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Medical Specialist reviews in Lake Mary

  • F
    I am appalled by the appearance of my skin after receiving CO2 laser resurfacing on my face from Dr. Johnston. I chose to have the procedure to reduce the appearance of acne scars on my face. I informed Dr. Johnston that I was NOT looking for perfect skin. I asked him if I could expect a 50% improvement in my skin, and he told me at least 50% but most likely more. What I received was at least a 50% decline in the overall texture of my skin and only minimal reduction in some acne scars and no change in other scars. After nearly 1 year and 5 months of recovery, I continue to have scars, redness and hyper and hypo pigmentation to my face. One scar, that I noticed the same day as the procedure is 3 inches long and in a diagonal pattern across my cheek. Another unexpected outcome was Dr. Johnston���s unprofessional demeanor when after months of listening to him tell me all sorts of ridiculous reasons (i.e., he used the laser in a different direction, and one side of my face gets more sun than the other) for my scars, he then said to me ���you had a good outcome, what do you want me to do?��� Up to that point Dr. Johnston and his wife denied that I had hyper or hypo pigmentation. While denying my pigmentation changes, Dr. Johnston prescribed hydroquinone which is a treatment for hyperpigmentation. I am completely distressed that I paid nearly $3000.00 for the CO2 laser that visibly made my skin look worse. My friends and family are also in disbelief that my skin is actually worse than prior to the procedure. After consulting 2 ���facial��� plastic surgeons and reading research articles, I discovered that I could not substantiate all the information given to me by Dr. Johnston. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) states ��� . . . causes of scarring include operator error in the form of excessive fluence or density, too many passes or pulse stacking." I also learned that not only did Dr. Johnston use the incorrect laser for my skin and condition, but that it was the incorrect procedure. I received a recommendation by his wife/nurse to have fillers after the unfavorable outcome. I suspected that recommendation was an attempt to cover the poor outcome and I refused to have fillers. My face is round and full and no fillers were necessary, and I was not about to waste any more of my money with Dr. Johnston. Also, both facial plastic surgeons who evaluated me denied that I needed any fillers. They also confirmed that I have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and hypopigmentation as a result of Dr. Johnston's CO2 laser procedure. One facial plastic surgeon also described one area of my cheek as "striped." I have extreme white areas around my lips and eyes and an overall increase in redness in all other areas of my face as well as an increase in broken capillaries. I have received recommendations for additional laser procedures in an attempt to remediate the damage, in my opinion, caused by Dr. Johnston. The procedures range from $2000.00 to $7000.00 and of course, there is no guarantee that the procedures will rectify the damage. As it has been explained to me, hyperpigmentation may be corrected; however, hypopigmentation cannot, as there is no way to increase pigmentation in areas that are extremely white due to the removal of pigmentation. I am truly sorry that I ever let Dr. Johnston touch my face. It is also important to know that I followed Dr. Johnston's and his wife's recommendations religiously. I used the products they recommended and consistently used sunscreen and wore a hat to avoid any contact with the sun. Approximately 2 weeks after the procedure they told me I could wear make-up again. However, they failed to tell me prior to the procedure that I would have to wear mineral make-up. So with embarrassment and my face looking extremely red and blotchy, I had to venture into the mall to purchase the make-up they recommended. It would have been proactive of them to notify me prior to my procedure so I could have all the products I needed at home. It's interesting that after letting Dr. Johnston know of my displeasure with the appearance of my skin, he told me that make-up would cover it up. I told him that it didn't cover it up, and he told me, "you're using the wrong make-up." My response was that I was using the mineral make-up recommended by his wife. He had no further comments. Based on my opinion and my experience with Dr. Johnston, I cannot recommend anyone to Dr. Johnston for the CO2 laser procedure. I do recommend that careful consideration be conducted with extensive research though both literature and recommendations from patients who were pleased with their outcomes. The CO2 laser resurfacing procedure is an appropriate procedure for many people, but it's not for everyone. Lastly, it is imperative that one receives treatment from a plastic surgeon that is skilled and experienced with ���facial��� plastic surgery. Many facial plastic surgeons have more than one laser. As one facial plastic surgeon told me, "one laser does not fit all."
