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    Florida Seamless Gutters
    Exceeded our expectations! From the initial estimate appointment with Jesus, to the installation team of AJ & Cody, this was a pleasant, professional and prompt transaction. The install team was very thorough, polite and very experienced. I would recommend them without any reservation! Thanks again.
    - Don G.
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    Storm Solutions Inc
    Selected Storm Solutions after interviewing 4 companies. Was pleased to see their reviews and their willingness to work with me in suggesting solutions to some unique angles at our home. Most impressed with the fact that after the project was completed, I asked for a return call to discuss a couple questions, to which I received a call back within hours, and then a personal visit from the owner. And then the same day, the crew returned and took care of the adjustments. So I consider to them to be very professional and responsive.
    - JOHN S.
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    All My Sons Aluminum
    Met with the owner at my home as scheduled to review the work. Had an estimate from his office (they are on the ball!) within 36 hours. Set up a date to execute the repairs, team showed up as scheduled, work was completed (nice job!). Paid them for their work. And - get this..... this happened in Central Florida! Yes, folks, there ARE some contractors/service providers around Orlando that 'walk the talk', and "All My Sons Aluminum" (highly rated on Angie's List) gets it done. Give them a call: I think you'll be pleased with their work.
    - Bonnie M.
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    Collis Roofing
    We never received the proposal even asking for it 3 times. I will not call them again nor will I recommend Collis Roofing. Have to say we were surprised, they are big in this area and we always heard good things about them. Not this time.
    - jacqueline h.
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    Higher Ground Gutters LLC
    Crew arrived on time, very thorough and professional, did everything that was listed in the contract, good experience. Took down old gutters, installed new gutters in the front and back of the house.i
    - walt r.
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    Storm Solutions Inc
    Excellent responsiveness to my initial inquiry. The work was done on time and result was first-class. Storm Solutions fixed a problem that two other local companies could not fix. Would definite recommend.
    - James J.
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    Tiger All Contractors Inc. Seamless Gutters
    I will never recommend this contractor given the multiple issues we had and are still having. We contracted with Tiger to have gutters on the back patio area of our house replaced, along with the screen. The total estimate was for $1,150, of which $550 was for the gutters. I'm pretty sure they are over priced, especially for the screens which average was $60 for 10 panels. The job was scheduled and my husband stayed home to meet the guys doing the work. The guys were about an hour late and we never received any kind of a courtesy call letting us know they would be late. My husband tried calling to check status but couldn't not get through. Because the guys were late they could not finish the work the same day. Also the guys that came out to do the work said we actually didn't need to have our screen redone they could work around it. The guys came back the next morning to finish the job. We could not be home again to check their work before they left, so my husband inspected the work once we got home. The job was crap!! The gutters were cut incorrectly, they didn't install correct hardware, it was sealed incorrectly, overall a poor quality job. To top it off they left our property in a dangerous and dirty condition. In addition to the full exposed box cutter knife, we also found scraps of sharp sheet metal and sheet metal screws in our backyard, patio and driveway. We have 2 kids and 2 dogs. Had my husband not have done an inspection anyone of them could have been injured. Needless to say we were furious. My husband called to complain. After some back and forth he got an operations manager to come out, Larry. Larry inspected the work and agreed it was poor quality. Larry informed my husband that this was a custom job and the wrong team was assigned to perform the work. This was a Friday morning when Larry came out. Prior to him leaving he informed my husband that he would schedule the work to be redone completely by a the correct team. He would call before the end of the day and let us know whether the job would be done Saturday (the next day) or Monday. Needless to say we never got a call. My husband had to call Monday, left a message, to find out what the status was. He had to call again several hours later to find out why Larry had yet to call him. Larry finally called and provided a new date for the work to be redone. My husband also expressed that after all of the issues we have had that we did not want them replacing our screens, we would take care of that ourselves and that we expected some kind of adjustment to the estimate originally provided to account for the gross negligence and mishandling of this job. The work was finally done and is now what it should have been. We requested a new itemized invoice to show the work being done and the cost. The office kept sending us a modified version of the original with just writing showing a lump sum owed of $550. In fact the worker was told by Larry, to collect payment from us right after the job was done, knowing we wanted an itemized invoice and did not expect to pay the original price. Too put that responsibility on the worker was just poor management and unprofessional to us. We have made several requests for an itemized invoice before we will pay and all we keep getting is a modified version of the original hand written estimate. In fact, just today they sent us a new itemized invoice as requested and all it is, is the same right up as the original, on new paper invoice. It is a high level description with the original quoted price of $1,150 which was to include gutters and screens, now marked down to $550. All they did was the gutters and their original price for that was $550. This company has poor communication, clearly does not know how to manage jobs, they are negligent and lack professionalism for handling our account. We will never use them again. The only reason they are getting a "D" rating and not an "F" is because the work was done correctly finally.
    - Michael G.
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    Storm Solutions Inc

