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  • My mother, currently aged 97, has been pleased over about 10 years of service. Last fall, she was having difficulty hearing in public places and with friends who spoke quietly, so we went for an adjustment. They fitted her with new hearing aids to deal specifically with those problems, but she had trouble learning to adjust to the different types of reception. When I explained this to the staff at Ear-tronics, they were eager to try different hearing aids that are similar to her old ones, but stronger. She went in without an appointment, because she has trouble getting out and she was in the area. At Ear-tronics, they took her right away and treated her like royalty. She says the new hearing aids are like "magic." Throughout, the staff was always eager to do right by us.
    - suzanne b.
  • It was great! I'll definitely go back for my next pair, and recommend them to everyone I know that wears glasses! I went there specifically for the Zeiss iScription machine, & the HD lenses. It got my Rx in increments of 0.01 Diopters, instead of 0.25 Diopters like that old-fashioned "better, or worse?" My new glasses are SO much better & more accurate than LensCrafter's - or anywhere else I've ever been - it's not even funny! I got one pair of prescription glasses with all the bells & whistles, including Chemistrie Custom Clips (polarized sunglass lenses that magnetically clip onto the eyeglass lenses), Transitions (Yes, I need both!), Anti-Glare, Blue-Blocker, HD lenses, etc - for $855 even. That's after my BCBS of FL health insurance paid $141 for the medical part of the eye exam. Yes, It's expensive - but I have astigmatism and other higher order defects in my vision, and a strong Rx - so I need all of the add-ons, which of course raises the price significantly. That's why I only ever have the one pair of glasses, unless there's a BOGO sale somewhere really good (Deep Creek Eye Care is the BEST!), & keep my old pair as an emergency backup. I'm always very careful of my glasses, and take excellent care of them. I wear them all day, every day for several years, which is why I'm so grateful that they had all sorts of different styles of frames, both classic and trendy. The women there helped me pick out the best frames for me, and made sure they fit better and more comfortably than any glasses I've ever had in my entire life! I had no idea my old glasses never really fit properly - apparently, you're not actually supposed to have to push your glasses back up the bridge of your nose umpteen times a day! Who knew?! 😃
    - Elisabeth P.
  • It was ok; staff are nice. However, I have tried to schedule an appointment within a month at a time I can go and not miss work. I work Mon -Thursday at a hospital 5 min away. I was informed today when I tried to schedule a Friday, or a few minutes be for 8 or from 4:00 pm that Dr Wagner only accepts apps from 8:00-3:45 M-T and on in am on Friday. So I ask to schedule with the other Dr. and he only sees patients two days week and accepts patients: 8-3pm. It was explained to me that it takes along time to dilate  the eyes. (Didn't mention I'm a 37 yr nurse) It should only take approx 20-30min. Anyway, I also see a retinal specialist for my Macular Degenerative Disease and only need to see Dr. Wagner for elevated pressure and medication, which is due to my monthly right eye injections. I do not need my eye dilated for that purpose. In addition, I have monthly OCT test and sometimes dye injections to monitor my eye with my retinal specialist. So I was referred just for the pressure issue. 
    It is definitely not a consumer friendly office; unless you are retired, on Medicaid or do not work. The hours for apps are: 
    Mon -Thurs : 8-3:45 and Frid am. So for a nurse it is VERY Hard to get an appointment and not lose money + get a penalty for either leaving work early or come in late. Plus the cost of the visit and medication.
    I will definitely not refer this office to my friends, co-workers or other acquaintances.
    - Jewelyn S.
  • Update : Dr Rembos called me after I spoke with his front office staff requesting my receipt and a refund of the charges made to my credit card for services not performed. While this call did not go very well at all, Dr Rembos did actually call me back shortly after, and we had about a 20 minute discussion of everything that took place. It was agreed that this really came down to a lack of communication, and he offered to refund the portion of the cleaning fee for the work that was not completed. I am still waiting for my receipt that has been requested 3 times, so that I may submit to my dental insurance, and as of 9/30/15. it's still not in my hands or email.

    Completed their online new patient forms (which requested all of my primary and dental insurance information), and received a call the following day, asking if I would like to be seen the following morning. Great I thought, this is really off to a good start, with my fear of dentists and all.
