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    The service from the office staff and the technician were very good since they are efficient. My disappointment was the prices they charge for the parts they use which are outrageously overpriced compared to what you can get the same things for at retail stores. The motor they installed was at least $100 over other retail stores and the neoprene rollers they charged $19.50 for each one (they installed 10 of them for $195) is ridiculous when you can find other retailers sell 10 for the price of 1 that this company charged. Since they charged $115 for one hour of labor and charged $49.63 for driving at the most 20 miles each way, I felt they were making money in every way and should definitely sell their parts at fair retail prices.
    - Doulatram C.
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    I purchased thousands of dollars worth of pavers for my swimming pool patio including new coping in July 2015  through Proline Tile that were made by Flagstone Pavers in Brooksville.  I was specific to ask the quality of this paver company and was told they were excellent by Proline.   During July, it was the rainy season. It appears that the coping was not correctly formed or cured. The coping soon began to show brown spots and pitting. The coping is cement colored, so it is not forgiving.  neither the owner of Proline, Dennis, nor the owner of Flagstone has yet to come out to review these sub par coping pieces.  The owner of Proline had me send it pictures (I had requested he come out several times) and sent the tile guy over to remove a piece of coping.  I have yet to have the tile man come back to replace it.  i have received excuses that include: It is caused from the sealer (we NEVER sealed these); it is caused from the oak trees (we have NO oak trees over the pool screen) and he told us to purchase and use a product that didn't even touch the brown guck in this coping. My pool looks horrible thanks to this company and I have no recourse after months of requesting assistance. With the coping, I will have a few pieces with the brown guck, then several without, then more with...
    I should have chosen another paver company through my tile supplier and wish my tile supplier would be more responsive and customer service oriented after spending the total amount of money I have with their company for my inside AND outside remodeling!!!!!!
    If something is defective, a company should stand behind their products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - Frank B.
  • F
    When I. First went in he said he would give me 8 feet legs for the price of 7 feet. When I. Went back to order he didn't. After I ordered it and paid the deposit he said that I would need to get a building permit. He gave me the code papers and I went and apply for one 3 weeks later the building dept called and said he had given me the wrong one. I went back and he gave me the right ones. After I got the permit I went back to him and said that I was ready for it. He said it would be atleast 2 weeks. After 4 weeks I went back and ask when it would be. He said i told you 6 weeks. I told him no you said 2 weeks. In a very non professional voice he said call the 800 number and find out when it will be. I called the 800 number and they had never been notified that I had the permit. If I was to call them to let them know he never told me. 8 weeks later I got the car port.
    - Donna A.
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    The whole episode started by John Bianchi Jr. producing an incomplete County building permit stating "that is all we need". Permit WAS NOT a legitimate permit for the proposed work. After the work was completed (during much conflict and unpleasant, UNTRUTHFUL dialogue), I found out I was in trouble with the county code enforcement department for the work having been completed WITHOUT a legitimate permit.  This ultimately cost me over $100. in additional expense with the county. Citrus county helped me through this mess forgiving the fact the MANDATORY inspections weren't made pursuant to a valid permit.  Citrus County Permitting went above and beyond what they were obliged to do. They could've hung me out to dry after Bianchi's actions, but instead were amicably helpful in circumventing Bianchi's deception and dishonesty.  I would guess they favored giving me a break instead of a code violation and fine. (It is the responsibility of the land owner to assure all county construction rules are met.) The actual size of the slab was 19'11" X 29'10", the contract called for a 20' X 30" slab. I DID NOT get that for which I paid! The carport contracted for installation will NOT fit properly!  This will be an unresolved future problem, to be addressed at a later date.

    John Bianchi, during the project, at the end of the first day, needed an advance to pay his workers who were apparently waiting for back pay to be completed. This was necessary to assure their return the next day, as his payroll apparently wasn't being made. He also needed me to furnish fuel for his equipment, as he hadn't brought any gasoline with him. I furnished the necessary gasoline as a favor. I also provided a light lunch on the 'work day' for him and his crew.  His crew were very polite and in complete contrast to John Bianchi's persona.  In addition to all this, Gulf Coast Concrete demanded a check from ME, "or the driver couldn't leave". Bianchi had no capability of trust with Gulf Coast Concrete. I refused, and Gulf Coast gave up and left.  In a subsequent conversation with Gulf Coast Concrete I was told John M, Bianchi was on a strict COD basis, owing to past financial problems with him.

    I was absent at the time the forms and ground had been prepared. My wife called me in severe distress as Bianchi was preparing to pour the concrete over ground vegetation which he had promised both of us to remove. (and as the COUNTY MANDATED) A violent argument arose over Bianchi's unfulfilled promise to NOT pour over vegetation. He became very aggressive, and angry, severely upsetting my wife in a manner I haven't seen in our 50 plus years of marriage.

    John Bianchi Jr. has a beautiful web site which he claims as his work. The entire web site and the illustrated work are the result of his father, John Bianchi Sr.   John Bianchi Jr. is pictured on the first page of the site. His father, John Sr. is and has been retired for some years. The hundreds of jobs pictured for which John Jr. claims to be HIS WORK, are in fact that of his retired father's past construction.  John Jr. merely took over the web site. This was a primary reason I chose him to do the job. Little did I realize this was part and parcel to the overall untruthful subterfuge permeating all of my interaction with John Bianchi Jr.'s action and words. As an unrelated side note, it puzzles me as to why John Bianchi Sr. allows his good name and performance record to be pulled through the mud by his son.

