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Pet Care & Health reviews in Aventura

  • A
    I have been working with dogsgowalking for more than a year now. They have been amazing. My walker Carolina is a sweetheart and understand what is that we mom of our doggies feel when we leave them home alone, she text me pictures and my baby is so happy when she sees her. there is no enough words of thanks i can express out of the services of Dogsgowalking. i recomend this company with my eyes close.
    - barbara m.
  • A
    I've been going to this vet for about 4-5 years now. This has to be one of the best vet's office in town. The vets who work here are all about the care and treatment of the animals. They are not out to rip you off or tell you your pet needs some sort of treatment or medical procedure that's unnecessary. They are no frills... seriously. They don't have a computer (at least not the last time i went) nor do they have a modern cash register, they keep all your pets medical history written on index cards, and there was a time when they did not accept credit cards or checks, only cash (they now accept credit cards).
    This is not a big, fancy vet office. It's fairly small, run-down and most of the time a chaotic scene because of the crowd and barking dogs. Those who don't have appointments usually start lining up 1/2 - 1 hour before the doors open so they can get in to see the doctors. Expect the wait to be very long if you don't have an appointment. But the wait is worth it for me. The girls at the front desk and the vet assistants are great. I'm amazed at how the girl at the front desk can handle so much commotion (LOL)... bless her heart.
    I don't just love this place because their prices are affordable, I love it because I know they truly care about treating your pet in the most efficient manner possible so you don't have to come back a 2nd or 3rd time with the same issue. The only downside is trying to get them on the phone. Like I said they are usually swamped so sometimes I have to call several times before I can get through to anyone to either make an appointment or ask a question. Best time to call is just before they close when it gets a little calmer.
    M-F:  7:30-12:00
    Sat:  7:30-11:00
    New Patients:  Tues, Wed
    & Thur @ 7:30
    Walk-Ins for Established Clients:  7:30-9:00 am
    Bottom line is Bild Animal Hospital is a no-frills, not-so-fancy vets office that provides Grade "A" service at a very affordable price.
    - Evelyn L.
  • A
    The service is very responsible- and it shows in the details- from recording care and feeding instructions for every pet-to a written report on every visit. It is so great to be able to totally disconnect knowing the dogs are in good hands.
    - GREGORY U.
  • A
    Dr. Cooper, Dr. Gouzopoulos and all of the Vet Techs that make up the team at Sky Lake Animal Hospital are absolutely wonderful.  They have cared for my rescue dog, Barney from the day I adopted him, as well as my first Scottish Terrier before that, until the day Dr. Cooper had to put her to sleep after numerous issues related to old age and recurring cancer.
    Dr. Cooper is the most knowledgeable veterinarian I have used in more than 20 years of dog ownership. He is extremely advanced in his very impressive training and experience, incredibly caring and a true expert, not only in day-to-day care, but in advanced and specialty cases.  Plus, if he does not know the answer, he has a very strong network of specialists that he calls upon for help in solving even the toughest of cases.  
    Dr. Cooper consistently goes above and beyond what you expect from even the best veterinarians.  In fact, he freely gave me his cell phone number and has always been available to me at night and on weekends - even when he is on vacation and traveling with his family.  He even met me at his office one night at 9 PM when my poor Barney was throwing up continuously.
    When I adopted Barney he had been rescued by Miami-Dade County from a terrible puppy mill.  Barney was kept in a cage his entire life and in addition to other issues, he suffers from Inflammatory Bowel Disease, which we discovered thanks to Dr. Cooper's network of experts.  He wasn't able to digest his food and was suffering.  But, thanks to Dr. Cooper, Barney is a healthy, happy and relatively symptom-free little boy.  
    The entire team at Sky Lake is amazing.  Every single Vet Tech and Receptionist treats my dog as if he were their own - they even babysit him for me because they know that he is uncomfortable being left alone.  And, they graciously put up with my "craziness" as a very over-protective dog mom!
    I trust Dr. Cooper and everyone at Sky Lake completely and recommend this animal hospital to every pet lover!
    - Amanda T.
  • A
    It is easy to find a company to care for your dogs and cats when you are away, and Ann and her staff excel at that as well.  But it is very difficult to find someone who can care for birds, and Ann does a wonderful job of it!  Ann or one of her staff members (Ashley is amazing as well) comes in twice a day while we are out of town, and they not only do the "usual" things (change paper, provide fresh food and water), but they actually spend time with my birds, give them treats, and play with them.  They also put up with calling us during the evening visit with an update, and so we can talk to the birds.
    I cannot recommend Fur & Feather Pet Sitting highly enough.  I have been using them since 2008, and have recommended them to several of my own clients (with cats and dogs), who have been very pleased as well.
    We are about to leave for several consecutive weekends in Key Largo, and I feel comfortable knowing that Ann and Ashley will be taking wonderful care of them during the times that we are away.

