease.  My mother would soon be living with me after
    her latest stay in a nursing/rehab center.   This was her third fall; she had two hip
    replacements and one broken femur.  Her
    safety and comfort was my highest goal; I was persuaded by Mr. Bentley?s
    stories of his own mother, his website, his presentation, his you tube videos,
    and his Bentley Wellness Technologies Inc. BBB rating of A+.
    The walk in tub:
    Today, after the prolonged and botched install, ?ending?
    mid-January, the walk in tub Mr. Bentley sent sits unplugged and unusable.  I have no idea what tub I was actually
    sent.  There is a small Bentley Bath seal
    on the outside, and then a Hydro Dimensions sticker underneath a panel, and
    then a worn out sticker underneath the Hydro Dimensions sticker.  To figure out what the tub actually was via
    that sticker, I called a St. Louis plumbing supply company who told me it
    looked like it was an ?old tub model from China.?  I have no information on how to operate the
    tub, as the Hydro Dimensions (not Bentley Bath) literature the contractor left
    on the last day does not match the tub that is in my home.
    I was supposed to get a non-scalding feature ? very very
    important for my near blind mother.  I
    did not.  I was supposed to get a ?fast
    fill? tub.  Very important, according to
    Mr. Bentley, who, when warning against a competitor?s tub, says on his own
    Bentley Bath promotional you tube video:
    ?Most seniors are not going to sit patiently in a tub for 17 minutes while it is trying to fill
    up.  We want to use rapid flow ¾? valves
    to fill the tubs up as quickly as possible. The real issue for you as a consumer is the quality of that product and
    who?s testing it, who?s engineering it, who?s making sure that those quality
    controlled standards are maintained. That is a commitment that we at Bentley Baths will always honor for you
    and keep.?
    The valves on my install are ½?, and due to a botched
    install job, wrap around the tub too much, violating code.  Adhesion used on the PVC pipes which they
    attached to existing pipes also does not meet code.  These improperly attached pipes are now
    buried under the concrete they poured over them on my floor.
    The ?certified contractor?and botched installation:
    Mr. Bentley sent me a ?certified contractor? to do the
    installation.  Turns out, I got a person who was:
    1) rated ?F? by the BBB for his work with his own bath
    installation company in Tucson, Arizona, and 2) an unlicensed plumber in my
    state of Illinois.  The contractor made
    multiple mistakes and I confronted him during the job about this, as well as
    contacting Mr. Bentley, telling him I was ?distressed? and that he should come
    out and inspect what was going on.
    Examples of botched job:
    a)   the ?crew? (one person) was told by the
    contractor to ready the room for a right-hand open tub.  When I talked with the worker, I said, ?it?s
    a left-hand open tub.?  I took him up to the garage where the tub sat to prove it to him.  He was furious at the contractor, and said
    now everything was done backwards (the pipes, the valves, the whole setup).  I confronted the contractor and he
    said it was ?no problem.?
    b)  The contractor screwed up on the size of the sink I could purchase; he could never figure out whether it should be a 36?, a
    30? etcetera, ranging all the way down to a 15?.  He kept changing his mind, day after day.  His worker finally told me a 24?.  I bought that sink, and it was installed, but the pony wall between the bath and the sink is not square, and so my mother
    cannot get her walker to the sink.  A high fall risk, she has to turn her walker sideways, and carefully make her way
    up to the sink sideways to wash her hands.
    c)   An electric box fell off the tub when the inspector opened a panel to inspect the electric and the plumbing. 
    The box had been attached by glue, a code violation.  (Think how safe it feels to
    know water and electricity could be co-mingling unchecked underneath a tub improperly installed.)  In addition, the
    bath cannot be warranteed, because the install must be correct, or it voids the warranty.  (However, since I have no idea
    what bath I actually have, I don?t even know if I have a potential warranty)
    d)   The contractor spent his days driving all over, picking up ?supplies? that he stacked all over my house ? a stack of light
