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Air Duct Cleaning reviews in Heathrow

  • F
    Alpha Cleaning Solutions
    It took 3 attempts to get someone out. They would cancel or just not show up. once they did come out they sold me a 2 year package that would include Antimicrobial treatment for any mold. I paid $570.00 and they were to come out the following year, which is this year. I have called numerous times and they make the appointment and then do not show up. They also insist that I pay an additional $109.00 on top of what I paid for the service. I refused to pay since my receipt clearly states 2 year service. They have told me they will not come out and refuse to honor their invoice. Just warning people do not get pulled in by this scam. I also told Groupon so that hopefully they will not promote them anymore.
    - Debra P.
  • A
    A Breath Of Fresh Aire
    I was very pleased with all aspect of the service that Ken provided. Very Thorough and feel like he went over and above expectations to clean vents and clean up after himself. Yes, I am recommending his service to friends and family!
    - Jeanice Y.
  • A
    Certified Climate Control
    I am glad I read the positive reviews about CCC and chose them to replace our HVAC system.  They were professional and honest from start to finish. They not only installed the new system, but fixed problems in the ductwork and all for a great price. There was a small issue with the upstairs bonus room not getting cold enough & it took 2 guys coming out to try - but I understand it was a little bit confusing with a 3-zone system & some other weird issues regarding the initial set-up - not CCC's fault.  Jay worked on the issue until I was satisfied - he is a true expert. He ended up replacing the grills in the bonus room that were too restrictive and also pushing the air straight on the thermostat, giving it a fals sense of coolness.  I would strongly recommend CCC to anybody!!

    - Mitch J.
  • A
    Dan Dan the Carpet Man
    Excellent customer service and great quality of work. I only have one room of carpet in my house, so it usually wouldn't be worth lugging the equipment to a job less than 3 rooms. However, Dan's guys did clean my carpet the same day as the air duct cleaning. I'm very pleased with everything.
    - Sandra C.
  • A
    Del-Air Heating & Air Conditioning
    I was very pleased with service and professionalism. I've used Del-Air for a couple of years. AC broke (fan motor would not come on) so I called and they had a technician here within 2 hours of phone call on a Sunday. Tech said fan motor was broken and needed to be replaced and until that was done he could not determine if there were any other problems. Since the system has not worked efficiently for years, especially during the summer months, I wanted to know options for full replacement. Tech called sales rep who arrived within minutes. He was a nice man and there was no sales pressure. Just laid out the facts and provided 2 quotes. He answered all questions thoroughly, did not try to up sell to more expensive product, rather quoted suitable units to meet my needs and size of home. He responded promptly to every phone call and email, even in the evening. Service techs replaced handler and built nice new platform (top) and even put molding around edges. Redid copper wiring, replaced outside unit and condenser pad to meet hurricane standards/requirements, resealed ducts etc. All done very well and AC works beautifully. Professional and honest. I had to work so my nephew was here for install. When I arrived home house was wonderfully cool but a little loud. I emailed sales rep. Same techs were replacing unit across the street the next day. He contacted them and had them come over when done to check it out. My home was unlocked by neighbor and alarm was disarmed. I allowed them unattended entry and they tightened intake grill and noise eliminated. They called when done so I could rearm security system after they locked door on their way out. As I said, professional, honest, trustworthy and job well done.
    *Note for Provider Review: Del-Air alone on Angie's List reflected an Oviedo address so I chose Del-Air Security because it reflects the correct address. Recommend you update record to say Del-Air Heating, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Security or correct the address for Del-Air to 531 Codisco Way, Sanford, FL 32771
    - JoAnn S.
  • F
    DUCTZ of Greater Orlando
    I hired Ductz to clean all ducts in my house since I had a major remodel done at my house that had created a lot of dust.  A few other services were also to this when Andy Izbicki with Ductz gave me an estimate.  The reviews for this company were very good on Angie?s list and hence I hired them.  Andy gave me a quote for the tasks and mentioned that these tasks would take two (2) people a whole day to do it.   

    I had called Andy back after Sears quoted me only $300 for the same work.  He mentioned that they will likely not do a thorough job and probably send people that are not qualified and usually also charge extra onsite when they see high ceilings in the house.  Andy also mentioned that the two guys who will come to my place are qualified, certified people who get paid good money for doing good work and not some random minimum wage guys.   

    The work was scheduled for Saturday November 23, 2013.  Since their office admin does not work on Saturday, they asked if I could pay the day before on Friday and I paid them on November 22, 2013.  On Nov 23rd, 2013, two people (Pinio, a Spanish speaking guy and another person who Andy told me later was Haitian) showed up at my house and left after working for 2-3 hours.  I was surprised it was done that fast and asked them if they did everything since Andy had told me it would take a whole day.  In addition, the Spanish speaking person did not know anything and wasn?t really doing anything and looked clueless

    when the other guy asked him do anything (and was asking the Haitian guy what he needed to do again and again)!.  When I 

    later asked Andy he conceded that this guy was new (and definitely not the highly trained/qualified/paid guy that was mentioned to me before as a justification for high estimate).  There were also several issues/questions I had asked while they were doing the work that are mentioned in detail in the e-mail chain below.  I signed the invoice with a date on it but did not sign the time on it.

