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Real Estate Agent reviews in Cooper City

  • A
    OMG! This guy was so on point he could pierce a balloon from a mile away with a slingshot! With his eyes closed. We paid an appropriate amount for services delivered. He got us more than we requested. WOW THANK YOU!!!! IN Such a short period of time we could not even take a breath. HIRE THIS GUY if you want to sell with a Great / Fast seller!!
    - John K.
  • F
    I needed URGENT information on a property and the web site showing ownership had to contact a realtor Wanda Looper now at Churchill-Brown in Okl. City.OK. Her web page had her in Edmond OK. a short distance from Okl. City, Ok. Her email did not work and I left several urgent voicemails trying to find out about this property as it showed for sale by a number of companies on the internet and a picture showing the same property by on the map showing some different address for the home. I HAD SENT A PACKAGE WITH SOME ORIGIAL PAPERS AND PHOTOS TO THIS ADDRESS AT A CERTAIN PERSONS NAME I BELIEVE WAS LIVING THERE. I COULD NOT VERIFY WHO WAS LIVING THERE. Thru different web sites I found it listed different people living there by the same owner since 2010 and to contact this Wanda Looper now also with Churchill-brown and listing her as an owner on their main page. She also had her own web page. Her email listed did not work so I tried a few voicemails as this package was important and her cell phone was listed I sent them "urgent" delivery as that was one of the options. On her voicemail she said to send a text. I never had these phones or computers in school also having a new phone I was trying to figure out. But I did get two texts sent that showed delivered. In two days I received NO response from her. I asked even if she was not involved any longer with the property to please let me know and I would pay her for her time. According to USPS tracking delivery was moved up a day. I was afraid that it maybe left at a vacant home, the different people lived there then I sent it to, it would be left just at a vacant house to be in the weather or stolen, who might have now been living there would open it then see there was nothing of value and thru away these original important papers and photos or it would be sent back to were I am at South Florida were all mail is a risk not to be tampered with while in the hands of the post office as news reports have shown of arrests for items being opened looking for credit cards and other valuable items by postal workers on a regular basis. I called the main office of Churchill-Brown talking in a nice professional manor. A Beverly answered and I tried to explain the situation and see said see would text her and HUNG UP on me. When I didn't hear back she yelled at me then hung up on me once again. The USPS confirmed there was indeed a home there and it was not a parking map which one map had shown but didn't know the name of the current resident. The USPS showed the package was out for delivery but by now showed it was left in a mailbox and to compound my problem of finding the right person. It was a "relieve" carrier working who DID NOT KNOW THE REGULAR RESIDENTS! And of course no one was home and they is why it was left in the mailbox. Still now being all this time as passed I contacted Churchill-Brown's main office as on Wanda Looper's main page the office number listed went to this main office in Okl. City. Beverly answered and beside being rude connected me with someone who not only was rude but said she would send a text the HUNG UP on me. AS OF THIS TIME I DO NOT KNOW WHO HAS THE PACKAGE OR WHERE IT IS. And HAVE NOT ever been contacted by WANDA LOOPER IN ANY FORM. Even to say she was NOT involved. IN A SIDE NOTE I COME FROM THE COUNTRY OF PA. AND MN. BEING RAISED IN FOUR SEASONS LOVING CHRISTMAS WHEN IT WAS COLD OUT, MAYBE SNOWING WITH A FIREPLACE. I know and had lived in South Florida with the heat and humidity for over thirty years moving down when my mother was about to have heart surgery at 48 years old that was damaged I was told when my sister at 18 years old died suddenly on Thanksgiving with no previous illness or conditions, Never smoking, drinking or using drugs that all the tests verified and the autopsy reviled nothing. The doctor's said it was God's will and my parents took it very hard being their only daughter and causing my mother to have her first heart attack on the spot in the hospital when told her daughter had died for no reason. The heart was damaged and know having dangerous surgery. My mother did die on the table at the age of 48 years old. I stayed have my only family member still in the area my father. I was in OKL. City on business some years back and dreamed of retiring there with the very friendly people and wonderful leaders unlike South Florida. At the time I even spoke with a realtor about buying a property and renting it out till I could move down and retire. I am just giving some background information. I also left the words about friendly people, leader and moving down in a review I wrote when I was there that time. My father has recently died of Pancreatic cancer after a three year battle. I was in an accident and where my back was broken and figured when my back was better and I ended PT which was soon. And nothing holding me here I would follow the dream I carried for years and sell my 2 million plus home and move to OKL. City which was more then a dream built up over the years if anyone reads my initial review done years back and looked at the great pictures as I have done often. They were the nicest and most friendly people I have ever seen. AND NOW TO BE HONEST FROM THE ACTIONS OF ALL THESE PARTIES EXECPT I HAVE MY DOUBTS ABOUT COMING TO OKL. CITY ALONG WITH FRIENDS AND OTHERS WHO MOVED TO FLORIDA WHILE EARNING BECAUSE OF NO PERSONAL OR LOCAL TAXES. These is all fact and before I am threatened with a later from Wanda Loopers or Churchill-Brown's attorneys as some have been by other companies who left truthful feedback. I had a good United States education and know our 1st concerning "FREEDOM OF SPEECH". I AM REALLY "SAD" ABOUT MY DREAM NOW NOT BEING REALISTIC AND THE PEOPLE CHANGING IN EDMOND WHICH I ALSO LOOKED AT AND OKL. CITY. I also know NO ONE" in the state or for that matter anywhere that should have had me or anyone else to be treated as I have. And as an end I still do NOT know who or where the package is!
    - David M.
  • A
    I couldn't have asked for a better job and price not only did I save on the seller commission I got 2 full service realtors working for me full time. Gina and RJ were only one phone call away at anytime.All the showings were scheduled and only one time did an agent not show. They also were able to get feedback from almost every agent that looked at my home. My house looked amazing online the photographer Eric really did a good job. We were under contract in 7 days and out of the house in 35 !!!!!
    Love Jess !
    - Jessica S.
  • A