    - Marissa M.
  • A
    My husband and I have taken our two Siamese kitties to Kingstowne Cat Clinic (KCC) for the past seven years. We recently moved to Florida (temporary move for a year), and we will return to KCC once we move back. I can not express enough how good this place is for cats. I have had cats all of my life, and have been to a lot of vets, KCC is hands down my favorite. All of the veterinarians and the staff are amazing. They truly love cats. KCC is only for cats ��� which is nice because sometime kitties get scared of dogs (I know ours do). They have the cutest kitty decorations all over the office, and a resident cat who lounges around in various places (I can not remember his name, but he is adorable!) Dr. Janice Chang was our cats' "primary care physician," and saw them for their annual visits. One of our cats, Princess, has liver inflammation, and requires medication daily in order for her to stay healthy. Dr. Chang first noticed something was wrong almost two years ago (Princess had lost a little bit of weight), and suggested Princess get bloodwork just to be on the safe side. If it weren't for her diligence, who knows how long it would have been before we knew something was wrong. I certainly did not realize anything was wrong, and I consider myself hypervigilant when it comes to my cats and their behaviors. This past May, Princess had to have a minor surgery to get a very small mass removed and biopsied. I was very nervous because Princess is an older cat (14 years of age). Dr. Mosoriak did this surgery. When I brought Princess to KCC the day of the surgery, I had a bunch of questions, and Dr. Mosoriak patiently answered all of them and walked me through the surgery. She called me the second Princess woke up after the surgery, informing me that the surgery had gone very well. She even called the next day to see how Princess was doing, which I thought was very sweet. The mass ended up being benign, thankfully! I absolutely love this place, and am sad that I can not bring our cats there (for a little while at least). And their prices are extremely reasonable!
    - JENNY W.
  • A
    I have been thrilled with the service from Meghan, the owner of Doggie Au Pair from the moment when I first contacted her and she responded almost immediately.   She is very knowledgable, responsible and professional.  She also loves dogs and understands how to treat them and be patient and loving.  We spent a lot of time together on our visit (which was to meet each other as well as so she could meet my dog before we set up our first appointment without me being home).  At that time she gave me some good ideas to talk to the vet about.  She has come to my home a couple of times to walk my dog when I was not able to be there and I will be using her in the future as needed.   I would highly recommend Doggie Au Pair.
    - June M.
  • C
    Pros: My dog was washed, brushed and dried as I wanted minus the strong smell of chemicals.
    Cons: Let me say that I should have known not to use this company when I told the person on the phone making the appointment that my dog was a Bassett and she asked me if the dog needed to be trimmed. A professional groomer would know a Bassett is not trimmed. I was quoted a price of $33. The "groomer" showed up late for the appointment. The office did call to tell me he was running late. Upon arrival, the man did not speak fluent English.  Again, after seeing my dog, he asked if he was to trim her!  How could you look at a Bassett Hound and think it needs to be trimmed!  I told him no and then tried to explain that she is old and cannot stand for long on her hind legs. I also tried to explain that she requires a thorough brushing after the wash, as I explained when I made the appointment initially. The man could not understand what I was saying in English. He called his office and I had to tell the office, again, so they could translate my instructions. After about 20 minutes in the mobile grooming van, I started to get nervous since the worker did not seem particularly warm and fuzzy to my dog.  I knocked on the door and it was locked.  I tried all the doors and they were locked. I knocked and no one answered.  I called the office and she explained that I could not enter the van, that it was a private appointment for my dog and the groomer.  Are you kidding me?  I cannot look in the door to make sure my dog is okay?  NOT!  After another 10 minutes I was able to get the man to open the door.  Thankfully, my dog looked fine.  The finale of the story is that they tried to change the price to $48 because my dog is "long haired".  Since when?  The person on the phone told me that the girl that made the appointment made a mistake. OOPS, not my problem!  And my dog does not have long hair!  Last note: my dog smells from strong chemicals. I should have asked what type of products they use. It would make me sick if I smelled like that so I will be rinsing my dog off in the backyard!
    - Frances M.
  • F
    In his rebuttal to my September 21 2012 review of Dr. William Brown of Blue Cross Animal Hospital, Dr. Brown claims that I and quot;failedand quot; to state a certain fact, thereby implying dishonesty. Many facts were not included in that review because of space limitations.