     I called Andy?s office on Monday, November 25, 2013 to ask why the job only took barely a few hours when he mentioned a whole day to me.  After calling him many more times (only one time he called back and I told him I was busy at that time since movers were at my place and I did not have time to talk), I was finally able to get with him and he was surprised with what I mentioned and said he said there?s no way that job can be completed in less than 6 hours.  I asked him to look into it and call me back. I called him many times again and when I got to talk to him he mentioned he checked his office security alarm and it corresponds with his employees being out for most of the day atleast until 3:45 pm at my place.  

    He offered to come to my place in a week?s time to verify the work done which he did and said everything looked good and that the job was done.  I asked him how they were able to complete the whole job and other miscellaneous tasks in few hours time and he said that it is not possible and his employees were there the whole day and asked me if I had left the house during the process.  He said maybe they left for lunch for a bit and I mistook that they left for the day which isn?t the case.  I provided Andy with the contact details for the two painters and the painting company owner who were working at my place that day and during that time and also the web entry log details (through our HOA website since the community is man-gated) for my home for all of those who worked at my place that day.  At that point, he mentioned ? I am not saying you are lying, but I trust my people who have been working with me for 10 years and I believe them when they say they worked till 3:45 pm at your place".  I asked him to provide GPS logs for the company truck for that day and he said they are not equipped for that!  I told him it is possible that his employees likely did a different job on their own without him knowing it and made money and they only returned the truck at their office at the end of the day.  Andy said his employees don't do that kind of stuff. 

    I texted him and mailed him again a few times after that asking him to resolve this ASAP by pulling up gate records by himself at my community or through employee cellphone records or credit card records or tolling information or truck GPS records or cellphone GPS log.  I told him if he does not respond I will take this issue for third party arbitration.  He never responded back. 

    At this point, I called up their corporate office and asked them to resolve this issue.  Desrene Williams with Ductz Corporate Office took my phone call and mentioned she was very concerned with what I had mentioned and she requested that I forward all communication about this issue to her e-mail address which I did.  She mentioned that she will send it to the top guns in the office who usually look into these issues.  However, after calling and e-mailing them many a times, Desrene only could say ? so no one e-mailed you or called you about this..., I am surprised because I forwarded all your e-mails and sent notes to the top guns in the office everytime you called.?  They also have recorded all the phone conversations with me and my e-mails to them for their record but still no one would call me back.  I told her many times this is taking too long and I need an answer ASAP as I have a 10-month

    old baby in the house.   Despite giving them more than three (3) weeks, even at 4:30 pm today (January 13, 2014) she did not have any update for me when I called except express surprise at the fact that no one has contacted me yet. 

    As mentioned in all my e-mails and phone calls to them, as a last resort I have called my credit card company to start filing a dispute for the credit card charge and filling up all related paper work and also posting this to Angie?s List and BBB now at the same time.

    I am not able to copy all e-mails here due to space constraint.  I can provide a PDF of all e-mails between myself, Andy with Ductz of Greater Orlando and Desrene Williams with Ductz USA Corporate Office.

    UPDATE based on RESPONSE from DUCTZ on 01/21/2014:

    I do not agree with ANY of the statements made above by this person  in the response posted on 01/21/2014 and all statements are made DISHONESTLY by them.  My original complaint has all these details in great detail.

    When their corporate office (David Ford) had asked me (after my review) what can help to resolve this issue I asked them to provide me with a very concise summary of what their employees say they did that day.  For Example,

    First 2 hours - Task 1

    Hours 2-4 -Task 2

    Hours 4-6 - Task 3

    Hours 6-8 - Task 4

    They responded back saying they cannot as they do not remember.  Really! how difficult is it to say two words about what they every 2 hours when they do the same thing again and again every day, 5 or 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year, every year!!!

    I also asked them very clearly that I needed actual pictures of the work taken and not a PDF with thumbnails.  I also asked this person to repeat back to me what my request was and he told me he will make sure they send the actual pictures and not thumbnails.  However, they sent grainy pictures the size of a passport again and never bothered to respond to my e-mail.

    Following is a point by point rebuttal of their 01/21/2014 response:

    No, the work was not done by two "two experienced and qualified technicians".  only one person knew what needed to be done as mentioned in my complaint very clearly and also acknowledged by DUCTZ already.

    I signed the invoice on Saturday when their office was closed and hence I could not call them immediately reach them to ask why.

    The first question I asked them was how they could do a quality and thorough job in such less time.  I also told them in my

    e-mail and on phone with Andy about how sloppy a few things were done which are shown clearly in our communication.   

    I had requested actual digital photos and all they provided was a PDF with 2 in x3 in size (slightly bigger than passport size) very poor quality thumbnails. When John Mudrick sent me these thumbnails last week I had responded back to him immediately asking for actual full size jpegs and not a PDF.  He has not yet responded back to me and hence their assertion that they provided pictures to me is not accurate.  During the last 1 week, I had also called and left two voicemails with David Ford in their

    corporate office asking why I haven't received the pictures yet.  Instead of sending me pictures they posted this response on BBB and Angie's List after a week!