    To recap: Contractor totally untruthful and deceptive, the slab was not the contracted size, (was undersize) and was poured over vegetative material contrary to my contract and Citrus County's regulations. No valid Building Permit was generated as promised AND STATED! These were the legal ramifications of John Bianchi Jr.'s violations. Aside from blatant legal issues, his volatile, angry, hostile, argumentative attitude served an unbelievable (but quasi-legal) disconcerting addition. 

    The "revised" construction permit number from Citrus County issued 9-10-2015 is #2015-08484 for which I paid an additional $128.60. 
    - Ron W.
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    I called DGD Inc and told them that I needed a new backup battery. When DGD tech arrived on 7/2/15 I was told that he did not carry batteries and no one told him that one was needed. After he left a DGD representative called, apologized, and rescheduled for 7/3/15. On 7/3/15 a representative called and said that the technician would be late. Once he arrived he charged me $ 150.00 for the battery and installation and $98.50 for the new end bearings. After he left I found out that the same battery cost $20.00 including shipping on Amazon. It took the technician less than 5 minutes to install the battery.
    Additionally, DGD had coupons on their website for a free service call but the technician didn't charge me one, he just added it into the total so he didn't have to take the coupon.

    - James W.
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    I needed to install walkway pavers infront of my house, and have some pool deck pavers reinstalled. Also I needed all the exterior of my house re-painted and some wall cracks in the stucco repaired and some exterior stone removed. I called the general contractor and he came out and we discussed options. He said he would send out his subcontractors about doing the paver job and a painter /stucco man to do stucco and paint. The subs for each project came out in a matter of a few days. The sub for the paver job said that the front walkway part of the job would have to be done after another task I had planned of putting fill dirt in my side yard. He thought it was not wise to be pushing wheelbarrows of fill dirt over freshly installed pavers, which I didn't see why the pavers couldn't handle that kind of a load but I took his word for it and put that part of the job off til the fill dirt job was done. He then looked at the other part of the paver job which was to re-install some pavers on my pool deck. After looking at the pavers he said he would be sending out one of his guys to look at that part of the job since he would be the one doing the work, then he left. I've been waiting for about 2 months for him to show to do the repair job but he never called or showed up at all. So, apparently the repair part of the paver job was not worth a call or a show, so I gave up on them. In the mean time the general contractor called and said that he didn't forget about me and my paint and stucco issue, and that he and the pain/stucco subcontractor were discussing the type paint to be used. Since they finished deciding on the correct product which to be a thick and elastic paint, the sub would be out to see me and discuss it with me. A few days later, the sub showed up and walked around the house with me as I pointed out the repair that needed to be done and the area to be painted. After we discussed some solutions to the stucco repair and the type of paint he recommended, he said he would be back with some color swatches. That was the last contact I had with any of the subs or the contractor. So not a thing was accomplished which turned out fine with me since now I know what kind of dependability I could have expected. Now I know not to use the contractor nor the subs. I am finding that the Angies list folks are no better or worse than anyothers aparently. I even found a company called Champion Foundation Repair on the list. They did a $25,000 job for my Mother's home which is now our home to lift the foundation. Well they lifted the outside bearing walls and underpinned them but never lifted the slab which was poured inside the walls and not actually attached to them. I would have expected that their engineer would have known that and informed my Mother before attempting to raise the foundation, but they didn't. They just claimed to have pinned the outer walls and left the house with a slab that had dropped nearly 4and quot; in the back corner of the house. Almost 10 years later, once I took over ownership after my Mother passed away, I read their warranty and found that they specifically will not correct the slab. So apparently, a company that performs substandard work and charges high dollars for that work and will not make good on their work and in the end did not resolve the problem can still be on Angie's list. To me that makes the list meaningless.
    - David M.
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    We were not thrilled with them and it did not go great. I had a problem with their repair so they had to come back a couple of days later. They were going to charge me for another service call. I was unhappy with them so they did not charge for the second service call, but I think they were pulling a fast one.
    - Harry M.
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    In all honesty, you can't beat the prices this company has, and the quality of materials and work is A+ (except for the initial driveway sealer which I think was either defective or diluted too much with water).  For that reason, I would still highly recommend them.  I am very pleased.  There some totally unnecessary arguments resulting from their stalling and lying about applying the sealers.  I have already recommended this company to many friends because of the overall outcome and good prices.
    My only word of caution to any future customers is DO NOT make your final payment to them until the sealers are completed (there is a minimum 3 month wait before the sealer can be applied due to limestone in the pavers having to evaporate or cure), and they want their money once the pavers are down. 

    - Don E.
  • A
    Mr. Bowman arrived a little late, but had called first to tell me. The lateness was not his fault, and I had no problem with it. He went to work in the garage and did a beautiful job removing the hurricane bars, installing solid thick styrofoam panels on the doors and then reapplying the hurricane bars. Not only can I tell the difference already - it just LOOKS so much better. Like the door should have looked a long time ago! The installation took about two hours and forty five minutes +or-) and was definately worth the price. He took a broom and swept the area where some styrofoam beads had fallen, and the garage looked great when he left. I once again strongly recommend him to anyone - he enjoys doing a good job and getting it right for the customer the first time. I wish there were more like him!
    - Sheryle L.
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    The owner was punctual on the appointed day. He worked with the door for a while, and then told me what the problem was with the opener.He replaced the unit with one he had with him, which is bigger, MUCH QUIETER and operates very smoothly. He also placed a keyless opener outside of the door, and programmed my car for me so that I can open the door from the car's own remote system. He saved me a great deal of money by replacing my system with what he had on hand, and the new opener and related pieces operate far better than the outfit I had before. He also suggested a better way to insulate the garage doors than the soft fiberglass batting that my neighbors put up for me - I am going to consider calling him back to do that job as well. A great service at a very economical price, I recommend him highly.
    - Sheryle L.
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