    bulbs at least three feet high in the family room; tools and other items all over a spare bedroom, materials in the laundry room, in my kitchen, in the garage, out the front door, lining the sidewalk, down my yard and down the
    driveway.  I subsequently asked for an accounting from Mr. Bentley because the contractor?s behavior was so odd and
    suspect.  While the one lone worker worked, the contractor would buy all these things, line them up, and then
    return them.  It sure as heck felt like the job might need one item, but the contractor would buy tons, return tons,
    and then send in receipts for full amounts to Bentley Baths.  Perhaps he then also got store credit for
    himself.  My suspicions were especially heightened when a tile company salesperson took it upon himself to change the
    way my account was structured when I was there to get more tiles.  ?I just don?t trust that guy,? he said.
      ?I?m changing the account to make sure you get your money back when you return items that are not used.?
    e)   The contractor and worker never used any plastic sheets to keep the fine dust from all the rehab and tile work (they blew out
    three different tile cutting machines during the job) off my floors, walls and furniture.  They kept their dirty boots
    on and tracked mud into my home.  They did not clean up after.  I hired a
    cleaning person and had to dust and vacuum daily for a week.  My mother only has 30% vision in one eye, and
    uses many prescribed eye drops; she has to have a completely dust free, clean environment to preserve what little vision she has.
    BBB rating of F:
    I found out about the contractor?s BBB rating after asking Mr. Bentley in a certified letter how he vetted his ?certified
    contractors?.  I told him his contractor, at the end of the job, had made what appeared to me to be a threat, and I felt ?terrified? since his pronouncement:  that he was a felon and hadspent time in solitary confinement in a federal prison after beating up a guy
    who ?crossed him.?  In the letter, I asked Mr. Bentley if any ?reasonable person would expect to feel safe and
    confident about the Bentley walk in tub bath installation,? and if my experience was the experience that customers would ?expect and deserve.? I also asked for an itemized and exact accounting of the charges, with documentation of the
    model number, type and price of bath I purchased and was sent. 
    Mr. Bentley?s response:
    Instead of apologizing, Mr. Bentley doubled down, demanding that the job be closed out and I send a final payment.  He defended his certified contractor, telling me he was ?factory certified,? and it was ?his very best vetting process.?  He said prior to my job, the certified contractor had had ?zero complaints,? but that he did not know about this guy?s
    ?personal business, but the BBB is not skill related, and the factory is.?  He then told me my comments about the
    certified contractor being a felon were ?not relevant.?  (I only reported to Mr. Bentley that the certified contractor disclosed
    to me he was a felon, and that his statement felt like a threat to me. I expected Mr. Bentley to be concerned, since his
    business was baths and installs for seniors, who might not think the idea of being threatened in their homes was something to expect from Bentley Baths.)  Mr. Bentley then told me that ?as a corporate policy, we support the Second
    Chance Program here in Colorado and have consciously hired criminals looking
    for a change for gainful employment when they get out of prison.?
    Unlicensed Illinois plumber and Bentley Baths: 
    Since Mr. Bentley did not answer my questions, I pursued what I told him explicitly I would do.  I
    contacted a trusted local contractor, who advised me to contact my Village of
    Glen Carbon building inspection office.  It was the inspector who noted the violations, and who discovered
    Bentley Baths was in violation of multiple infractions and had sent me an unlicensed Illinois plumber. 
    I would never ever ever ever ever recommend Bentley Baths ?
    the product, the CEO?s communication and responses, the ?certified contractors?
    (still have no clue what that could possibly mean!) he sends out on jobs, the
    service.  Currently, my Village of Glen Carbon inspector has sent out notices to Bentley Baths to remedy the code
    violations; I have also been advised to contact the Madison County Attorney
    General and the Illinois Attorney General in reference to consumer fraud. 
    Meanwhile, my mother lives with me, and she is a fall risk.  Bathing facilities for her are up
    flights of stairs.  Thank you, Mr. Bentley.