    Short Answer:    Wonderful experience; I will hire ALRC for my rental properties in the future and recommend them.

    The Details:       My Wife and I started discussing a reroof two years ago after realizing our roof took damage from Hurricane Willma  over 8 year ago.    Our roof was a low quality, basic, el cheapo three tab asphalt shingle roof that was beyond it's safe protective age.    The tiles had lost a aggregate and were brittle.  Our insurance deductible after Wilma had risen to half the cost of a new roof and we believed that was an insane rip off.    Our decision was to drop our wind storm insurance and buy the BEST roof we could put on before  the next big one hit.    Although metal roofing makes many claims I have personally seen corrosion problems and did not trust the metal to go a 30 year  term in our sea air environment.   A traditional cement tile roof with the highest quality undercoating, re-nailing, metal and valley work was our strategy.  We got 5 quotes and were ready to pull the trigger.   We got quotes from Paul Bange, Pioneer, Earl Johnston,  Pacific, and "Yo" Roofing (yes it's named "Yo".)     Prices and opinions varied WILDLY.  Paul Bange had the most slick sales pitch, the highest price, and would not do the stucco work after the flashing replacement.  Bange should sell cars.  No company left us impressed and we dropped the ball for two years.  A month ago my wife and I were on the project again and had two recommendations.   A Licensed Roofing Co. and Tiger Team.  ALRC was recommended by our Real Estate Agent Beverly Cole at Southern Cross Real Estate  (Another company we recommend).  We contacted ALRC's owner Sara and she was great from the start.   We never called Tiger Team because ALRC impressed us.  Both Sara and Randy came over and IMIDIATELY, they understood our goal: hurricane proof roof for non-insured, non-wealthy, normal, real folks.   They accommodated my desire to drop off my new 2 in. Cedar fascia board the week before so I could finish and paint it myself.   The big surprise was they gave me a single price for the entire project to be done ALL by them, ALRC.  Unlike others they would do the stucco and custom electric attic fan replacement in house.  An even BIGGER surprise was even though we were more quality then cost sensitive ALRC's bid was the lowest.   I  strongly voiced my opinion I did not want this project to drag on.  I did not want the underlayment exposed to the elements for a second more then necessary.   They gave me real information about each product and above all else: my wife loved them.   One thing IMPRESSED my wife and I; while Sara spoke with us, and unknown to us, Randy went on the roof and called the city code inspector.  From our roof he discussed all the upgrades we wanted.   Before Sara had finished her session with us Randy had already found out that all our upgrades would be ok with the city.   Other companies gave us a song and dance; Sara got it done!   During the project I was a pain in the rear homeowner and they were very patient with my concerns; even when I put my own ladder up and kept going up to assess the project.   Once I texted Sara pictures of concerns I had and minutes later the crew went over and addressed it.   Really it was silly stuff but they were patient and responsive.  From first phone call to final sign off  we were done in less then 10 days.   Their clean up was excellent; my pool is 3 feet from my roof and they covered it in plastic and left it nice and clean.  I never asked for that, they just did it.  I have 3 kids and have been concerned about all the nails that roof work can leave behind: thus far I have found NONE. 