    - Andrea D.
  • F
    Please don't make the mistake of creating a relationship with this Doctor! I see reviews describing this wonderful and caring Doctor? That is Not Lee Metchick! Don't be fooled by friends ,family and possibly him posting those positive reviews.   This Doctor came into the Lake Mary area in a time where there was one Endocrinologist Dr. Ansara whom was having health problems and had difficulty seeing patients .By default, a huge amount of patients were directed his way.   He is absolutely all about money and Ego. This man only hires very timid females for  his staff that bow down when he walks by, laugh at his dry sense of humor jokes and stroke his ego.   His goal is volume, He sees patients every few visits whether their condition/Disease is controlled or not. Your Doctor has NOT referred you to a Physicians Assistant, or a nurse! you were referred to see a specialist in endocrinology. If the disease is under control and a quick visit for scripts etc is needed that would be okay, But you will see A Physicians assistants whom he allows to diagnose and treat your uncontrolled disease more than you see him! You can complain and sometimes they will just be rude and say this is how we run our office. Or perhaps they will tell you that they will put in your chart that you request to only see the doctor. Next visit you will be taken back and the Physicians assistant will enter for your appointment.   You will spend a good amount of your appointments with feeling awkward waiting for him to address your situation as he is giving directions to his employees about other patients.   You will also sit uncomfortably as he puts on a show for the pretty young female pharmaceutical reps,The gentleman reps didn't seem to get an invite back to speak with him? they left samples at the counter and left,    When you call the office rarely will you be able to speak to someone as you need to learn to leave a message and hope they call you back. Yet if you don't speak to someone in the appropriate time frame they bill you for not cancelling more than 24 hours. Doesn't matter they are unavailable.    Dr. Metchick will give your contact information to companies doing studies. They will call and even say they  got your information from Lee metchick!! I guess Hippa laws don' apply to this Doctor?   Prescriptions: Doctor metchick has a reputation of writing prescriptions for the pharmaceutical companies that pay him to be a speaker for them. Is that in your best interest as a patient? shouldn't it be the drug best for you and your condition?   I saw Dr. Metchick for almost 10 years. I gave his card to my other physicians as people were looking for an endocrinologist in the area.Many people returned to these offices with very bad experiences at Dr. Metchicks office. I actually defended him to my doctors as I didn't realize it was as bad as they were telling him. UNTIL I called for three days straight ,several times per day trying to reschedule an appointment. When I arrived fort the rescheduled appointment  I was told I must pay a $55.00 no show fee BEFORE I could see the NURSE(not even the doctor but a nurse).I disputed this charge and was turned away/denied treatment! I called the office the following day and requested for Dr. Metchick to call me back.I had been going to him for almost 10 years and I felt I knew him enough to speak with him about this misunderstanding. He refused to call me back. I then repeatedly  Emailed him with No reply. I then receive a bill with the $55.00 no show fee with an additional $55.00 fee for the day I was turned away.refused treatment! lol. I Emailed the billing girl and ask for Dr. metchick to please call and she returns my phone call. After being spoken to in a very rude/demeaning fashion, I plainly ask her to please have Dr. Metchick call me.She then calls me back and said" I spoke to Dr. Metchick and he will waive the $110.00 of fees(gee thanks doctor, lol) but you are no longer a patient! what?!?!   After 10 years I had been loyal, referred patients including family(who also thinks he is an arrogant jerk) ,defended the guy to my other Doctors.He couldn't even return my phone call and allowed a very rude and unprofessional office person to call his patient.   Just my experience as well as what I have heard from many many others. Your health is too valuable and he doesn't care!! I have never heard of so many patients being dropped from a practice? Not the norm, So don't even start a relationship with this Bad Doctor.Also,he never did get my or my family members disease under control, primary care physicians intervened in both cases changing /adding meds and recommended we don't return based on all patient feedback and results. 
    - Dean E.
  • A
    He did the surgery last year around October. It was okay. He's very thorough. The wait time is within 10 minutes. I don't have any issues with them. It is a modern clinic and it makes to the hospital. The location is fairly convenient to where I live. The staffs were always been excellent.
    - Lewis E.