    However, I agree that a full exposition of the facts in this matter should be made. Accordingly, I have secured and will shortly publish there a website that will not fail to state any fact. Buffalo-area vets and media will receive a press release at that time.

    The fact that Dr. Brown claims I and quot;failedand quot; to disclose is that I, and quot;verbally abused one of that practice���s clients in the parking lot because her appointment went on too long and interfered with his. She returned to the office, visibly shaken by the encounter. An associate veterinarian had to threaten to call the police when (I) refused to leave the premises.and quot;

    The reason I and quot;failedand quot; to disclose that and quot;factand quot; is because it didn't happen. It is true that Brown's associate junior vet and the lady client that preceded us on that day and quot;interferedand quot; with our appointment by taking it away from us entirely, as well as half of the next client's appointment. However, what Brown fails to disclose is that during that preceding client's non-emergency appointment, the junior vet and the lady client stood chatting in the consultation room for 70 minutes, while they watched us sitting in the waiting area. There is a sliding glass panel between the rooms. We could see and hear them just as they could see and hear us.

    What Brown also fails to disclose is that when we eventually entered the consultation room, the junior vet offered not one word of apology or greeting, and did not attempt to calm or make any connection with our by-then highly agitated 115 lb. dog. A word of professional kindness at that point would have prevented all that followed, but none was offered.

    At that point, I said to the receptionist, and quot;Look, we���ve caught you on a bad day. Why don���t we come back?and quot; The receptionist said, and quot;Well, it���s just to draw blood. Why don���t we just do that quickly? It���ll take 5 minutes.and quot; I said, and quot;No, we have multiple questions we���ve been thinking about Hooch���s condition. We���d like to ask the vet those questions in a calm controlled environment like the one enjoyed by your prior client for over an hour, without other distractions, and we don���t like receiving the bum���s rush, through no fault of our own. Hooch is excited. We���re now thinking about other things too.Your 1000 appointment is already here and waiting and we respect other people���s time. Why don���t we let you get back on track? We���ll come back again.and quot;

    We then left the building. When we happened upon the lady client in the parking lot, I said to her, and quot;Do you realize that this vet���s operates on half hour appointments and that you just took over two of those, including ours, when you could see us waiting?and quot;

    She instantly lost her composure. She shouted that she was in great pain from a leg injury, couldn���t we see how much pain she was in (no, we couldn���t), that she was medicated heavily and had no idea of the time, that she was a lawyer who knew her rights, that we had no idea how much pain she was in or how heavily medicated she was and that if we did know, we would not even be talking to her.

    No doubt hearing the lady shouting, the junior vet then came out into the parking lot, saw the client with whom he had just chatted for over an hour now crying and shouting and me standing there doing and saying nothing. So obviously, in his tiny blinkered mind, the only possibility was that I had verbally abused his client. No other explanation was possible. She could not possibly have lost her composure when confronted with her bad manners.No inquiry was made.The junior vet simply jumped to an incorrect conclusion.

    Brown now alleges that we verbally abused the lady client because that's what the junior had to tell him. Brown wasn't in the parking lot. Neither was the junior vet or the receptionist. None of them has any personal knowledge of what happened.

    Within 2 hours,we emailed the senior vet Brownlaying out all facts and demanding a written apology. An apology on the record would have limited any future potential harmful conduct from the junior vet. Again,a simple apology from Brown would have stopped this process.

    Instead, what we got after 12 days was a short email that said, and quot;Dear O'Hanlon, Feel free to start arranging alternative care for Hooch and Charlie.and quot;None of the facts reported to him were addressed. No explanation was offered.

    What Brown apparently failed to consider is the likelihood that I (at 58 and 200 lbs), with my wife and large protective mastiff present, having just left the building in a calm manner, which the receptionist will confirm, would then aggressively abuse into tears a 100 lb. woman who was on her own, on crutches and had her own dog to look after. None of these thoughts appear to have entered Brown���s mind. Now he is locked tight on the idiot opinion of his junior vet.