    - David S.
  • B
    Marilyn Finkelstein was terrific.  She sold my home in 2 days.  We were pleased to work with Marilyn because of her responsiveness and expertise with real estate.  She called me back or texted me back any time I had a question.  She was good about giving us tips about how to present the home, and was able to find a buyer from another agent in her office very quickly.  All that was excellent, and I'd recommend Marilyn again in a heartbeat.
    However, the transaction went sour from there.  The real estate team recommended an attorney, Steve Gerson, and his title
    company to handle the transaction.  This attorney and title company discovered a lien against the property, the existence of which predated my purchase of the home.  This was discovered approximately one week prior to closing.  Mr. Gerson's advice was to file with the title insurance.  However, this did not seem "kosher" to me.  I asked a real estate attorney friend to look into this lien.  It turns out that this lien was wiped out by a foreclosure that took place prior to my purchase.  Mr. Gerson insisted that I file with the title insurance, asserting that the lien was not wiped out because it showed up with the City of Davie.  My attorney thought it was superfluous, but advised me  to do so to move forward with the title insurance while she contacted the City of Davie, who confirmed that indeed the lien was wiped out.  The title insurance company also agreed that this lien was a non-issue and didn't require a claim.  This was a giant waste of my time, as the buyers purchased title insurance from a subsidiary of my title insurance, and they would have written the policy over this issue in the first place without me being bothered or having to hire an attorney.  I'm also an attorney (in a different field) and my time is valuable.  I don't take kindly to it being wasted.
    The second issue was the post-occupancy agreement.  My attorney asked for it as soon as she got involved, approximately a week prior to closing.  It was provided two days prior to closing.  Gerson's office provided a form from 1997 (whichis what the contract was dated.)  The outdated form was missing essential terms, such as the per diem rate and time, legal relationship issues, condition issues, etc.  My attorney had to re-write it the day prior to closing.  Indeed, Mr. Gerson explained it to the buyers at closing.
    The third issue was the actual closing documents prepared by Mr. Gerson's office, and reviewed by the Reader transaction
    coordinator.  The address was wrong on the HUD and all the essential forms.  Also, the office failed to pull my loan payoff, and so my
    attorney had me doing that the day before closing. 
    Finally, and throughout, I felt as though the transaction coordinator was coordinating more with the buyer's attorney and title agent than me. I'd complain, and she'd give him advance notice of my complaint.  Unprofessional.  Both the buyer and myself were told the day of the closing that there needed to be a walk through.  We both had to scramble to get this done prior to the closing.  Anytime I shared my concerns with the transaction coordinator, she took them straight to this attorney.  Luckily, my attorney was able to scramble and save and correct everything.  Finally, also the day before the closing I was getting frantic texts from the transaction coordinator to sign an addendum to the contract, which I refused to sign because it was incorrect.
    At the end of the day, I thought Marilyn was amazing.  However, this whole transaction process was last minute and uncomfortable.  I'm working with Re/Max Direct to buy the new house, and the process is much smoother.  Everything is being prepared in advance, the contract was done correctly (even though there were multiple back and forth offers and counters) and I feel as though I don't need to have my attorney involved to supervise. 
    As an attorney myself, my reputation is everything.  I do not let documents out of my office unless I make sure they are perfect.  My work is such that documents can be done in advance so that the experience is seamless for the client.  That is what I expect in return.  I believe that Marilyn Finkelstein is a wonderful realtor with a depth and breadth of experience that really isn't available in South Florida.  I hope she chooses a different attorney and title company whose work is on par with her own.  If given the opportunity, I would use her again, but insist on a different title company and attorney.
    - Heather S.
  • A

    I decided to use BG Appraising and Consulting because he is Licensed to do Appraisal and also a Licensed Realtor. I felt that Bruce may have more to offer because of being licensed in both areas of the REAL ESTATE profession while most others are not. I called Bruce and he was out the next day. While doing his appraisal he also provided me with many valuable tips that may help my house sell faster and maybe even sell for a little more.

    Thanks Bruce for all your help.

    I would definitely recommend you to others.
    - david o.
  • A

    I needed an appraisal to establish an equity line with my lender and found BG Appraising in my area. The appraiser, Bruce Gubnitsky, was very responsive, easily reached him on the contact number on his profile.

    He kept his appointment and delivered the appraisal via e-mail as promised, the next day after it was inspected. I read through the report and it was very thorough and detailed. It seems he has a lot of experience and made sense of all the sales and wide range of prices in my complex. He was professional in the whole process.

    I would recommend his services.

    - Martin F.
  • A
    I fired two other Realtor's prior to accidentally meeting Vicki.  She is simply AMAZING!  I travel extensively and was not able to look at many properties.  I told her what I wanted and what I did not want.  She found me properties to look at - AFTER she looked at them personally herself.  She would have been happy to show them all to me, but I wanted her to screen them and not waste either of our time.  She did so and did so very well !  I highly recommend Vicki.  If you want a great Realtor who actually cares what you think and not just about your wallet, you need to call Vicki right now.
    - Bruce L.
  • A
    Mrs Silvia Reigler  did an outstanding job finding me a home.  She is a hard working, professional realtor, with her client's best interest at heart.  Silvia really knows the broward county area.  She did a great job and when I sell me home I will definitely use her.  It was a real pleasure working with Mrs Reigler.
    - dallas e.
  • A
    Incredible he got us SOOOO much more than we imagined. We thought we were taking a loss. He got us 30,000 more than expected!! And extremely quick and punctual service!!
    - John K.
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