    - Laura P.
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    Extremely pleased. We have done many other home remodelings -- a bathroom (Thomas Construction -- don't do it!!!), a kitchen (subcontracted through Lowe's -- ok, but really difficult to manage), and before that lots of do-it-yourself drywalling etc. This was hands-down the best experience. It was also the most reasonable in terms of cost. It was also the ONLY time we've gotten an up front guarantee that if it's not right, they'll come back and make it right.
    The bathroom remodel took about a week, with 2-3 days of that simply waiting for our own Village inspectors to come approve the work so they could continue. Work was done with excellent craftsmanship. Workers actually kept the bathroom door closed while they worked, and vacuumed up all the dust each night before they left, and had the hallway carpet sealed down in plastic where they would walk in and out. Cleanup after the work was, therefore, brilliantly minimal. ALL the work in the bathroom was top-notch. The shower is grouted porcelain tile, with a solid floor that is non-slip and extremely easy to clean. The sink and countertop are beautiful -- we used Cambria which is a manufactured granite surface -- and a regular porcelain sink. Just beautiful. The cabinetry is gorgeous. For flooring we actually used a product that is some kind of vinyl but looks like wood -- it was in their showroom, probably not intended for a bathroom but I fell in love with it. It is classy, and very easy to maintain.
    The extra work we had them do -- check and re-do the bathroom vents and install new exhaust fans in both bathrooms, install a light fixture, etc -- was costed very very reasonably, and all well done.
    Total cost was around $13K, sticking exactly to the budget for the remodel itself and including about $1800 for the add-on extra work, very reasonable.
    We are so happy with the work we are having Kitchen and Bath replace our kitchen counters and cabinet fronts now -- that was work from a previous remodel 10 years ago that we were very unhappy with. Kand B quickly saw what the problems were -- countertops had never been installed correctly, ended up pulling away from the wall -- and explained why it had happened, what had not been done correctly -- and so now we will have both a great bathroom and a great kitchen.
    Highly recommended. Honest, accurate estimates up front, best remodeling experience we have ever had.
    - Rebecca E.
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    Larry, the owner, was very nice to work with. Everything needed was on display, and he was willing to work with us to have them install as much or as little as we wanted. We chose to have them install our new shower, toilet and flooring. The contractors they used for our installation were wonderful. Russ and Ron, who did the majority of the work, and John all went out of their way to make certain I was pleased. They took their time to make sure everything was done perfectly. They were very professional, polite and friendly. I don't think anyone could have done a better job. Thank you all!
    - Kathleen S.
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    Briddell Remodeling
    We joined Angie's List to find a contractor to update our kitchen.  We purchased the $49.00 3D package to plan the kitchen, which we didn't receive, but that is the least of our problems.  Ron came out and gave us the estimate in February.  We liked his plan and  signed our contract 2/18/14.  I had surgery for a broken leg 3/17/14 and asked if we should move everything out of the kitchen prior to my surgery.  He said that we should, so I believed they would be starting around that time.  They actually didn't start until 5/21/14.  His main employee, Chris, worked a dozen days (all total) - I have pictures of what was done each time along with the dates.  Chris did a great time and was very nice.  The people he hired to plaster the walls worked 2 days, and they kept calling us because they weren't paid.  He even came to our house one day to see if we would pay them.  Ron said that he finally paid him, so hopefully he did.  Ron has been on vacation at least 3 times, in the hospital 2 or 3 times, and various other reasons we can't get in touch with him since we signed the contract.  I haven't talked to him for over 2 weeks, and our kitchen still isn't finished.  He doesn't answer his calls and won't return mine.  We are without flooring, we have a new garbage disposal that isn't hooked up, and our ice maker hasn't been hooked up on our freezer.  We also have an island they are waiting to assemble until the flooring arrives.  We do at least have a sink in the kitchen, which we didn't have for months.  It's very difficult for me to get around with my broken leg, and this whole process has been quite an ordeal.  I really need help to have our kitchen finished.
    - Beverly A.
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    Miller Home Improvement
    Mr. Miller and his crew are excellent craftsmen . Their attention to detail is more than expected and gratefully appreciated.  Our vision of the end result was nothing compared to the result that we received.  It is amazing how our home looks today compared to when Mr. Miller and crew began.  They exceeded our expectations in every way possible.  We would recommend them to anyone.  The crew cleans up every evening before they leave which is really appreciated and made life easier to live through a renovation.  We would hesitate to call on Mr. Miller for any future renovations. 
    Thank you Mr. Miller and Crew!
    - William L.
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    Briddell Remodeling
    We decided to finish the remainder of our partially finished walk-out basement and called Ron to do the job.  This is the second project that Briddell remodeling has done for us. He's the only remodeler that we trust. 
    We added a small kitchen, a bathroom, home theater room, and a hobby/art room.  Ron and his guys showed up on time, every time and the work was completed to schedule and within the contract price.  I say within because Ron gave us back almost $500.  He said found an error when he figured costs for the original bid and discovered it when he was completing the job.  I have never had or heard of anyone doing that before.  Call me impressed!
    This was our second experience with Bridell remodeling and I don't think it could have gone any better.
    I highly recommend Ron and Briddell Remodeling!

    - John S.
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    Drake Construction, LLC
    The tear down was completed in one day. Mark called each night to give me an update of what was completed that day and what was scheduled to be completed the next day. From tear down to punch list completed was two months, we were able to use our kitchen after 3 weeks. We completely changed the layout in our kitchen, granite countertops were installed, tile backsplash, custom cupboards, new externally outletted vent hood, patched and refinished hardwood floors, new lights installed, paint, ceiling patched and painted.

    Mark made sure I was happy with everything. When the countertop installer scratched one of our new appliances he took care of getting the issue fixed. He was as particular if not more so than we were.

    We are getting more work done on our house and have already asked Mark to provide a proposal to do the work. We are very pleased with the quality of his work, his communication skills and diligence when dealing with other vendors.

    Most importantly we LOVE our new kitchen it's wonderful and we have received so many compliments. We have had two people ask for Mark's contact information based on seeing our kitchen remodel.
    - marsia m.
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    Memo's Fine Cabinetry
    Very nice job. Had a small issue with counter tops that were not Memos fault. That issue was resolved to our satisfaction. I'd recommend them and would use their services in the future.
    - Herbert J.
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    Norse Construction, LLC
    - Marsha B.
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