    So I arrive for my appointment a few minutes early, and back I go, into the chair and they begin with the X-rays. Well there was a problem with the computer so the digital images were not showing up, and after about 5-10 minutes, she finally got things figured out with the help of someone in another part of the office.
    So the X-rays are completed, and within a few minutes Dr Rembos met with me, as the dental hygienist read to the Dr my name, who recommended me, and the notes and concerns I had written in my online new patient forms, as if he had not even taken a look at anything prior to meeting with me. OK, so he's a busy man....I can live with that.
    Then after being told I am in need of a dental bridge procedure, due to the damage to my front teeth from my fall, along with a 85% chance I also needed a root canal procedure to a rear tooth, I am a little nervous and beginning to get anxious. He walks away after explaining this all to me, and now it's back to the cleaning.
     So the dental hygienist proceeds to hold a piece of paper in front of me, saying I need Periodontal Disease Treatment, not just the cleaning, and this paper shows the fee for this to be $2,150.00. Now this number never came out of her mouth, it was just a form put in front of me, and I was asked to sign, so she could begin my cleaning. Well I said I would prefer to check with my dental insurance company about this before signing, and she immediately walks to the receptionist saying "he does not want to sign it now, he wants to check with his insurance company first", then back to my chair she comes.
    I am then told she is going to use a numbing gell on my gums, to make the cleaning procedure more comfortable, and she starts to apply some gell to numb the right side of my upper and lower, and front upper and lower teeth. She goes to work with some sort of ultra sonic cleaning tool, and there is no pain or discomfort...which makes this total chicken very happy. So as she's stopping to do a rinse, she must have noticed a clock, because the next thing I am being told is "we only have ten minutes left, so I need to hurry"....Not the statement one wants to hear, especially when he's got a total fear of dental offices.
    So she finishes the right side and front teeth, uppers and lowers, and all of a sudden I'm done. WITHOUT THE LEFT SIDE OF MY MOUTH BEING DONE, YET SHE"S FINISHED?!?!?
    So my allowed time in this dental chair ran out, and I was now being moved back to the front receptionists area for check out and once again to be pushed to sign the $2,150 Periodontal Disease Cleaning form. When I continue to squirm a little and say I would really like to check with my insurance company, I am told they only provide coverage of $95 per quadrant, so that would be a little less than $400 off the price. So she's going to do me a favor, and discount the price on the spot by $380, and allow me to make three payments of $590 each month. So I sign the form, and schedule my first round of this periodontal disease treatment for a couple of weeks out, and pay for my initial dental cleaning / X-rays of $213 (after a Professional Courtesy Credit of $121 ??? ). But my dental insurance would have paid for my cleaning and X-rays, and my insurance information was requested and provided to the office in my online forms, so why did I pay for my cleaning and X-rays? 
    A few days pass, and I call them back to inquire into the cost of the bridge work, and for a copy of the other days invoice. I wait and the following day after the Dr has time to prepare the estimate of required dental work, I am told the office is unable to email either the estimate or prior days invoice. really?? It's 2015, and my dentist is unable to email my invoice or estimate!! So the office offers to take a picture on her cell phone of both, and send to my email this way. Kinda silly, but ok.
    I receive the email with two blurry copies of my invoice and estimate. I call to discuss the estimate and ask about a hundred questions, as to what each line item is, and finally get to the bottom of the $13,790.00 estimate, showing my insurance paying for $7,893 and my portion to pay being $5,897, and when I confirm this over the phone with the office mgr, I am told "oh no, ignore that insurance number, it's not right and it's just on there for some reason"???? Really?? What would have happened if I had gone ahead with the procedure, expecting to pay what their estimate says I am supposed to pay, only to later be told the estimate was wrong, the insurance company isn't paying that, it was just some error in their software. Seriously, who runs a professional dental office like this, what mistakes and errors are being done elsewhere in this office? I am supposed to trust this dentist to remove some of my front teeth, grinding others down to nubs, and hope he and or his staff is able to get me property fitted for the dental bridge everyone is going to see as soon as I meet someone? Scary thought at this point...hey, your 90 minutes in the chair has run out, you need to leave now!!! SCARY PRACTICE ON SO MANY LEVELS
    Someone mentions to me, that because the bridge work is due to my slipping and falling on my face, my primary health insurance may cover this work. I call my insurance provider, and sure enough, over the phone they are saying yes, it should all be covered, but they need to receive a few things from my dentist before the work is done, so they can pre-authorize this $13,780 job. I email the dentist this morning, telling them the 3-4 things they need to provide to the insurance company (letter from the dentist explaining the work to be done and why, my X-rays, and the treatment plan with exact teeth and prices to be treated). I then do a follow up call to Dr. Rembos' office later in the afternoon, to confirm they received my email, and check on the status of when this might be done, so I can follow up with my insurance company after they've sent everything over..