    Note: I'm over 60 years old and have had many contractors work on the houses we've owned. I'm a retired business owner who hired independent contractors that represented my company during many a project. While I adjust my expectations according to the level of professionalism common for a given craft/discipline, in all those I hire I expect workers to have good temperament (an individual's character, disposition, and tendencies as revealed by his actions). Low ratings where because in my experience with Storm Solutions, they fell short, as described below.
    Condensed from copious notes taken throughout the process...
    Following the advice received from an excellent insulation contractor (see my review), I contacted three contractors specializing in gutter and aluminum soffit installations. Storm Solutions owner Matt made and arrived on time for a look-see and quote. Having done my research, I knew how much air flow [net free area] my house and attic needed. I asked Matt about it and while he knew there was a formula, he didn't know it [Professionalism] (Building Code: Divide the square footage of the roof area by 150. That calculation should be done for EVERY customer to ensure sufficient ventilation is being installed.) He did say he would put the ?most open soffit covers? on the house. Forgiving that shortcoming, I continued and we discussed the details of the project:

    • Remove the existing gutters
    • Remove the existing aluminum soffit
    • Remove the original wood soffit under aluminum soffit
    • Install foam insulation baffles
    • Install new aluminum soffit
    • Reinstall gutters (over doorways only)


    I received a quote in an email the next day. Wondering why Storm Solutions' bid was significantly lower than the next lowest competitors' bid, I emailed Matt asking about:

    • Product Quality - Manufacturer and grade of product they plan to use.
    • Air Flow - What is the net free area per square foot of the product they plan to use.
    • Baffles ? Confirm that they plan to use foam baffles, not cardboard which is damaged by water (leaks).
    • Inspection opportunity when both soffits are removed.
    • Proof of liability and workers compensation insurance.


    After a week went by, I had all but given up on Storm Solutions, but I called to see if he got the email. ?Kim? said they had been busy. I waited and received a response 13 business days after I had asked the questions. Satisfied with the responses, I signed the proposal contingent on proof of insurance. (If they break it, you/they have the money to fix it. Plus, homeowners can be sued for worker injuries while they are on your property. Insurances protect you, the homeowner, from this.) General Note to Homeowners: Florida Law requires legitimate contractors to have both insurances.


    This is my homeowner experience with the business owner and especially the two employees assigned to complete the project. Butch was the foreman (senior) employee calling all the shots. Neil was the junior employee. Neil was as professional and as a hard worker as one could expect in this craft/occupation. Butch caused all the difficulties and affected Neil's ability to do his job. Butch bitched and complained every day of the project. About not liking this or that. And not just to his coworker Neil, but to me, the homeowner, directly. [Temperament] [Professionalism]
    The planned 3-day project dragged out to 5 DAYS. Butch, with Neil, did not work a full day on any of the days they were on the project. Many ?breaks? were taken outside of nature's call and lunch. Even in the mornings, when it wasn't that hot, they both would just stop and sit in their truck?!? The morning of the first day, Butch did not know what was in the contract and was surprised at what was in there when he read it. And even after that, he still didn't know everything in the contract (see Day 2). [Professionalism], [Professionalism], [Professionalism]

