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BEFORE YOU HIRE A TREE SERVICE-PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS INFORMATION TO THE END. THANK YOU When you need tree pruning or tree removal it is imperative you hire a Professional Tree Company and NOT a Lawn Care/Landscape or Property Maintenance company. Trees are our business entirely, we don't cut grass and we don't cut corners on our tree care. Nicholas Rocco is the owner of Tree Service Express. Nick Rocco and Teri Graham are ISA Certified Arborists specializing in large oak care diagnostics, pruning, trimming and when necessary, removal. Nick & Teri are honest and hold the home owner and care & concern of the trees in highest regard. They have extensive experienced in evaluating all trees found in the Florida area and gives top notch recommendations that you can trust. Nick & Teri are happy to offer free tree evaluations & estimates to property owners. Tree Services Express has a full staff of highly trained, specialized and experienced climbers and grounds crew to insure the best in quality work completed to exceed your expectations with safety always a top priority! In business for over 7 years with no complaints to BBB or otherwise, and hundreds of very happy repeat customers. Tree Service Express also specializes in emergency storm response. We offer payment options such as cash/check and credit cards. Teamwork, Honesty, Integrity, Quality and Safety are what we are about! **A FEW THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE HIRING A TREE SERVICE!** 1. Tree Services are NOT regulated in Florida. Anyone can get a business license in Brevard County for $37 and then say they are "licensed and insured" even if its just auto insurance. The county does not check for any level of competence/training or certifications and they do not verify any insurance coverage. This is falls back onto the property owner. 2. If you hire a company that does NOT carry Workers Compensation Insurance and a contractor or crew member gets injured while working on your property, you can be held liable and sued. BE SURE to VERIFY a company with the Florida Workers Compensation Verification website- Proof of Coverage. -If a company tells you they are "workers comp. exempt" , it will show the names of the employees that are covered by the exemption. A company must be incorporated and ONLY the officers of the company can be exempt. If they bring any crew on your property not covered and not exempt, you are responsible if they get hurt. 3. Hire an ISA Certified Arborist!!! Your trees add value to your property. Only ISA Certified Arborist know how to property prune trees, how to safely and correctly rig and remove trees, can property diagnose disease and perform risk assessments. We are bound by a code of ethics of honor and accountability to execute all work under strict pruning and safety standards. 4. When it comes to Tree Care Companies, you get what you pay for. When you hire a company like us you get a professional, skilled crew, that wears safety gear, is properly trained in pruning and removals. We have all of the right equipment, specifically designed to protect your lawns, to perform all tree care and tree removals in a timely and safe manner. Our crew is the top notch. Very few climbers and ground crew are even able to make it on our crew as we have such high standards. You wouldn't go to a high school graduate "interested" in medicine to perform surgery on your body. You would hire a Surgeon. Why would you hire a crew that has some chainsaws and a truck and a trailer to cut on your trees. Most improper pruning leads to permanent damage, stress, disease and eventual mandatory tree removal by unskilled landscapers chopping on trees. Hire a company with Tree Doctors/ ISA Certified Arborists that have the skill, the ethics, the equipment, staff and insurances for your protection. Saving a few dollars now could cost thousands down the road in lawsuits, property damage, and/or injury or death to trees. Call today for FREE TREE EVALUATION FROM AN ISA CERTIFIED ARBORIST!