    During this call, the office person (Stacey) confirms she's received my email, but acts as if I am asking her or the dr to do something out of the ordinary. She proceeds to tell me she does not know medical codes for insurance companies, and tells me that I already have my X-rays. so what else is she supposed to do. I hang up, ponder her comments for a few minutes, and call her back.
    In this next call, I ask her if I was asking or expecting to much from her or Dr. Rembos.....a long pause.....a very long pause.....thinking she hung up on me.....then, she says "no". I then ask if she had read my email sent earlier in the morning....she says "no". So I then proceed to tell her she and Dr Rembos are fired, to cancel my future cleaning visits, and for them to do nothing more. I would find another dentist who would take the time necessary to handle my dental and healthcare the right way.
    So if you want to be run thru a dental assembly line where they are more concerned with watching the clock then they are with providing the proper care a patient should receive (remember, she didn't clean the left side of my mouth, uppers or lowers...ran out of time), billed me for my X-rays and cleaning(didn't even finish), when my dental insurance covers this items, and they even requested all of my insurance information before I even walked thru their door, wouldn't even read the three paragraph email of required items to be sent to my insurance company including the send to address / fax numbers, so they could assist me with the approval for the $13,790 bridge work they wanted to perform. 
    Use caution and think twice before walking into any of Dr. Alan Rembos office's (Sanibel, Fort Myers, and Naples).

    - Jim B.
  • Everything went very well. The technician was very nice and did a great job. Dr Dilling checked me out and made some good suggestions. I particularly like the office staff. They are always very nice and interested in my case.
    - Chester S.
  • He is rather aloof.  He said he didn't know what I had but disagreed with a host of other doctors, some from major medical institutions.  He told me to reduce my prednisone even though I had been trying for years without success.  He was no help at all.
    - Eric O.
  • We are very pleased and impressed with Dr Hemed. We had all our records transferred to her from our former Doctor in another state because we moved to this area a year ago.On our first visit with her it was very obvious she had read our records.She is always prepared and very thorough. We have seen her now for about a year. They have a sign in the office that says "if you have been waiting for more than 10 minutes, tell somebody". Never seen that before. She has referred us to some really good specialists when we've needed them.We are so very glad we found her.
    - Richard P.
  • He was a referral from our doctor. He is very efficient and professional as are his staff. He examined us and we discussed some cosmetic treatment options. He gave us costs but did not push these treatments. He has good bedside manner.. The first experience has been great. I am now on six month check ups because of some skin issues he found. Glad we found this doctor.
    - Richard P.
  • He's not personality plus but he always sees us. My husband is a retired physician and we recommend him. He's all business. He doesn't farm us out to an optometrist, which all the other doctors do here and I'm sure they get the same reimbursement whether they or the optometrist saw us. His communication is good; there's no fuss and he tells us like it is. It's quick but we always see him and that's big with me. I'd rather have a really good doctor and I honestly think he's probably one of the top ones in the area.
    - Sharron B.
  • We were seen very promptly by Dr. Bocanegra, who prescribed a pain-killer and antibiotic, and scheduled us for the work to be done in a few days (after the infection was healed enough so he could see exactly the problem's cause).  When we went back, we were seen promptly again, and he removed the infected tooth and drilled and filled a tooth on the other side of her jaw.  He is very good about explaining what the x-rays show, and the treatment options available.  My daughter's friend had more work done than I had had 4 months before, but it cost her less than 2/3 as much!
    - Margaret N.
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