    Day 1: Arrived at 08:55 AM. Total work: 5 hours 10 minutes.
    <><>Day 2: Had not arrived by 10:00 AM. I called the office. They are ?on-their-way.? They arrived at 10:20 AM. Total work: 3 hours 40 minutes.
    • After Butch started removing the second (original wood) soffit, I noticed that there were no foam baffles on site for them to install. I asked Butch about it. He was surprised and confused. I told him it is in the contract. He called Matt, the owner, and found out the baffles were still at the office. [Professionalism]
    • Butch was using a reciprocating saw to cut the soffit, then pulling it out. But, he was being so reckless about it, that he SPLIT off a substantial piece of the 2? x 6? fascia board. TWICE. The first one I saw and I asked him about repairing it. He said he'd put a nail in it and cover it with fascia aluminum and no one will see it. [Professionalism] I provided him with wood glue and told him I wanted him to squirt glue on it and match it up before the nailed it. (So when the fascia is removed in the future, there won't be a jagged mismatched cheap repair showing.) Then later I found he split another 2x6. I got out the glue and gave it to him. He put it down and the glue didn't move until I picked it up after he left for the day. He didn't use it. I don't know if he used it on the first split either as he had covered it up before I could see it. [Professionalism]
    Day 3: Arrived at 8:30 AM. Total work: 5 hours 50 minutes.
    • Once Butch saw there was some insulation in the way of installing some baffles. He declared to me, the homeowner, that he hated fiberglass and he [wasn't going to touch it]. At this point I was sooooo done with Butch. [Professionalism] I thought about calling the owner. But, this already being day 3, and that they were BARELY HALF DONE, I decided I was physically healthy enough to pull the fiberglass out of the way myself, just to keep them going and get this project done. So I did.

    Day 4:
    Butch arrived at 08:35AM. Total Work: 2 Men...2 hours 40 minutes. 1 Man...2 hours 10 minutes.

    • Shortly after Neil started working, he had to stop due to extreme pain. He had been dog bit the night before and had to leave. This is NOT a mark against the company. Butch was by himself for a while. Owner, Matt, arrived after lunch and together they did some two-man work until it rained.

    Day 5: Butch and Neil arrived 8:00 AM. At 02:00 PM Owner Matt arrived. The three of them worked very, very late, until they finally finished the project.

    Upon inspecting the work, I found:
    • One fascia piece, on an outside corner, was cut too short and didn't wrap around enough. [Quality]
    • A significant amount of debris around my house. Mostly sharp, shards of aluminum. Most larger than a postage stamp. Plus many, many 1-1/4? white aluminum nails. WARNING! IF YOU HAVE LITTLE CHILDREN who like to play in your yard, these sharp objects can cut their skin. In my situation, a great grandchild might decide to play hide-and-go-seek in the bushes near the eaves of the house. For weeks after the crew left, each time it rained, more shards and nails were visible. I picked them up. (see photo) I don't know what the industry standard is for debris control (drop cloths or tarps?). I know that Storm Solutions left behind a hazardous mess.

    Your employees represent your company to your customers. I spoke to owner, Matt, in person, at length about my experience and especially about Butch. He was appropriately concerned. I concluded that Matt was a good business man and that his growing business was stretching him to his limits. I understand this all too well. I have been there with my own business that I started and ran for 10 years. Matt's response and concern was the only thing that kept me from giving this experience a failing grade in the professionalism category. ALSO, I marked the ?Would you use this provider in the future?? as YES, with the assumption that Matt would take care of his business. I looked and can see that most if not all of Angie's List reviews (after my project date) are all marked overall A. That tells me Matt is doing a good job and mine was probably a one time situation.

    General information, in Florida:

    + If a worker arrives on the work site and you can't confirm they are on the company employees' Workers Compensation Insurance (e.g. an independent contractor), you may choose to have him sign a ?Construction Liability Wavier? which legally releases the homeowner of any liability if the worker gets hurt.

    + To ensure suppliers of materials do not put a lien on your house for bills unpaid by your contractor, you need to get the contractor to provide a ?Wavier and Release of Lien Upon Final Payment? completed by all suppliers of materials.

    + To ensure the contractor can't come back to you for payment after you made the final payment, you need to get a Contractor's Final Payment Affidavit. These forms are available from government websites and some private construction form websites.

    + Construction Industry Recovery Fund - You have certain rights under Florida law if you have suffered damages caused by the financial mismanagement of a licensed Division I contractor or construction company with whom you have signed a construction contract.