    No, I have not lost track of the time they spent at my house.  That is why i had called them back first thing Monday morning asking to speak to Andy Izbicki about these issues.  The other contractors working at the house can verify the actual time they left.

    When David Ford asked me on how to resolve this issue, I told them that we needed to figure out who's lying (whether it is Ductz or me) before we get to that step since Andy Izbicki insinuated that I was lying about the time his two employees spent at my home.

    I have filed a complaint on both ANGIE's LIST and BBB about this company which is under process right now.

    Bottomline:  If they say it is impossible to do this work in few hours time as mentioned above and the fact that they left in few hours, what makes this job a thorough job as they claim it to be?  They won't send unedited/actual pictures, they won't provide GPS logs or other employee/truck pertinent info that can verify whether or not their employees left in a few hours or stayed the whole day and won't even take up on my offer to go to my neighborhood security office to pull up relevant gate exit videos and prove to me that they left at 3:45 pm as they are claiming.

    - Suraj P.
  • F
    Pro Master Cleaning Restoration
    I will NEVER use this company again nor would I recommend them to others. I bought a coupon for service through Angie's list expecting quality service as this is supposedly an "A" rated company. I was contacted as promised within 48 hours to schedule an appointment. Come the morning of the 9am appointment, they failed to show up. Allowing for traffic or gate clearance issues, I did not phone to find out if there was a scheduling error until 9:30 am. Then I was hung up on. After calling a second time, a woman answers the phone and explains that the van has broken down and they will not be at my house until 11:00 am. When I asked why she did not call me to tell me that they would be late she had no reply. At 11:15 am, 15 minutes later than their second scheduled time, I get a call explaining that they cannot get through the gate because the driver doesn't have ID. When they finally arrive at my house at 11:35 am, the owner of the company immediately asks for more money because I have too many vents. While I knew that I would have to pay extra as the coupon was only for 10 vents I expected a bit more professionalism. The owner and his assistant do the cleaning but in the meantime they drip dirty water all over my floors and carpets and leave dirty finger prints on the walls. While they did try to clean up when asked to do so, I shouldn't have needed to request this. When the bill was written up, the owner did not even know the value of his advertised coupon and it was quite obvious that he was making up prices as he went along. No compensation was offered for their extreme tardiness nor for their lack of professionalism. To add make matters worse I discovered after they left that they had damaged my water hose that was being used. While the coupon might have seemed like a good deal, in the end I was hosed by this company.
    - Cheryl S.
  • D
    AirCare Solutions
    We called because we saw an ad for an $89 special that duct cleaning,
    dryer vent cleaning, new A/C filter, and A/C unit tune up. The ad also
    mentioned a 10% discount for military and expectant mothers. We are
    expecting any day now and I wanted to get our ducts cleaned before the
    baby arrived. I called and made an appointment for Thursday 6/20 between
    12-4. Well, Thursday came and went, and no one showed up. It wasn't until around 5pm that afternoon did I finally receive a call saying that they weren't going to make it (no kidding!). I told them of my disappointment and all they could say was "sorry, I'll let my manager know, when would you like to reschedule?". I never received a call from her manager, so I'm led to believe that she didn't tell her manager or they just didn't care. Call center/customer service line was very unprofessional. The girl was interrupting me, and talking to others in the background while I was talking to her. She had major attitude.
    I ended up rescheduling for Tuesday just because I needed to get it done quickly and was too busy to look up another service. I also thought it was too good a deal to pass up. 
    They performed all of the services mentioned above and when they cleaned the A/C vents, they basically used a giant vacuum on one of the vents to suck out debris from the all of the vents. I know when other companies do this (along with my basic knowledge of physics) you are supposed to close all of the other vents to get more suction, which they did not do. Even after asking. Don't notice any difference in air quality (less dust, etc.). Would have gave them an "F" for quality, but our dryer is working more efficiently.
    - Lawrence M.
  • A
    DUCTZ of Greater Orlando
    We suspected mold and the need to clean ducts, based on an experience I had over ten years ago in a previous house. Andy came out for an inspection, and told me that the ducts were fine, but that there was indeed significant mold growth on the evaporator coil. He took a photo so that we could see what he meant. The price was agreeable to me, and the technician arrived on November 2 to complete the work, which took about three hours. Based on our previous experience we were completely satisfied with the work performed, would use Ductz again, and we would recommend them to others.
    - Mark S.
  • A
    Expert Mold Removal Inc
    I called Roger on a Friday afternoon and discussed my mold concerns with him, he explained he doesn't normally do jobs on Saturday but because of my difficult work schedule he was there the next morning, on time and professional as ever. I hired expert mold to remove the mold from my bathroom ceiling and clean the air conditioning coil and all the ducts as that was what was causing the mold on my air vents. I was extremely pleased with his attentiveness, professionalism, price, and follow up to my questions. I highly recommend Expert Mold Removal.
    - Victoria G.
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