  • A
    He's the only doctor my wife and I go to.  I highly recommend him.  He's a young man and has got a family.  There is nobody better than him.  He is outstanding.  He is absolutely somebody that we enjoy going to.  He's polite and always asked me about my family.  He doesn't get me in the office and get me out of there in two minutes.  He asks how my wife is doing and he knows my family by name.  He personally cares about us.  We are not a number to him.  I saw him a month ago and I see him every three months and so does she.  Every year he does my annual physical.  If we need a specialist he will recommend one and I will go see a specialist.
    - James R.
  • A
    The staff is very  good, very thorough and they work with you quickly so you can get out. She's very nice, easy to get along with as far as asking questions goes. I always tend to feel like I'm pressured when she comes in. She's always in a hurry so you have to have your questions ready.
    - Patricia S.
  • A
    I only saw him once, because he treated my problem. He was terrific. He told me what he was going to do. He gave me a hearing test and checked me out. He treated it very well. He had great bedside manner. His staff was great. Everybody seemed to know what they had to do. The office was very pretty and very clean.
    - Susan M H.
  • A
    I love him. He's terrific. He's thorough and knowledgeable. He talks to you and tells you what he's doing and why. He doesn't keep you waiting forever. Within ten minutes of walking in his door, you're in his office. He doesn't overbook. His staff is terrific.
    - Susan M H.
  • C
    I've been going to Dr Caggiano for awhile, but I think I'm done with him. I'm here on Angies List to find a new doctor, as I had a rather upsetting appointment a few weeks ago. I came to Dr Caggiano because I'd been noticing blood in my stool, headaches, fatigue, totally lacking energy. I came to him because I was worried about my health and needed help. He told me I was depressed. In all honestly, I am depressed- but I'm depressed because I cant seem to function well. He didnt offer to do any labs, no further investigation- he told me to go see my phychiatrist. So I did. She was shocked that he wouldnt even offer to run some labs for me- lack of iron? I have been anemic in the past and its in my charts. Lack of vitamin D maybe? He didn't even try to assess a direct health issue. He basically rushed in and out, told me it was all in my head, and sent me on my way. I dont appreciate this treatment- a doctor who cares would have at least gotten some bloodwork and gone through it with me to ease my concerns. The only reason I didn't give him an F was because I have gone to him for other issues like an ear infection and a UTI, to which he did give me antibiotics and pain meds- but its always a rush with him. Theres no personal touch or sense of him caring about my well-being. I hope he reads this, and I hope he understands that he needs to treat his patients like PEOPLE, and not just quick diagnosis and if hes not sure, to just blow them off and tell them its in their head. Its just not right.
    - Carley P.
  • A
    The physician did thorough bloodwork and determined that I was suffering from adrenal fatigue brought on by chronic stress, low thyroid function and possible chronic lyme disease. He put me on many different supplements to deal with the adrenal fatigue and low thyroid function. After three to four months, I've noticed a marked difference in my energy levels. He also recommended that I eat a paleo-like diet of healthy proteins, veggies, and fruit and to cut way down on gluten and sugars. This has improved my health and has helped me to lose weight which is better for my joints. I am very happy that I decided to go to this practice. It has taught me quite a lot about hormones that run the body, how diet profoundly affects our health, and the controversy of Lyme Disease. Another gentleman there wanted to put me through four months of I.V. antibiotics to get the Lyme Disease under control. I decided against that upon further research and am maintaining a diet conducive to boosting the immune system. It seems to be working just fine for me. I would advise anyone to do your research, regardless of where you go and what is prescribed for you.
    - jordis k.
  • A
    They do work on a sliding scale for people who don't have insurance. The payments are based on your income, so they do work with you that way. Before being used by people in the County, they are usually critical with their appointments and they usually do their own blood work there. They have a pharmacy there and a lot of things can be taken care of on time. I haven't met anybody there who works there that I didn't like whether from physicians to nurses to just the people who taking your information for payments and stuffs like that. Sometimes depending on what you are going in for, you will not get appointments right away like only if you are really sick then you can because it is not like your regular doctor. They do have first come first serve if you do show up first in the morning wait in line. They are pretty good and you don't have to wait too long.
    - Rhonda S.
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