    - Mike P.
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    A Larsson & Sons Roofing
    I received estimates from three local roofers. We decided to go with A. Larsson and
    Sons for a few reasons: They were not the highest estimate but not the lowest
    either, they came highly recommended and I genuinely liked Mr. Larsson when we
    spoke on the phone.  Also, they are a local family run company and supporting local business is important to us. We were
    given an estimate for the roof and then decided to add a skylight in the kitchen which brought the total to $14, 300. I met with Ashley Larsson and gave her $8,700 on June the 6th before work even started. The work on the roof was begun June 22nd.   
    (They had initially promised it would begin the 12 th.  We were moving July 1st and we wanted to work completed prior to our move in date.  Regardless, at least they were starting.)
    We received a ?Notice to Owner? which I was told was a ?formality? when I questioned it. We moved from NJ and had no idea what that was, nor the implications ?ignoring? it would have. 
    As I said, we had paid them more than half the cost up front but the phone calls for the balance started almost immediately.
    We were told they ?couldn?t make payroll? without our payments. Had I known that going in, I am doubtful we would have contracted with them. To keep the peace and to meet our financial obligation we made the following payments to them: 6/25 - $500 , 7/3 - $500 and 7/8 - $1000.  The exterior roof was completed at this point but the interior work on
    the skylight had not been completed. The actual skylight was in the roof but it had not been cut through into the kitchen. When I asked Mr. Larsson about this he told me it would be done ?when the weather got cooler, around October.? When
    I asked why the delay he said his guys would ?die up in the attic in the heat?.  I told him that was fine and I would make final payment on the balance of  $3600 once the job was completed.  He didn?t agree with this but I told him I didn?t think anyone should be expected to pay for a job that was not competed. (I was also thinking that since he kept calling insisting he couldn?t make payroll, how was I to be sure he would be in   business come October!)  
    After several nasty phone calls ? this time from Amy Larsson ? my husband and she came to an agreement that we would pay them an additional $2600 and when the balance owed was $1000 they would come to finish the skylight.
    The day I was heading out to mail the check we received a letter from Gulf Eagle Supply informing us they were placing a lien on our home for $6,917.34 because A Larsson and Sons never paid for the supplies for our roof.  
    We immediately called Amy Larsson and told her we would pay the balance ? minus the work in the skylight ? in exchange
    for a release of lien. She basically told us she didn?t believe us (because apparently us giving them over $10,000 doesn?t prove we are reliable?) and told us to ?pay the supplier?. We even offered to have our attorney hold the cash in escrow as proof of funds and do the exchange for the release of lien at the attorney?s office. She refused.
    I have since contacted Gulf Eagle and will be making arrangements to pay them after the 1st of the year.  We have also contact Action 9 news who sent Larsson a letter. This was the voicemail we received from Amy Larsson after they got their copy:
    ??John this is Amy Larsson from Larsson & Sons.  I just got a letter from Channel 9 News which means that you and your wife obviously don?t understand that when you don?t pay us we can file a lien.  I don?t understand why that?s so difficult for you guys to understand. You have not paid us the full balance. I don?t understand why you would even try to go to the news. 
    You?re just going to humiliate yourself.  You have to pay. You signed a contract that you would pay on completion and you didn?t pay.  And it?s my understanding that you called Gulf Eagle and told them you won?t even have the money until January.  It?s October.  That?s absolutely insane.  Call me back ? (407) 412-4940 ? and let?s talk about this until you guys
    understand it.  Thanks, bye bye.?
    The text does not convey how nasty she was. The job was NOT completed or we would have paid in full immediately.
     I have never dealt with a more unscrupulous contractor in my life. We have had work done on every house we have owned and we have always paid our bills. Now, we are expected to pay an additional $7000 on a roof we have already paid over $10,000 on? If we do NOT pay we could lose our house. The supply company can foreclose for the amount owed.
    If we had not given these lousy people enough to cover the supplies I could MAYBE understand this but we gave them more by almost double.  The Construction Lien Law in Florida that makes this allowable is a ridiculous piece of legislation. I understand it was also our fault for trusting and paying a large chunk up front without getting a release of lien. However, the ethics ? or lack
    thereof ? of A. Larsson and Sons Roofing plays a large part in this scenario. I delayed posting aboutthis in the hopes that it could be resolved but that is clearly not going to happen.
    Larsson is still doing roofs ? they currently have active permits throughout Seminole County.
    The whole point of this rambling post is to make people aware that they are scumbags who took full advantage of the fact that we did not know the lawNot only have we contacted Action 9 but we have also filed complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.
    I know the saying ?Caveat Emptor? ? buyer beware ? applies here, but there is also the word ?integrity? which A. Larsson and Sons clear lacks.

    - Christine S.
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    MC Aluminum XPress LLC
    Installed seamless gutters. They are still leaking and they have scheduled it to be fixed multiple times but do not show up. Their scheduling practices are horrendous. No regard for customers time. Cheap prices are not always the best deal.
    - John v.
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