    No greater thought is exercised by Brown regarding the junior vet's threat to call the police. Brown claims that the junior vet, and quot;had to threaten to call the police when (I) refused to leave the premises.and quot; No doubt that is what the junior vet had to tell Brown.

    In fact, the junior vet simply told us, and quot;You don���t have to be here. Get off the property. You have no right to harass our client.and quot; I said, and quot;I did not harass her. I spoke to her calmly.and quot; The junior vet said, and quot;Well, look what you���ve done to her. Get off the property now or I���ll call the police.and quot; There was no refusal to leave the premises. Such would have been ridiculous. Look at Brown's own rebuttal statement. He admits that we had left the building and were in the parking lot at the time of the altercation. So what is he alleging - that we doggedly refused to leave the parking lot? Who would have cared? The junior vet's threat was caused by his error in judgment, not by our refusal to leave, which didn't happen. So the junior vet has to tell Brown that we refused to leave in order to justify his threat retroactively.

    Brown further states in his Angie's List rebuttal, and quot;These comments provide an excellent example of why reviews on Angie���s List should be taken with a large grain of salt..... Bullying takes many forms, whether it leaves a woman in tears or electronically, with an inappropriately bad review of a business on Angie���s List.and quot;

    Mine is the only negative review on Angie's List. Do the positive reviews have to be taken with a large grain of salt also? Or just those Brown doesn't like?

    Google and quot;Blue Cross Animal Hospital Amherst.and quot; Look at the dates on the various review sites. All from 2005 to 2006 are positive. All I could see in 2011 and 2012 are negative. One reviewer states, and quot;Used to be great when smaller. Now too corporate and money-grubbing. Quality uneven. Office rude.and quot; Another says, and quot;Not good place anymore.and quot;

    Our event happened at Brown's other practice in the Turks and Caicos Islands. That practice is a veterinary vacation timeshare where member vets rotate in and out, practice about 3 hours a day and are essentially on vacation. There can be little doubt that Brown does not like, and did not expect, an Angie's List intrusion onto his home turf. Brown does not want local Buffalo pet owners to know how he conducts himself in business matters when he thinks he will not be called out.

    As far as and quot;bullyingand quot; is concerned, who was bullied? We turned up 5 minutes early, waited for 40 minutes and received no service through no fault of our own. Hooch could not wait longer than 10 mins in the parking lot because of Brown's practice's two un-leashed attack dogs there. Hooch is a big hound and he had to wait in a cramped waiting area for the remaining 30 minutes. He could not even lie down without banging into folding chairs and other paraphernalia. No apology or any sense of responsibility for the delay's effect on Hooch was received from Brown's junior vet, who viewed all of this through the glass partition. When we complained reasonably to the prior client for her rudeness and lack of consideration for other people's pets, we were the ones who had to endure several minutes of her screaming rage. And then when the blinkered junior vet came out and automatically, without inquiry or thought, attached all fault to us, the very victims of his own inability to control his professional time, we got ordered off the property and threatened with the police if we didn't leave. Then when we approached the senior vet of the practice for an apology, we were told not to come back, thereby denying our pets future ongoing treatment. So tell us again, Dr. Brown, just who exactly was it that got and quot;bullied?and quot;

    The bottom line here, which Brown also fails to state, is that the Principles of the American Veterinary Medical Association(AVMA) permit Brown to deny treatment that has already commenced in relation to a pet's existing condition if he provides a complete referral to another vet. Brown's practice had been providing treatment for 3 months for Hooch's epilepsy and almost 5 years for our Charlie's blind eye, which has to be monitored for internal pressure with specialist equipment.

    Hooch requires ongoing blood chemistry. Charlie requires a Tono-pen for his eye pressure. There is only one other part-time vet on our island. He doesn't have any lab diagnostics or Tono-pen. If a vet cannot make a complete referral to another vet, which Brown cannot do in this case, then he cannot deny ongoing treatment ethically.

    Pet lovers tend to give vets a free pass on issues of ethics because of their close affiliation with the pets we love. But Dr. Brown is not an animal vet who makes decisions based ultimately upon the well-being of our pets. He is a business vet. He makes hard-nosed cynical business decisions regardless of the interests of our pets.
    - Peter O.
  • A
    I like that they are convenient. They are very clean and professional. They have wide range of vets there. They have 6 veterinarians on call all the time. If my animal has a specific problem, then they will call once of their specialist.
    - Sheila T.
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