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Kelly Roofing

in business since

Ratings and Reviews for Kelly Roofing

in Roofing, Windows & Doors, Heating & Cooling, Electrical, Chimneys & Fireplaces
175 Reviews
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  • Review: Roofing Service

    Repaired roof and facia board

    Excellent. ?Quality work at a reasonable price performed in a timely manner. ?Cleanup was performed as well.

    Services Performed
    • Roofing
  • Review: Roofing Service

    Installed rubberized flashing around leading vent stack on roof.

    I noticed an area of?water staining on my second floor ceiling and called Kelly Roofing out to inspect and provide a quote. It was about?a 2/5 or 3 week wait?for the initial inspection but Conner called prior to the appointment and showed on time. I felt confident about him and?his inspection (he went into the attic and climbed the very high roof)?as he documented everything with photos and clearly explained where and why the leak was occurring.? Conner provided a quote while on location and, while it was a bit higher than I was hoping, it was well presented. I told him I'd have to consider and get a couple of other quotes. While waiting for 2 other companies to show over the next couple of days (neither ever showed up) I received a couple of automated follow up emails from Kelly Roofing/Conner, not to push me on a decision but to provide general education material regarding roofing. These guys seem to know their stuff.? In the end, I decided to move forward with Kelly Roofing. From the time I accepted the quote I was sent additional emails which plotted out exactly what and when to expect things to occur, a project schedule. Their communication process was exceptional, possibly the best I've received from a contractor in SWFL. The crew showed up as scheduled and performed the work as laid out. The following day I received another email which included photos which were actually taken by one of the crew members?throughout the repair process, once again documenting everything. Very refreshing to see.? I was able to handle my deposit and final payment online and have received some solid wrap up emails and tips from the company as well. I will absolutely call Kelly Roofing and Conner for any future roofing needs. ? ?

    Services Performed
    • Roofing

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175 reviews
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on Angie's List for 9 years
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(239) 435-0014
465 Production Blvd.
Naples, FL

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