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    Choice Home Warranty
    When we finally got an appointment, the Technician was right on time, and with diligence was able to find the simple solution to the problem .
    - Diana C.
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    Airtec Heating and Cooling
    On time. Friendly. Didn’t take as long as I expected. Cleaned up the area he was working nicely. Runs great. Reasonable price
    - Ryan H.
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    Klaus Plumbing And Heating LLC
    He called before he arrived. He unclogged the tub in about an hour. He cleaned up behind himself and even suggested a monthly routine to stop build up.
    - Crystal C.
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    AirAce Heating & Cooling
    Excellent. I've owned my home for five years and never had the system looked at by a professional. The guys went through everything and recommended changing out a couple of capacitors. Both were 20 years old, and one of them was in visibly terrible condition. Absolutely the right recommendation. Price was fair, work was professionally done, arrived on time, great communication. Nothing but good to report all the way around. Will definitely call them for any issues that come up.
    - Peter R.
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    AirAce Heating & Cooling
    Technician Tyler arrived at exact time and diagnosed the furnace problem very quickly. He replaced the condensate evacuation blower motor assembly and flushed the clogged drain line. We then had a helpful conversation about their periodic maintenance plans that the company offers. If I would have had a plan the furnace failure would not have happened at all. Another great thing about this company is they have a discount for veterans which is due to the company owner's policy. Many thanks to to Tyler and AirAce Heating & Cooling
    - Lawrence H.
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    Bratcher Heating A C & Geothermal Inc
    Very well, every one was very professional. Terry was great about making sure our needs were met and following up.
    - Shadow A.
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    Bratcher Heating A C & Geothermal Inc
    Bratcher was excellent throughout the process. Sales was great at explaining my options to meet my needs but didn't oversell me. Installation of new HVAC was seamless, work was done in a timely fashion. Bratcher assisted me in navigating available rebates as well. Overall, wonderful experience and would definitely work with Bratcher again.
    - Rebecca D.
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    Morris Heating And Air Inc
    I call Bob every year to check my AC/furnace. He’s always on time, friendly and professional. His prices are reasonable. I trust him to keep everything running smoothly.
    - Brenda E.
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    Fritch Heating & Cooling, Inc
    I called Fritsch because I tried another company in Peoria and the service was very poor. People have told me Fritsch is reliable, but pricey, so I decided to give them a shot. I called them and got one of the front desk women, who I have also heard are a pain to deal with, and sure enough they were. I tried to get something scheduled and find out some simply info on how payment would go. It was like pulling teeth. She said they were on "overtime", which of course means nothing to a person who just calls them up, but I have come to understand that Fritsch's employees think the world revolves around themselves (pretty much par for the course in Peoria, IL). Turns out "overtime" actually means "we just charge people more who want service sooner". So I say, I can wait a week to get the "regular" rate. Then I ask about the fee structure (call out, basic cost for refrigerant, hourly fee - typical stuff) - a person might think I just hit this girl in the forehead with an anvil. She could barely answer the questions, and boy, her attitude. Oof. So they give me a scheduled day for a tech to come by, which is the famous Comcast timeframe (sometime in the morning on X day), where morning could be any time from 9AM to noon. So, it's a whole day off of work. They are supposed to call ahead of time. Day arrives and I do get a call "they are coming". Ok, WHEN are they coming. "In a bit". ??? What is a bit? "Before too long". Why in TF do you even bother to call ahead then. Just call at the beginning of the day and say "maybe they are going to show". So eventually the tech shows up. I explain to him (Derrin) that I already had another company out. There is NO GAS in the A/C system because it leaked out (very common situation). There seems to be a leak and I want the system leak tested, and filled. Yes, it's the old refrigerant (R22). This Derrin is trying to give me the ol' run-the-clock time-wasting blabber game, which I've seen a thousand times, but I try to shut him up and get him to do actual work. I watch him for a while, but I have other things to do and I don't like having to babysit grown *** men. Well every time I turn around to do something else, it's like he's doing nothing at all. Screwing around. So I have to watch him and make sure he's actually doing work, but then he tries to give me the ol' Run-The-Clock-for-$125/hr blabber game. What a PITA. So after an hour of this he finds a leak outside on the condenser coil and then tells me "Oh, this is an aluminum coil, and that's kinda rare, so I'm not sure if I can fix this. It's also in a 'tough place' to get to." Hmm.... I know for a fact that aluminum coils have been very common for over 10 years, and in fact the system I have is TWENTY years old, so how in TF does a good A/C tech not know how to braze an aluminum coil leak. Not only that, but he doesn't even have the -very basic- tools do the job (propane torch, solder, and a jar of flux) with him because "those are specialized" (hint: they aren't... you can get them off of Amazon, easily: Alloy Sol). Of course I anticipated this when I was on the phone scheduling this appt, and I asked the girl "What happens if the tech does not have the equipment to do the job... are they going to run to a supply house and charge me $125 an hour while they do an errand that a $10/hour assistant could do? Her answer... "Uhhhhh, I dunno. I'm not a tech. Maybe. I'm not sure. Yes, I guess." And how about refilling the system? Do you evacuate the system first? As in, vacuum the system down? "Oh yeah". And about how long does that take? "Oh, maybe 45 minutes". Now I happen to do all the A/C work on my vehicles, and have for many years, so I'm actually quite familiar with how to maintain and work on A/C systems. I also took a 4 month long college class on metalworking, including advanced brazing techniques on various metals. I happen to know that a system of my size should take about 1 hour 15 minutes to vacuum --the dumb/lazy/poor way--, but only about 5 to 10 minutes if done --the right way-- which means taking out the cores from the valves. So I ask Derrin if he could just take out the valve cores and do it the fact and CORRECT way. "Oh, yeah, I do know about that. Yeah, that is a lot better and faster." Ohhhh, boy. So I talk to the tech briefly about this situation, and then he tells me, "Yeah, I think I shouldn't do this because I'm not sure how to and it's kinda hard to get to. But since there's no gas in the system I could just cut off the lines and flip the coil over and get to it really easily. But I'm not going to do that. I'm going to get my buddy to COME BACK OUT to do it. Maybe. Well, I'll see. I think so." Oh boy. So he looks up a schedule, I guess, and explicitly tells me, yeah someone (Tony or Joseph) will come out tomorrow morning who can and will do it, and they'll come with the materials to do it. "Oh, you're sure?" Oh yeah, someone will come and giteerrrrdunn. "Ok, bud. Let's see". So, next day I wait. No call. Wait, wait, wait. No call. I call Fritsch and they tell me "Oh, you're getting a NEW SYSTEM". Really now?!? That's news to me. "Oh, yes. Your system cannot be repaired." No s**t? That's interesting because your tech who you sent out told me that someone would be coming out this morning, and now it's 12:30. "Oh, well... Do you want to talk to sales about it?" Do I have any other option?..... So I talk to Mary. Now this woman is giving me the full-on Hard-Sell approach. Mary: "Oh, so you need a new system. Let me give you a quote." No, I don't want a new system. The system is fine. It needs the little hole brazed shut and to be refilled. It works fine besides that. You asking me to buy a new car because the tire got a hole in it. "Oh, no, no! The tech said it couldn't be repaired." Nope, he said it couldn't be repaired by him, but that someone else could do it AND they were supposed to come out this A.M. but no-showed on me. "Oh, so you want to go ahead with a new system? We can't get anyone out right now because we're on 'overtime' " Really? So if I want a new system, you can't have anyone put it in? "Oh, no, we can have someone out there for that." That's interesting because you sent a tech out after I waited a week to not be "on overtime" and he could not/would not do a very common repair. Then he told me he'd have someone else come do it and they no-show. Her reply: "Oh, well, he talked it over with the other techs and they decided they COULD NOT do it." Oh, that sure it funny sounding. "So, do you want to replace the whole system?!?" No, I do not. Can you please just send a tech out to fix the system. "Well, I don't think we have time, but I'll see if I can. I'll get someone out there." I already know this is complete B.S. Does anyone show up? Do you really need to ask yourself, at this point? Derrin, then, later in the day, texts me with a profuse apology, but says, "Oh, it can't be repaired". Horsecrap, obviously. I ignore this nonsense. Then he CALLS me. "Hi Derrin. What do you want?" "Oh, heya, so I'm reaaaal sorry about that whole mix up. We just figured the system cannot be repaired because it's so hard to get to and that you should just replace the system [note: with US]. So, yeah, sorry for not getting that other tech out there, but it was pointless. I should have let you know." Oh, is that so, Derrin? Because you told me other techs could do it, and the location wasn't a problem because the system has no gas and it could just be removed, flipped over, fixed, put back in place and reattached, then filled up. In fact, I looked up how to do it on youtube, and it's a really simple repair. Actually probably easier than cutting and sweating a water pipe. "Oh, yeah, I did see something on youtube about that. Yeah, it is pretty easy. Yeah". And how about removing the condenser coil and flipping it over to get to the spot? "Oh, yeah, we could do that." So, Derring, what exactly is the problem here? You are telling me now that it can be repaired easily, but before you were telling me it could not....? "Oh, uhhhhhhhh, well, uhhhhhh, we ACTUALLY decided that since it would cost some money to do it that you'd be unhappy, so it'd be better if we just replace the whole system. Also if we fixed it, it might not work, so we just DECIDED FOR YOU. ROTF f***ing Laughing. You seriously expect me to believe this concoction of B.S.? Garbage. YMMV, but I will not mess with this laugh factory again. Maybe if you have more money than sense, go for it. Hey, maybe it'll work! We'll decide for you! Just know, it's gonna cost ya! Overtime! GTFO
    - Kevin A.
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    Armstrong Heating & Air Conditioning
    I've been using them for the past 20 years. It's been wonderful. They are always on time and always make sure to call when they're on their way.
    - Stephen B.
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